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TedNugentbuffalo Today, June 9th, multi-platinum guitar icon Ted Nugent premiered the first single She’s Gone featuring Sammy Hagar–off his new studio album SHUTUP&JAM! (out Tuesday, July 8th on Frontiers Records)–on Ultimateclassicrock.com, listen to it below.

Special guest Sammy Hagar brings his vocal power to She’s Gone for an epic lead vocal duet with Nugent. The song also features a special performance from one of the most respected drummers in rock, Johnny “Bee” Badanjek of the legendary Detroit band Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. SHUTUP&JAM! marks the first all-new studio album from the Motor City Madman in seven years. Nugent leads the pack of renowned musicians, handling guitar and vocal duties, alongside bassist Greg Smith, drummer Mick Brown and longtime musical cohort guitarist/vocalist Derek St. Holmes. SHUTUP&JAM! is available now for pre-order at Amazon and iTunes for fans who pre-order the album there (for those who don’t know, this means the song will automatically download to their iTunes once they complete the pre-order purchase).

Nugent declares, “My guitar has never gently weeped, but she does suckerpunch me mercilessly at regular intervals. She’s Gone is just another example of what we do together every day after I complete my ranch chores at home in Texas, and the MotorCity soulmusic slugfest erupts into spiritual love songs like this. Sammy Hagar said he wasn’t interested in writing or singing any more pop songs, so he fell in love with this masterpiece jammout instantly. Clearly Sammy and I deserve each other. And she’s gone.”

Hagar shares of his involvement on the track She’s Gone: “When I first heard Ted’s demo of this song, I immediately responded with ‘I’m in.’ Ted’s ripping the guitar like the days of old…very inspiring to sing to a track like that—old-school blues riff, hard edged rock n’ roll on fire!!!”

To coincide with the release of SHUTUP&JAM!, Ted has announced that he’s packing up and hitting the road. This past weekend (6/7) he joined Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Volbeat and other rock titans at the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden. Now he’s gearing up for his national headlining tour that kicks off July 3 in Wichita Falls, TX (full tour itinerary below). Ticket info for all shows is available at tour.tednugent.com.

Check out Ted Nugentt’s SHUTUP&JAM! Tour in the following cities:


3 Wichita Falls, TX Wichita Falls Memorial Auditorium
4 Santa Fe, NM Camel Rock Casino
5 Oklahoma City, OK Starlight Amphitheater at Frontier City
6 New Braunfels, TX River Road Ice House
8 Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theatre
9 Ramona, CA Ramona Mainstage
10 Prescott Valley, AZ Tim’s Toyota Center
11 The Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA
12 Las Vegas, NV Orleans Hotel & Casino
14 Anaheim, CA City National Grove of Anaheim
17 Council Bluffs, IA Mid-America Center*
18 Merrillville, IN Star Plaza Theatre
19 Detroit, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
21 Huntington, NY The Paramount
22 Montclair, NJ The Wellmont Theater
23 Jim Thorpe, PA Penn’s Peak
24 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
25 Morgantown, WV MountainFest at Mylan Park
26 Oshkosh, WI Leach Amphitheater at Riverside Park
27 Medina, MN Medina Entertainment Center
29 Kansas City, MO Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
30 Englewood, CO Gothic Theatre
31 Salt Lake City, UT The Depot


1 Sheridan, WY Trails End Concert Park
2 Tacoma, WA Emerald Queen Casino
3 Tacoma, WA Emerald Queen Casino
6 Sturgis, SD Full Throttle Saloon
8 Maumee, OH NW Ohio Rib-Off at Lucas County Fairgrounds
9 Oxford, OH Indian Creek Amphitheatre
11 North Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
12 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues
14 Houston, TX House of Blues
15 Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Live
16 Fort Worth, TX Billy Bob’s Texas

*denotes opening for Hank Williams Jr.




    1. Yes the song does suck, but don’t blame Sammy, he didn’t write it. Yes he sang on it (not his best vocal) but he & Uncle Ted are responsible for this mess. Hey, nobody’s perfect, they can’t all be gems – Poontang, one way to rock etc.

  1. That’s not a good song. Only slightly better than Hagar’s cover of Personal Jesus with Neil Schon…

    Sorry Sammy, love ya, but you put out some stinkers. Ted? Well, you can only milk Stranglehold and Cat Scratch Fever for so long, in between right wing diatribes. He’ll always have an audience though.

