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paulstanley400 The OC Weekly spoke with KISS frontman Paul Stanley about his new autobiography, Face The Music: A Life Exposed.

In it the singer recounts many stories including one that claimed drummer Peter Criss went on a racist rant at a Chinese restaurant and quitting the band for a few days and crawling back. “[Peter] didn’t crawl back,” Stanley says. “He swallowed his pride and pseudo machismo and came back. But part of the dynamic of the band was to have to pragmatically deal with the fact that two of the guys were often times more interested in sabotaging the band, sabotaging [bassist/vocalist] Gene [Simmons] and I, than doing the right thing. And they (Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley) also wanted equal say when they didn’t do equal work.”

He continued: “Part of what we gave the public was the myth that the four of us did everything together and contributed equally. That was something we wanted to maintain in the spirit of the bands that we loved and pictured doing that. The problem was that the guys in the band began to believe it themselves!”

When asked what it is about he and Simmons that they have managed to stay together over 40 years, Stanley said: “It’s hard to define and distinguish between friendship and brotherhood. I certainly see him as a brother, although we don’t always agree on how to treat your brother. At the end of the day, I know he will be there for me and me for him. My issues have always been more rooted in participating evenly and equally and still ending up with a equal share of money. I didn’t want it with Peter and Ace, why would I want it with Gene? He wasn’t doing his job and he was off doing other things and being paid for those things. I felt like if he wasn’t going to do his job and gonna go elsewhere. It was like he took less here or he gave me some of what he was doing elsewhere. That was an ongoing problem. But look, at this point we made the life for each other that each of us could only have dreamed of, and those lives have very little in common. I’m sure Gene would no more want to live my life than I live his. But there’s a bond there because we made it possible for each of us.”



  1. Hey Paul, ENOUGH ALREADY! You’ve made your points, right, wrong, true or false, WHATEVER, enough of the fucking drama! Nobody’s perfect, everybody’s made mistakes, regrets, bad choices and decisions, but take your own advice already and MOVE ON!!

    1. I’ve seen Peter play great and I have seen Ace really shine. Today people need to take and listen to Cream and the Who , and the first three Kiss records and just listen … Peter Criss was right there with Gods of rock

          1. Exactly…there’s no way Kiss tours with another band that size if they could still sell out arenas and sheds on their own!

          2. And neither does Def Leppard…or virtually any other band out there not named Metallica or U2. Most bands are packaging tours…just the way it is now.

          3. By your logic, all the Def Lepard fans would leave after the that show and there would be a lot of empty seats for the Kiss show. That’s not the case. Silly and a bit close-minded.

          4. Co-headlining in 2014 is called a sound business decision.

            Journey / Steve Miller Band
            Motley Crue / Alice Cooper
            Rod Stewart / Santana
            Boston / Doobie Brothers
            KISS / Def Leppard
            Styx / Foreigner
            Aerosmith / Slash

            Shall I go on?

          5. Queen is doing quite well right now but they have not toured in a very longtime, no opening act either. Most of the bands you listed tour Every Year so the need to see them is watered down some what.

        1. Sadly they are not selling out every stop on the tour. Here in Seattle just 24 hours before the concert they had dropped the ticket prices by half due to over 50% of the arena not having sold. I was row 13 and the people next to me paid half what I did as they bought last minute. They had to have donated tickets somewhere to fill the place the day of the show. They were even aggressively moving people from the lawn into seats to fill the front of the house. All that said both bands played great and sounded better than in recent years.

          1. 14,000 – 15,000 were sold before show day. If you understood how the concert business works nowadays, unlike the old days when unsold tickets remained unsold, the promoter ,LN will always discount the last couple of thousand tickets the day of the show in order to sell you $12 beer,$10 hotdogs and a $50 T Shirt that they’ll get their part of.

    2. I agree with with your point, but this is the part of the interview that made the headline. I am sure Paul did not start the conversation with “Peter and Ace did not want to do the work, but wanted equal pay.” I agree, this is yesterdays news.

    3. He will only sell his book offering controversial issues! And that is what it’s all about: selling – the band, the music, the brand, the casket, the Rock’n Brews … list goes on. And as long as you buy it he will keep on doing it. If you want him to stop, stop going to concert or buying their merchandise … as well as their petty shooting crap at former members for the sake of making themselves look better.
      Btw DF as well as Kiss both need the double headline bill, otherweise none of them in their right mind would share the profit just to make rock concert fans happy to see two famous bands in one concert.

