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kiss-return KISS have released a statement on their official website addressing the Rock Hall induction. Here is what it states:

“To All Our Fans In Regards To The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Out of respect, Ace and Peter’s recent statements demand a quick response to you, our fans.

Our intention was to celebrate the entire history of KISS and give credit to all members including long time present members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, and additionally Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr all who have made this band what it is, regardless of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s point of view.

Although KISS has moved forward far longer without them, Ace and Peter are at the very foundation of what we have built and this would all be impossible had they not been a part of it in the beginning.

It is over 13 years since the original lineup has played together in make-up and we believe the memory of those times would not be enhanced. Contrary to claims made through the media we have never refused to play with Ace and Peter.

We have spent 40 years dedicated to building KISS without quitting or wavering as the band has moved forward with huge tours and platinum albums through different important lineups for forty years, to this day.

KISS has always been a band unlike any other. That is why we started KISS. That is why we continue KISS. Being unlike other bands also means making choices and decisions unlike other bands.

This is understandably an emotional situation where there is no way to please everyone.

To bring this to a quick end, we have decided not to play in any line-up and we will focus our attention on celebrating our induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

We are excited and are looking forward to seeing you all on the KISS 40th Anniversary worldwide tour.”



  1. SOLUTION: As KISS is famous for stealing everything they do from other bands who proved successful in their own merits (make-up from Alice Cooper, NY Dolls, “Live” album from Peter Frampton, acoustic album from Rod Stewart, Telsa, Nirvana, etc.. reunion tour from you-name-it, farewell tours, etc.), here’s an idea in which they can steal from themselves. Remember their pathetic “Acoustic” show on MTV? They had Ace and Peter walk out and join the band for a few songs which triggered a reunion tour. Do the same thing with all the members at the RNRHOF. Play songs starting with original line-up, move to replacements and then finish with original. Shake hands and get on with your lives. NO MAKE-UP unless… KISS would like to be somewhat original and make Tommy and Eric develop new characters ala Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr, so there is no more comparisons to the Cat and Spaceman and fans will not look at them as their own tribute band! Again, they intoduce the new characters and move on. End one era, continue with another era. That is exactly what the fans want and NEED. What a fitting way to acknowledge the original musical KISS and the current touring band KISS all at the same time. Now that’s closure!

  2. All KISS merchandise I own will be on ebay next 24 hrs, I feel sick that it has come to this, Gene and Paul say we are there for the fans , absolute rubbish, how about doing something that will make millions smile and be happy and proud to love KISS, not be obsessed with ego’s and money.

    36 years later and 100k in shows ,merchandise, all means nothing now, scary part is I know hundreds of fans feeling the same way, oh well back to KISS getting 1600 – 2000 to a shows IT WILL CATCH UP WITH THEM, by then they won’t care and they have ran this band into the ground instead of being respected and going out in style. I am done.

  3. C’mon Gene and Paul! Whatever happened to Gene’s ever so famous words: “The fans speak and we listen” and what about this one: “Of the people, for the people, by the people”! Yeah right, as Paul would like to quote when putting other bands down by saying: “Sounds like a bunch of Hot air”, well that can be said about Gene’s “Motto” to the fans! I have been a fan since 1976(six years old), I am now 44 presently. I have supported the band through the good and bad years(70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2K’s), The original lineup is where the band had its most success, in the 70’s and 1996 Reunion. With all due respect, I just dont like Eric Singers’ drumming and Tommy Thayers’ impersonation of Ace on guitar. Sorry, but you can’t duplicate a legend(with or without makeup). I admire Bruce Kulicks professionalism when it came to stepping aside when Ace came back into the band. I just think there has been animosity since Ace and Peter rejoined but weren’t fairly compensated financially compared to Gene and Paul during their biggest tour in 1996(reference Peter and Ace’s biography books). But I think the latest drama should be blamed on Paul, it seems like he is the one that is holding a grudge against Ace and Peter(more so Peter) for some of the things that were written about Paul’s sexuality. And I feel Paul is a bit jealous that Ace is more “a musician”(better guitar player), whether on or off chemical substances. I recently witnessed the EAGLES in concert and couldnt help but feel some respect for them putting their differences aside and coming together(since the mid 90’s) and continously tour together as A TEAM onstage! KISS could easily do that but are letting “Gene and Paul’s emotions” get in the way! Had Sean Delaney been alive today, he probably would have “physically hit” some sense into Gene and Paul, especially after all the hard work Sean and the late Bill Aucoin put forth into the band early in their career! I say, in Honor of Sean and Bill, play one more time as the original four at the Rock Hall induction to “bombastically stick it to the RNRHOF panels’ face”!! It’s just too bad your letting that opportunity slip away and letting the fans down at the same time! Thanks for reading my personal opinion! Peace Out from my “KISS MAN KAVE” in Houston, TX!

