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Winger 630-2014 Winger have released their first video for the song, Rat Race, from their forthcoming new album, Better Days Comin’ due April 22nd. Watch the video below.

The high-energy song and video alternates between black and white performance footage and color montages of life’s daily rat race. Rat Race was filmed in Nashville, TN and directed by Jason Green.

“In this day and age, how quick you think, hard you try, no matter how fast you run, someone is always gaining on you” states front man Kip Winger. “We wanted to make sure the video visually represented that.”

To read more about Better Days Comin’, please click here.



  1. I don’t know what it is, but all these post-hair metal bands seemed to have lost the ability to merge music and vocals in any sort of artful, melodic way. That’s what made these bands household names in the first place– hooks, hooks, and more hooks. See: Early, Beau Hill-produced Ratt albums.

  2. What a great new song from Winger! I hope they play to perform it on the Monsters of Rock cruise in a few weeks! Maybe they’ll have copies of the new record for the cruise a little early from the release date?

  3. This is pretty awesome. Always liked Winger. This reminds me of Deep Purple for some reason. I would love to hear another one in the vein of heart of the young or pull.

  4. Not bad – but not the Winger from the old days. But hey, sounds like they’re moving on. Heard some soundbytes on Amazon (I think it was), and I wasn’t impressed… But gotta listen to it complete when it comes out.

  5. As a musician…..well….a drummer…it always pissed me off that Winger was considered a joke by some other bands. These guys (especially Rod Morgenstein) have chops FOR DAYS and could run circles around numerous other bands. Glad to hear this great new music.

  6. I can’t believe this is Winger, this song kicks. I agree with Scott about the chops, both Rod and Reb are amazing players. Image did not help this band, and is largely why they were considered a joke. The big smiling and spinning around lost them cred – I think ‘posers’ was the name we gave the big hair bands as kids, and we used to bust on these guys big time. Then I think Kip mentioned something in an interview about taking ballet, which completely alienated him from major fans of the big 4. I do wish he would stop with the twirling move. It looked dopey then and it still does.

  7. Winger is and will always be an amazing band!!! Kip Winger is good looking all you haters are just jealous. All of the members are talented just get over it!! No different than Bon Jovi show boating the way he does. I have seen both see Winger again before I would Bon Jovi! Love you Winger!!! ALWAYS

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