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Great final live TrunkNation of 2015 (next Monday will be recorded). First up Jon Mikl Thor called in. Thor is an old friend and one of the guys I first ever interviewed and connected with when I started in radio doing a metal show back in ’83. A true survivor and he has a great doc about his life out now called “I Am Thor”. Check it out coming next month.

Then Rick from Cheap Trick called in to discuss their induction into the R&R HOF as did Glenn Hughes to talk Deep Purple. Neither know exactly how things will play out when the ceremony happens in April. Both have said they plan to attend and hope to play. Rick said the band would be totally fine playing again with Bun E for the induction. Glenn said he plans to attend with David Coverdale and did not know if they would be asked to play with Purple. There will no doubt be drama to figure out the many dynamics of Purple and who goes on stage or even shows up. Obviously Blackmore if the wildcard and nobody knows if he will even attend. It really would suck if Ritchie didn’t do this. He has said in the past he wouldn’t but who knows? They also have no idea who will induct them but Rick actually said he me or Howard Stern would be good choices! Both Glenn and Rick thanked me for my lobbying and vote for them which was very kind, but I think Howard will get the nod if he wants to do it haha. The HOF and the band jointly agree who does the induction and always look for the biggest celeb fan available. For CT expect the original band to play and it to be pretty smooth. For DP? Anyone’s guess..

Finally Alex Skolnick dropped by to talk Metal Allegiance, Testament and all his other projects. Great to have all these old friends on the show!

This Thursday’s new podcast will feature Mr Big singer Eric Martin.

This weekend on my syndicated show it’s year 23 of the all Kiss Merry KISSmas special. I will be posting my year end top 10 here very soon as well.

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Great podcast with Brad Whitford, finally just got a chance to listen to it. I hope Aerosmith does make 1 more album, and some advice to whoever produces it, LISTEN TO BRAD!

    I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and a very happy, healthy, wealthy, safe and peaceful New Year! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Are you going to post the FM Playlists for the year end specials? I really enjoy them but while I make sure to have it playing on my phone I’m always in and out of sleep throughout the broadcast. Merry Christmas!

  3. Glad CT & DP made it. We’ll see who makes it to play including Chi. I’ll jump off a bridge if Bun E doesn’t make it. But really, I’ll be pissed. I don’t think anyone expects Blackmore or Cetera to make it. Come on people, if Pink Floyd could make it work anyone can.

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