gregpratobook400 It seems like the days of flipping through vast vinyl, cassette, or CD collections is a thing of the past. And while there’s no denying the convenience of having all your favorite albums on a mobile device, it’s becoming more common for recordings to get lost in the shuffle and/or completely forgotten about.

Author/journalist Greg Prato is willing to provide some assistance, with his 12th book overall, Overlooked/Underappreciated: 354 Recordings That Demand Your Attention. Inside, you will find countless albums that you may have completely forgotten about or perhaps have never even heard of before.

Starting with AC/DC’s Flick of the Switch and wrapping up with Zombi’s Surface to Air, countless styles of music are represented in between – rock n’ roll, hard rock, heavy metal, alternative, new wave, punk, hardcore, grunge, jazz, fusion, psychedelic, prog, folk, blues, funk, soul, rap, spoken word, power pop, big band, glam, experimental, instrumental, soundtracks…the list goes on and on. But the selections stay strong!

Greg Prato is a Long Island, New York-based journalist, whose writing has appearing in Rolling Stone, among other outlets. He is also the author of several acclaimed books, including Grunge is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music, A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on the Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon, The Eric Carr Story, and MTV Ruled the World: The Early Years of Music Video, among others.

Now available as paperback ($12.99, 256 pages), Kindle ($9.99, 287 pages), and Nook.

($9.99, 256 pages) versions.


  1. I could not agree more with the inclusion of AC/DC’s Flick of the Switch. It may not have had the radio play air candy programming managers were looking for at the time, but this record is a true hard rock gem that fans of raw hard rock will love.

    It will be interesting to see who else is included in this book. Faster Pussycat? Danger Danger? LA Guns?


    • MARCHING OUT. I mean.

    • Richman,

      I love Back for the Attack and I agree that album does not get the credit it deserves save for Burning Like A Flame and Dream Warriors, which I personally think is the weakest song on that record.

      Dana from :)

      • DeweyWebber says:

        Dana nailed it.
        Love this album. Top of their game when they made this album. Dokken released a VHS Tape called “Under Lock and Key” (If I recall) and in it you see clips of Jeff and George in their hotel room putting together guitar licks for what would become “Prisoner” on that Album.

        • Dewey,

          Speaking of Dokken, have you seen their One Live Night DVD? That harmonies on there are incredible. I always had a feeling that Pilson could sing, but who knew Mick Brown had that raspy, husky voice? No pun intended, but I sing the praises of the DVD to anyone who I think would be interested and is a Dokken fan.

          Dana from :)

          • DeweyWebber says:

            One Live Night is awesome. It’s a very worn out section of my spotify playlist. A few years back the NHL used that Mick Brown version of “Tooth and Nail” for the Stanley Cup Finals – how cool is that? That DVD really shows how good of a band Dokken really was and how big of a part Jeff Pilson had in cementing that band as a tight unit. Sigh. those days are long gone for Dokken, I’m afraid.

          • Really? I had no idea that the NHL did that, that is so cool. Someone there must have been a Dokken fan.

            Thanks for sharing and I sadly concur with your last statement.

            Dana from :)

          • i think Pilson and Mick both sing on the T and N record…sound great and shows what they meant to Dokken’s sound…highly underrated band, even though Lynch is recognized as a major player…

          • George,

            Yes, I agree they were very underrated band. I never had the desire to pick up a guitar, but whenever I hear Lynch play, that is exactly what I want to do.

            D :)

  3. Overlooked Rock Alblums, First 3 ANGEL alblums
    First 4 STARZ albums
    REX – Rex Smith

    • Steve D. says:

      Could not agree more with angel first three. And I’ll totally agree with starz first. I played, and still do, the shit out of those LPs.

  4. Flick of the switch still one of my favorite AC/DC records. The thing rocks hard from start to finish. Not over produced either gives it that raw pure in your face sound. Here’s one for you not metal but smokin licks. Molly Hatchet Beatin the Odds.

