Thanks to all who came out to our live shows this past weekend in Providence RI and Chicopee MA. Had a blast at both gigs and appreciate all the support. Next up for me is hosting a show June 21 in Waukesha WI and June 22 in Elgin IL. Please note Vince Neil is off the Elgin show replaced by Bret Michaels. Links and more news on the home page. Books and merch available at both events.

Excited to announce I will be launching a Podcast soon. Many people have asked me about doing this over the years. Pleased to announceĀ  I have signed up with Podcast One, the leading company in the field, to launch mine. I plan on doing a mix of commentary, interviews, and also answering your email questions and more. Of course I still plan on doing my syndicated and satellite radio shows as usual, but it’s cool to add this new emerging platform as well. It will be free and also available worldwide. Many more details and a launch date TBA soon, likely July. Now just need to decide what to call it? Trunk-cast?? Send your suggestions to me through the site via email.

Live show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation. Join me for live music and talk that rocks! Have the new Tesla to play and win on CD.

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  • NL on

    I’m looking forward to the Podcast! Great idea. I like what the other person suggested: “The Trunk Report”

    Simply “The Eddie Trunk Podcast” works also. The tagline has to be; “News and talk about evrything hard rock & heavy metal….and the NY Giants.”

    I would assume “That Metal Podcast” is out (I know you hate that name).

    How about “One Side of a Coin”?

  • Speedking on

    The “Talking about music from 1980 in a 2005 format” Podcast.

  • [email protected] on

    Really lookin’ forward to seein’ Ed @ the Hair Metal Heavyweights show in Elgin next weekend!! šŸ™‚

  • David C on

    You know, a rich media player like you can afford to hire people to pack/unpack during a move. Just sayin lol…

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