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paulstanley400 The bitterness between the current and former members who founded Kiss will not be quelled anytime soon. It’s been a little over a week since the group announced that it would not perform “in any lineup” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, following Ace Frehley’s comment that he would not perform with current guitarist Tommy Thayer wearing Frehley’s sometime makeup. Now, in a new interview with Guitar World, vocalist-guitarist Paul Stanley has questioned Frehley’s talent.

“What we had at the beginning was magical. . . Ace and I played great together,” Stanley said. “But in my mind it’s a crime what Ace did: He threw away incredible potential and talent. The Ace I played with when the band first started out was a comet – and not [Frehley’s late-Eighties band] ‘Frehley’s Comet!’ But he was burning bright and really had the ability – and this would rub him the wrong way – to be a real contender. But he stopped practicing. He got involved with a whole lot of things that really diluted and diminished his craft. I saw that comet grow dim.”

Stanley added that after KISS fired drummer Peter Criss in 1980, he decided the band needed to reinvent itself, and that’s why they removed their makeup in 1983. It’s a decision he now feels hurt the band. “Rather than saying, ‘We’ve built these iconic figures together and we’re going to continue on with what we built,’ we bought into the idea of, ‘We have to have a new character,'” he said. “That watered it down. Some people may argue with me, but I feel that Batman is Batman whether he’s played by George Clooney, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and on and on.”

additional source: Rolling Stone


    1. Cmon’……………over Ozone, Snow blind, Rip it out, I’m In Need Of Love, Wiped Out, etc……………Ace’s solo was by far the best.
      Paul’s was pretty solid………

      1. …I’m in Need Of Love, that is one of the coolest stream of consciousness things he’s ever done, there’s Fractured, Rip it Out…Ace made a great record, but Paul made one that was above and beyond, it is concise and consistent throughout, save for that ballad on side 2, which Paul should just never, ever do. Ever, no Forever, no, nada. Not a knock against Ace, more of a acknowledgement of Paul.

    2. OMG!!! And just how have you grown Paul as a guitar player? You know I never ever here Ace and Peter put you and Gene down as artist. It’s just amazing to see how much more class Ace and Peter are showing these days. They may of been drunk and high a lot back in the 70’s but who wasn’t? Now they show class. And truly care about Kiss fans. You and Gene don’t. You proved that. Aces solo records blow anything Gene and Paul have done solo. I do love Paul’s solo in 78″. His and Ace’s were great. Really tho to say Ace lost it or whatever. Hahaha!! Listen to his solos on Dynasty. That’s at the tail end of the original lineup. To say he was losing it? Bull fucking shit!!! His solo record from 78″ was fucking amazing!!! I saw Ace in 94″ at a club show in Kansas City in Westport. It wasn’t that good. He was sick and the sound guy was doing a very poor job. I’ve Played shows for years bathe sound guy can make or break you. Gene and Paul really fucked up not allowing Ace and Peter to be more involved with singing and writing. Lets see. Peter wrote Kiss’s biggest hit with Beth. And Ace had by far the most sales of the solo records. Hmmm. And I might add. When Aces last album came out it debuted in the top 20. I can’t remember the exact spot. I think 7th on billboard. THAT’S ACE ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! On the other hand Genes last solo was god awful crap and so was Paul’s last solo record. They didn’t chart shit. Im really hoping Peter gets his rock album out soon. He’s due for a good record. Im hoping Ace and Peter record a full album together. That would be special.

  1. Now look at it from Paul and Gene’s side: they had to pick up the slack for this guy when he wasn’t performing well, and then they look at each other and go, “this guy is a superstar and here we are practically carrying him…why are we busting are asses to help this guy?” Trust me, they had that conversation. Finally, Paul and Ace’s styles compliment each other …like peanut butter and jelly, I can’t think of two guitarists who go together better.

  2. “… but I feel that Batman is Batman whether he’s played by George Clooney, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and on and on.”

    That might be one of the dumbest Paul Stanley quotes of all time. By his logic, anyone that puts on a Michael Jordan jersey will deliver you 6 championships.

