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tommyleeMotley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is refusing to take part in meet-and-greet sessions on the band’s current tour because he says he doesn’t agree with fans paying $899 for the band’s Kickstart My Heart ticket package.

Lee says, “For those of you that are asking why I am not doing any more meet-and-greets – it’s got nothing to do with me not wanting to meet the fans. I just don’t agree with doing it under the given circumstances. I love you all and I’ll gladly high-five y’all if I see you – and you won’t have to pay me for that.”

Last year Lee released a furious statement slamming fan who tried to take photos in private circumstances, stating, “You wouldn’t want a handshake standing at the pisser in the bathroom next to me, would you? Or when you’re eating a quiet meal with your family, some rude jackass comes up and asks for a picture. Just take a second and think: is this cool?”

He later revealed the outburst came after someone attempted to snap a picture while he was collecting the ashes of his recently-departed mother.



  1. So…He’s going to be doing it for free?!? Yeah right….most likely not doing it at all and trying to make himself look like he’s standing up for the fans….just an opinion

  2. I’ve been trying to call into the show, but I definitely have an opinion on this and want Eddie Truck to READ this:

    I’ve been backstage whether by luck or by paying for VIP meet and greets VERY many times.

    I have to say from a fan’s point of view, most of them would respond to Tommy’s latest opinion, to be full of it. Some of these die hard fans only get ONE opportunity perhaps in their lifetime to meet their rockstar idol. Perhaps it’s the rockstar that got them through hard times with the music, or someone that inspired them to play an instrument, and they just want that face to face one on one contact to tell them that or to meet them. And really let’s face it, Music is a business and rockstars know that it IS a business that makes and pulls in money for both them and the fans that want to see them. If these die-hard fans or I’ve seen even parents of little kids, PAY for these meet and greets for their kids. THE members of these bands that do these vip meet and greets should damn well show up at the meet and greets to meet their fans that have paid their hard earned money to have that once in a lifetime opportunity to meet them. In my opinion, it’s a contract between you paying and what you are supposed to get with your meet and greet package. If it says that you are supposed the band, THEN the band members should stick to their end of the bargain and CONTRACT. It may be an unwritten one, but to fans of these bands, it’s common courtesy.

    I also think it’s fair to say, in middle America, I don’t think that the common fan is going be able to just meet Tommy Lee walking down the street FREE OF CHARGE. It just isn’t going to happen and I think it’s a cop out from him personally to be that big of himself to think HE really is that accessible to people in that way. Rockstars like him just AREN’T.

    And from the fan’s point of view, I can tell you, when we are all backstage usually we think badly of the band or a band member, if they choose not to do a meet and greet, because we can’t help but take it personally or we really think they just aren’t loyal to the fans. Now I know, that this isn’t the case, because many times, the band has no control over circumstances that prevent them sometimes from not showing at a scheduled meet and greet, but from fans point of view, THIS is what true fans of a band think when they are patiently waiting for the band to show after they have shelled out BIG BUCKS to meet the guys.

    Again, these meet and greets are voluntary and when people are voluntarily paying $500 and up to get a good seat for a concert, get autographs, pictures, and perhaps meet a band or even ONE band member, it really says alot for and to the fans of that band when they DELIVER everything they say they will!!! And that means, poor Tommy Lee, for your fans, YOU should be bigger than your ego and show up at these meet and greets for YOUR fans that are paying good money to meet you, because THEY PAID for it. When it says “MEET THE BAND”, it means all the band members including YOU!

    I think it’s a responsibility that band members should have towards their fans if their fans are willing to shell out the cash!

    1. You are messed up. You pay to meet people This is whats wrong with America. I an meet anyone .. it takes a little effort but by knowing people and being respected by them pretty much anyone is on the table for facetime.

      You are so lazy you want to pay for it. Of course I am sure your company is something that indeed you must pay anyone to endure. No one is under contract to meet you. Even if you are willing to pay them.

      Seriously you have problems. Paying people to meet them is hilarious. What a shmuck

  3. Several years ago Mötley Crüe appeared in Des Moines Iowa where we live. My then 13 yr old daughter begged me to take her. After the concert she wanted to wait around to meet Nikki. He did come out & greet the fans who stuck around. My daughter is tiny so Nikki picked her up, took several photos with her & signed the back of her jean jacket. She will never forget that. I think Tommy Lee came out to greet fans too but she only wanted to meet Nikki.

    Fast forward to Bon Jovi concert a year later, again with my young daughter. I knew someone in the arena management & my daughter was selected to go onstage with the band…mostly people who had won tickets from local radio stations. Again, because my daughter was the only non-adult in the group, Jon sought her out & sang to her.

