Headed to San Jose Costa Rica for the first time ever tomorrow. I’ll be hosting a metal festival there this weekend that includes Overkill, Dio Disciples and many many more over three days. This is the second time this year I have been able to get outside the USA and meet TMS fans in other parts of the world. Brazil was a blast in October and look forward to meeting the fans of Costa Rica this weekend!


Thanks to all who came out to my signing with Mike Portnoy this past Saturday in Hellertown PA. Great crowd and we stayed an extra hour to give everyone time. To those who waited outside in cold temps we do appreciate it and thank you for coming! Next signing is before the TMS Christmas party at Dingos Den in Clifton NJ 12/14 7:30-9P. NO admission for the book signing. The TMS party starts at 9 across the street at Dingbatz after the book signing. Hope to announce more signings soon, just time and schedule. In the meantime you can get both of my books physical or digital anywhere books are sold. If you want a signed copy of VOL 2 follow the directions on the site to order books and just specify with the order what volumes you would like and I’ll get them out before Christmas.


I’ll be in LA to host the first live show from Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel 12/12 at The Whiskey.


Thanks to Wall Street Rocks for having me host their event last night to benefit various military charities. Was an honor. Good to see Mark McGrath and have my good friend Mike Piazza out to hang as well.


AA Members of this site now get the last 3 weeks of radio shows to listen to On Demand. Membership makes a great affordable holiday gift. And don’t forget all the items in my online store are on sale now through the end of the year!


Here are the annual year end radio specials for 2013. The days listed are for the first airing on Q104.3 NYC. As usual all shows then air on the affiliates at the dates and times posted for those stations on the site. Q104.3 show is Friday’s 11P-2A ET and can be streamed free at www.q1043.com or with the free iheartradio app:


12/13: Priest/Maiden/Rush show! First time ever for this one. An hour of each band in all 3 hours of the show. 3 of the most loved but underplayed bands all in one special.


12/20: The Original Merry KISSmas special. After doing this show for well over 20 years and screaming about Kiss not being in the R&R Hall, let’s hope this is the LAST time I am doing it that they aren’t! You know the drill, the one time a year I do nothing but a full show of Kiss, all eras! As I have ALWAYS said I will always be a Kiss fan regardless of my OPINION on certain things. As usual I am proud to do this yearly show for over two decades now celebrating what I have always loved most about the band and what is rarely played outside of a couple songs on radio, the music.


12/27: The Year In Review. Always do this one, very important to spotlight the new music I dealt with on the show from 2013. As a big supporter of new music as well this is a good chance to rediscover stuff you may have missed.


SiriusXM show recorded this Monday and next due to travel.


I’ll update here again when I have time. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk and Facebook/eddietrunk for more from Costa Rica and more.


TMS ticket links posted for new shows here when I get it from VH1. New shows start taping from NYC 1/14 and airing 1/18!

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  • XTiN@ on

    On the Priest/Maiden/Rush special, will Rob Halford be live @ the studio of Q104.3?

    • Eddie on

      All music, no guests

    • rob baltimore on

      If you’re in Jaco Beach make sure you stop at Taco Bar for the best fish tacos ever

  • Denise Fuller on

    If you get a chance maybe add a paragraph to include books you read this year (besides yours!) that are worth picking up. I know of a few you mentioned on your shows but it would be great to have a list of ones that might have made you go “ahhhh” …. thanks Eddie!

    • Eddie on

      TONS of books, just haven’t had time to read them. Into Bob Daisly’s now

  • Steve Sequeira on

    Hey Eddie,
    Big Fan of yours & TMS & Don & Jim of course. STILL Waiting for VH1 Classic to remember this is NOT the 80’s & make their channel available in HD. Btw, my b-day is/was yesterday, 12/3, just turned 49 & hopefully you’ll be in the area soon for an appearance/book signing (Rhode Island, or Mass., would work also). Watched Both parts of your interview with Artie Lange from Sept or Oct (?) last night, great stuff. Are you doing the new season in NY or in LA (?), as you mentioned on the show that the network would like them taped in NY. Lastly, I HOPE the “Suits” at DirecTV were listening & you get to do your long dreamed about format of a Music/Metal version of “Inside the Actors Studio” with a live audience of Music/Metal fans, with just yourself & an artist or group in a room talking about songs/albums, tours, etc.

    Lastly, (sorry this is so long!), I wish you & your friends & family the best of wishes this holiday season & for TMS to continue for as long as the music’s LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddie on

      Happy birthday to you and thanks for the support. I was just in Boston for a signing. New TMS starts from NYC 1/18

  • storminnorman on

    when will the Ted Nugent interview be posted on the site?

    • Eddie on

      Airs on all affiliates listed on site this weekend and for site members on demand

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