    1. Well, your Jordan analogy is a grasp at straws. Whether you agree with it,or not, the Spaceman is a character. And to say that Paul’s quote is “one of the dumbest quotes” is really conveying how close-minded you are. Let’s look at the Batman analogy….. Michael Keaton was the original (in the movies) Was he the best? It’s subjective so people will have different opinions. Was Bale better? Kilmer? Clooney? Batman is a character. He has certain powers, says certain things, wears a certain costume. The Spaceman is a character. He acts a certain way, plays certain notes on his guitar, and wears a certain costume. Paul is saying that the Spaceman is a character. He has the right to say it because he owns the character. Some people may not agree with it, but it is what it is.

  3. The hating on the ONE Kiss member that NEVER wavered and kept our favorite band relevant for 40 years is also getting old. Paul in this interview from Guitar World also says the most amazing compliments to Ace..brilliant,a comet, said how they used to be magical together and things changed and dimmed because of Ace.’s choices then and again when he returned. He isn’t saying ANYTHING about him still being an addict. He was not talking about now. Throwing Ace and Peter under the bus??? ….after the continual page after page spent in Peters book accusing and slamming Paul about private shirt that had nothing to do with his story. Ace says many hurtful things in his book too and I can hardly wait for Paul to fight back in his..ever think how ace and Peter are all about kiss on their terms…gene and Paul are founding members too people and they gave us a hell of a lot to cheer about in the dozens of years Peter and Ace weren’t in band. Look I like ace and Peter but there are two sides and is anyone gonna stand up and be proud of Paul and Gene and stop acting like the two relative small runs of Ace and Peter is ALL that made Kiss???…..hating most the civil war between the lifelong brotherhood I felt from all Kiss fans all my life. It’s pathetic how we are slaughtering each other over members. I’m a dam Kiss fan and proud to see em go into Hall,I feel all the members should go in with exception of Mark. But surely of course most important are the founders…I want that brotherhood and camaraderie of being with fellow Kiss fans without all this horrid in fighting. As Eddie reported today still small chance originals play at least a song anyways so even if not this HALL is NOT worth killing each other over.because the Kiss members aren’t jabbing each other any harder than their lifetime of brotherly fights their whole career. It’s just under a microscope now. Peace everyone and ease up on Paul..ok he is guilty of a fading voice, he did a lot of sacrifice for KISS to be around and it’s not like he killed anyone. Peaace

    1. Excellent commentary…Paul and Gene have a right to be bitter since they keep the KISSM flag flying and keeping them relevant for the majority of the bands existence…not to mention they founded the band before it was a quartet I terms of Wicked Lester, so why would they let anyone ruin their stardom and success, not once but TWICE???? I’ve heard Eddie say the HOF is part to blame because when they were eligible in 1999 the original band was intact, but that was after Paul and Gene had kept kiss going for 20 years without them and now here they are again 15 years later and Kiss is relevant because Gene and Paul are still out flying the KISS flag…I’m just happy the band is getting their due with the HOF and hope for the best whether they play or not…just no jabs at each other and at least a showing of respect for the band…

      1. Is this Shannon Tweed? Us true Kiss fans are pissed and hurt Gene and Paul are too into themselves to do this for Kiss fans. Some going back to 1973. Defending Gene and Paul about this shows you are for sure part of THIER camp. We are fans of Kiss the original band. And some of us even accept the current lineup. Im siding with Ace and Peter in this no matter how much you want to defend Gene and Paul. It’s about respect!!!!! Showing none to Ace and Peter and more importantly to the fans that wrote your paycheck is a discrace!!!! Spin it all you want. It’s pretty simple to me. It’s PAUL, ACE, GENE and PETER being inducted. PLAY SOME SONG TOGETHER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TO CELEBRATE 40 fucking years KISS!!! Do it for Bogart, and Shawn Delaney and if for knowbody else for BILL AUCOIN WHO RISKED EVERYTHING WITH HIS CREDIT CARD TO MAKE 4 KIDS FROM NEW YORK FAMOUS!!!! God bless you Bill!!!

  4. Here’s an example of Paul Stanley demonstrating a complete inability to show restraint and stay above the fray on his own Twitter account. It’s relevant to me with regards to his recent comments about Ace because it shows a pattern of not being able to rise above it. Paul couldn’t just say a few nice things about Ace when asked and not spiral into the gutter as he does below. Besides, why address an insult with an insult? Isn’t that what children do?

