Greetings from Mexico City. Hope you’ve been able to follow my Mexican adventures via Twitter and Instagram where I am posting as things happen. Show 4 of the Deep Purple / In Flames tour was the biggest yet last night at an arena in Mexico City. Great crowd and both bands sound amazing. Honestly, it is incredible how great DP still sound at this age. Really no reason for them to stop and depending on who you ask that is or isn’t going to happen soon. It’s been an honor to host these shows. The band has been letting me intro them, something they told me they never let anyone do. And by intro I mean truly intro! I bring each member out as they start Highway Star behind me! Just insane!! All the guys and their crew have been great to me. The show on Tuesday in Merida has been cancelled. So the last show is now this Saturday in Cancun. I’ll be flying there tomorrow with the band for an extended holiday stay, final gig Saturday, home next Sunday. More on my social media as we go and here when I can.

I’m going to be doing a TrunkNation mailbag show likely this Friday for my SiriusXM Volume show. So send me an email [email protected] and I’ll maybe answer it on air about anything you want in rock. Put “Mailbag” in subject and include your name and city. Remember SiriusXM is once again free to all for a limited time. So inactive radios are now on, or listen free online or with the app. I’m back live on Volume on Tuesday with Jake E Lee as my guest, Wednesday hopefully Roger Glover and or Don Airey,

New podcast this Thursday will be with Steve and Mark of Kix talking 30th of Blow My Fuse.

Visited a place called the Kiss Lounge here in Mexico City last night. Enuff Z Nuff played and I swung by after the DP show. The most amazing Kiss collection I have ever seen and a very cool bar as well. Thanks to Kiko for the hospitality and to all I met. If a Kiss fan a MUST place to see if you are in this area. Never saw more memorabilia in my life on the band!

Next TrunkNation LA Invasion broadcast from the Rainbow in LA looks set for 11/29. As usual FREE and from 6-8P Pacific. Come down and be live in SiriusXM Volume! I’ll confirm more on this soon.

Happy Thanksgiving week to all in the U.S.!

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  • Horse Latitudes on

    Why was the Merida show cancelled?

    • cbgray on

      I don’t think it was.
      Deep Purple and In Flames both still list the show on their websites and tickets are still for sale.
      I live in Merida and there has been no announcement of cancellation.
      As far as I know, I’ll be there Wednesday night.

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