My FM/syndicated show returns to WAAF/Boston tonight! Very cool and very important to have a major station and city back on board with my show and I am appreciative of all the Boston rock fans for the support. The show airs on AAF every Friday 11P-2A ET and can also be streamed at www.waaf.com . The show now airs there the same time as the airing on Q104.3 NYC. It is the same show. All stations that air my program now air the same show every weekend. No more delays. Thanks to AAF and all the stations that believe in bringing my mix of hard rock and metal for three hours a week! I’ll be in Boston 8/1 hosting Winery Dogs and then doing my own gig with Don & Jim 8/2. Both events are at The Wilbur Theater. See you there soon.

Headed to Myrtle Beach soon. See you THIS Wednesday 5-7P at Retroactive. Both books signed and sold and event is free.

Great time last night at Jones Beach NY for the start of the Aerosmith/Slash tour. Great bill! Slash and the guys opened with an hour set of solo, GnR and a VR tunes. Unfortunately the doors opened just after 7 and the band went on at 7:30 so not many in the building for the start, but it filled in a bit later. Love what Slash has been doing with this band. Set also included one new song. They are out all Summer and also will do headline shows on nights off with Aerosmith. New album out in Sept.

What can I say about Aerosmith I haven’t already? They are one of my all time favorite bands. Grew up with the Live Bootleg poster on my wall! To see a band 40 plus years on, still the same 5 guys, and most importantly STILL great playing and singing, is truly a rarity! And it’s all real. No tracks or trickery. Tyler remains one of the all time great singers and performers. Amazing what this guy can do in his mid 60’s. He hits every note in many ways better than he used to because he is sober. Aerosmith has so many mega hits from so many decades they could easily do an all hits set. But even though many are in the set they always through some deep cuts in for the hardcore. Those cuts last night that had me losing it were “Kings & Queens” and “Chip Away The Stone”. Tyler hit every note in Kings! The high parts and all, amazing! Never thought I would see that live even though Joey Kramer promised it on my show Monday. And Aerosmith did a 2 hour plus set. Crazy. A great night of hard rock music. You have to savor what’s left from the icons of rock. Nobody getting any younger. But what Aerosmith does in this day and age of sampling, short sets and diluted lineups is truly remarkable and rare for a band in its fifth decade!

Again huge thanks to all that made my debut podcast such a huge hit! Top 10 was beyond my wildest expectations. The cool thing about podcasts is they are always there to grab even as new ones post. New one for me will post every Thursday. Grab the Priest debut now on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Next Thursday guest is Bobby Blitz of Overkill.

Have a good weekend. I’ll be in S Carolina Monday so SiriusXM show is pre recorded this week coming up.

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  • David C on

    You can bet AC/DC has never used ANY tape or backing vocals…ever. I’ve seen them live numerous times and can’t wait to see them on their upcoming tour.

  • doug r. on

    Aerosmith is ageless, and timeless! No “Train” this time, but “Kings & Queens” was a F’N awesome surprise! Let*Rock*Rule! 🙂 Slash was pretty damn good as well.

  • Patrick on

    Slash and Myles rule – saw show in Charlotte few yrs back when Brad Whitford came out and jammed Walkin’ the Dog….awesome!

    sorry, but Aerosmith as a whole got crossed off my list yrs ago (when they had Britney Spears and Justin Timber “jam” with them at the Super Bowl not to mention Tyler on American Idol). They are in the same category as anything Ozzy and Kiss…dead to me!!!

    • Mike B on

      That just means you are missing out on some great stuff–even though Aerosmith’s new album was not as great as I had hoped it would be, its still good. Out of 10 points I would rate it a 6 at least. Just because they jammed with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake doesn’t mean they suck all of a sudden. They are one of the best rock bands of all time. Alice Cooper was on the Muppet Show decades ago. Should we stop listening to him? Do we associate Alice Cooper with the Muppet Show every time we see him, or do we think, “man, he can hold his own with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie”. I choose the latter. Alice Cooper still rocks and so does Aerosmith, KISS, and Ozzy. Its too bad for YOU (caps for emphasis, not shouting) that they are dead to you.

  • Kirk Watson on

    Hey Eddie. I live in Georgia and am going to have to miss the Aerosmith/Slash show in Atlanta. I am a middle school football coach and we have a game thst afternoon that I cannot miss. Do you know if they plan on doing a second leg of this tour or either add some shows. Really hoping they come close to Georgia again so I can check this tour out. Would Slash still be with them? Thanks and keep up the great work.

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