    Paul Stanley ‏@PaulStanleyLive ·6h
    “@Twerk_Freak: @PaulStanleyLive Your songs make me wish I was born deaf.” Wasting your time here shows you were obviously born stupid.

  5. As I remember reading and hearing from Gene himself, they begged Ace NOT to leave the band the first time around. If that was the case, how bad could it have been? Gene and Paul are all about the money and were more than willing to “deal with Ace” as long as the money kept flowing. As it became more and more about the money, it became less and less about what KISS was about. Gene and Paul sucked the life out of the band. Ace and Peter were the casualties. Ace walked away from millions because it wasn’t enjoyable anymore. He left millions on the table because he saw what KISS had become. It seems hypocritical to attack Ace for his diminished skills after the fact when they begged him to stay.

    At least without the makeup, they weren’t trying to pretend Ace and Peter were still with them. The farewell tour should have been just that. Instead Gene and Paul found a way to keep milking money from the KISS cash cow. They got the makeup back and Ace and Peter’s faces. It’s not the same.

    1. Jaluciani

      “were more than willing to “deal with Ace” as long as the money kept flowing. As it became more and more about the money, it became less and less about what KISS was about. Gene and Paul sucked the life out of the band.

      I couldn’t have said it better myself !

    2. Milking money? Well, if people are going to continue to buy the product then why hate on the person selling it? Pretending Tommy and Eric are Ace and Peter…seriously? Has anybody ever been fooled by the fact that it isn’t Ace or Peter. Point them out, because they’ll quite possibly be the dumbest people on earth. The bottom line in all this is either you continue to buy or not. I stopped after the Farewell tour but I Gene and Paul have earned the right to do whatever they want with the band.

  6. well this goes out to all the people n their opinion well here’s mine …first off you must just not hear ace but understand that he for one is and really never was a technical player for those who missed that one, ace was more like a jimmy page , his style n sound is pretty basic and maybe with a touch of self taught / nasty n sloppy playing it all comes out brilliant in my world.. its pretty basic sounding , marshal stack /distortion / maybe reverb or something but thats basically it , ace never was no eddie van halen or george lynch but its arguably that he influenced many guys , just look at guys in antrax, skid row guys , dimebag darrell, many others…ace has not stop growing or failed as a player… i saw the guy on his last tour back in 08 i think twice and he was as good as ever..i always thought to that his solo in the song insane was just awesome, reminded me of his sound on dynasty or 78 solo…besides ace is no different then anyone else , critics always seem to bash people that the crap their bashing is no good when in fact paul you your self has wrote plenty tunes that you wish you could erase all together , when people are being creative and release stuff upon the world i see it with taking it with a grain of salt because not everything is going to be a shock me or lick it up or what have you.. in music as a listener and kiss started it for me when i was 6 and now 42 i say in music you take the good with the bad and anyone who dares bash it i say let me see you do any better.. einstein

  7. Oh boy,
    Here comes $immons & $tanley with their insults we’ve all heard before . And all because they are trying to downplay their ROF decision. The thing of it is; every Kiss fan knows the drill with you two..
    Who are you trying to downplay the situation to ? The people that go see your brand now ; ” Joe the Plumber “who only owns Kiss’ Greatist Hits ?

    We all heard this when Ace & Peter exited last time. And any other time they are ever questioned about anything to do w/ Ace and Peter in a interview.
    This only insults the fans who supported you from the 70’s to 2001-2002 . You know, the ones that kept you alive !
    Everytime they open their mouths I dislike them more. And this is comming from a 39 year fan that saw them live 13 times from 96-01 alone
    $tanley & $immons are so predictable

      1. Agreed. Also, Peter and Ace are two money hungry idiots.

        Do you really think they did the reunion tour “just for the fans”? They were also trying to milk the dollars out of the KISS tities!

  8. I’m sorry, but somebody’s got to say it … Gene and Paul are becoming the poster boys FOR drug and alcohol use. As the two most visible members of that very exclusive rock and roll club of drug and alcohol abstainers they are effectively making the countless members of the opposite gang look good by comparison.

    Whether it is about trust, loyalty, musicality or integrity, Gene and Paul are exemplifying the worst of human nature with these petty, vindictive attacks on their co-founding fathers of what we thought was the greatest band in in the land.

