Hosted Extreme last night in NJ at Bergen PAC. The band recently started a tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of their breakout album Pornograffiti and are playing it in order along with a set of other tunes as well. If you get a chance see this band! Nuno is truly one of the most amazing players out there. After a stint with Rhianna he is back and on fire playing blazing hard rock! Obviously a huge share of the attention goes to Nuno but the role Gary, Pat and Kevin play makes this a truly complete amazing band. And the harmony vocals are incredible and all real! In this day and age where so many bands are running stuff on tracks (if you know it or not) what Extreme does all real is incredible. They do have some of the horns from the album as samples because they can’t carry extra musicians with them at their level, but everything else was real and spot on! Phenomenal band, catch them if they can. I’ll be seeing them next on the MOR Cruise.

All new exclusive podcast interview with Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell goes live tomorrow. This interview was recorded just this past Monday on his final day of recording with his side band The Last In Line, which is the original Dio band. Viv talks about his health, the next Leppard album, Dio and more. Get it free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com just after Midnight tonight Pacific time. Also if you subscribe to my podcast on Itunes you will get every episode free every Thursday instantly. It is 100% free of charge to download or stream each week! PS: The Jake E Lee interview will now post next week FYI.

New TMS coming 2/21!

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The new Black Star Riders coming soon is killer!

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  1. Just saw Extreme for the 6th time since ’89 last Friday at Mohegan Sun in CT. They never, ever disappoint. These guys all gel so well together in all ways. It was my girlfriend’s first Extreme show. She was amazed at their talent, as she is not much for the hard rock sound. Pat’s voice has only gotten stronger and Gary is always a treat. What a frontman, what a voice. Nuno? Mind blowing. Kevin may be the “new” guy, but you can see how much joy he feels for what he’s doing. Love this band, and so should everyone else. Without hesitation I say that Extreme are the most underrated band of their time, and are miles above bands out today.

  2. I cannot say enough about seeing them live this week. A show lasting a little over two hours by a headliner does not happen often, and Extreme did not miss a step in any of it. I got in early and caught the sound check where they played a couple songs not done in the show. And then I also had the chance to meet and talk with a certain guitarist and bassist from a legendary NJ band. They had a laugh when I asked if they were opening the show.
    After the Pornograffiti set, Extreme played a good chunk from the rest of their catalogue. Did I hear everything I wanted to? No; but I did not go away disappointed by any means. All in all, you would be very hard pressed to find a better live band who has been doing this for 30 years and still playing both older and new music with this much talent and energy.
    After the show by the bus outside in the cold was a good time as well. All four musicians were friendly and gracious to us, especially for a couple who flew in from Brazil just for this show. Fan dedication and respect for all!!!

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