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Metallica Kory Grow of Rolling Stone reports:

“We promised our fans we’d play a new song and we’ve been writing and creating away and we’re going to throw something at them on Sunday,” Metallica’s Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone last week. “We have something lined up that is fairly representative of where our creative headspace is at right now. It’s one of those things that’s like, ‘Here, we’re writing and we’re creating.'”

They debuted the new song — the epic, eight-minute The Lords of Summer — at their concert in Bogotá, Colombia on March 16th. It’s the band’s first original music since 2012’s Beyond Magnetic EP, and those tracks were outtakes from the band’s 2008 LP Death Magnetic. Metallica are on the first part of their Metallica by Request tour.

Listen to The Lords of Summer below.

Read more at Rolling Stone.



  1. I like Don Henley’s version better. Lars should shave his head again. That balding slicked back look isn’t doing him any favors. Lars never had good hair. Even in the old days. Hetfield had good hair. Shoulda kept it long. Now he just looks like an angry accountant. Why do bands now insist on playing in front of a giant screen that’s showing them playing? Very annoying. You end up just watching the screen instead of the actual band. Is that what the band wants? Maybe bands could save money by just having people come watch a giant television set of them performing. They wouldn’t even have to be in the actual town. They could just play in a hall somewhere and broadcast it on a giant screen. They could save tonnes in travel costs and roadies. I should run that by Slayer. Maybe then they could recoup some of the monies those idiots gave to their management. I can’t believe how boring Metallica has become. How did this happen? I would’ve never believed this could have happened to them 25 years ago. They should’ve stopped after Master of Puppets. That was an epic album. Sorry for rambling, but I don’t want to work right now. Just closed my office door and started typing. My staff think I must be doing something really important. But nope, I’m just sitting here rambling about Metallica of all things. This new song sucks.

    1. Totally agree about the jumbotron. I prefer to see bands in a small venue for that reason. At the big events you wind up watching the screen so might as well buy a dvd or watch on youtube. All the close up seats are vip overpriced or given for contests and corporate sponsors.

  2. Actually pretty retro decent. Shame James guitar sound is terrible…did he forget what metal crunchy distortion sounds like. Im sure it will be weak and unrecognizable when they record it due to their now historic poor mixing the last decade.

  3. A shoddy video shot from a smart phone wouldn’t accurately depict how the overall sound of the tune truly sounded versus being at the live show. I like the song.

  4. Sick of the obligatory South America soccer chant Hey hey hey hey crap. Debut it in America in a smaller venue. And I agree about the jumbo tron. When you become bigger than life, its time to stop being bigger than life. Don’t ever forget where you came from. Hell, even the Stones once in awhile play a bar to keep it fresh.

    1. Would you rather see the audience standing with their arms crossed not getting into their music? This is a rock concert! I could care less if they’re playing in a venue of less than 1,000 people let alone 50,000.

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