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Stryper have released a lyric video for the song Revelation, from the band’s forthcoming album, No More Hell To Pay. Watch it below.

No More Hell To Pay will be released on November 5th. Read more about the album, here.



  1. The more I hear this song, the more it grows on me. Sweet’s voice is still strong as ever. You can’t say that about a lot of singers from the 80’s. The producing on this song sounds very similar to the Soldiers Under Command album way back when. It’s like new ‘classic’ Stryper. Good tune.

  2. The riffs that this band comes up with are incredible. It looks like this will be a solid release from Stryper with all four original members. Two thumbs up! \../

    1. Personally, I don’t always get “into” the lyrics. The best part of Rock and Metal is the music itself. Yeah, sometimes the lyrics will grow on me. But for me, it’s the music & riffs first!
      Another good “Christian” rock band to check out is Whitecross from the early 90s. I just rock out and ignore the message.

    2. ‘Too much Jesus’? They’re a christian rock band. What were you expecting to here when you clicked on the link? They’re not going to sing about a one night stand or getting hammered.

    3. Jeff you may wanna check the band you click next time. Stryper stands for Christ. They have for a millions years. Not sure what you were expecting here but I guess it totally went over your head.

  3. Growing up a fan of Stryper and other 80’s bands, personally, I love the fact that they haven’t lost their faith in Christ and are still as bold as ever. They’ve taken some chances with the cover record they did, and the re-recorded CD that came out earlier this year… awesome to see them get back to bold, new original material!

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