    You know what? At this point I’m far more comfortable with Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Keith, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Bon Scott, Bonzo, Michael Schenker, Johnny Thunders, Tyler, Perry, Andrew Wood, and countless other “abusers” including the self-admittedly fallible Peter and Ace over these two schmucks who have showed us that sobriety is over-rated. To Paul and Gene, you are petty little children showing great jealousy that the world recognizes that Peter and Ace were substantially responsible for the dramatic success of KISS. How do you even sleep at night after making these asinine statements?

    Your conscious is going to kill you.

    1. All this shit with KISS really makes me respect and appreciate MOTLEY CRÜE that much more!!! You don’t think they get sick of each other? Shit Tommy and Vince hate each other most of the time. But guess what? They respect each other and THIER fans. They know its not all about them. They also know have the Crüe together all original members makes better business sense. And I just want to say this. Look at Mick Mars people!! This dude was almost dead with some bitch sucking him dry in his own home before Nikki tracked him down. Mick had given up on life. You sure as hell don’t hear Mick complaining about shit. Watch him on stage. He’s like a doctor up there performing the perfect surgery with his guitar playing. A true professional. It would of been easier for the other 3 members of the Crüe to say hey man Mick just can’t cut it. We better get a younger healthier guitar player. No. They showed love and compassion and loyalty to Mick. AND TO THIER FANS!!! This is a band that will be truly missed. And on more thing. NIKKI SIXX GOD BLESS YOU BRO FOR TRACKING MICK DOWN AND BEING A TRUE BROTHER AND SAVING HIS LIFE!!! NIKKI IS A VERY GOOD PERSON!!! It’s just sick to see KISS be so petty. Peter was sick with cancer and never heard a word from Gene and Paul. That’s just sad man!!! Yet you many times hear Peter saying he will always love Ace Gene and Paul. Peters the real deal and so is Ace! Fuck Gene and Paul!!

  9. Ace and Pete. The 2 guys had dream jobs but couldn’t make it to work every day. I’m sure it was tough. Ace and Pete are mere shadows of what they were 40 years ago. Eric and Tommy go to work everyday. They get it.

      1. When a band gets to that level, it’s hard work and it pays well. The bands that think it’s a party, well it’s rare if they last beyond a decade, if that much.

    1. Read the book. Tommy had to teach both Peter and Ace their parts for the Reunion Tour and they only learned 17 songs that’s why the set list did not change for 3 tours. There is nothing that Paul says in his book about Ace and Peter, that both Ace and Peter admit about themselves, but both leave out details because they don’t remember them, Paul does because he was sober the whole time. Paul has the rehearsal tapes of Tommy teaching both of them so Peter and Ace should not push the issue or they might just end up on

  10. Just the fact that Paul and Gene constantly feel the need to put down two people, in order to make themselves “look good”, actually makes them the losers, not the one ones they’re putting down. (In my opinion). Ace and Peter paid the price.

    Funny, when Vinnie left or got kicked out of Kiss, he became Paul and Genes favorite hate subject, so they trashed him for years, and basically ruined his career. They kept trash talking Vinnie completely, all through the years up till the reunion. Peter and Ace was back in. The they got kicked out again, and became Paul and Genes favorite hate subjects – which gave Vinnie a 10+ year long break from the eternal trashing.

    Eric Carrs death they handled very very badly, firing him while he was on his deathbed (according to Gene and Paul). hell even Mark St. John got a lousy treatment from Paul and Gene.

    My point is, that the pattern is, that Paul and Gene must be extremely insecure about their own abilities as musicians, so they have to have people to blame for all the non successes etc etc. Or they’re just in general lousy human beings. I know what I think…

    Yes Paul and Gene stuck through all of it, all the craziness and all the BS with Peter and Ace. But there’s a saying that goes something like this “Don’t look down on people, unless you’re helping them up” — Paul and Gene ain’t helping anyone up, they’re putting everyone down, who helped them get up.

    Imagine being Ace, Peter or even Vinnie, constantly trash talked and put down in the media, constantly being reminded about your mistakes, day in and day out for years.. just imagine that, every website, magazine and newspaper etc etc, every time your name is being mentioned, it’s all about your past mistakes. Talk about being bound to repeat them.

    Now I truely wish, they would’ve retired after the reunion. Just left there.