    • doug r. says:

      Agree 100% with Molly Hatchet, they kick ass! Southern Metal, and I’m from the Big Apple!
      There’s a lot of others, but I have to point out Triumph – “Just A Game”, great album, and IMO 1 of the most underrated of all time.

    • Flick Of The Switch is one of my favorite AC/DC albums. It plain rocks start to finish!

  5. Definitely Coliseum Rock and Violation by Starz. There are so many. If you can find it check out Tim Curry’s Fearless album with Dick Wagner and Bob Kulick on guitars. I do the Rock was the hit at the time but the whole album is great especially Hide This Face.

  6. Open Minded Liberal Elimination Machine says:

    Down – NOLA a true gem that never gets talked about.

    • treff bennett says:

      Down’s NOLA doesn’t get talked about???? Only if you’re at a convention titled “HEAVY METAL FOR MIMES”! Lovin’ the fact that this teeth kickin’ album got a mention but believe you me,peeps know this KICK TO THE MARBLE BAG REEEEEEEEEEL WELL!

  7. The first two LA Guns albums, Rage for Order, Raise Your Fist and Yell, Point of Entry, the first Loudness album, Slide It In, Creatures of the Night and Resurrection.

  8. JJ in Indy says:

    For my $, possibly the most overlooked CD of the early 90s Hard Rock/Metal era is Britny Fox’s “Bite Down Hard”. May be out of print, but can be found on YouTube. Awesome set if tunes!

  9. There are so many overlooked albums, but one the most overlooked, in my opinion, is Blue Murder‘s self titled record.

    Dana from :)

    • What a great choice. 100% agree. Genius album and love Sykes’ voice!

    • That album is the real follow-up to WHITESNAKE (self titled as well). Sykes was on a (JELLY) roll at that point. SLIDE IT IN – WHITESNAKE- BLUE MURDER are all amazing. VALLEY OF THE KINGS owes a lot to STARGAZER but that’s alright. Like who wasn’t copying Blackmore in the 1980s? YNGWIE? IMPELLITERI?

    • treff bennett says:

      Now this is ON POINT! Blue Murder is the very definition of overlooked! Near perfect! Sykes is on God’s ipod!

      • Treff,

        Sykes is so underrated period! He should have been Bon Jovi huge. He had everything Jon did, plus more. Thank you for agreeing with me.

        Dana from :)

  10. ICON – Night of the Crime
    SAIGON KICK – debut album
    PSYCHEFUNKAPUS – Skin… If anyone doesn’t know these guys, check em out. Musically ahead of their time and that’s why they didn’t catch on.
    FIFTH ANGEL – self-titled
    LEATHERWOLF – self-titled

  11. Icon! Goofy looking band but that is a good record, also Krokus -One Vice At A Time.

  12. I was 8. Flick of the Switch was the first AC/DC I was truly aware of other than the 45 of Back In Black/Shook Me All Night Long that I owned. Nervous Shakedown was my song. I still wish someone would have pointed me towards the Bon era way sooner, but Flick was the gateway for me into the entire experience.

  13. pete lytel says:

    Oh my God…all of these posts are GREAT!!!! Not only brought back memories but makes me want to check out some of these gems!

  14. Riot-Fire Down Under
    Masters of Reality-Self Titled
    Dio- Strange Highways
    Bill Ward-Ward One-Along the way
    Savatage- Sirens
    Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush- Any Albums

    • treff bennett says:


  15. Anything by Love/Hate.

  16. Color-Are You With Me

  17. Judas Priest: Point of Entry….The Tubes: Completion Backwards Principle….Survivor: Vital Signs….Uriah Heep: Abominog….Lou Gramm: Ready or Not….Cheap Trick: All Shook Up….David Lee Roth: Skyscraper….Bonham: The Disregard of Timekeeping….Megadeth: The System Has Failed….Blue Oyster Cult: Imaginos

  18. Another one, I know this is derivative, but for awhile I couldn’t get it out of my player: Impelliteri’s Stand In Line….Also, perhaps Eternal Idol by Black Sabbath.