  2. For someone who said he didnt throw anyone under the bus, he sure got his licks read the book..what he said about it being inspirational and less mud slinging is pure BS..he got his in just as much as the others did…that being said, it was an okay book, some cool pics…I guess he was right when he said kiss is the virus that infected rock n roll bcuz this shit just doesnt seem to want to go away..btw, has anyone seen the tour this year and is pauls voice still shot for shit?
    PS: Just when u thought it was safe to log back onto….(jaws theme plays in background)..

  3. Ok … what’s the story here? Did the reporter bring up A&P or did Paul?
    I mean, if it’s Paul … then get over it dude. It’s going to be a long summer out there with Leppard if you have to keep beating that dead horse. C’mon, talk up the tour, the ticket sales (… no?) the future …
    but leave Pete & Ace out of it, you know like you did with them playing at the hall.

  4. I caved in and bought Paul’s book when I said I wouldn’t. Up to the animalize era, I am having a hard time reading it when everyone is a racist and lazy. To me Paul is coming off as a huge ass. I guess it’s O.K. to rip on anyone else but Gene who was absent for most of the early 80’s.

  5. “Paul-bashers” are going to say that they picked on poor defenseless Peter and Ace. After reading Paul’s book, any reasonable person can see that KISS is Paul’s band. At various times, the ship was abandoned by the other 3. He shows Gene no mercy in the book as well. This story has 4 sides and none of us fans know the entire truth. The acknowledged fact is that Ace and Peter know they screwed up and are now on the outside licking their wounds. Gene has become a parody of himself. Paul still plays marketable music and carries the KISS ARMY banner without embarrassing himself. We are in the end days of KISS with any original members on board. Enjoy the music and stage show while you can.

    1. I am not a “Paul-basher”, I just want him to shut up already about Ace & Peter, and Gene! Let the music do the talking, and the show, not the book. In some ways, yes, Paul has carried the Kiss Army banner, but in other ways (mainly because of the book) he has been ripping it apart. He has divided the Kiss Army more than ever, and for what? To sell more books? Well, as far as I’m concerned, and many others, his “plan” to sell X-amount of books back-fired. Reason is, I was all set to buy his book, really was looking forward to it, UNTIL some of the previews starting coming out. When I read about some of the things he was saying about Ace & Peter, I lost all interest. Even if a lot of it was true, why? Why did Paul feel that he had to bash the shit out of them the way he did? Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like some of the stuff I heard Ace & Peter say about Paul & Gene either, but IMO, Paul went way too far. We don’t need to know OR want to know everything, truth or fiction. Now, once again, can we just get back to the music?

      1. His book is very good, but Peter’s is the best. If you like 1980s KISS, they were basically his solo band. No one has done more for KISS fans than Paul Stanley, so we should all be grateful to him. Long live the King of the nighttime world.

        1. Richman, I’ll always be grateful to Paul, and Gene for all the great music, concerts, and memories from the 70’s & 80’s. My problem with Paul is now, he’s gone overboard. No reason for him to relentlessly keep bashing Ace & Peter over and over. Didn’t he already get everything off his chest? Why keep it going? I am so tired of hearing about the complaints, criticism and insults, just kiss & make up already! (not literally) LOL! Doesn’t Paul care about what all the bickering and B.S. is doing to the fans? Paul, if you really care about the fans like you say you do, then listen to us, we know Ace & Peter fucked up in the past, and so have you & Gene, everybody has fucked up at one time or another, the price you pay for being human. Just let all the baggage go already & “Move On”! all I want to hear about from now on, is the good details, to hell with the bad & the ugly, just give me the good stuff
          “Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll”! 🙂

            If all these guys got along then there would be no EDDIE TRUNK Website as we know it. It would just be postings of tours and album releases. You can get that stuff anywhere. The controversies are what is provocative. Stephen Freaking Pearcy the biggest clown not from Staten Island (Shannon, get it?) got like 300 comments a ways back. This stuff is fun and I think KISS uses it as part of its marketing machine. Good, not so clean fun. Think about it, Alice Cooper is a stand up guy and he’ll get like 7 comments. Imagine ACE FREHLEY SAYS GENE SIMMONSes NOSE LOOKS LIKE A BEAK: 250+ comments and they keep going despite 2 BLACK LABEL posts, 1 ROB HALFORD post, 3 WINERY DOGS, and a BOB DAISLEY.