    Things have changed since those concerts. Now fans have to pay to meet the musicians & in many cases are not allowed to take photos. Instead of paying for the meet & greets, fans should stop buying those “VIP” packages & maybe send a message to the promoter. I agree with Tommy!

  4. I don’t feel ANY band should make their fans pay to meet them backstage, its bad enough I have to pay a HUGE price for a concert ticket, then pay for gas to get there & back, then cough up cash for food, and finally for merchandise (if I want it)! Its insane the bands think people are rich enough to pay over 1000 just to see them play and meet them! Give me break, what happened to the days when musicians gave a sh*t about their fans?!

  5. The bands seem to forget where they came from , Motley Crue formally Christmas < I wonder if they ever paid royalty for this name, anyways if Tommy did it because he he believes fans shouldn't have to pay great if for another reason then I would like to know this. I have met many bands , actors, etc.. at casino concerts, comic-cons and in the film industry. After the years of being in the spotlight the ego fades and they are happy to see people that once supported them. This kind of reminds me of Almost Famous.

  6. Korn meets fans of their fan club without these ridiculous fees. I think that because this is the last tour of Motley, then Tommy should be in the meet and greet. It makes no point to turn your back on the fees, because the fans are paying it anyway, just like the crazy ticket prices for good seats that ticket brokers have. Touring is what makes the money anymore, because if you go to any cd section in a store , it’s full of artists who aren’t selling music out of the stores any more. Bands like Kiss have done a farewell tour , and that was 14 years ago , they have been doing these meet and greets ever since , knowing fans will sell their first born for a chance to meet them, so I agree with Tommy that the fees aren’t fair, but, I would pay it just to say goodbye and thank ALL four members for the rock years personally. There are more bands going through Live Nation and the Rock and Roll Fantasy camps , as well as doing long Vegas residency shows, to make up for record sales. I feel the opportunity of an experience with artists is a great idea, however at least a portion should go to a charity, then it’s a little less greedy.

  7. I don’t think this has anything to do with money. I’ve tried to meet Tommy Lee numerous times. Normally at the Crue shows, Nikki will greet fans outside after or before the show. Every single time, the rest of the band has gone out of their way to not stop by the fans. Vince is the worst, but unlike Tommy, he’ll do it for the money. In 1998 was the first time I tried to meet him. He cruised right by and just waved. At a Methods of Mayhem show I waited out by the bus afterwards. Tommy snuck out the stage door with about 5 females. There were about 6 of us waiting to try to meet him. I’m the only one in the group that saw him. He looked at us when he peered out the door and then snuck around the opposite side of the bus from where everyone was standing. The bus driver later came over to us and said that he would take one item each onto the buss to get signed but that Tommy would not sign any Motley Crue stuff. Unfortunately, all I had was my Too Fast for Love album. Notice at the press conference where they sign the document to end their touring….Tommy almost trips over himself trying to sign it as quickly as he can.

  8. Shit.. .$899 ?….. I just got online to look up ticket prices for the lousiville ky show in october.. and the VIP meet and greet packages for THAT show range from $1044 to more than $3000. This is GREED at its worst. Ive lost a lot of respect for the band. REALLY? … You love your fans SOOO much that you have to have 1000 dollars or more each just to say hi and take a picture with them? #cashinginonthecrueheadsONELASTTIME

  9. Its like saying the rich fans are the only ones worth meeting… I commend tommy on NOT taking part in this dash for cash.. But honestly.. If any of em had any REAL respect or love for the people who have made them so well off.. theyd refuse to perform at these prices

  10. I have been a Motley Crue diehard since 1983 when I was in the 5th grade! I am now 40 and clean and sober and working inthe music industry, I’ve always wanted to meet my idols (Tommy, Nikki, MIch and Vince) so for me, the price is no object but with that being said, it bums me out to know that I probably wont get to meet the one guy out of the band I have always liked the most. I get it, if I were in his shoes maybe I would feel the same way. We all jump the gun and want to judge these people who have lived their life in the public eye, but we fail to realize that they are costantly under pressure to meet, sign, high five, and take pictures with whoever see’s them on the street. So in conclusion, I will be paying $4,000 to meet them and if that money goes to their retirement fund then I will sleep better knowing I did my part!

  11. I could afford the 1000 dollars but I paid 230 for a ticket to go see them and more on merchandise.I have meet other rock bands here and there like Great White, Cinderella, even guitarist of Def Lepard and no one charge me for anything.They seemed genuine and happy to meet and talk and sign stuff.Granted these bands are not as big as Motley is but they were all pretty big at one time or another and do not require high prices to meet or perform.I do not mind paying for higher ticket prices for the shows ,and merchandise but I would rather spend my thousand somewhere else like towards a new car or to feed my kids.

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