    1. I thought that Vinnie’s 2 V V I albums were good for what was coming out during that time period.
      If you don’t mind the toxic-glam hair metal. Hell, I still jam to both on the i-pod when I’m out hitting the bike trails for some exercise.

      1. S.Falls, Back then I liked his first album too. But as I listen to it today, it’s just too much of everything. “All systems go” was/is a great album. Whatever he put out after that was, well .. honestly just crap I think… Vinnie was and still is a talented guitar player and songwriter though.

    1. True story: Crazy Nights tour Knoxville TN, it was New Years Eve 1987-88 at the Hyatt. After the show I went in and got something to eat, and Paul was in the lounge checking out their lounge singer. He comes out and he has this stunning tall, young, blonde woman wearing a red dress by his side. He gets in the elevator with her, I saw this with my own eyes. …has anybody on here ever had a model looking girl go up to their hotel room after just meeting her? I’m just sayin’..

  11. Just read the Guitar World interview where these Paul Stanley quotes came from. The issue features separate interviews with Gene and Paul. Gene was asked if he’d play with the original members at the ceremony. “Absolutely,” he said. Okay, what changed his mind?

    1. There were very different views expressed when this was first announced by Gene and Paul in interviews. I have been told by many Paul is very much making the band decisions these days.

  12. I think there’s some pretty solid material on most every Kiss album for each of us to love, except for Crazy Nights, that’s a real pos. lol
    There’s no reunion in sight and Kiss is what they are gonna be today, bottom line.
    Just sad that they(Seems more Gene/Paul) just can’t do it for ONE NIGHT ONLY…..for WE THE KISS ARMY.
    No matter how pathetic the actual RNRHOF board members views/ideas/tastes are….it’s still the only RNRHOF and this should be a night for KISS the band and the ENTIRE KISS ARMY. Bit of blame to go in every direction here, only ones who can fix that………………seems to be Gene & Paul? Seems Ace & Peter’s only hitch is they don’t want to share the stage with Eric & Tommy in THEIR make-up. That doesn’t seem to be too much to ask for one night. As for the RNRHOF, I bet if Gene and Paul came out asking for the fans to barrage the HOF to let KISS THE BAND in, we(the Kiss Army) could get it done. Hell, we the fans are the ONLY reason they’re even going in.
    I just don’t the war of words is getting OLD. Stop being petty, BE HAPPY. lol

  13. Last word on RRHOF. They made a huge mistake in my mind of just inducting the original KISS. Who are they to decide the line up of a band. They didn’t tell the Eagles or Metallica which band members get inducted. As Eddie said on TMS, they should have inducted KISS in 1999 or 2000 and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Eric Carr is not being inducted, He put his heart and soul into KISS. As far as Paul’s comment on Ace’s guitar skills, I noticed by 1979, that Ace rarely played the solo’s the same. Was it because he was bored or lazy, Who knows. I’ll buy Ace’s new album as well as any new KISS albums.

  14. Earth to Paul : yeah , you and Gene’s playing has progressed so much over the years!
    Hey Paul, try looking away from your guitar for once for a simple 3 chord song. LOL

    1. If the spaceman and the cat are just characters , then why didn’t eric carr and vinnie wear ace and peterd makeup. Gene and Paul want to downplay ace and peters roles so they can sell tickets to john q public who have no idea that this is not the original band. Ace and peter should get vinnie and bruce to dress as paul and gene and show up. Maybe tommy or eric can pretend to be kurt cobain for the night.

      1. “Gene and Paul want to downplay ace and peters roles so they can sell tickets to john q public who have no idea that this is not the original band”

        There are idiots… and YOU!

  15. Alright. Enough is enough!!!!! I say we give Dana airfare (first class), expenses, rooms and per diem so she can track Gene and Paul down and kick their asses. Enough of this Mickey Mouse BS. I have seen what Dana can do with all of us knuckle heads…’s time to release hell !!! 🙂 $20 a piece should be a nice start…

  16. Best thing. 40 fans show up fir 40th anniversary tour. Hit them in the wallet which is all they care about anyway. Their fans are meaningless to them unless they are shelling out the cssh.

