Had a great talk with Michael Sweet last night on my SiriusXM show. The new album he did with George Lynch is out one week from today. So many of these bands don’t last or even see a live show. Will this one be different? I hope for Michael’s sake it is. Real good guy and talent.

Rocklahoma 2015 is announced. See Music News on this site for the details. I have hosted every year since it started in ’07 and I’m back again. I’ll also have tickets for giveaway on this site soon. Grab them now on the pre sale for best location and pricing. www.rocklahoma.com Tons of great bands and friends on the bill this year! Slayer, Tesla, Winery Dogs, Anthrax, Red Dragon Cartel and many others including some new ones I love as well. It should be a great one Memorial weekend! See you there I hope!

All new podcast exclusive interview with Vivian Campbell posts this Thursday. I pushed Jake E Lee one week because this is super new and fresh with Viv talking Dio, Def Lep, his health and more. You don’t want to miss this ALL NEW exclusive to my podcast interview! As always free to stream or download worldwide starting Thursday on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Vivian just completed a new album with his side band The Last In Line made up of the original Dio band. So now this becomes more of an original metal band as oppose to a Dio tribute. Should be interesting and hear what he has to say Thursday.

Thanks to all who picked up one of my new T Shirts in the merch store. Check out the new designs!

Off to host Extreme in NJ. Congrats to all my ticket winners. Can’t wait to see Nuno rip! One of my favorites!

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  • James K. on

    Nuno is a badass on guitar! I can’t wait for the Vivian Campbell podcast! And I will be at Rocklahoma this year. Me, my girlfriend, her brother and his wife talked about it and we’re all excited and are going. My brother wants to go but his wife doesn’t because she hates large events, hates camping and hates rock music and therefore won’t go and won’t let my brother go (insert whip sound).

  • Mike Letourneau on

    Just listened to my first ever Eddie Trunk Podcast! Very cool!! Great discussion with Vivian Campbell!! Lots of terrific topics, very glad to hear he is feeling great with his battle against cancer!! Eddie, what do you think the chances are that you will get to broadcast the World Premiere of Last In Line (once they decide to release their material) and the soon to be released Def Leppard single from the new Album? And if you do get that exclusive, I hope that you will be able to give it great props (but ONLY if the song deserves it!!) If you say the new Lep song absolutely kick a##, then you know it better do so, in that old school ‘High N Dry’ rock manner, like in “Let It Go”, where the guitars align with the lyrics….

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