I’m about to embark on a new chapter in my broadcast career that started back in 1983 right out of high school. An all new daily rock talk show on SiriusXM channel 106. As many know I have hosted a hard rock / metal music and talk show on SiriusXM since 2002, when I started on XM. Doing live radio is something that has always been important to me and sadly is becoming increasingly rare. When I entered the world of satellite (I have and continue to do FM radio as well, which is also very important to me) in ’02 I had to fight to do a live show. And the backlash to me taking a bunch of calls and talking to artists and the audience, as much as playing music, was substantial at the time. But quickly people got it, and it became destination listening for the audience and a must visit for the artists, something I have always been very proud of. I love including YOU and your voice in my satellite shows. Flash forward a couple months ago and I get a visit from an old friend from VH1 Roger Coletti. Rog had just started at SiriusXM, told me he was launching an all music talk channel, and he wanted me as one of his 3 live daily anchor shows. Roger fought for me to be a part of the new channel “Volume” and I am grateful for the opportunity. That leads us to this Monday and the launch of the channel and my shows as a live daily rock talk program.

The company has decided to keep the “Trunk Nation” branding I have been using on Hair Nation on Monday’s. So all of my shows on SiriusXM are called that. Trunk Nation on Volume 106 will air live (most days) 2-4P ET and replay each night 9-11P ET. It will differ slightly from the Hair Nation show in the it will be a broader range of rock. Still plenty of metal, but also more varied areas of rock. There will be Best Of shows that will also run over the weekend. Trunk Nation on Hair Nation also continue live at a slightly new time of 5-8P ET on channel 39. That format remains unchanged. I know many have asked about replays of that show but that is not up to me. Some of my interviews on my shows will also post as my podcasts, so another way to hear the content if you miss it when it happens. So I now have 6 live SiriusXM shows a week (2 on Monday, 1 Tues-Fri on Volume only), the free podcast every Thursday, and of course the syndicated FM Eddie Trunk Rocks mostly music show. And I was hoping to slow down in my older age haha! But seriously I am grateful to Roger and SiriusXM and most of all my amazing loyal audience. This should be a fun adventure and I will also be doing this show from the road. As a matter of fact I am already doing a full week from LA week of 10/31. Early guests already booked include Joe Bonnamossa, Rick Neilsen, Peter Frampton, and Lars Ulrich. Many more TBA. I truly hope Trunk Nation becomes the destination for the artists we love and as importantly a national voice for you the rock fan! Join me for this new journey as it all kicks off this Monday at 2P ET on SiriusXM channel 106.

If you don’t have SiriusXM you can get online subs, radio subs, and a free trial by going to www.siriusxm.com for more info.

PS: Doing this show in now way means I have any less interest in reviving That Metal Show. If we find a new home I will do it! I also have some other new TV things cooking..

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