Just got back home after a nutty 24 hours in NYC. Had a massive snow storm here that started by me in NJ around Noon yesterday. But because we are doing TMS weekly we had to do a new episode last night for air this Saturday. So everybody battled the elements and made it in for what was a fun show but not without it’s challenges. For me a nearly 4 hour ride in what usually takes around an hour. Thankfully all our guests are NY area based, and they all also put in the effort to make the show happen as well as our great crew and audience. Huge thanks to Morgan Rose of Sevendust (who was also in NJ yesterday) as well as Corey Glover and Vernon Reid of Living Colour (who came from Staten Island and upstate NY) and guitarist Joel Hoekstra (lives in NYC). Turned out to be a fun show despite all the drama of the weather. We had a little less audience than normal due to roads being closed and travel being so difficult, but the people that did make it were really troopers and grateful for your incredible support for TMS! Hope you had fun and got home safely. I ended up staying in NYC and just getting home now and digging out my driveway. See this episode premieres this Saturday night at 11P ET on VH1 Classic and also features an appearance via Metal Modem from Joey DeMaio from Manowar (who will also be on my radio show to premiere new music this Friday night).


Next Tuesday’s taping will feature Frank Bello, David Ellefson, Bumblefoot (on guitar) and Halestorm.


I’m going to go thaw now. More soon.

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  • [email protected] on

    You’re very lucky the taping of “That Metal Show” went on as scheduled, despite the shitty weather. Good thing yr safe!

  • luke on

    Manowar? Nice! I gotta listen Friday to hear some new stuff from them.

    Just started listening to Manowar because of your book Eddie. Thanks for the track picks section in your books! Good jumping off point for discovering new bands.

  • sean on

    What do you mean Halestorm? Are they going to be there?

  • Richard F. on

    Glad you were able to pull off TMS despite the snow, Eddie! Cannot wait to see Joey DeMaio via the Metal Modem!

  • Jason on

    Play some new Steel Panther please !

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