  17. I don’t think the idea of using Tommy and Eric with the Spaceman and Cat makeup was purposely done.
    I was at a concert back when the lineup was supposed to be the original four members and Ace had just left. Peter was there, but Tommy was wearing Ace’s costume and at first you could hardly tell, but eventually we all realized that it was not Ace Frehley. As shocking as it was, this was to be a way to continue the tour for Kiss and not have to stop things because of Ace. It happened later with Peter and since then, the band has been what it has been. If anything, do not blame Gene and/or Paul for the way things ended up. It’s everyone’s fault and this is just the way it stayed in order to appease the majority of the fans who at the time did not complain and kept showing up to the shows anyway. We all wish the original four members would have stayed clean and sober, together and better than ever, but that’s just not the reality of life. People are different and it was obvious from the start that Paul and Gene were two peas in a pod, while Ace and Peter were a different breed. Let’s face it, Tommy and Eric are puppets, but they play well and hard and do what they’re told and why not? Wouldn’t you do the same if you had the opportunity to be in the Kiss lineup? I would say we would all kiss Paul and Gene’s ass – no pun intended…

  18. Sorry Paul. Youre just trying to continue pushing this crap of it doesnt matter who’s in the band. MOST of us arent buying it. I guess using your analogy it doesnt matter who plays Rambo or The Terminator. What you seem to not understand is that you guys have created iconic figures and it DOES matter who is in the band! I dont even know why I’m posting this, not like Paul is actually gonna read it. At this point I’d be more likely to go see a version of Kiss without Gene or Paul. I”M DONE!!! Thanks again Eddie for giving us a place to gripe!

  19. Really? so that’s Bob on the first three studio records, and Alive! Bob played on Rock and Roll Over, and Love Gun too right? that would mean Bob wrote that very lyrical solo for the title track right? Of course there’s”Shock Me,” “Rocket Ride,” Bob covered for Ace on those too as well as on Ace’s songs on both Dynasty and Unmasked right? (the other leads on those two albums, as well as the Elder is Mr. Stanley himself). Bob did a great Ace impersonation on 3 songs, they actually have very different playing styles. Dick Wagner played some acoustic guitar and one solo as well as an outro lead (“Flaming Youth,” that main body of that song is Ace) on Destroyer. Hardly anything to cause such a skewed perception as yours. Of course, it’s human nature to equate a negative to ten times a positive. It’s funny: all these shredders Kiss has had and none of ’em could write a solo that you could hum to like Ace, not a one.

    1. Yes those first three studio records sold a ton back then didn’t they, which is ironic considering Ace played on those ones. Ace couldn’t even play the rhythm parts on half of Destroyer/RnR Over/Love Gun. Who are you kidding with this? Listen, if you love the guy, more power to ya. Ace was my fave growing up. Wore him for halloween a bunch of times. Picked up a guitar in part because of him. But accept reality, Ace started as a good player and never progressed. He couldn’t handle a lick that had more than 2 16th notes on them. In his prime, he was a cool performer and had a way about him that was very different than other players. But Ace helped KISS become famous and KISS was the only reason Ace became famous. He’s done essentially nothing outside of that, which is fine by me. Your ‘all these shredders’ comment is priceless. Comparing Ace to Vincent, Kulick, St. John is mind blowing. Based on that logic, New Kids on the Block were better than Iron Maiden based on that criteria. But hey, thanks for contributing to the ‘post count’. I said we’d take anything no matter how ridiculous the post was, and this is getting us nearer to our goal. Maybe you can tell us again how Paul’s solo album was the best one more time.

      1. Your an idiot my friend!!
        Your argument makes absolutely
        0 no sense! Ace frehley is the best
        Musician out of all the original members!
        His solo album has sold more than all
        The other solo albums and is hands down
        The best of the 4 albums period!!
        Even Ace’s last 2 most recent solo albums
        Sold way more than the new kiss albums!
        So next time before you run your mouth
        Please know what you are talking about!

  20. In 30+ years as a solo artist outside Kiss Ace has produced 2 mediocre discs (Frehley’s Comet, Second Sighting) 2 “Good but not Great” discs (Anomaly and Trouble Walkin’)

    I’d say Paul’s assessment is harsh but accurate.

  21. Paul’s entitled to his opinion, but it carries no more weight than anyone else’s. Paul has done a lot of self-elevating lately “Here is what I think about the lowly Ace, here is how he failed”. I don’t get it, he runs the show LITERALLY now, yet he still needs to stand on top of two other musicians to feel good about himself.

