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kiss-return According to, KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley says that it “seems unlikely” that the four original members of the band will perform together at next April’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction.

Answering a question from a fan on Twitter about whether there are any plans yet on wearing makeup with former KISS members Ace Frehley (guitar) and Peter Criss (drums) at the Rock Hall induction, Stanley said: “No way.”

Stanley was also asked if he, bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, Frehley and Criss were going to perform together at the Rock Hall. “Seems unlikely,” he replied.

The Rock Hall producers are leaning on the original members to perform in full costume. During a recent radio interview, Frehley joked about needing to lose weight and shave his goatee for the performance — but remained adamant that current guitarist Tommy Thayer, who performs using Frehley’s “Spaceman,” persona cannot be in costume that night.

Read Eddie’s thoughts on this topic in the latest Trunk Report.


  1. YES A NEW KISS DEBATE! Of course Paul is going to deny or minimize this reunion. It makes financial sense and he and The Demon are holding most of the cards. The BLACK SABBATH 3/4 reunion has had success and don’t think Gene and Paul fail to recognize this. Ironically KISSes break with Peter coincided with OZZYs break with SABBATH (’79) and SABBATHs reunion in the late 1990s was shortly after KISSes reunion. OZZY has a show, hey Gene gets a show. Is KISS more relevant with Ace and Peter? Does the bear shit in the woods? SABBATH had a number 1 album, guess who else could? Excuse me Rick Ruben, I know these 4 guys in their 60s…….METALLICA’s album making documentary was shit, but these 4? Fugetaboutit!

    1. Paul is either more bitter than Gene about the past, or he is the worst bluffer in the world of rock and roll poker. I suspect the latter as anything other than the original four up there would far too farsicle an event. However I doubt this spawns an original four tour. And to those who suggest this would be a good way to ‘go out’, I’ll tell you that ain’t gonna happen. As long as there are KISS Kruises to be had, they’ll keep going with the hired guns.

  2. Well, that didn’t take long. This is now shaping up to be another Van Halen-like induction debacle. Why can’t Paul just be an adult and give the damn fans what they so obviously want for one stinking night in NYC.

  3. There is obviously enough bad blood that they are not willing to go down that road again. None of us fans know the truth about what really happened. While we as fans would like to see all 4 original members, you have to remember this is not the fan’s night, it is their night. Honestly, it is time for this act to pull up the tent stakes and move on.

  4. I think that the Original 4 members need to set differences aside and perform together in full make-up and costume. And this is about the fans too…without the fan vote, I’m not sure KISS would have gone in this time around. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss should have a say in this as well. I agree with the Rock Hall about the 4 Originals to play together!

  5. Hey Paul, yer as bad as Gene. Get that Jersey Boys Kiss Boys thing going on Broadway then the world. Dodger Stadium on ice, there’s a joke going for the coin. If Thayer & Singer perform in costume on the R n R Hall show the laughter will be endless. Ace & Peter should walk out upon the first chords of Detroit Rock City.

  6. I love the last two KISS records and a reunion would destroy any cred that Tommy and Eric have acheived. One step forward, two steps back. Not again!!! The first reunion was needed , they were lost. Remember ‘Carnival of souls’? This time they are making good music and I can’t wait for new music from THIS band.

    1. C’mon man, ” Sonic Boom” was better than “Monster” and that’s not saying much. If you take the best songs from both albums you end up with a DECENT record. Their new music is nothing to write home about. Btw, For all of you people screaming about how Tommy is better than Ace I have one question. How the hell would you know? Tommy Thayer has been playing Ace Frehey on stage and in the studio for years. The guy isn’t allowed to be himself in that band and plays licks like Ace would play them in 1977. I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses Ace’s toothbrush for crying out loud.

        1. ss… ARE YOU HIGH? Tommy is playing ACE FREHLEY! What kind of spell or drugs do you have to be under to believe otherwise? It’s laughable how Tommy was even walking off balance like Ace does. LMAO

          1. He was walking off balance because the Spaceman walks off balance. And unbeknownst to the casual Kiss fan, Ace Frehley, as the Spaceman, walked like that because he was an undisciplined drunk By your callow reasoning, Tommy should change all the guitar solos from all the Kiss songs because they are “Ace’s” solos. Utterly ridiculous. Sure Ace came up with the Spaceman persona, but the drunken duncecap failed to purchase the rights to the persona, so now Paul and Gene own it. The reason why people argue that the spaceman character is synonymous with Ace Freheley is A. He came up with it at the beginning of the band, and B. They were rarely photographed without their make-up back then, so Ace Frehley was only seen and known as the Spaceman.

        1. Right, that’s why I love Psycho Circus and Ace and Peter aren’t on that, or played and supported EVERY lineup of Kiss last 30 years on radio including this year in my Kiss special (check the playlist). Truly clueless… Maybe I should just say ever latest Kiss album is the best one ever..until the next know, like some do.