    • ABOMINOG! Clown you’re on a winning streak and then some. ABOMINOG, given Daisleys and Kerslakes input is the follow up album to DIARY OF A MADMAN. SELL YOUR SOUL, and TOO SCARED TO RUN are metal classics. Very solid album. STAND IN LINE, which is out of print certainly has moments but borrows too much from Blackmore. OVER THE RAINBOW and SINCE YOU BEEN GONE. SECRET LOVER is terrific. My wild card: REACH FOR THE SKY by RATT. Everyone hates it, but I think it’s a strong showing.

      • Thanks Richman, and I know this will seem very geekish, but notice that “Chasing Shadows,” and “Over the Mountain” end the exact same way. Just a little indicator perhaps of the significant contribution that Daisley and Kerslake made on Diary. “Son of a Bitch,” from Abominog Jr. is incredible. It’s the subtle sophistication, the attention to the details in the architecture that makes Abominog really stand the test of time. I also really respect a band that put the song before the ego, i.e. there is a healthy use of outside writers on there. But then you contrast that with Survivor’s Vital Signs, and I’ll be doggone if they don’t utilize any outside writers whatsoever. That is one very unappreciated American band from Chicago. (And Jim Jamison can still sing his old songs). You are right about Impellitteri, he is very derivative of a Swedish guitar player (and I hear your counter, they both are derivative of Ritchie, who, in my opinion, has more musicality than any of the gunslingers)…but I couldn’t get that thing out of my player, I just kept flipping the tape over (analog is so much better), over and over again.

        • Also check TATTOOED DANCER from NO REST FOR THE WICKED. It borrows from SELL YOUR SOUL. ABOMINOG may not be equal with OZZYs first two records but is as good as BARK AT THE MOON, if not better.

  19. And because I know you guys really wanted to know: my list of the most overrated albums, albums that are pretty good, but for the life of me, I can’t get my head around what the big freaking deal is.

    1. Nirvana, Nevermind
    2. Guns ‘n’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction
    3. Judas Priest, Painkiller
    4. Slayer, Reign In Blood
    5. Kiss, Creatures of the Night

    I know, what an idiot huh?

    • Actually, I agree with you on all of these except Creatures, which I must admit I love.

    • pete lytel says:

      I agree with you except for Painkiller. : )

    • Explain why Appetite is overrated please…

      • It’s a case of “been there, done that.” Stylistically, almost everything on Appetite had been done before by Aerosmith, the New York Dolls, the Rolling Stones, and half-a-dozen other bands, yet many people regard it as some kind of revolutionary masterpiece when it really isn’t. It’s a decent rock’n’roll album, but it’s nothing special (unless you’d never heard any of those other bands, in which case you’ve got some homework to do).

        • DeweyWebber says:

          Appetite is a masterpiece. Aerosmith may have done it before but that doesn’t discount how good that album is. The sad thing is, everything they did after this sucked. (except Lies that is)

  20. H. S. A. S., this one is a cool little side-trip.

  21. But, but, the most underrated, overlooked metal album in history is Fire Down Under by Riot. Alot of this ended up on Powerslave, it was recycled by Maiden.

  22. Personally, as good as Flick Of The Switch is, I think Fly On The Wall is AC/DC’s truly overlooked gem. It’s super heavy and the songs are great (especially the title track), but in every discography I’ve ever seen on the band, it’s always listed as one of their worst, and I couldn’t disagree more. What I can’t understand is that when it first came out, it was regarded as a triumphant return to form (it even won them the Comeback Of The Year award in Circus magazine’s Readers Poll – the February 28 1986 issue if anyone doubts me), but in the years since, everyone apparently changed their minds about it, and as Bill Hicks would say, “Boy, I missed that meeting.” I still think it belongs up there with their very best, like Powerage, If You Want Blood & the Mutt-produced trilogy.