  22. You guys again are getting way too intense. This is about having fun and listening to great music. So I’ll say it. Look at Paul’s picture. That son of a gun is transforming into Sylvester Stallone’s mother Jackie.

  23. Read Kiss & Tell by Gordon Gelbert for funny Ace tales. Sure the author is a moron and did the mountains of coke with Ace at the Aerosmith gig at Detroit’s in Portchester (I was at that show) etc. but he saw the implode. Leppard #2 on the shed tour…wonder what comes before? Ratt? Cinderella?

  24. I agree that they should have given Eric and Tommy their own makeup as Vinnie and Eric Carr did. After all, Eric Singer said on the Konfidential video that he would probably wear hawk makeup. What I don’t get is why four grown men can’t put aside their differences for one night that honors those four. As far as I’m concerned they wouldn’t even have to play, just be there. It took a lot of convincing for the Hall to even to accept them, they can at least all show up and be civil to accept the honor.

  25. Keith Richards did more drugs than both Ace and Peter, yet the Stones thrived. The sober ones didnt put down the addicts and lament on what they could of been. They just went out and rocked. They still prove they are the greatest rock and roll band, warts and old age and all. It’s a shame how Paul and Gene ruined what should have been a celebration of what the four of them overcame and accomplished

    1. Well said, Frank! Ironically, the Stones were huge influences for Kiss in the beginning. Too bad that changed. The Stones could still teach them a thing or two.

  26. So now please tell me that except for the 3 songs on Alive II, what other Kiss records besides Paul’s solo record did Bob Kulick play on? before and including The Elder? I know who played what on just about every Kiss song, and I know from my ears not what somebody trying to make a name for themselves says in some book, I guess you just believe everything you read, or hear, rumour, innuendo. Your attack ad on Ace is what’s known as the straw man fallacy by the way.

  27. Vinnie Vincent: he is either the greatest guitar player on the planet or the worst, I can’t tell. Eric Carr: great for Kiss at the time, he cleaned up Kiss’s sound, his drum solo was innovative, plus I just liked his stage presence, it worked for Kiss. Peter Criss: he does part drumming, part orchestration, I love his crazy fills, they add so much to their sound, the way he ends songs, it’s abrupt, volatile, combustible. Plus he that back-beat which is from 1950s rock’n’roll which IS KISS, that hop, that bounce, which all of these very precise guys can’t do, they physically don’t have it. OK, I had fun on here, DR have fun reading those very intelligent books which told you Bob Kulick played on all of the 70s Kiss records. Hear that kids? It’s true because DR READ IT IN A BOOK! ….

    1. Well at least I show that read Ms. Shannon Patrick Mehaffey, if that still indeed is your real name. Enjoy the liner notes on Destroyer this evening while you color your Ace Frehley Doodle Art poster for your room. ‘Eric Carr: great for KISS at the time’….priceless. Back to the kids table you go.

  28. Paul Stanley should have been a politician. He likes to put a spin on the original KISS’ Legacy as if anyone could be one of the iconic characters, and if he really believes that, why doesn’t HE step aside and let Dave Grohl play star child?

    1. In all seriousness, the thing that is concerning me the most is his hair in that photo. That’s creeping awfully close to Weird Al Yankovic era shit right there. What happened on the set of that shoot? Who authorized this? That’s like Phil Collen wearing a shirt for a photo – it just doesn’t happen. Every photo with Collen wearing a shirt is photo shopped. Seriously, if Bea Arthur put on a Weird Al wig and was told to pout, that would be her in that photo. I mean Geoff Tate’s wig on that new post is the King of bad photos. But Paul is hitting honorable mention status with that pic. That’s not the Mr. Speed that I know. And why did the ladies call him Mr. Speed anyways? That’s not exactly a good nickname to have with the ladies when you think about it. I know where he was going with that tune, but didn’t he ever read the lyrics back to himself and say ‘shit I can’t say that. They’re going to think I’m a 2 minute kind of guy, and that will ruin my cred’. As you can see, that pic stirs up a lot of questions for me. Keep posting everyone, we’re getting really close the record for posts. I can’t do it alone. I’ve got work to do.

