Due to bad weather here in Northern NJ the benefit scheduled for tonight for Karl Cochran has been rescheduled for 12/6. Hope to see you at Dingbatz then.

Bummed to hear the news about both Sean Drover and Chris Broderick leaving Megadeth. I don’t think there is really much more behind it than both musicians wanting to move on. Lets be honest, Megadeth IS Dave Mustaine. And whenever you have an arrangement where one person is the dominant writer and runs the show most bands don’t have decades together. Megadeth has had many many players in its history. I’m sure Dave will find more great guys to fill the void and I wish Sean and Chris the best. More when I know.

All new Eddie Trunk Podcast goes up tomorrow for your Thanksgiving enjoyment with Scott Ian and Chris Jericho together. Coming soon Carmine Appice & Joe Lynn Turner, David Coverdale, Dave Lombardo and Bob Rock. New every Thursday on Itunes and www.podcastone.com

My FM/syndicated radio show this weekend is all new with an extra helping of your favorite artists for the holiday weekend. Long sets from some of your favorite artists. Debuts Friday 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Don’t forget to vote now for the theme shows on the home page!

For your holiday hard rock shopping both of my books are available personalized and signed by me however you want. Hit the “Books” tab under Media on this site. Also check out my shirts, hats and more in the merch store on the site.

Please check the new dates added and changed on the home page for my appearances. Just added Austin TX (Original Emo’s), Cincinnati (MVPs) and Pittsburgh (Rex Theater). I’ll be in Oaks PA outside of Philly this Friday for All Things That Rock 1-4P. Both of my books signed and sold.

Have a happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here in the U.S.A. Best to all! New TMS coming 2/21/15!


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  1. Eddie, I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.

    Looks like Kiss is running away with the poll. I voted for Judas Priest simply because they’re my favorite band and they’ve had a great year, but honestly it’s a win with any of those bands because all are iconic and awesome.

  2. I hope every one had a great thanksgiving with family and friends ! I personally love that the comments are cleaned up, personal attacks are not any way to have honest debate about anything . One thing i hope to see soon is more people interacting on this site- This is clearly the best site for hard rock and metal news that iv’e been able to find . thanks again Eddie and Dana, for a great site.

  3. I have to agree with Larry 100 percent. There’s nobody left to debate with on this site all the comments are the same, Except for Dana she left 6 comments explaining why this site is DOA and how to try to sign up.

    1. Mr. Funk (love it),

      I don’t think I ever explained why the site is, in yours and Van Halen’s words, “D.O.A..” I think I tried to explain why it became a necessary evil for posters to have to register in order to comment.

      However, I do hope that posting the register directions in the comments section did help others who were having an issue. 🙂

      “If you don’t like what you see here, get the funk out.” See the pun I made with your name? Thank you, I’ll be here all week, try the the Veal-LOL!!!

      D from ET.com 🙂

    2. It’s an old Vaudevillian or stand up comedy phrase where the one saying it encourages the audience to try a certain item on the menu when he or she is leaving the stage. Sort of like when the they say “Don’t forget to tip the bartender”.

      Funny…I had to explain to someone what is and how to use the Dewey Decimal System today and now I’m explaining this. Damn I’m old.

      Dana…How can I change my name that shows in my posts? Id rather not have my whole name showing. I got kids I don’t know about trying to find me.

    3. Mike I am not sure, but you might be able to get away with just using your last initial like Doug?

      If David C. sees this post, perhaps he can impart his wisdom.

      Dana 🙂

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