Metallica2010pic2400pix Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet insists that Lulu, their notorious 2011 collaboration album with musician Lou Reed, is one one the band’s best records.

The record was snubbed by all but three percent of Metallica’s fanbase, selling 15,000 copies during its first week of release compared to 490,000 for 2008′s Death Magnetic. Even their much-maligned 2003 album St. Anger sold 418,000 in its first week. Reed admitted he’d had death threats following the album’s release.

But Hammet tells The Verge, “I think Lulu is some of the best stuff we’ve ever done. The song Junior Dad moves me to tears. And working with Lou was such a cool, unique and special thing for us. Maybe it’s not for everyone. Maybe it’s a challenge for our fans. But for us – Lars, James, Rob and myself – we loved doing it and it was such a great experience. We look back at it very positively.”

Metallica have just released highly-anticipated concert movie Through The Never, and they’ve vowed to turn their attention to a new album early next year.

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  • Lee on

    15,000!? So much for Metallica fans having everything. That’s incredible…..I bet it never recouped recording cost.

  • XA351GT on

    Keep telling yourself that Kirk. Lulu was poo poo and you know it . It’s obvious to most that are honest that Metallica has lost it’s way song writing wise. Yes they still bring it live ,but look at the set list 95% is from the Black album on back. Most of what I’ve heard released starting with Load isn’t the Metallica that I came to love. I know the old argument that bands change their sound to stay fresh. Well this hasn’t worked and in most cases it doesn’t work. Fans are drawn to a bands sound for a reason. If you change the sound they no longer have reason listen ,because it is not what they want. Look at bands that have changed very little, AC/DC and Motorhead their fans are still loyal and still buying their albums. Motorhead’s upcoming album was voted most anticipated release for Oct.2013. Do you think that is by accident? It is because we know what we are getting. Not some country music crap or unlistenable garbage( St. Anus)_ .Let’s look at Metallica’s out put of late. It is nothing but repackaging the old songs over and over ,because they can’t write new ones that anyone wants to hear,. Sorry ,but that’s the hard truth and I have been a fan since 84. I will refuse to just blindly buy any more albums without listening to them 1st .

    • Lemmy2004 on

      Well said, X! Am a huge Motorhead fan at 58 (and have been since 1979 when I first heard them). I always look forward to another new release or to see them live. I know what I’ll get from that band – just excellent asskicking music! I took my boys to see their first live show when they were young teens — headliner was Metallica. We all enjoyed the show but then they put out a long string of crappy CDs and we all lost interest. (St. Anus — good one! LOL!). However, if Motorhead, Priest or Maiden come around, they’re always there with me. I’ve never heard of LULU and now I know I certainly won’t seek it out.

  • gerry on

    15,000 copies,kirk,enough said.its the worst album you have ever been part of.lulu is do do.turn up the volume kirk,you use to crank,sit down n watch live shit binge n purge.lou reed??????come on man


    But Hammet tells The Verge, “I think Lulu is some of the best stuff we’ve ever done.
    What?!?!? Are you serious? Musically – it had a lot of potential..however, lyrically (written and sung), it was a disaster.

  • Brian on

    It is the only Metallica studio album I don’t own. I had no desire to get it when it came out. I probably will get it at some point…..maybe.

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