Latest podcast went up yesterday with new Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra. Joel discusses Rock Of Ages, TSO, Night Ranger and his new solo album 13 as well. Grab it now free on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com . Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast. It is free worldwide. Coming next week part one of two parts of album by album in depth interview with Billy Squier. This will be my first ever podcast from my archives but it is a great one! Billy talks in detail about his career, the ups and downs, every album, and how he is currently the most sampled rock artist ever in Hip Hop music (Jay Z, Eminem, etc). Interesting stuff from an artist I was always a huge fan of back to Piper. Part one posts next Thursday!

Todd LaTorre of Queensryche is my guest on this weeks Eddie Trunk Rocks FM show. Debuts 11P-2A ET tonight on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

Just back from Milwaukee where I spent two days hosting show with The Winery Dogs. Thanks to the band and the Bob Rech and the Potowatomi Casino and staff for having me. Had a great time meeting so many fans as well as 3 of my WI based radio affiliates for ET Rocks. Even paid a visit to the studios of The Hog and went on air with Joe and Borna. Thanks to them for having me and airing my show and also thanks to Lana for her help.

Starting to get holiday orders for my two books. Yes they are still available and if you want them signed just follow the instructions under the Books tab on this site. I’ll write whatever you’d like and mail them out. PLEASE BE SURE TO SPECIFY VOLUME 1 OR 2 OR BOTH WITH YOUR ORDERS. Thanks. Check my merch store too for other cool gift ideas.

Just added a new appearance at The Brat Stop in Kenosha WI with Stephen Pearcy and Enuff z Nuff Thanksgiving Eve. All appearances on the home page.

Headed to Disney for a few days with my family. Been traveling so often for work related stuff it will be good to get some time in with my kids. As a result the SiriusXM show Monday will not be live. Go Mets, Go Giants!

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  1. I can’t wait for the Billy Squire podcasts! I have never listened to hip-hop, rap, or whatever it’s called and I never will, so I have no clue what songs of his have been sampled. I think it’s awesome he’s made some great money off of those talentless idiots. More power to him!

    1. Perfectly said James. Of course those talentless idiots have to sample/steal real musicians music, because they have no f–king idea what real music is! They just run artists like Billy Squier’s music through a machine, f–k it all up, throw in some gibberish YO-YO-YO bullsh-t, and make millions off of real musicians talents. Anyway, “Don’t Say No” is one of my top 10 favorite albums of all time.

    2. Um… if you’ve never listened to it, how do you know they are “talentless idiots”? You’re both bordering on ignorant with those opinions. It may not be your cup of tea, but it’s still music. If you had any clue whatsoever, you’d know Zeppelin and The Beatles “sampled” music in their own way as well. Music is a circle, and everything that comes before feeds that which comes in the future.

    3. UM… Bill, how dare you call us ignorant, anybody who defends rap/hip hop crap is ignorant! NO, you’re wrong Bill, rap is NOT music, don’t insult the word music, nor compare Led Zeppelin, The Beatles or any other REAL musicians to those talentless idiots, they may have “sampled” a little bit of real music here & there, but at least 85-90% of their music was/is still their own, MUSIC, not machine made bullsh-t! You don’t have to “listen” to that rap crap to know how little talent rappers have, unfortunately almost anytime you walk outside somebody is blasting that rude, obnoxious, annoying irritating crap out of their car, or torturing people by playing that sh-t in a store. No matter how much or how hard you try to avoid it, unfortunately you still hear it sometimes totally against your will. It only takes about a second or two to hear how talentless those idiots really are!

    4. Bill: Never would have guessed that something negative said about rap music on a heavy metal web site would offend someone who proceeds to call me and Doug ignorant for it. When I say I don’t listen to rap, that doesn’t mean I haven’t heard it. It’s impossible not to hear it or see it on tv because it’s everywhere. But I don’t deliberately listen to it. Have you listened seriously to it? The monotone delivery of the vocals, the dumbass lyrics, the cheesy stage moves, the “music” that is usually written by someone way more talented than any rapper is? I like real music made by real musicians with real instruments. Rap sounds horrible, has no substance, doesn’t belong in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and I couldn’t care less about another form of “music”. If that makes me ignorant, then excuse my ignorance while I post this comment and then go listen to a Black Sabbath album.

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