Had a total blast last night hosting Joe Perry’s book launch in NYC at Barnes & Noble. It was an honor beyond belief to have an icon and member of one of my all time favorite bands to call on me for such an important event for him. Joe has been and continues to hit the promo circuit hard to promote Rocks which is out now and a truly great read (he also came by my SiriusXM show Monday). The place was packed and we started our chat at 7P for about half an hour, then Joe answered some audience questions. Gigs like these are actually the hardest for me to do because I have SO much I want to ask and get into and such limited time. You want to get deep into Aerosmith stories but you also have to keep in mind Joe is out selling a book too. But there was a good balance and of course Aerosmith is a huge part of the book. Our conversation last night was recorded for my podcast which will be posted for all to hear and download free tomorrow via the usual outlets (Itunes, www.podcastone.com). Hope you check it out and check out Joe’s book. His signing tour goes for a couple weeks and hits my home stage of NJ tonight at Bookends, a store I signed at for my first book and a great indie retailer. Over the years I have hosted several events for Aerosmith including their Guitar Hero launch, their national radio special for the tour with Motley Crue, Joe Kramer’s book event and many TV and radio interviews. When your heroes that you grew up with posters of on your wall call on you for stuff like this it is so special to me. Great to spend a couple days with Joe and check out the podcast tomorrow and some of the photos from last night just posted to my Facebook page.

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  1. Great hosting Eddie and good audience questions, and i agree i could have stayed for hours to hear more Aerosmith stories!
    The only thing that i thought was a bit disappointing, and that had nothing to do with Joe nor you, was that the person who took photos when Joe was signing your book just took random pics when no one was ready and BN staff more than anyone else in the photos…but besides that great event!

    on to something completely different, whats the story behind Bonfire’s “Sword and Stone” written by Paul Stanley?

  2. EDDIE!!!! You have out done yourself this time! The Joe Perry in store podcast was EPIC! Just got done listening to it and I was hanging on every word both you and Joe spoke. You asked a lot of good questions about what was in the book that I didn’t know about and I’ve been a Joe Perry fan first and an Aerosmith fan second all my life. I’m sure Joe appreciated your style of interviewing and that’s why he picked you. You asked him questions from a fans perspective because you are a fan like the rest of us. I hope you will do more of these live but I am so glad you picked my all time favorite rock artist Joe “F’ing ” Perry to do your first one with. Now, I’m gonna go listen to it again! Thanks man!

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