  23. bastard says:

    heavens edge is an absolute classic album. check out “play dirty” and “bad reputation” and youll see what i mean. awesome guitarist (reggie); most importantly. sick band live on top of it. out of philly. they should have crushed britny fox and cinderella sales wise; too bad… GO FOR THE THROAT!!

  24. RIOT-Fire Down Under
    QUEENSRYCHE-Rage for Order
    STRYPER-Soldiers Under Command
    SCORPIONS-Intrance or every ULI era Scorpions record for that matter.
    KISS-Creatures of the Night, The record that saved Kiss from dinosaur 70 arena rock band to 80s Metal
    VINNY VINCENT INVASION- Invasion, The guy that saved Kiss from dinosaur 70 arena rock band.
    MERCYFUL FATE-Dont Break the Oath

    • Forgot about Soldiers Under Command. Musically that was a very heavy and well wrote album. Surrender was a killer track.

  25. doug r. says:

    Agree with Point Of Entry, and Flick Of The Switch. Never understand why AC/DC doesn’t really play anything from that album, especially over the last 25 years or so. OR Fly On The Wall, for that matter.

  26. SAVATAGE – Hall of the Mountain King
    WARRIOR SOUL – Last Decade Dead Century
    GRIM REAPER – See you in Hell
    HELLOWEEN – Keeper of the Seven Keys, pt. 1
    SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – Lights, Camera, Revolution
    MERCYFUL FATE – Don’t Break the Oath
    ROCK CANDY – Sucker for a Pretty Face
    STRYPER – Soldiers Under Command
    Anything by Y&T
    LIZZY BORDEN – Love you to Pieces
    BADLANDS – debut album (RIP one of, if not THE finest voice in hard rock and metal, Ray Gillen)

    • John Livingston says:

      How about metal Church, Blessing in Disguise!

    • treff bennett says:

      on a scale of 1 to ten Badlands debut rates infinity billion trillion million +1!!! Jake was at his absolute peak and yes-RAY GILLEN POSSESSED SOME GOLDEN PIPES!!! R.I.P. RAY!

  27. Biff Byfordian says:

    here’s a couple of other highly overlooked albums:
    Autograph – Loud And Clear
    Blue Tears – Blue Tears ( Have you heard this one Eddie? incredible album in a Def Leppard vibe)
    Heavens Edge – Heavens Edge
    Giuffria – Giuffria

  28. Just a few…

    Blue Murder…should have been huge. Still holds up today somewhat. This is the band Sykes needs to revisit with the original members.

    Rough Cutt…both albums. Frankly these albums were notches above your standard LA hair metal stuff. And if you don’t own them…own them.

    Metal Heart – Accept. Again, should have been the album that put them over the top.

    Youthanasia – Megadeth…a brilliant album. Should have been the biggest of their career.

    Dog Eat Dog – Warrant. A little to late, the movement was over by this point.

    Thunder & Lightning…not enough to save Lizzy, the band was simply to far down the rabbit hole at this point but with Sykes on board they went out blazing.

  29. CHEAP TRICK – All Shook Up, hands down! George Martin producing! “I Love You Honey But I Hate Your Friends”, “Baby Loves To Rock”, “Stop This Game”, incredible!

  30. L.A. Guns – Cocked and loaded
    Lita Ford – Dancing on the edge
    W.A.S.P. – The last command
    Bang Tango – Psycho cafe
    Joan Jett – Album
    Warlock – Triumph and agony
    Dio – Dream evil
    Fastway – Trick or treat
    Whitesnake – Slide it in
    Quiet Riot – Condition critical

    • Condition Critical just got killed by the critics when it came out. I remember buying it and thinking it was better than Metal Health. I almost felt ashamed to admit I had bought it. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks it was a good record. I’ll add Headless Children to your Last Command.

    • Great job on Bang Tango. I was waving the BT flag as soon as I saw “Someone Like You” on Headbangers Ball. Dancin’ on Coals was a great album too. Another band that may have been ahead of their time.

