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2499059-queensryche-new-617-409 The version of Queensryche fronted by Todd La Torre have released their first track with the new vocalist called Redemption. Hear it below.

The band, who fired singer Geoff Tate last year, will release their next album on June 10th via Century Media.

Bassist Eddie Jackson recently said, “Queensryche is excited to begin writing this next chapter in our career with Century Media. We are pleased to call them partners on this journey. We are also thankful for all of the fans who have supported us from day one and helped us to get where we are today.”

Tate has formed his own version of Queensryche following a court ruling that allows both parties to use the name until a final decision in November. His band will play 1988 classic album Operation: Mindcrime in full on tour in April in the US, while La Torre’s version of the band tour the UK.

additional source: classicrockmagazine.com


  1. For about a decade now I have been disappointed with the albums put forth by this band but they are clearly on the right track with this new singer and their classic sound, this song takes me back to hearing “rage for order” for the first time, I was impressed then and tonight I am equally impressed with this effort. I will buy this album on day one, great job guys.

  2. As a fan of their older work, I too am looking forward to this CD – perhaps they can recapture that fire they had way back when as opposed to the more recent disappointments. This definitely sounds like they are heading in the right direction!

  3. This sounds a little too “Empire” and I was hoping for more “Mindcrime.”
    But it’s still pretty damn good and a GIANT step in the right direction.
    Dedicated to Chaos was just a piece of crap! I’ve purchased every album that Queensryche has ever released, but I haven’t really liked one since Promised Land. Operation Mindcrime II did have a few shining moments in my opinion, but I was shocked to learn how little the band had to do with that release. I went to the OMII tour at the Gibson Ampitheater in So Cal and got to see Ronnie James Dio sing his Dr. X parts live! That was a great treat! But I left after that. I’m VERY excited that Todd is in the band now and can’t wait for the new album. Best of luck to the band. I don’t know how anyone could support Geoff Tate after hearing how he treated his bandmates with the violence and the spitting and telling the audience how they “sucked.” Many people say Geoff’s voice isn’t what it used to be. I’ve never found Geoff’s voice to be the problem. It’s the songwriting. From what I’ve read it seems like Geoff has taken charge of the songwriting for quite a while now with the help of outside writers. With Todd being a multi-talented musician and a great singer, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the band can come up with some good songs. Because that’s really all that counts in the end. I know that Todd’s a great singer and I know everyone in the band is a top notch player, but it’s all for nothing if the songs don’t live up. So as hopeful as all of us Queensryche fans are, I hope the band realizes that this is their last chance to keep their fans. If this album sucks I’ll no longer support the band in any way other than enjoying the once great music that they played.

  4. I agree with the Dream Theater comment. But it is also a step back to what i’ve always liked… everything up to Promised Land. I still cant help hearing this guy trying to mimic Tate in places.. maybe they are just simliar in ways but its not difficult to imagine Geoff Tate singing this song….almost impossible not to imagine it. To me it doesnt sound all the special and a lot like many other bands…. which these guys and maybe Tate fail to realize…that unique sound which Tate was a HUGE part of…was the key to thier success in the first place. This guy can sing, and this is good…but I still think its just a bummer what happened to this band. This is the kind of stuff that I had hoped for all these years with Tate. Too bad it came to this.

  5. It ” does” sound like DT or some european progressive band like Kamalot or something. Not nearly as technical as those bands ! I think the song is very weak but, I understand how alot of fans have been craving something harder for years . If you’re looking for another release that sounds like old Ryche you are not going to find it. Every band has a writing peak/window for “classics ” period !

    It dosent sound like Queensryche , old or newer , because its not Geoff singing ! Geoff has a very unique voice whether he can still hit every note off of ” The Warning ” or not .
    I’ve been listening to Ryche for 29 yrs. Ever since I saw them open for Kiss on the Anamalize tour . I’m just not interested in a clone singer for the last 10 yrs of their careers . Todd can hit the notes better but thats where it ends for me . All the other releases besides warning and ep realy need Geoffs voice for me . I know why they did this but just like Dennis DeYoung, Steve Perry , Halford , Pearcy. When a band replaces the singer with a clone its over for me . And especially Queensryche because they are one of my favorites .

    Although I dont agree, I could care less how Geoff acted out his anger with a band he spent 30 yrs of his life with . People are taking it ” way too personally ! ”
    I wish ( if court documents are correct) he would have let the rest of the band contibute more to the writing . These guys should have not fired Geoff, his wife, and his daughter behind his back . And I find it hard to believe that ever since Q2K they let Geoff have total control of the music because they were too worried about keeping the income steady. They are grown ass men !
    Personally , although I would have liked another Rage, Warning , etc for a try . I’m 29 yrs older too and enjoy all the material from hitnf up to dtc and Kings and Thieves and really wouldn’t want something like a slayer or ac/dc thing (same exact) over and over . I do agree though, dtc was the weakest release . I will miss Scott, Whip, and Eddie but Geoffs voice is my loyality.

  6. You have to remember that this version of Ryche haven’t written a lot of Ryche material in the past. Most ‘classic’ Ryche songs were written by either Tate or Chris DeGarmo or the combo of the two, with some Wilton and Rockenfeld thrown in for good measure. For my money the best Ryche music came with DeGarmo in the band and writing the best stuff for the band. It’s no coincidence that this band went straight to crap when he left. I’d love to see this version of the band with Chris in it which will never happen. With his talent and Todd’s voice it would be incredible. Tate hasn’t been able to sing since Promised Land. So I have no interest in hearing him in or out of Ryche. So I’ll wait to see what these guys have to offer and hope for the best.

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