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bobbyblotzer400 In response to singer Stephen Pearcy’s announcement that he has quit Ratt, drummer Bobby Blotzer has released his own statement.

“To our/my Ratt fans and friends… I will say to you guys, I am sorry that I brought you guys into our personal world and turbulation. I’ve been so personally driven to a breaking point with our band being held hostage every year, that I’ve kind of been snapping. I wish we were still all four together and doing business as great as we have been doing. Especially last year. This is why its so nonsensical to me to have this disruption in a business we’ve built for the last 33 years.”

“Reality sits at, Stephen and I have gotten along since his return in ’07,” continued Blotzer. “Aside from the fact that he basically quits every year. It’s been hard to deal with. I feel bad that I might have put a dividing line out here, and for that I’m feeling bad about and I to a certain level feel the need to apologize to YOU Guys. My words were true, but the words should have stayed in my mind. And again I state that, I was only kidding about this picture thing with Steve, dumb joke. You ever done that? Exactly. When this news popped today, my phone was blowing up all day while I was trying to enjoy an afternoon with friends and I just lost it. I was going to come home and tear into that release line by line. I read your thoughts and realized that it’s time to shut the f**k up. As hard as that feels because we, the 4 other guys in this band did nothing to merit this whole behavior from Stephen.”

Ratt’s last album was 2010β€²s Infestation.

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  1. Bobby time to move on….perfect example of bad blood is KISS. I really don’t believe people should hold such bad grudges considering it only brings BAD ENERGY. Be proud of what you built and the accomplishments you all achieved & more importantly send good energy to Stephan, believe me positive energy always brings positive results. God Bless. Joe in The Cuse

    1. Did you not get the memo: NO MORE KISS UNLESS THE ARTICLE IS ABOUT KISS. That being said at least KISS is great. These morons have about 10 alright songs and that was a long time ago. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND CARES ABOUT RATT ANYMORE? DON’T GO AWAY MAD, JUST GO AWAY.

      1. I’m going to let the sexist part of me come out for brief second (bare with me Dana). The greatest thing about RATT was the video for Lay it Down. I was in love with the girl in that video for years. If there was contest for hottest woman in an 80’s hairband video, she’d get my vote. Her hair was almost as good as Robin Crosby’s (RIP).

        1. That’s fine, DR.

          Perfectly understandable. Although, I admire Sykes for all of his glowing attributes (great guitarist, singer and songwriter), I appreciate his looks as well, especially his ’84 Whitesnake image πŸ™‚

          Dana πŸ™‚

        2. DR,
          While I disagree with you that the Lay It Down video was the greatest thing about Ratt (I happen to be a big fan of their music), I share your appreciation of the girl in question. Her name is Marianne Gravatte, and in addition to the Lay It Down vid, she was the cover model for their Invasion Of Your Privacy album (one of the greatest album covers EVER). She was also a Playboy Playmate (Miss October 1982 & Playmate Of The Year in the June 1983 issue), and to quote Teri Hatcher, “They’re real and they’re spectacular.” Thought you’d appreciate the info if you didn’t already know.
          PS – Dana, I bet you’re even hotter πŸ™‚

          1. Rick, you’re a doll πŸ™‚ But, please just think of me as the average girl, that way you will never be disappointed πŸ™‚

            D πŸ™‚

      2. Look whose talking about morons. Why don’t you go home and serenade your Bill Ward photo wall. You reference MOTLEY CRUE in an article about these losers. Do you have vanity plates you dopey idiot? What does it say? BILLWARDFAN? RICHMAN? SHITHEAD?

        1. New York, where my car is registered does not allow profanity so SHITHEAD is out. The other 2 choices are pretty cool. $500.00 fee for vanity plates is too much so I must pass. Why are you talking about vanities anyway? Are you a lunatic? A Bill Ward photo wall. Are you drinking? Find God and turn yourself in.

    2. When bands have bad blood, they make bad music. Kiss is still talking about Ace and Peter. Look what happened to Kiss in the 1980’s. Which bandmember agreed to record the song “Bang Bang You”? Like I said before, I would rather see Ace performing Detroit Rock City a little buzzed, than seeing Kiss with Ace’s replacement performing “Bang Bang You” completely sober.

  2. RATT is like a bad marriage where the sex is occassionally still better than average, but hasn’t been “great” for 20 years. Other than maybe Dimartini, these guys aren’t likely to find “great” again. He needs a winery dogs type project. Bobby & Stephen need Dr. Phil.

    1. I’ve always felt Pearcy was the weakest link in Ratt. The first album was great, the next two were good, and the rest in between those and Infestation were forgettable save for a few songs. Infestation was a good comeback. I’m not going to lose any sleep if it’s quits for them though.