  31. Alice Cooper – From The Inside
    Rush – Hemispheres

  32. Just off the top of my head:

    ICON – their self-titled debut
    ROUGH CUTT – Wants You
    BLACK N’ BLUE – Any of their first 3 albums
    HELIX – Debut and Walking the Razors edge
    KROKUS – Headhunter
    DOKKEN – Tooth and Nail
    WASP – Self titled and Last Command
    STRYPER – To Hell with the Devil
    ARMORED SAINT – March of the Saint

    I’m sure I’ll think of more after I post…haha!!

  33. You guys are getting carried away with FLICK OF THE SWITCH. Yes, there are good songs on it and it is a consistent record with good guitar playing but it is not a masterpiece. The production is bad and it sounds like it was made in someones basement. FLY ON THE WALL is even worse. POWERAGE is one of their best and is a classic so lumping that one in with those two for me doesn’t work. FLICK OF THE SWITCH may be a gem in the sense that it has been overlooked untill GUNS FOR HIRE was put on a soundtrack and people went back and gave FLICK …..a second look. Is it more interesting than 90% of new stuff coming out? You betcha but AC/DCs worst stuff still isn’t all that bad because of their greatness overall. Brett Farve was the best quarterback to play for THE JETS, but he is not THE JETS best quarterback by far. Namath, Testeverde, Esiason, Pennington and even Sanchez.

    • Richman,

      I agree completely with you on Powerage. That album is amazing and it a VERY close second to my favorite AC/DC album, Highway to Hell.

      Dana from :)

  34. Gary B. says:

    Anything Accept has released since Mark Tornillo jumped on board. And Staten Island Clown, no man, you’re not an idiot! IMO everyone of those are overhyped to a point,especially Nirvana….

  35. treff bennett says:

    more required listening: MONTROSE-MONTROSE, STARZ-VIOLATION,TRIUMPH-ALLIED FORCES,T.T. QUICK-METAL OF HONOR,ANGEL CITY-FACE TO FACE,CATS IN BOOTS-KICKED AND CLAWED,LOVE HATE-BLACKOUT IN THE RED ROOM,WARRIOR SOUL-SALUTATIONS FROM THE GHETTO NATION,METAL CHURCH-DEBUT,GIRLSHOOL-EMERGENCY(greatest female hard rock band of all-time-just ask Lemmy!) And speaking of awesome female bands PHANTOM BLUE’S “BUILT TO PERFORM” is the single most kick-ass album from an all-female band-check it out immediately! THIN LIZZY-THUNDER AND LIGHTNING(masterpiece) SAVAGE-LOOSE AND LETHAL,UFO-STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT(holy grail of musicianship-no better live album has ever been made!) TROUBLE-MANIC FRUSTRATION.

  36. treff bennett says:


  37. How about the first four albums from Armored Saint. Great albums and great live band. These guys never got any love.
    Also, have to throw in Junkyard. The first two albums were terrific.

    • treff bennett says:

      OH MY MR. TANC! Still stunned that Armored Saint didn’t get the love they deserved! Although,John Bush’s voice sure got some attention-love those Anthrax albums he sang on! Yes siree bob-the first four Saint’ albums contain ALL the ingredients for a stellar metal meal! Guaranteed to make your speakers sweat! Great call out from TANC!!!

  38. Dan Halen says:

    Fastway/self titled debut
    Love/Hate/Blackout In The Red Room
    Judas Priest/Point Of Entry
    Motley Crue (John Corabi album)
    Saigon Kick/The Lizard
    Anthrax/Volume 8
    Armored Saint/Revelation

    • treff bennett says:

      DAN HALEN (real name? ) if so,you’d better be playing guitar RIGHT NOW! Very cool you listed the Corabi Motley Crue album! I immediately dug it then and still crank it up loud from time to time.Love the production on that one and a very HEAVY album for the Crue! Also,Saigon Kick is a band I am finally discovering and “THE LIZARD” is absolutely filled with smokin’ rockers,tuneful ballads,awesome harmonies all over the place,intelligent lyrics…..HUGELY UNDERRATED,THIS BAND!

