Happening now through Monday in my online store on this site 30% off all Eddie Trunk Rocks/Trunk Nation shirts, hats and more. No coupon or code needed. Have a look and grab something now at our biggest sale ever for you or someone for the holidays. Thanks for the support and for representing!

Even though tomorrow is Thanksgiving it’s still a Thursday which is new podcast day! All new podcast exclusive interview with Richie Kotzen tomorrow. Richie talk The Winery Dogs, Poison, Mr Big, and his entire career. Don’t miss this new exclusive in depth conversation with someone I feel is one of rocks greatest all around talents. Free as usual at www.podcastone.com and on Itunes. Just search “The Eddie Trunk Podcast”.

All new FM show this weekend. Brad Whitford of Aerosmith checks in. This may be the last regular format show before we start the year end specials, but not yet sure. I’ll announce the schedule for the balance of the year early next week. Just a reminder the FM show is free to all via streaming from any affiliates. Including Q104.3 NYC or WAAF where it premieres 11P-2A ET Friday nights. For Q stream use the free Iheartradio app, for AAF go to www.waaf.com . Or see the station list on this site of days and times and grab their stream or listen via the free streaming stations.

To everyone here in the U.S. have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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  1. Dana, Eddie, Elliot, James K., DR, crazy clown Shannon, (99, never mind!) Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy your “Wild Turkey,” oh and the food too of course, LOL! Be safe, be cool, keep calm and rock on! “Flying Turkey Trot” time, happy trails all, cheers! 🙂

    1. Thank you Doug my friend, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you to. And Happy Thanksgiving to Eddie, Dana and everyone here at Eddie Trunk.com. Have a great day, watch football, eat some great food and enjoy yourselves. I’m thankful we live in such a great country and that all of us that frequent this website have such great taste in music.

    2. Thanks James,

      I wish you a very happy Turkey day as well. Also, I wish all the posters a very happy and safe holiday.

      D 🙂

    3. doug, that was a very clutch reo speedwagon reference. one thanksgiving, I overate and my vomit looked like all the colors of kevin Cronin’s hair.

    4. Elliot, one Thanksgiving I overdrank and my vomit looked like all the “True Colors” of Cyndi Lauper’s hair, LOL!!! Hey, it was the 80’s! 😉

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