Excited to announce I have a brand new podcast exclusive interview with Angel guitarist Punky Meadows posting tomorrow on The Eddie Trunk Podcast! Outside of a few interviews Punky has been quite a reclusive figure for decades now. If you were into Angel, who released 6 albums on Casablanca in the 70’s, this is an interview you will love! He talks about all sorts of stuff including his offer to join Kiss, what he has been up to since the band broke up, and what he is about to do next. I often say Angel is a band people either worshiped or never really heard of since they never had a big hit single. But even if you aren’t in the know about this bands music and groundbreaking stage shows you should have a listen and discover what they were about. If Angel had lasted another couple years (they ended around 1980 with an appearance in the film Foxes) until the birth of MTV their story may have been very different. It will be available as all my podcast are free and worldwide starting tomorrow (just after Midnight Pacific tonight) via Itunes or at www.podcastone.com to stream or download. Thanks for making my podcast such a success in it’s early stages. It is the perfect forum to do an in depth interview with an artist like Punky for the world to hear! Check out all the past episodes as well, all 100% free!

Year 24 of The Original Merry KISSmas Special happens this weekend. All Kiss for all 3 hours of my FM/syndicated radio show. First airings are this Friday 11PM ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF  Boston. Both stations stream free as well if outside the area. This years show is music from all eras and lineups as usual and features a long set of Kiss ballads to end it. Full list of all stations in my network airing it this weekend under Live & On The Air tab on the site under Eddie Trunk Rocks-FM.

The annual TMS Christmas party is this Friday at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ. Me, Don & Jim host. A ton of live music. This has become a great annual event and we hope to see you there. Music starts at 7, we will be there from around 9-Midnight. Come an celebrate the holidays with us. New TMS coming 2/21.

I will be hosting Y&T in San Jose CA at Rock Bar this New Years Eve, can’t wait!

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  • Doug R. on

    Don’t want to keep this going, but here’s my list for the 2016 R&RHOF inductees,
    5) Alvin & The Chipmunks
    4) The Wiggles
    3) The Muppets
    2) Weird Al
    1) Donny & Marie
    Hey, why the hell not? I mean might as well. Nothing would surprise or shock me anymore that the R&RHOF does, or doesn’t. Well, one thing would shock me, if they actually put a real music band like DEEP PURPLE in!
    Happy hump day! 🙂 Hey, whatever happened to the camel? LOL!

    • dcinsc7 on

      I honestly believe The Wiggles should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – but the original Wiggles – Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony. Sam should not go in th Hall because he was nothing but a Greg impersonator, wearing the same color of Greg who really created the Yellow Wiggle. I can’t imagine any other group that would let a new member wear the costume of an original member. And now The Wiggles have a girl member! That’s like letting your personal assistant into the band. That’s just crazy. So, yeah, absolutely, the ORIGiNAL Wiggles should be in the Hall, but if they do get inducted, don’t expect them to play. They’ll just do a photo-op and give acceptance speeches, as long that a-hole Springsteen doesn’t hog all the air time.

  • Richard Nelson on

    I saw Angel at the Orpheum Theatre (3,000 seater) in Boston in March of ’78 supporting their White Hot album. What a thoroughly entertaining show. It was a WBCN anniversary sponsored show and tickets were literally just a few bucks. The Godz (supporting debut album) were the backup – another of those bands you either worshipped or never heard of. Imagine, hardcore biker outlaw dudes with swagger and attitude opening and then Angel in full white regalia/costume as the headliner. I remember Chatfield (lead guitar) and Moore (bass) of the Godz literally tossing/swapping their instruments to each other from opposite ends of the stage – no drops! Bob Hill, the second guitar player and keyboardist needed a lot of assistance from two roadies just to stand up straight and play. Then Angel does their magical appearance in cubed boxes lined up on stage. From there, many of Angels songs featured Punky and Greg Giuffria the keyboardist (later with Guiffria and House of Lords) swapping and trading off simply mind blowing guitar and keyboard solos amongst each other. One of the great aspects of Angel was the musicianship coupled with showmanship. A night I’ll never forget. I remember it like it was yesterday. Punky, glad to have you back. I haven’t forgotten your bands positive impact on me and my childhood. Thank you.

  • Michael Gorden on

    AMAZING. Count me among those that worshiped Angel. I am so excited about this podcast.
    Thanks again Eddie for hitting that perfect Chord!!!!!

  • Kevin Mick on

    Hi Eddie! I’m looking forward to this years Kissmas special, I listen every year. I’m just curious why you keep changing the year of when you started doing it? I was listening back in 2011 to the Kissmas show when you said you started your Kissmas special in 1992 and how that show in 2011 was the 20th year. And you even said it in your Trunk report back then. Then last year you said on the air and in the Trunk Report you said you started it in 1991. When someone asked you about the different year in the comments section on here, you said you found an old playlist from 1991. Now this year every time you mention the Kissmas special you say 1990. Why do you keep changing the year to make earlier and why is it so important to you to keep saying the year?

    • Eddie on

      I was under the impression I started doing it in ’92 and was corrected that it was actually 1990. Why is it important? Because I think it’s kind of cool I’ve consistently done a tribute to this band that long and also think it’s kind of cool I’ve been on the radio soon to be 32 years. It speaks to the support I have from my audience.

    • genesraccoonwig on

      This is Gene’s wig speaking…

      You cannot remember the dates as to when you started the Kissmas special?
      Then you must be on drugs or alcohol or both like those losers Frehley and Criss.

      We need to find a replacement for you Eddie….paging Artie Lange….

      Merry Kissmas

      Gene’s Wig

    • Eddie on

      Artie is a good friend so thanks for that!

    • Kevin Mick on

      Hey Eddie. It just seems like you keep changing the year of when you started doing Kissmas to beat Fingers Metal Shop on Wbab. Because people kept asking you when you started doing it and when you finally gave the year, it was several years after Fingers started doing his Kissmas. And everybody keeps telling you that. So every year you make it a year earlier. It just looks suspicious.

    • Dana on

      Hey Kevin,

      Not sure if you saw this on the thread, but Eddie already replied to you regarding this issue. Here was his response:

      Submitted on 2014/12/17 at 6:58 pm | In reply to Kevin Mick.

      “I was under the impression I started doing it in ’92 and was corrected that it was actually 1990. Why is it important? Because I think it’s kind of cool I’ve consistently done a tribute to this band that long and also think it’s kind of cool I’ve been on the radio soon to be 32 years. It speaks to the support I have from my audience.”

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • elliot goldberg on

      it was to my understanding there would be no math during the comments.

    • David C on

      Lol, I wonder who “Kevin Mick” is? Hmmm, maybe his alter ego starts with Med? Ved?

      Pretty lame there “Kevin Mick”.

  • David C on

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members might be ivory tower snobs, but at least those of us out here in the real world know what real music is. AC/DC tickets went on sale today for their London Wembley Stadium date…72,500 tickets sold out in less than an hour.

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about….!


    • Doug R. on

      That’s great for AC/DC, us, and Rock ‘N’ Roll! Rock is dead? I don’t think so! 🙂

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