      1. DR likes to make himself feel better by hiding behind his computer screen and throwing personal insults. Yeah, that’s my real name. New Kids on the Block? that is pure nonsense. Page, Clapton, George Harrison…I’ve never even heard one of their songs all the way through. So no more Bob Kulick then I guess huh? Now it’s just Ace didn’t play rhythm guitar…Ace plays bass on some stuff, so does Paul, they got session guys to sub for Vinnie, Eric Carr, Singer, and Bruce Kulick too.

  29. Team, all I know is we’re still 56 posts away from our goal. I know we’ve got it in us. Don’t be shy. As you can clearly see we’re taking all the posts we can get, even the incredibly uninformed stupid ones. So if you’re reading these, and think to yourself, I just don’t think I should post – please give us your thoughts no matter how ridiculous they are. We’re trying to set a record here at Trunk Nation. My goodness Scott Ian got over a hundred posts on this subject. Surely we have it in us. Richman, Lee, Scott, and the rest of the regulars can’t tow this line all on our own. Bigsled, we’ll even take a few more from you to hit the target. That’s how desperate we are here at Trunknation. Post four times today and I’ll see if Dana can get you a Crazy Nights official tour t-shirt (worn), and signed by Shannon Tweed. Lets go guys!

    1. Don’t know why Shannon and Gene went with the facelifts.
      Shannon looks like the Joker and it really didn’t effect Gene, he still looked the same.
      Is he bald? Does it matter?
      Sure think with all that money, he’d hire a trainer….talk about plump.

  30. Maybe Ace should put on Vinne’s Creature make-up and Peter should wear Eric’s Fox make-up to the RNRHOF induction?
    Afterall, they’re only characters, per Paul himself.
    Ace & Peter would never stoop that low, but imagine the chaos it would cause.
    The buzz would be bigger than the Crazy Nights Pre-Release Party.

  31. Here’s a questionfor ya. If G &P own the makeup/character rights how did Ace manage to use the likeness on the Anomaly cover w/out them suing him? Imho maybe the reason P & A used dugs/drank was because the other two have been a-holes from the beginning.

  32. Dear Shannon Patrick Mehaffey,
    My reference was not to connect Elvis Presley to ASYLUM. No, I was referencing the act of Simmons taking a dump while recording his vocals. If true, that is classless and vulgar but also hysterically funny. If not true, that visual speaks for itself but is also hysterically funny. As far as THE KING OF ROCK N’ ROLL goes, rumor has it that he died while trying to unsuccessfully deficate in his shower. Also classless and vulgar, but hysterically funny as well. The connection was the act of taking a dump by a vocalist. Nothing more.
    HAPPY ST. PAT’S-THE RICHMAN (half Irish).

  33. I interviewed Bill Baker a friend and guitar tech of Ace Frehley. He told me about his over the phone but we did not bring it up on the 70s Kiss podcast. Since the waves have been made about who owns Aces makeup, I think all Kiss fans need to read this. Bill Baker just posted this on his facebook group page.

    One story I left out of my book (because I felt it was Ace’s personal business) is when “KISS MY ASS” came out, and Ace’s makeup wasn’t used on the cover. Ace was livid, and so upset, that he called me at my parents house. gene was using that, saying “Well we can’t use your makeup because the corporation doesn’t own it – we can’t have a reunion until it does.” I told Ace, “That’s your creation, and if he owns it, he could put someone else in your costume.” Ace replied, “But I’m Ace Frehley.” I said, “Yes, but if you no longer own it – it’s out of your control.” I told him, never let it go. I hope he took something out of what I said and he really does still own it……..Bill Baker

  34. One of the eye opening things that also rings true is Paul says that Ace never missed Peter as a friend, but only as someone Ace could manipulate into voting his way in band votes. Paul says Ace demanded to make more money during the reunion years because he “…was more famous.” What does Peter say in his book? That Ace betrayed him but getting more money than him. Peter thought they were a team against Gene and Paul, but Ace only used Peter to get more for himself. Paul is telling the sober truth.

  35. So whats the verdict? Does Ace own the Spaceman makeup or not? Did he just lease the right to use the makeup to G&P and that lease soon terminates?

    We saw Ace use the makeup in a commercial some years back.

    So much smoke and mirrors with all this….

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