sammy hagarfriendscdcover Sammy Hagar has posted the video for his song, Knockdown Dragout, from his forthcoming album, Sammy Hagar and Friends which will be out on September 24th.

Pals Kid Rock and and Joe Satriani join Sammy for Knockdown Dragout, which can be viewed below.

Sammy Hagar and Friends and also features artists such as Nancy Wilson of Heart, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, Toby Keith, Neal Schon of Journey and others.


  1. Great song amazing how Sammy keeps coming out with such strong music at his age

  2. Horrible

  3. He put out a 45rpm in ’68 and he’s still bringing it on large except that horrific restaurant in Vegas.

  4. John Alonzo says:

    Sammy can still make great music and has been for as long as I can remember, I go way back to Standing Hampton. Awesome

  5. speedking says:

    Good voice to this day, but rock’s worst songwriter.

  6. This should give EVH a good should but he’s too busy writing Tattoo 2.

  7. woodbag4ever says:

    Boy, that was embarrasing

  8. Sammy still kicks ASS!!!

  9. I like most of Sammy’s stuff. this song is not that exciting though. I wouldn’t listen to it twice.
    he’s a great entertainer for sure.

  10. He’s so strong vocally but without a “Plain Jane”/”Red”/”55” etc. he drags. His unreleased first autobiography ought to come out.

  11. Yellow bird says:

    Sounds like NICKLEBACK….meaning: lame radio rock for the masses

  12. Charles Clifton says:

    I love Sammy but i prefer him when he’s in a band, not solo. Whether it’s VH, Chickenfoot or HSAS, his solo stuff doesn’t compare to that work of his. Really wish he and Schon would do a new HSAS album.

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