Stryper have released a lyric video for the song Revelation, from the band’s forthcoming album, No More Hell To Pay. Watch it below.

No More Hell To Pay will be released on November 5th. Read more about the album, here.


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  • AmigoE on

    Love Stryper’s music and their message!! Can’t wait to pick this up in November!!

  • MikeyMan on

    Holy Fuck! (pun intended)
    I just listened to the song and it ROCKS!
    Pretty heavy tune. I will definitely buy the CD when it comes out.
    Better than any of these “supergroup” compilations of late.

  • Frank on

    is the blonde in the picture a he or a she?

    • jase on

      maybe you should worry about the music instead of what someone looks like. how old are you? 13?

  • mark sloot on

    maybe you should listen to the lyrics. bible prophecy is being fulfilled daily. the middle east is on fire. our once great republic is in the toilet, evil men are everywhere. political correctness and socialism is the norm. if you dont have JESUS CHRIST in your life you are doomed,if you deny HIM you are facing eternity without him. i pray you will seek HIM before its too late. peace

  • John K. Howard on

    I wish I had a Stryper Bible!!!! I was watching Night of the Creeps. There is a scene where a dude is in a bathroom stall and it has Stryper Rules written on it!!!! Like For Sure!!!

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