  2. Yea this is shit…it appears hes running out of good guitar licks after 40+ years in the biz..not sure what he was going for by having sammy on it…as far as hagar sucking, he sucked in van halen but hes awesome on his own..

    1. You’re not pissing anyone off my giving ur opinion…Whether or not ur American has nothing to do with the fact the song sucks….there isnt a band/artist out there with 40+ year career that hasnt dumped a musical turd once in awhile….ooh the soothing sound of a flushing toilet..lol

  3. I first listened to this song yesterday through my phone. At first my initial reaction was like most of yours, disappointed and thinking it sucked. Today I listened to it with headphones twice. Although the lyrics aren’t that awe inspiring & creative, Ted is playing some awesome blues licks & scales & Sammy sounds awesome! I think this song is pretty damn good & I can’t wait to buy the album! Those of you who state that Uncle Ted only has 2 good songs in his entire career obviously don’t know much about music or clearly only listen to classic rock stations that only play those 2 songs. The Spirit Of The Wild record is a masterpiece along with much material from his 79’s records. Also Love Grenade was a damn good record & Craveman rules as well! Check em’ out! You may be surprised! Ted Nugent is arguably one of the most underrated & under appreciated guitar players of all time!

  4. Maybe Ted should spend more time working on writing songs instead of going on talk shows spouting his right-wing political views. This sucks big donkey dicks. Who would pay money for this crap?

    1. So anyone with right wing views shouldn’t go on talk shows to exercise their freedom of speech first amendment rights because it goes against the left winged liberal agenda? I paid money for this tune by pre-ordering the album on iTunes. You should too 🙂

  5. Pretty sloppy song.
    To me Ted gets more attention for his politics and hunting shows than his music these days. He is a damn talented guitar player but I wish he would shut up and stop making conservatives look stupid.

  6. Not a bad song from the Motor City Madmen. I’ve listened to it four times now, and it’s definitely better than most of the drivel he’s released over the past couple of decades. Hell, his last really good album was 1979’s State of Shock, although select songs since then, such as Scream Dream, Little Miss Dangerous, Thunder Thighs, and Fred Bear, have been pretty good. Given the quality of his complete albums/CDs since State of Shock, though, I’ll be surprised if this overall CD is any good.

  7. Wow who ever thought that they would produce a shitty song like this. Dang I guess when you have money you can afford to sound like shit from time to time. HORRIBLE…………

  8. Ted, just shut up and be gone.

    I’ll gladly admit that I love his album “Kittle miss dangerous” and admit that his “Cat scratch fever” is a true classic, but I just can’t stand him and his racist right wing radical crap.

  9. I wouldn’t buy anything this psycho puts out or pay to see him in concert. I liked him as a kid, but he’s way off the deep end politically. Look for Fox (propaganda) “News” to play it.

  10. hey liberal scum , this is a music site. if you want politics go push your commie,socialist bullshit on huffpost .and lets not forget it was republicans that that put and end to slavery. the real racists are lefty atheist america haters like you. if you have to shit , don’t do it here. your asshole is in washington.

    1. That’s how people like you and the Drudge report and Fox news twist information. That’s why it’s called propaganda. You take a fact and present it in a way to convince ignorant people of something by leaving out a lot of other important details. What political party do you think Abraham Lincoln would belong to if he were alive today? Of course he would be a Democrat. Why don’t you go back to reading about Benghazi. Funny that I didn’t see Fox report on the 13 attacks on U.S. Embassies under the Bush administration. I heard a story on NPR yesterday Fox probably didn’t cover. It was about a woman who had a tumor removed. It had grown inside her for 4 years. No insurance company would cover her because they classified it as a pre existing condition condition. Only after Obamacare was she able to get insurance and the operation that saved her life. The doctors also had to take one kidney the tumor had damaged over the 4 years. Interesting, huh?

  11. C’mon.
    Ted can’t get a break. If he goes political, he gets criticized. Here, it just sounds like he and Sammy are having some fun. It has some catchy guitar and a sing-along chorus, albeit lacking a three minute guitar solo. Basically a nice little rock and roll ditty.
    Lighten up gang.

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