Back from Texas and OK. Want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to see me at Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney on Thursday and with The Winery Dogs in Ardmore OK Friday. The weather was not great in TX and OK but I appreciate everyone who came out anyway. Thank you Brian Meader and all at Guitar Sanctuary and bands Franzen Stine and The Red Rockers. And thanks to Aubry Harris and all I hung with in OK, and everyone at Two Frogs. Great night with Damon Johnson, Gilby Clarke and more. Saturday I was with Don in NJ at Regency House and that was a fun gig as well. Thanks to Steve Brown of Trixter for hanging out and apologies to the Bon Jovi Stump The Trunk girl for getting upset when we were having fun with her! Great 3 nights of gigs!

Back on the road tomorrow. I’m with The Winery Dogs this week Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Northern Lights Theater at Potowatomi Casino in Milwaukee. I’ll have shirts and both books available for purchase likely after the show ends in the lobby. Come say hello if going to these show. I’ll also be a guest at 3:15 PM Wednesday in studio at my radio affiliates there The Hog.

My schedule is non stop so see all appearances on the home page and follow on Twitter for updates @EddieTrunk

One other thing. I have been getting many questions about the future of That Metal Show. You may recall we only did 12 episodes in 2014. We have done 12 so far in 2015. I have no idea of the future of the show. Which is the case after EVERY season. There have been some changes and I have had meetings with my producer. When I have a definite answer as to the plan going forward I will let you know. As has been the case every season all decisions belong to VH1 Classic. NOT up to me if, when, where and how many episodes we shoot. When I have news to post I will and thank you for watching and caring. Plenty of replays in the meantime. Thanks.

Go Mets, Go Giants!

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  1. It sure seems like VH1 Classic has been showing reruns of TMS pretty regularly lately. As TMS has been doing winter runs lately, I’m hoping that means VH1C is about to reach out to you guys soon.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I’m no Mets fan. But, as an Orioles fan, I really grew to dislike the Royals during their sweep of us in the ALCS last year. So, Eddie, I hope to see you on TMS in 2016 wearing a Mets 2015 World Champions shirt.

    And I also look forward to another Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rant after they surely drop the ball again this year.

    1. I’ll have to check it out.

      That KC team is a royal pain in the arse. Hoping your guys win tonight to even up the WS going back to New York.

    2. did you happen to see that Motley Crue is already on the bill for HellFest 2016 (next June). I know it was a “no full tour” promise but at least wait to announce tour dates after your final final show. Haha!

    3. Nevermind, that poster is a fake. They have Van Halen billed under Motley Crue, Tenacious D and Rage, and use the Van Hagar logo? No way is that legit.

  2. Eddie, thank you for the update. The fact that you are meeting with your producer and that there are changes tells me that TMS is dynamic and not static, and that we can look forward to future episodes.

    Do you have any more information on the AC/DC North American arena tour that you referenced here after the AT&T Park and Dodger Stadium concerts in September? You said it would begin on the west coast and end in NYC and that an announcement would be coming soon, just wondering if that is still coming and verified.

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