          1. I hadn’t heard WHO WANTS TO BE LONELY in ages ’till VOL. 1 said it was the best KISS song ever and it is hard to disagree. No Ace and Peter on that one.

        2. That’s really funny since I think that Psycho Circus was a huge disappointment. Dude, put down the crack pipe. By the way, Eddie Trunk has something that the current KISS does not , it’s called CREDIBILITY.

          1. Ironically I thought the best tune on Circus was Ace’s tune, Into the Void. That had a classic Ace/KISS vibe.

        3. ss…”He walks off balance because the spaceman walks off balance” LMAO Did you just get into the band yesterday? Your post is so off the wall and ignorant of the band’s history it isn’t funny. Let me guess, you’re going on the KISS KRUISE too , right? LOL

  7. eddie has to get involved in this i trust eddie that this will all go down in
    a great way kiss fans like myself have been waiting for this to happen for
    years and its has to be all orginal members its the hall of fame kiss should
    really do this for teh dans and kiss army and put there issues with each
    other aside for one great night !

    1. Trunk, you claim to be a METS fan and you allow a guy with that name on your website. Forget Simmons, JASON BAY IS THE DEMON. JASON BAY IS A KNIGHT IN SERVICE TO SATAN.

  8. I only hope that Paul is just playing it up , if not, the firestorm of negative reaction from the fans will be huge. Gene and Paul know that going back on tour with Eric And Tommy after the original four are inducted and perform together would look silly. If there was ever an opportunity to go out with some class and honor it would be now. There is no better time than after being inducted into the Rock Hall. I say the original four play at the induction, do some dates in each side of the coast ( like The Stones do), and call it a day. KISS will continue to make money even after they’re gone.

  9. Robbie Kneival (Evil Kneival’s son) mentioned on the radio he was in negotiations to do a motorcycle jump before each concert for a Kiss Reunion Dynasty tour !

  10. lets let them 2 play,,,, 1st song the oath,, go straight into under the gun we will see who should be up there, peter would pass out ace would just stand there

  11. The fans put Kiss in the HOF period, as if the aging hippies at Rolling Stone were ever going to do it after 15 years. I liked the non-makeup era, but neither that band, nor their current tribute band would’ve merited their induction. The real Kiss fans want to see the reason why Kiss is HOF worthy, if for just one last time – the original band, on stage, and in make-up. Of course Gene and Paul will push the current tribute act they have going with Eric and Tommy since it reflects the principles of “the brand” thing that they’re all about today. I hope the hall sticks to their guns on this one – original members performing in make-up or nothing. If they go up there with the two posers in make-up, they’ll be booed off stage. It’s a no win situation for the brand on this one. That night isn’t going to be some Kiss cruise where they can count on a sea of yuppies that soak up the sun with Mai Tai in hand, clueless to the whole Kiss charade of today. Best case is they’ll all just get up there and jam out of make-up, which is probably the most likely scenario. If this blows up and no one shows like the Van Halen thing, it would be funny as hell if the wildcard Vinnie Vincent were the only member to attend and take it all!

  12. And … it starts.
    So RuPaul Stanley, the acclaimed painter, restaurateur, ship lounge singer, and arena football team owner
    (stop chuckling you in the back) is taking some sort of “stand” here? He/she is gonna say how it’s gonna be?
    Oh the drama, what a queen … get over yourself, although, pouting IS your thing, right?
    I expect these flames will continue to be fanned up until showtime. Who will show? Who will sulk?
    Who will play? Who will walk? Four guys built the thing, and the current model is nowhere near as valuable
    and as talented as the original.
    Let’s just hope the hired “help” keep their yaps shut until the show is over.

    1. Who is “RuPaul Stanley?” Oh, you must have your favorite performer “RuPaul” (the African-American drag queen) on your mind. If not that, you’re certainly one of these 18 year olds that grew up with texting and never quite grasped the concept of forming sentences and spelling. In any case, I hate to break the news to you, but discovering the Kiss display in a Walmart and picking up Sonic Boom doesn’t merit you to be in this discussion of men who grew up with the real Kiss. Funny a kid like you should refer to employment, being you more than likely used your Walmart employee discount by the time Monster rolled out. If you haven’t noticed, there is a clear understanding here among established Kiss fans such as Eddie, myself, and the majority of the commenters on here. Your comment only reflects your immaturity and ignorance of Kiss. Oh, and don’t forget to use that employee discount on after holiday sale Kiss Christmas ornaments in your support of the brand.

