Greeting from IL. I look forward to the next stop on what has been a great tour for my new book tonight in Milwaukee at Boswell Books 7-9P. Then I fly to AZ and visit that state for the first time in ages for a signing at Changing Hands in Tempe Wed night also 7-9. Hitting W Hollywood Thursday at Book Soup on Sunset 7-9 and then wrap up this leg with what should be a huge one Friday inside the Vinyl Theater at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. This theater is right next to where Mötley will play at The Joint that night. So it’s also a Mötley pre show hang! Come early, should be there by 6. Q&A, signings and more.

Also if going to the Winery Dogs show in LA or Vegas the same night of my signings there you will have plenty of time to make those shows and still hit my events. Also don’t forget you can order either of my books from the store I’m at in Tempe AZ tomorrow and have me sign and personalize them and the store will ship them to you anywhere in the world! But you must place the order before I arrive there for the signing tomorrow night at 7P Pacific! Here’s the link to do that for Changing Hands: Order Now

Don’t miss this chance to get personalized books sent anywhere in the world!

Thanks to all who purchased the new merch from my just opened online store. Appreciate you representing. More soon.

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  • SAM on


    • Eddie on

      Thank you!

  • gerry on

    eddie whats up with 5 finger death punch weak set list,the new album is awesome,but they are only plaing 4 new trax.even bullet for my valentine,weak set list,not enough new trax being played.any new info on the 30 party???whos there,geddy,n alex????zakk?????lars????free drinks eddie????

  • bob on

    do you want to have beers tonight after your signing? –bob

  • Johnny Boz on

    Eddie, you should sign the petition to get GWAR to play the Superbowl in 2015. They need 50, 000 signatures to make it happen and they already have 42,000. Even if you don’t like GWAR, you have to admit that seeing them would be better than whatever multimillion dollar teen idol they want to have instead. Plus, you never fail to support the hard rock community. You should tweet it, too. Thanks.


    • Eddie on

      In what world do you think getting 50K signatures would have them play the Super Bowl??

    • Johnny Boz on

      Yes, in the back of my mind I know it will never happen. They could get 100,000 signatures and it wouldn’t make the NFL do anything. But, they really need the support and some media attention, especially after the recent death of their longtime member Cory Smoot. I’d really appreciate it if you signed it anyway.

  • David C. on

    What could ever be on this site that would cause somebody to make racist comments? Ridiculous…I’m glad you are banning anyone who tries to post crap like that.

    Hope your publisher will add a NorCal signing.

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