Quick update on some stuff as I need to run into NYC for tonight’s live radio show. Join me 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation LIVE with Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister in studio and more.


Added a new book signing to the next leg of my tour that kicks off a week from tonight at Trees in Dallas. I will now also be in McKinney Texas 11/19 at The Guitar Sanctuary from 7-9 selling and signing both books and also doing a Q&A in their events center. Please see the home page for all dates as I prepare to hit TX and OK next week! More details there. Hope you all come out!


Thrilled to announce the official return of THAT METAL SHOW for 2014! Season 13 will premiere 1/18 on VH1 Classic. The show is moving its production back to NYC. We are also changing the way we do the shows for the first time. Instead of doing a bunch in a few days and then they roll out over time, we will now be doing a new show in NYC every Tuesday that you will see that Saturday. Also we will do more new episodes in a row per season. Instead of 8, we are now scheduled for 12 in a row once we start up again. So more new ones in a row, and much fresher and quicker to air. The reason we did TMS in LA last few years was because a HUGE amount of the artists were based there. That fact had not changed. But the hope is that with a regular tape schedule and the growth in popularity in the show (THANKS TO YOU!) they will come to NYC to be a part of it. Doing it back home saves us budget and allows for more new episodes. So its yet another phase in this shows amazing story and we will see how it goes. No guest announcements yet, and ticket info will be announced when we get closer here and on my Twitter and FB as always. I’ve now been on VH1 Classic since 2002, and I am honored and thrilled to continue working with them as well as my TMS partners Don & Jim. It’s amazing what this show has become and I am grateful. On to season 13! Much more to be announced soon. (Don’t forget the annual Dingbatz TMS Christmas party is 12/14 in Clifton this year).


Kiss R&R Over came out 37 years ago today. Crazy! That means 37 years ago I got my first Kiss album and my life was changed and set on this course of rock obsession. At 12 I purchased Destroyer today. Since R&R Over was new my friend suggested the album before as the introduction to Kiss. Hugely pivotal moment in my life for sure. And taking all the silly Kiss arguing out of it, thanks to Gene, Paul, Ace & Peter for my first taste of hard rock music and setting me on this path. Now on to the R&R Hall let’s hope FINALLY!

Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU VETERANS!

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  1. For the hardcore KISS fans out there, what would you say to a remix of Rock and Roll Over? I always liked a majority of the songs, but thought the sound is weak, flat. Especially compared to Destroyer which is beefier, and even Love Gun.

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