      1. Surely you get the RuPaul gag without having to have it explained. Seriously? Look at Paul …!
        And … wrong: Born in ’63, first record ever purchased was KISS Destroyer. First concert was the Destroyer tour in ’76, KISS with Uriah Heep. So, to clarify … I just think Paul needs to come down to earth a bit and realize that his opinion should be 1/4 of the final decision. Am I a fan? Sure, have been for a long time. Do I like what their peddling now – reality TV, restaurants, football & cruises – not to mention the sad act that their touring as now? No, not really. Give me the original 4.
        In reality, this is just to build buzz for the event … maybe we’re supposed to believe that even Gene & RuPaul are fighting. ? Guess that’s another show huh ?

  13. I read somewhere that there will be a Kiss tour later this year (if I remember correctly the UK is already “confirmed”), so the HOF won’t be the end of KISS. Although it would be the right time to hang it up.

    As much as I love KISS, I think it’s time to stop being delusional, and face the facts. Pauls voice is so shut that it’s embarrassing… Invite all past and present members of KISS to come and play a couple of tunes, and end it right there, with the HOF. 40 years is a good run. most bands don’t even last 40 weeks.

  14. Ace: I’d like tah thank my fathah n muddah and all my Bronx brothers for bein dare in da beginning and Peter for being dare when I needed him. Applause. If it ends up just a mass of un-make-upped Kiss members doing 4 tunes with a conductor pointing at each member when their solo comes in, I’ll laugh. Vin: “Oh my turn”. Bruce: “Here comes an ’89 blast for yee”. This going to be a circus if Ace & Peter watch the ’14 line-up in make-up perform. “Guys, this is Kiss, Dodger Stadium on ice or the hall of fame, deal with it”. Hey Gene, Kiss Army is mighty pissed. Linda Ronstadt getting in this late is far more of a joke.

    1. Actually it’s mutha and fatha, I’m from there and I have an English degree. NO JOKE. My brutha got the first album from the same ALEXANDER’S described in Aces book and I listened to it, though warped years later when I discovered KISS. They can really get it right this time and I think they will. VODKA AND ORANGE JUICE FOREVER!

  15. Paul Stanley hold a grudge despite any support he’s had from his current vendetta – i.e. Eddie Trunk, Slash, fans who wanted him to quit attempting to write top-40 songs because they never worked. He is undoubtedly pissed at Ace and Peter (particularly Peter) for their books which portrayed him as both a control and penis freak – i.e. Peter’s book stated he frequently drew pictures of cocks, not to mention his circumcised guitar. It appears he will go out of his way to deny Ace and Peter one last shot in the spotlight even though the majority of us refuse to attend the ‘going through the motions’ tribute kiss with Paul and Gene bored out of their skulls.

  16. They’ll need a lot larger venue to have room for Simmons to fit his swelled head. Nothing I’ll watch, but surprised they don’t want to play in make-up. Would hide some of the bad plastic surgery and hair plugs.

  17. This is unfortunate news from Paul given more positive press coming from Gene where he seemed OK with a one off at the HOF induction of 3-4 songs. Ace has good reason to worry about Paul and Gene “doing the right thing” as Paul is certainly saying the wrong things in terms of the bands history and what the fans who have been there all along or periods along the way want/deserve. They are getting in the HOF largely based on their work with Ace and Peter, with all due respect to their work after 1980 (when Peter left/was fired), or 1982 (when Ace left following The Elder). We shall see, but as the HOF wants the original lineup there, and Ace and Peter seem game to appearing there, Peter and Gene better think quickly before forever creating an embarrassing memory that can be avoided if they just “do the right thing.” Will they???? Stay tuned. I sure hope they do!

  18. Comparing Gene’s statements to Paul’s statements, I feel like there are cracks regarding their relationship. Peter says that in his book, but I don’t know if it’s noticeable enough. I have a theory that Ace and Peter will definitely show up to the induction, Gene might, but Paul will not. That’s the “best case scenario” at this point.

    Your thoughts, everyone?

    1. Ziggy, you may be on to something. I can totally see Paul not showing up or worse yet, making sure Gene doesn’t either. He can then put the blame on Ace & Peter or The Hall trying to dictate who should be there. I’ve read Paul has had a lot of personal issues and was in therapy for a good portion of his life. This would explain his hyper sensitive personality.

    2. Interesting point Ziggy. But Paul and Gene know what their doing. I think Paul is just stoking the flames and building the hype. Its what those two do as businessmen. If KISS perform, and its with Eric and Tommy instead of Ace and Peter, there will be a shit storm to end all shit storms. I can’t even imagine how the fans at the ceremony would react to that. Like many, including yourself, I’m a KISS fan since the 70’s. Ace was my favorite growing up. I don’t have a problem with what KISS is doing today – take it or leave it I say. But for an event such as this, it should be the original four only IMO. If Eric Carr were still alive, I would include him as well. But he would be the only one despite some other outstanding talent that was in the band (Vincent/Kulick). Lets just hope Paul is blowing smoke. If not, at least the posts on Eddie’s site will be outstanding the morning after!

