Huge thanks to Mick Mars for spending 2 straight hours on the radio with me last night talking Motley and so much more. I have never heard some of the stuff Mick and I discussed and it was cool to get so in depth with a highly underrated player and someone who is fairly private. WAY too many stories to recap here. Hope you can find the audio online (email or tweet me a link if you do). Or I will try and post when i get some time. Thanks for all the amazing response. That’s what I love most about radio. Digging in and getting the stories and history with these great artists, especially the ones not heard from often. After we wrapped on the air I continued the conversation with Mick back at his hotel lounge for a couple more hours. Great guy, amazing stories as you would imagine.


Today we tape TMS with Mick for the full hour. Can’t get as in depth as two commercial free hours on radio but it will still be great. Tom Keifer plays guitar in the show today. See it premiere this Saturday might 11P ET on VH1 Classic. Photos and news from the set on twitter @EddieTrunk


Loving all the speculation about who will induct Kiss in the HOF. Not one person has guessed right so far in my comments section. I think it will take fans by surprise when they hear and I’ll announce as soon as it’s cool to. I can also tell you there are still hopes behind the scenes that somehow Kiss will decide to perform with just the original band for at least a song. But no idea if all parties will agree on what are a variety of issues. However this is one instance it is not about money at all. As of now still no performance of any kind at all. But the HOF and many others hoping for a change of heart. It can’t really be last minute since rehearsal will be needed so would need to be sorted fairly quickly. We shall see. Real news when I get it and can share it.


Be sure to keep an eye on all the appearances I am booking for a variety of shows and events on the home page of my site. More always being added. Was just confirmed to once again host Rocklahoma, an honor I have had every year since it started in ’07. See you all soon! More to come.


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  • Joe on

    I dont care who inducts kiss they should put their egos aside and play a song or 2 cmon wake up already you idiots at the hall of lame shouldve put them in on their first chance anyway shame om you

  • robert on

    Ilisten to you every Monday night and watch TMS every week love to listen to all the old rock and the new . heavy metal / hard rock is still alive . I agree with you buy your music down loading sucks

  • robert on

    who has the balls and dick on there tattoo

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