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Metallica2010pic2400pix Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet insists that Lulu, their notorious 2011 collaboration album with musician Lou Reed, is one one the band’s best records.

The record was snubbed by all but three percent of Metallica’s fanbase, selling 15,000 copies during its first week of release compared to 490,000 for 2008′s Death Magnetic. Even their much-maligned 2003 album St. Anger sold 418,000 in its first week. Reed admitted he’d had death threats following the album’s release.

But Hammet tells The Verge, “I think Lulu is some of the best stuff we’ve ever done. The song Junior Dad moves me to tears. And working with Lou was such a cool, unique and special thing for us. Maybe it’s not for everyone. Maybe it’s a challenge for our fans. But for us – Lars, James, Rob and myself – we loved doing it and it was such a great experience. We look back at it very positively.”

Metallica have just released highly-anticipated concert movie Through The Never, and they’ve vowed to turn their attention to a new album early next year.

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  1. Keep telling yourself that Kirk. Lulu was poo poo and you know it . It’s obvious to most that are honest that Metallica has lost it’s way song writing wise. Yes they still bring it live ,but look at the set list 95% is from the Black album on back. Most of what I’ve heard released starting with Load isn’t the Metallica that I came to love. I know the old argument that bands change their sound to stay fresh. Well this hasn’t worked and in most cases it doesn’t work. Fans are drawn to a bands sound for a reason. If you change the sound they no longer have reason listen ,because it is not what they want. Look at bands that have changed very little, AC/DC and Motorhead their fans are still loyal and still buying their albums. Motorhead’s upcoming album was voted most anticipated release for Oct.2013. Do you think that is by accident? It is because we know what we are getting. Not some country music crap or unlistenable garbage( St. Anus)_ .Let’s look at Metallica’s out put of late. It is nothing but repackaging the old songs over and over ,because they can’t write new ones that anyone wants to hear,. Sorry ,but that’s the hard truth and I have been a fan since 84. I will refuse to just blindly buy any more albums without listening to them 1st .

    1. Well said, X! Am a huge Motorhead fan at 58 (and have been since 1979 when I first heard them). I always look forward to another new release or to see them live. I know what I’ll get from that band – just excellent asskicking music! I took my boys to see their first live show when they were young teens — headliner was Metallica. We all enjoyed the show but then they put out a long string of crappy CDs and we all lost interest. (St. Anus — good one! LOL!). However, if Motorhead, Priest or Maiden come around, they’re always there with me. I’ve never heard of LULU and now I know I certainly won’t seek it out.

  2. 15,000 copies,kirk,enough said.its the worst album you have ever been part of.lulu is do do.turn up the volume kirk,you use to crank,sit down n watch live shit binge n purge.lou reed??????come on man

  3. But Hammet tells The Verge, “I think Lulu is some of the best stuff we’ve ever done.
    What?!?!? Are you serious? Musically – it had a lot of potential..however, lyrically (written and sung), it was a disaster.

  4. Metallica is nearly a complete embarrasement now. Death Magnetic was avg, at best (don’t kid us) the song writing is atrocious,james cant sing on record and is nearing axl rose suckness live. Kirk can’t play his old solos correct live, their drum sound and guitar crunch is wimpy as hell…I long for the good old days.

    1. When did you last see them live? He’s certainly not as terrible as Axl when it comes to performance, and certainly hasn’t morphed into an unbearable asshole like Axl has. He still performs well and he can’t even be categorized as such.

  5. you have to open youre closed minds. its never gonna be the way it was. its always a treat for the fans when our favorite groups decide to try something different. lou reed is a strange one to join with but never the less I enjoyed some of this my self. its like a bonus. lets face it master of puppets is over

  6. Metallica unfortunately tried to be ‘cool’ by collaborating with Lou Reed. And critics think Lou Reed is cool. How many people do you know that even own a Lou Reed album? Safe to assume it’s not many. However, we can be SURE that the ageing hippies at Rolling Stone Magazine do. They have them all! When I first heard Metallica was even planning this project, I thought, “Oh no…NOT Lou Reed?”
    Who were they going to work with after that? Leonard Cohen? Let’s be honest. This is a band that lost it’s way a long time ago.

  7. I don’t care what anyone says, Death Magnetic kicks ass and was a return to form after the St. Anger misstep. That’s about the only CD of theirs I don’t like (other than Lulu of course – that’s a given). Then again, I’m not stuck in the 80’s and closed minded.

  8. Fucking whiners! It’s not 1983 any more! Join the rest of the human race in 2013!

    Unless you’re from the Middle East, then joining the 10th century would be sufficient enough for now!

  9. I think that LULU is a masterpiece that suffers from it s own excesses. Each song and the album itself have good moments but everything is just way too long. Kirk Hammet should take pride in LULU, he sounds great on it and deviates from his signiture sound to accommodate Reed’s spoken word singing. The period imagery is good but the story gets lost in tedium. A shorter re edit or live versions of some songs may do justice to what this project tried to accomplish. 90 minutes is hard to take. My commute to work is 20. BILL WARD, JANICK GERS, PAUL RODGERS and oh yes LULU are all great.

  10. Gotta be honest, I’ve never listened to it or really even tried to. Just the short preview clips on Amazon I think. Not interested. As far as I was concerned it wasn’t going to be a Metallica album anyway and the Load – St. Anger era greatly weakened my confidence in them. St. Anger had potential, the aggression was there but production was abysmal and where was Kirk Hammett? I like Death Magnetic, I’m not disappointed with it at all really. Still gets played regularly in my car.

  11. Wow! This just solidifies my thoughts that these guys are so far gone in their egos its embarrassing. I’ll admit, I only heard 2 songs off LULU, but that was enough to make me not want to hear the rest. Death Magnetic was good, nothing great. Beyond Magnetic never should have seen the light of day. There’s a reason those songs didnt make it on Death Magnetic, they suck really bad!! I’m starting to think the well has gone dry for these guys. What’s it been? 5-6 years since Death Magnetic? Quit with the live dvd’s, the freakin 3d movie, and just put out an album for cryin out loud!!! I recently heard their performance at the Apollo on Sirius. All the guys sounded really good, except for…. [drum roll] LARS! I know, big surprise. Unfortunately he brought the rest of the band down with his useless drum fills, god-awful crash/ride cymbals, and the overall crappy sound of his kit, which has improved since St. Anger but still lacks the thundering sound from the Justice/Black days. I was really impressed with James’ voice. He can hit the high notes but also can do the low growls. I thought Kirk played well too. I know he’s suffered in recent years playing wise. They should give Lars a year to practice what he used to be good at. Then when he cant play up to snuff they should just get somebody like Dave Lombardo or Bobby Jarzombek to replace him.

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