  3. As a drummer….one of the rare sane ones….I can tell you from many years of band experience….drummers tend to be psychotic and many lead singers are prima donnas. No amount of therapy would ave this band. πŸ™‚

    1. I agree. Thats why I said musicians are assholes in another thread. I guess saying that you have to have a screw loose to be a good musician woyld be more accurate.

  4. I love Ratt but after hearing Stephen’s voice the last few years he needs to call it a day. I had high hopes for these guys now that Juan was back in and a new album was supposedly on the way. Oh well, I’m sure the Ratt guys will move on. Nobody went to see Stephen solo anyway, so that wont change.

  5. Blotzer can just find a singer, dress him up like stephen, and have him sing like stephen…sing all the classics and wa-la u have a lead singer…can probably find him at the same place gene/paul found fake frehley and cheater criss…lol

  6. Thank you to the very attractive “Rob” for sharing this factual knowledge with crowd here at Wayne’s World’s website. Without KISS Wayne’s World would not exist not to mention the careers that spawned for the actors in that film. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for my incredible role in the massive mega hit movie “Runaway,” many of your favorite actors & actresses would be pumping gas into your vehicles at Swifty. Did I mention I created gas (including flatulence)? “Rob,” I have trademarked the names KISS, Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons. Every time you post on here using any of our names, you owe me royalties (this also includes when you think of me or fantasize about Shannon and for every breath you take of the air I created).

    1. The KISS bashing was two weeks ago. Maybe come up with something different for once in your life. Rehashing the same shit that was said 400 times earlier is not what I’d call creative genius, Genius.

        1. They would have..if there was a demand for them..lol…I seen ratt a few years back..they were good..they were charging $40 for a tshirt….I cant qualify spending $40 on a shirt when I dont own $40 worth of ratt albums..lol

  7. Maybe Jizzy Pearl can play double duty? The trouble with these egos is they don’t realize they are not much without the other members. And even when together they are not much more then a traveling Club band. Perfect example is Skid Row. The band seems to be happy with heading from club to club and occasional festivals. Sebastian Bach acts like if he was in Skid Row they would be hitting the arenas, but even by himself he plays clubs and maybe the occasional theater and festival. Its unfortunate but the crowd who grew up with these bands no longer go to clubs. The new fan base just isn’t there to grow with the bands because they see them more as a nostalgia band and if your young and enjoy these bands you can’t see them at a club because most of these shows are 21+.

  8. Hey gene good to see your up too your old tricks again..by the way i think you owe me royalties.all of us drummers should stick together..rock on bobby blotz!!

  9. Long time fan of all our bands…I’ve seen Ratt with Stephen and with Jizzy (Corabi wasting his talents as the 2nd guitarist)…even though their prime is long gone – Infestation was pretty good and proved that the band is only Ratt w/ Stephen (and by all accounts he suffers LSD perhaps worse than any of our guys). All of our bands are holding onto what little they have left so I don’t blame them for “carrying on” but I agree with a previous post that suggested Warren create his own “Winery Dogs” type thing. Nobody is going to buy the CD’s anyway – so work with people you like and go create so “new” cool music and hopefully some of us will enjoy it.

  10. It is a shame. I know they are not as big as they were but I thought Infestation was a strong release. The songs were good. With that being said to keep it together for 30 year (even if it is off and on) has got to be hard.

  11. KISS took RATT out on their first tour. As a matter of fact, I discovered RATT (the animal version rat too). I introduced Stephen Pearcy to his first groupie. Paul Stanley taught Stephen how to effectively utile the karma sutra (yes the rumors about Paul are true). This is what inspired the song “Bang Bang You” which appeared on our Crazy Nights record.

    1. Interesting trick how you impersonate other’s personas to make jokes. Didn’t know we were going there on this site. But if gloves must come off, I guess they’re coming off.

  12. @Dana

    Not to get off the troll Ratt/troll the trolls thread but just curious; does Eddie check out the comments much or make an occasional comment himself? (Much respect for Eddie keeping the spirit of HM alive).

    1. Hi Bon,

      Actually, Eddie used have the sole responsibility of approving all the comments and responding when necessary. But, since his travel schedule has become much more hectic as of late, I have been helping him out. Eddie does answer many of the questions here himself, time permitting. Hope that answers your question.

      Dana at ET.com πŸ™‚

  13. some(not all) songs on infestation stood up well with the classic stuff. carlos is a great addition. Stephen’s voice is shot and has been for years. he will keep going but the few people will go see him. dig deep boys. you can find a singer who can sing the old stuff but give you a fresh take/start. so much talent out there. start auditions tomorrow. if you rock, people don’t care. get elvis to produce the album so someone will tell you when the song isn’t a good one. take your time and do it right. wait til you hear slash’s new stuff. I have. elvis made these guys step up and it slash’s best work since gnr.

  14. SP owes Blotz & Warren 1.8 million. Now we know. He 86’d the due bill. Broke after the upcoming lawsuit. At a tiny bar near you soon like Billy Joel in ’71 runnin’ from his bill.

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