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sebastian_bach-400 Sebastian Bach has told fans he was offered Vince Neil’s job in Motley Crue in 1992, but he turned it down because he believed he’d be better off staying in Skid Row.

The band made the decision to replace Neil after their relationships broke down. In the end they hired John Corabi, who recorded the acclaimed 1994 self-titled album with them before record label pressure brought Neil back three years later-leaving Corabi suicidal.

But now Bach, who split with Skid Row in 1996, has said he was in line for the role.

A fan recently asked on Twitter if he’d been “considered to replace Vince in Motley,” to which the vocalist responded: “Not considered. Asked.”

After a request to clarify who approached him, he confirmed it was Motley Crue themselves. Then he was asked: “Why didn’t you take it?”

He wrote, “The short answer is that I actually thought at the time this band, Skid Row, was better. Gee, I sure know how to pick ‘em.”



  1. They asked everybody. Like Vince wasn’t coming back, he’s a train wreck in clubs without the other guys. When I saw them down from 18,000 to 1,500 with Corabi… was obvious the group did anything to get Vince back. Bach blew it…but it woulda been fer 3 years tops.

  2. Still like Vince with Steve Stevens but probably anyone with Steve Stevens would be good. Blackie Lawless minus his ego could have sang for Crue and pulled it off for a while. Perfect voice, attitude and look but apparently too big of a douche to get it done. Anyone hear Blackie s found the Lord. Now he prays like a beast. REACH OUT AND TOUCH FAITH.

    1. Lol! I loved Blackie back in the day. Early WASP was sensational. I would’ve paid big money to see Crue with Mr. Lawless. Imagine him and Tommy heading out for a night on the town after a gig. Vince’s best days outside of Crue were with Steve Stevens. That’s a guy who has never had his due (Steve not Vince). I saw his Atomic Playboys band years ago at a club and he was phenomenal, and funny. I loved Steve’s stuff with Billy Idol, but had always hoped that one day he’d go ‘full metal’ and come out with something really heavy. He had the chops to do it.

    2. Steve Stevens is finally getting the credit he deserves, and Vince was smart to hook up with him. People in the metal world are finally going, holy crap, Billy Idol’s guitarist is amazing!

  3. Corabi was in a great band. The Scream put out one very good bluesy rocknroll record with the great Bruce Bouillet on guitar (who was also in Racer X with the incredible Paul Gilbert). I understand leaving that gig for the Crue (money talks) but it’s a shame that we didn’t hear more from that band. As far as the record he did with Crue is concerned, if you don’t try to compare it to how previous Crue records sounded, it is really not bad. I have no respect for Vince Neil, however – Corabi got a raw deal. If you ask me Motley Crue is more of a cartoon act these days.

    1. When Motley supposedly “Retire” next year, the band should get together with Corabi and go out and perform that album. Like Heaven and Hell did with Dio. That Motley Crue 1994 album is criminally underrated and was way ahead of it’s time. They should never have called themselves Motley Crue though. IMO.

      1. I saw an interview with Nikki where he says the same thing as you about the album with Corabi. He said if it didn’t have the Motley name on the front, more people would’ve bought it, and I tend to agree. That album was way beyond anything The Crue ever did and will go down as a record that never had a fighting chance. I was always surprised that Corabi didn’t stay more relevant after his days with Motley. Clearly he had the talents to rise above the mediocrity.

  4. Not sure Bach would have been able to step back behind Sixx and Lee, who clearly were and remain the faces of Crue. V. Neil openly admits that he is second fiddle in the band. On Corabi, totally agree with comments. The Scream album was/is good, first three songs especially, and his efforts on Crue album rocks!

  5. I find it funny that when Vince does a solo show he plays maybe two solo songs and the rest are Crue songs. Why even have a solo band?? Sebastian is awesome! One of the best vocalists around. Steve Stevens is also great. Love his guitar on Billy Idol’s Blue Highway.

  6. I agree with James on Vince’s solo shows,I have seen the Vince Neil solo band quite a few times and he never does anything off Exposed or Carved in Stone why idk but,and i also love the Crue 94 album totally underrated classic album and HEAVY!!! Not gonna lie i like everything that camp puts out.

  7. I forgot Steven was with Vince. I caught the bloated, bear walk, mess, Vince without. Yeah, the ’94 LP was pushed aside by everybody in radio… VH’s “extreme” album which deserved to be. Check out the lame vocals Roth is laying down on this summer’s Cali gigs….guy has no ’82 fire anymore. The Crue are just money makers now. Shitsass Wisconsin if an indian casino opens. At least they fired up Canada.

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