Just got a copy of the recently released special edition of Kiss Love Gun. So many of the many reissues that I get are pretty pointless. Many times the remastering is not even done well and the artist is not even involved. Not the case with this one. This truly is a great reissue and worth the purchase. Everyone knows by now I am still a huge fan of CDs and they are very much by far still my favorite format. When CDs are produced like this it’s another reason why I love them so much. This deluxe edition of Love Gun has great packaging, photos, liner notes by Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, a great booklet and even a magnetic love gun (the original album had a cardboard one which broke after a few snaps!). The remastered original album sounds crisp and punchy without the over compression and volume that plagues some of these remasters these days. The bonus disc has some cool gems including a demo for a Simmons song call “I Know Who You Are” which hardcore fans will recognize as the song it became on his solo album the next year “Living In Sin”. There is also a real interesting recording of a young Paul Stanley explaining how a song goes that he just wrote called “Love Gun” which is a learning demo. I also found the 1977 Montreal radio interview with Simmons interesting when he talks about the band not taking any major turns in their music or being so pompous to make a concept record. Fascinating when you consider the next album had a disco song and The Elder would come shortly after! Love Gun was the bands sixth studio album and for the most part the final ever studio record from the original band (Anton Fig would play on Dynasty and Unmasked despite Peter being pictured). It holds a special place for many because it was when Kiss was on top of the world, firing on all cylinders, featured the vocal debut of Ace Frehley, and featured a tour and stage show unlike anything anyone had seen. It was Kiss at their peak. I saw Kiss for the first time in December of 1977 and it was a game changer for me and so many. This special edition really took me back to ’77 again, being that kid in my bedroom with Kiss posters all over the wall and dropping the needle on the start of “I Stole Your Love”. It encompasses all that was so great about being a kid and being lost in the music and mystique of Kiss while staring at the album jacket. Tommy Thayer worked on this reissue and regardless of how you feel about his current role in Kiss he was a fan first and foremost and he certainly has always done a great job when it comes to capturing the history the right way. I hope the rest of the bands catalog eventually gets this treatment on CD.

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  1. I. Look. Forward. To. Kiss. Coming. To. Sydney. Australia. Next. Year. Hoping. To. Meet. The. Band. I. Have. Been. A. Kiss. Fan. Since. 1975.

    1. See what happens to a KISS mind at 50? I was thinking of “I Want You” on RnR Over. How did I doubt you Eddie? Sorry.

  2. This was long overdue.I would have also liked to have had Hooligan live which was left off of Alive II.Or better yet a live disc from this tour would have been kool too.I hope they do this with all of the albums.Maybe do Rock N Roll Over next.One thing I would love to Kiss to do is fix the sound quality somehow on the Hotter Than Hell album.It sounds like someone recorded it on a boombox.

  3. I don’t know about everyone else here, but I REALLY WANT a deluxe treatment of Creatures of the Night! I love all KISS, but this one has always been probably my #1 favorite KISS album, and it probably had alot of demos made for it. I know Eric Carr had some stuff written with Bryan Adams that was rejected for the album. (I believe that song later appeared on one of Adams’s own solo albums…Cut Likes a Knife?)

    1. Trapper,

      Again, we are on the same page. I readily admit that I am not a KISS fan, but Creatures is the one album that I do own. Maybe we are related? 😀

      D 🙂

    2. Creatures is by far the ultimate KISS record after the original band split up…in fact, looking back on their catalog now I think it is the only record that truly competes with the 70’s KISS. The rest of the 80’s records are completely weak in comparison, even the always overrated Revenge can’t come close.

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