gregpratobook400 It seems like the days of flipping through vast vinyl, cassette, or CD collections is a thing of the past. And while there’s no denying the convenience of having all your favorite albums on a mobile device, it’s becoming more common for recordings to get lost in the shuffle and/or completely forgotten about.

Author/journalist Greg Prato is willing to provide some assistance, with his 12th book overall, Overlooked/Underappreciated: 354 Recordings That Demand Your Attention. Inside, you will find countless albums that you may have completely forgotten about or perhaps have never even heard of before.

Starting with AC/DC’s Flick of the Switch and wrapping up with Zombi’s Surface to Air, countless styles of music are represented in between – rock n’ roll, hard rock, heavy metal, alternative, new wave, punk, hardcore, grunge, jazz, fusion, psychedelic, prog, folk, blues, funk, soul, rap, spoken word, power pop, big band, glam, experimental, instrumental, soundtracks…the list goes on and on. But the selections stay strong!

Greg Prato is a Long Island, New York-based journalist, whose writing has appearing in Rolling Stone, among other outlets. He is also the author of several acclaimed books, including Grunge is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music, A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on the Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon, The Eric Carr Story, and MTV Ruled the World: The Early Years of Music Video, among others.

Now available as paperback ($12.99, 256 pages), Kindle ($9.99, 287 pages), and Nook.

($9.99, 256 pages) versions.

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  • Open Minded Liberal Elimination Machine on

    Down – NOLA a true gem that never gets talked about.

    • treff bennett on

      Down’s NOLA doesn’t get talked about???? Only if you’re at a convention titled “HEAVY METAL FOR MIMES”! Lovin’ the fact that this teeth kickin’ album got a mention but believe you me,peeps know this KICK TO THE MARBLE BAG REEEEEEEEEEL WELL!

  • DR on

    The first two LA Guns albums, Rage for Order, Raise Your Fist and Yell, Point of Entry, the first Loudness album, Slide It In, Creatures of the Night and Resurrection.

  • JJ in Indy on

    For my $, possibly the most overlooked CD of the early 90s Hard Rock/Metal era is Britny Fox’s “Bite Down Hard”. May be out of print, but can be found on YouTube. Awesome set if tunes!

  • Dana on

    There are so many overlooked albums, but one the most overlooked, in my opinion, is Blue Murder‘s self titled record.

    Dana from 🙂

    • Lardzy on

      What a great choice. 100% agree. Genius album and love Sykes’ voice!

    • Dana on

      Thanks Lardzy.

      I am a total Sykes fanatic and make no secret of it 🙂

      Dana from 🙂

    • Richman on

      That album is the real follow-up to WHITESNAKE (self titled as well). Sykes was on a (JELLY) roll at that point. SLIDE IT IN – WHITESNAKE- BLUE MURDER are all amazing. VALLEY OF THE KINGS owes a lot to STARGAZER but that’s alright. Like who wasn’t copying Blackmore in the 1980s? YNGWIE? IMPELLITERI?

    • treff bennett on

      Now this is ON POINT! Blue Murder is the very definition of overlooked! Near perfect! Sykes is on God’s ipod!

    • Dana on


      Sykes is so underrated period! He should have been Bon Jovi huge. He had everything Jon did, plus more. Thank you for agreeing with me.

      Dana from 🙂

  • Lardzy on

    ICON – Night of the Crime
    SAIGON KICK – debut album
    PSYCHEFUNKAPUS – Skin… If anyone doesn’t know these guys, check em out. Musically ahead of their time and that’s why they didn’t catch on.
    FIFTH ANGEL – self-titled
    LEATHERWOLF – self-titled

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