  39. It’s always interesting to read about the unheard gems & maybe discover something you missed along the way. It’s simple math really. The labels released far more records in a given time knowing that only a few would stick. It’s too hard to predict a hit vs. a flop, so it’s like throwing a handful of darts hoping for that one that makes a dent somewhere. Heavy handed promotion only goes so far. You can’t force crap down peoples throat (although they’ve tried).
    Sometimes it’s a track that catches fire from an in store play sampler & then it’s arm twisted into radio ect. rotation & then you’ve got a hit. Often though there’s plenty of great bands that are just as good as the hit ones that just never get the chance to be heard.
    What is kinda cool is discovering one or two many years later. Then you’ve found something new-to-you that has the familiar sound you like.
    I’ll put (The) Riverdogs into that category. This trio featuring Vivian Campbell released their ST album in 1990 & it pretty much vanished. I’ve never heard it till very recently & it’s a damn good album full of melodic hard rock.
    I’ll also mention Kick Axe as well. It’s a goofy name, but they put out 3 very good hard rock albums back in the 80’s.
    I’ll add my thumbs up to AC/DC’s Fly On The Wall as well. It’s a damn good album that most ignore. But that’s OK. I’m so sick of hearing Back In Black & all the other beat to death tracks that it’s good to have stuff that still sounds fresh when I want to hear it.

    • The BACK IN BLACK comment is what I’m talking about. I’d rather hear FLY ON THE WALL as well ’cause YOU SHOOK ME……BACK IN BLACK and HELLS BELLS are all played out to the point thay they are annoying to hear. The less played out inferior stuff gives you a fill of AC/DC from that era that is somewhat fresh sounding. BORN AGAIN by SABBATH is the best example of something not very good that became a novelty item. Listen to it enough and you accept it because it is comforting to hear a signature sound less than at its best.

      • I maintain FLY ON THE WALL is a great album in and of itself, and not just because of the novelty of it being overlooked and underplayed. I certainly haven’t underplayed it – it’s an album I’ve listened to regularly since its release and continue to come back to. In fact, it’s one of my Top 5 Favorite AC/DC albums – for the record, here’s my Top 10:
        1. HIGHWAY TO HELL
        (Their very best. Beating Around The Bush was the song that made me an AC/DC fan)
        2. BACK IN BLACK
        (Yeah, it’s overplayed, but folks, there’s a REASON for that – it’s awesome)
        (Talk about underrated! No one ever mentions this album apart from the title track, and the whole thing is great – LET’S GET IT UP! INJECT THE VENOM! C.O.D.! C’mon, people!)
        4. FLY ON THE WALL
        (See my initial earlier post – I LOVE this album!)
        (Despite the notable absence of T.N.T. and Sin City, this is otherwise a near-perfect Best-Of the pre-HIGHWAY Bon era – with better versions to boot)
        6. POWERAGE
        (Down Payment Blues & What’s Next To The Moon should be regarded as classics way more than they are)
        (The international version with Love At First Feel, not to mention the gorgeous blues of Ride On)
        (Everyone else has pretty much covered why this is here)
        9. T.N.T.
        (The original Australian album, filled with classics and a killer version of Chuck Berry’s School Days)
        10. THE RAZOR’S EGDE
        (Not so much for the hits as the others, like Fire Your Guns, Got You By The Balls & the title track. Plus, Mistress For Christmas should be a holiday standard LOL )

        All just my opinion, of course :-)

        • LET THERE BE ROCK and BLACK ICE are better than your 4,5,8,9 and 10. That list is very good and you get an A+ for good grammer so God be with you my friend.