  19. Listened to a little of eddies show tonight on the way home. All kiss talk. Let’s go Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. It would be really cool if you can put all the bullshit aside. Don’t talk about it with everyone else. Get together with one another and do a great hall of fame show. Maybe bring a little credibility back to the hall. Show some major class and give the fans what they want. After, a reunion tour. One tour with all the original members would bring more attention and $ then 10 more tours with what theyhave now. After the tour. Do a 2 hour metal show. Let Eddie and gene hug. Gene needs to accept that Ed’s voice in rock and roll is here to stay. Acknowledge it. Everyone is happy. Kiss goes down as one of the greatest rock and roll stories of all time. Thanks. Todd

  20. I think that they shouldn’t perform at all.
    stop trying to relive the fantasy people.. go listen to your favorite old kiss album and move on.
    they had a reunion tour, that was your opportunity to relive the glory days.
    I love kiss too
    but the best years are over. the farwell tour should have been the end.

  21. I can’t believe Eddie thinks psucko circus is better than recent albums. Sonic boom is the best album since Asylum, but I guess he thinks I finally found my way to you trumps Say yeah. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ace back but not whiney ass half speed Peter . They got the right drummer NOW.

  22. Gene needs to realize and so does Paul , that if Ace and Peter don’t show or play the real fans will most likely burn the place down and after the press releases the story of no Ace no Peter Kiss will be done ! I’m 42 I love kiss I take my 12 year old drummer girl to show her what a show is ! She watches you tube and DVDs of old school kiss and asks so many questions ! Once you teach them they know! I’m a big Eric Carr and Bruce fan too but that was no make up days and the 80’s that time was great too!!! But you wouldn’t have anything at all if it wasn’t from the start!

  23. you wanted the best and you got the best-ace peter paul and gene….everthing else kiss clones,including tommy and eric aint the best…..point blank…kiss is the original members…paul and gene need to wake up????

  24. I personally like how Gene summed it up. They (Peter and Ace) helped give birth to KISS and should be recognized for their contributions, but KISS today includes Tommy and Eric. He used an analogy of divorce and remarriage, which makes sense if you think about it. Honestly, its their decision as to who performs, and how they perform. I grew up loving KISS, and never got to see the original lineup until the reunion tour. It was awesome! Ace talked to my wife during the show and I (and my wife) will never forget that.

    Last year, I was able to take my daughter to the Monster Tour so she could experience KISS. Hands down it was one of the best shows I’ve seen from them in a long time. She and I loved it, and wants to go again.

    We all know the reasons why Peter and Ace are no longer in the band. You can either agree or disagree with whom ever you want. But no matter what your argument is, it is Gene and Paul’s decision. No matter whether you love the original or the new KISS, respect it or don’t, KISS will carry on.

    1. John, I’m in the same boat as you. Took my 9 year old son to his first KISS concert this summer. He absolutely loved it, and that’s why I support this edition of the band. It lets my two kids experience what I did when I was the same age. Its an experience like no other. However, Gene has also stated that they are going to the ceremony for the fans, and that they don’t need or care for the RRHOF (and I agree with him). If they are doing this for the fans, it has to be the original four. If not, you’re slapping a major portion of your fan base in the mouth. Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer have their place in this band, but its not Hall of Fame worthy, and the RRHOF is not inducting them in. They are inducting the originals. Hell if I was Tommy or Eric, I would want nothing to do with this at all. I’d tell my employers to go have one last night with Ace and Peter and then head back out with the ’13 line up.

  25. Imagine the booing when the ’13 line-up comes onstage in make-up to play. Cut to Ace & Peter laughing and holding up their bubbly egging the crowd on to diss G & P. Afterward: Ace: “It was a fwuckin joke, you heard the crowd and I heard Kiss nation”.

  26. I can’t believe no one has yet to make the obvious comparison or joke about the potential to recreate Kiss Meets The Phantom. They could get up there and play Rip and Destroy with Tommy and Eric, and then Ace and Peter can walk onstage and get into a fist fight with them, all in full costume and makeup!
    Everyone would go nuts!

  27. Truthfully, what is the opinion of those who see this post about WHY they continued after the “Farewell” tour? It simply has to be about money? I’ve liked the various incarnations of KISS to one degree or another but, these, days, their show appears so listless and bored. Poor Paul is losing his vocal abilities for real and the spark that existed before is just not to be found, in my opinion.

    1. Agreed Heath,
      Physically, Gene and Paul just kind of mull around out there. They’ve tried to keep the show itself high energy … but those two just don’t cut it anymore. Somewhere in the back of their minds they have to be thinking “so THIS is what it felt like for Peter a few years ago, man this hurts”. And, Paul’s voice has seen better days, even on the Monster record. Very rough. Maybe the best thing to do would be to hang it up as the final 4, the night of the HOF show. It’s time.

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