Tune in Friday, May 18th at 9:00 pm ET/PT to watch the broadcast premiere of the concert special “Stone Temple Pilots” on AT&T* Audience Network via DIRECTV Ch 239, AT&T U-verse Ch 1114 and streaming on-demand through DIRECTV NOW.

The concert special highlights the GRAMMY-Award winning, multi-platinum group’s rock hits Interstate Love Song, Big Empty, Coma, Sex Type Thing, Plush, Glide, Vasoline as well as brand new songs Meadow and Roll Me Under.

View a behind-the-scenes interview clip with Stone Temple Pilots and Audience Music series host Ted Stryker, and watch the band describe a story from the road in 1997, below.

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    • Doug R. on

      So while I’m waiting for the Winnipeg Jets / Vegas Golden Knights game to start, I came up with my STP top 20!

      20) Take A Load Off
      19) Meadow
      18) Creep
      17) Down
      16) Big Empty
      15) Between The Lines
      14) Days Of The Week
      13) Unglued
      12) Dead & Bloated
      11) Sour Girl
      10) Cinnamon
      9) Hollywood Bitch
      8) Crackerman
      7) Big Bang Baby
      6) Wicked Garden
      5) Vasoline
      4) Plush
      3) Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart
      2) Interstate Love Song
      1) Sex Type Thing

      Let’s go Knights!! 🙂

    • DR Is Live on

      Good list Bro – Sex Type is my favorite STP track even though the riff is War Machine.

      Jet’s take Game 4 tonight and I’m at Game 5.

      Brace yourselves….a Whiteout is coming.

    • Doug R. on

      Honestly bro, I like both teams! I’ll be happy with either advancing into the finals. Like everybody else, I’m just in awe over what the Golden Knights have done and are still doing! No expansion team has ever accomplished what Vegas has. It’s great to see 2 teams that have never been in this position before battling for the final round! But being a Floridian, no matter who advances from the West, you know I gotta root for the Lightning to win the cup. 😉

    • Doug R. on

      – If they make it that far! 😉

  • Doug on

    Their new album is FANTASTIC! Check it out.

    • Doug R. on

      Yes it is, Doug! 😉

  • craig on

    When I first heard Roll me under I knew they were back! Finally. I actually like this new singer probably due to not just touring with the new guy but actually putting out a great cd with the new guy which seems to be rare. The band seems to have gotten lucky but I think they struggled for years trying to find a great lead person. The video for Roll me under is pretty cool too! In classic STP form!

  • craig on

    Its funny all these guys get to that certain age and they have to wear sunglasses all the time. haha You can tell these guys love music and so far comes before the petty fighting in the band. The future seems really great for this band! I have to mention their Thank You dvd is just one huge jam. If you dont have it,you are missing out. The energy from the band is incredible! Its like a metal version of Zeppelin!

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