  4. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping that somebody would have the noogets to stand up to the rock and roll hall of shame, and I was praying that it would be my favorite band ever, and thank God, IT IS the hottest band in the world KISS!! That being said, my favorite artist ever is Ace, always has been, always will be, so much so I named my son after him. But we all know the last viable music with KISS that was made by Ace and Peter came some 25-27 years ago… What about Bruce Kulick? He might be good, ya think? What about Eric Singer? He might be good, ya think? What about Eric Carr, he might be good, ya think? Vinnie Vincent – good… ya think? The list goes on… I say thank you Gene, I say thank you Paul. Somebody finally told the R&R hall of fame F/U, there’s more to a band than a 10 year period. Once again, I’ve been a fan for 40 years, not 10. F/U R&R hall of fame. Thank you Eddie. Thank you Paul. Thank you Gene. Thank you Ace. Thank you Peter. We got it right. KISS my ass; rock on; the hottest band in the world, KISS. Timi says goodnight.

  5. Forget the past. Forget who’s right or wrong. This is on Gene and Paul to make right WITH THE FANS. The FANS want the ORIGINAL lineup (and that’s all that’s being inducted). Gene and Paul want everyone else there to dilute the presence of Peter and Ace. They want to legitimize the current lineup by bringing them. I’m fine with the current lineup and enjoy Sonic Boom and Monster–but G&P need to put aside their politics and understand that today’s version is NOT what got them this award. Nor any other version of the band. And probably nothing after Alive II. Paul initially said he was accepting the award FOR THE FANS, not himself. So, Paul, finish the gesture and put the ORIGINAL lineup onstage FOR THE FANS. And then go back to the current lineup and bashing Peter and Ace…

  6. We’ve always let are fans come first. You sure did, you 2 stooges. Thayer is a MFer on guitar and Singer can replicate Peter but gimmie a break, Ace & Peter and the ’77 line-up are the HOF Kiss.

  7. If you are not going to play, then at least invite all surviving members on stage when you accept the award. Yes, Gene and Paul you would be the only ones to speak, but it would demonstrate the contributions of all that have made this band great. BTW, get off the pulpit, Gene and Paul; get on That Metal Show already. Geez!!

  8. Okay, so here’s a possible solution…this would never happen because of ego’s and bullshit, but since of one of the people that kept you guy in the biz for 40 years I’m gonna sound off.
    Gather together ALL past and present members of the band to play ONE song. Set the stage with 3 drum kits as follows Eric Singer, Pete in the middle, and one empty kit with a huge photo of Eric Carr behind it, also a portrait of Mark St.John would be on the stage also. All the ORIGINAL members would be in full costume and makeup, the others (Eric S., Tommy, Bruce, and Vinny V.) In dressed to kill style no makeup. and for the climax of the song the four ORIGINAL members would rise 15 feet above the stage on risers…fade to black. One song. It acknowledges everyone who was in the band and would give all their fans a celebration we fucking deserve again the folks who made this all possible in the first place. That’s the Kiss I know…this Kiss? doesn’t deserve the honor. And don’t try to steal my idea Simmons, cause you read it here first.

  9. I have been a Proud Loyal Supportive Die Hard KISS fan since Alive 2 when I first discovered them through a neighbor. I have whole heatedly supported each line up and felt heart and betrayed by Peter when he first left and the same towards Ace after hearing on the news he was in a high speed chase from police and was caught and arrested hiding in a florist shop. Then he left. I was bitter against them both. Then the amazing Eric Carr came in and breathed new life into the band , giving KiSS back it’s heart beat. Vinnie was great, Then Mark St. John and then finally Gentleman Bruce Kullick Who gave Kiss the shredder that they needed. Great Albums and tours and new Notoriety for KISS was reborn! Then the tragic death of Eric Carr, The introduction of Eric Singer and the Revenge Album ! More great Kiss. Which by the way , no Peter and No Ace, they were playing bars . Where are they today again after blowing it again after the cash cow doomed from the start reunion tour… Playing bars and crying on Eddie a Trunks Shoulder. Ace and Peter were great in the beginning but that’s KISStory. Enough bad mouthing Gene and Paul it’s ridiculous and old. I stand strong and loyal and proud to be a kiss fanatic and KISS Monster reAffirms this for me. F@!k the Rock and Roll hall of Shame and putting down KISS and the current line up Who are still doing it. Don’t like it Then move on and stop shitting on KISS

  10. this is total bullshit gene and Paul don’t want ace and peter playing at the hall of shame paul definitely said it on twitter that no reunion at the hall of shame what a total jerk gene and paul are if it weren’t for us “the fans ” you wouldn’t be up there playing gene would still be teaching and paul would still be driving a cab or something we should boycott kiss’s current lineup make them get jobs flipping burgers someplace take their money flow away so they come back down to reality if it weren’t for ace and peter joining kiss wicked Lester would’ve been a band “which sucked I might add ” ace and peter gave you guys the sound kiss is known for gene and paul need to stop living in the past about their substance abuse and such and do the right thing here its the fans that are your real bosses so you both need to listen to me clearly ‘IF PETER AND ACE ARENT ALLOWED TO PLAY AT THE HALL OF FAME YOU BOTH ARE FIRRRREDDD!!!!!!!

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