          • Go Down and Dog Eat Dog are undeniably fantastic, but when it comes to the songs that they share, I personally don’t think LET THERE BE ROCK even comes close to IF YOU WANT BLOOD. The live versions of Rosie, Let There & Hell Ain’t all absolutely SMOKE the studio versions IMO. Rosie just isn’t the same without the “Angus!” chant, and it’s always bugged me the way Bon mixes up the “light & sound” lyric on the title track in the first verse, saying “sound” first where “light” should be – it just doesn’t sound right. For me, IF YOU WANT BLOOD is one of those live collections that completely obliterates the studio originals, becoming the definitive versions of those songs, like Kiss’s first ALIVE, Purple’s MADE IN JAPAN and Cheap Trick’s AT BUDOKAN (people sometimes forget it was the LIVE versions of Rock And Roll All Night, Smoke On The Water & I Want You To Want Me that all became hits). Another example would be Priest’s UNLEASHED IN THE EAST – I think everything on there sounds better than its original version.
            On the other hand, I totally agree with you that Black Ice is a great album too, but in a Top 10 list, I only had room for 10 LOL! In truth, their only weak albums for me are Blow Up Your Video and Stiff Upper Lip (and even those have a few songs each that I like as well). Bottom line: AC/DC are just AWESOME. Take care, Richman :-)

  40. Overllooked albums right?

    Pretty obscure, but a band called Airborne (their debut in ’79, awesome), 707’s “Mega Force,” first couple of albums from Ronnie Montrose’s band Gamma, Roxy Blue’s “Want Some,” and the first three albums from Shooting Star.

    • treff bennett says:

      Hey Doug! I just bought the Airborne album you mentioned(awesome melodic rock with cool guitar and vocal harmonies from Heaven) and Roxy Blue’s “Want Some” which rocks like a mutha and WHO IS PLAYING THOSE LEADS? WOW! Huge thanks,Doug,for those two gems!!!!

      • I love Airbourne!! I think I might have turned Doug R. on to them too. Spread the word and “live it up.”

        Dana from :)

  41. The Motley album without Vince and Van Halen III both need to be revisited by everyone!

  42. mrmiamih says:

    All Tesla CD’s how about Bar 7

  43. I have to also add “Cool from the Wire” from Dirty Looks. RIP Henrik!

  44. “Social Intercourse” from Smashed Gladys…long live Sally Cato

  45. The Sea Hags
    Warrior Soul
    T T Quick

    • treff bennett says:

      SEA HAGS! Still spinning that disc-sleazy,riff-fueled, Saturday night getting into some trouble,music that rocks like Gibraltar! Gonna check out Prophet as your other bands on your list are all top-shelf!

  46. Bastard says:

    Lets not forget the classic debut by vandenberg!!

  47. Robert Hohenshelt says:

    Psychedelic garage band Teenage Fanclub put out their first record, Bandwagonesque, in 1991. The next two albums, Thriteen and Grand Prix, are equally awesome. Self depricating lyrics set to the sickest melodies known to mankind. The only way I can describe them is: the Beatles on Prozac. They’re still selling out stadiums in Europe without hardly getting a club gig here. In my opinion, the best band ever to have never made it in the US.

  48. Awesome that Riverdogs already got a mention!
    This was Vivian Campbell’s ‘new’ band at the time and I quickly came to realize that their singer Rob Lamothe was the TRUE star of this band. No offense to Viv who also showed a great bluesy side and showed how versatile he is. Far more than just the shredder we knew from Dio.
    Riverdogs are AMAZING!!! (I even have the logo tattooed on my back shoulder!)

  49. ROXX – Dimonds And Rust
    Outlaws,Fools And Thieves Great glam rock N.Y.C.

  50. Rose Tattoo- Rock and Roll outlaw,Angel City- Face to Face,Joe Perry-Let the music do the Talking,Scorpions-Lovedrive,AC/DC-Powerage,Fastway-Debut,Twisted Sister-Under the Blade,Black Sabbath-TYR,Zakk Wylde-Book of Shadows,Iron Maiden-Virtual XI,Def Leppard-High and Dry,Gary Moore-Victims of the Future,Slash snake pit-Ain’t life Grand?,Jake e Lee-Fine pink Mist,Ritchie Kotzen-Into the Black

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