          2. RICH, RICHIE, RICHMAN,
            I get all that! My whole point is after a while this shit gets old, Kiss, us fans, we’re all getting too old for this name-calling, trash-talking, character bashing bullshit! What would be “fun” & refreshing to me now, is if the original 4 would just reminisce about the GOOD times, IMO, that’s more interesting than their controversies. Kiss stories still generate a lot of interest, but do they ALL have to be BAD stories from now on? Like I said earlier, I would have bought Paul’s book if it WASN’T for all the “drama”, controversy, and bad blood in it! The Kiss rollercoaster is on it’s last ride, let’s make it a good one! When all is said & done, “WE ARE ONE”. Cheers 🙂

          3. We have to acknowledge that, like in real life, the members are like a family with all the inherent problems and dramas, like real people who are sometimes sweeties, and sometimes a…holes. the only thing is, sadly they are putting it all out in public, they are using the public (in this case, the book) to feel good about themselves, which I personally do not need, I need their music, I do not need to know about their private lives. But one must admit there are lots of people out there who actually like the drama queens for being good entertainment and something to talk about – like posting on this website:-)

      2. Again, we’re back to this mind set that it’s ok for Ace and Peter to rip the band and each other to shreds but not ok for Paul. That logic just floors me every time.
        Simple question…why is it ok for Ace and Peter to do it but not Paul? I’ve yet to hear a non biased answer to that.
        Is it because…just possibly Paul’s right and lets face it, sometimes the truth is harder to take for some people. The fact is…Paul has been there from the beginning, he never waivered in keeping the band going even in the lean times. You stay around long enough, you stay successful long enough, you work hard long enough and yet people will still find a way to resent you. Funny world we live in.

        1. Kudos & credit where AND when it’s due. All original 4 are to blame for ripping the band and the Kiss Army apart. I just want them ALL to shut up about all the bad shit in the past already. Paul deserves all the credit in the world for never losing focus on the band, I’ll always respect him & give him credit for that like I always have. But right now, he’s the only one still bashing the shit out of everybody. Who’s more accurate, who’s more right, who’s more relevant, WHO CARES?! It’s not ok for ANY of them to keep bashing and trashing each other. Can we just enjoy what good memories we still have left of the original 4 before they erase & destroy all of them? I want the same feeling when I listen to Kiss today I had back in ’77, that’s why again I keep saying I don’t want to hear about anymore bad shit from anybody about anybody! Can we just Rock And Roll All Nite & party everyday, and enjoy some Cold Gin, for the next 100,000 years, or at least for Tomorrow And Tonight!

          1. Doug when the media stops asking him, he’ll stop talking about them. He’s got a book and a tour to sell. If people really read his book, especially the the beginning of it when he talks about his childhood and the escape he needed…I think people would truly appreciate where the venom is coming from. Might not be right, but I personally don’t blame the guy.

          2. Dear Doug R,
            You sir are in luck. I got a C+ in Psychology one-o-one at CUNY: Queens College so I am no doubt an expert. Gene Simmons lived as a teenager in that area so all the more better. Your memories are your own and these sixty year olds cannot harm them unless you let them. Don’t give in to hate ’cause it only leads to the dark side. Love and cherish your memories and nurture them. I know what dissappointment is like. I am METS/JETS/KNICKS fan. Tomorrow starts a new week, so get out there and kick all that negativaty in the old keister. Free advice from me, THE RICHMAN. God be with you.

          3. That’s right doug r. doug, layin’ it down as always. I don’t even go for demo recordings, or outtakes all that much (except maybe Priest’s), it’s the finished product that matters.

          4. They’ll only destroy it if you let them doug…that’s totally up to you.

            Just because these guys can’t get along anymore doesn’t mean you let it change all the good times you had with the band. Do I wish they’d all shut up…sure but that’s not the case. And the fact is, they aren’t the same band they were in 1977, that band ceased the minute Criss was gone. In the interim there’s been a lot of damn good music, tours and good times.

          5. DR, Richman, Clown, JB, thanks for all the advice. We the fans, and the bands, we all may not be related biologically, but we’re all related musically. We all share a love for this music. That’s why sometimes it really gets to me when these bands bash the shit out of each other. We all know unfortunately it goes with the territory, and I try really hard not to let all the bad shit going on today affect my good memories I have of the bands from yesterday. I think I should pay more attention to my own advice as well, let the music talk, and ALL the bullshit walk! People may change, and times may change, but all the great music & great memories we have will never change! That’s one thing, well two things actually, that will live forever! Cheers. 🙂

          6. BTW, hey Richman, LET’S GO METS! I’m a Mets fan too. 😉
            Do you think there’s any chance of Harvey coming back this year?

          7. Maybe he knows that this is the last or second-last ride of Kiss (I do not mean financially or regarding business plans, I mean emotionally), so it might feel about time – even subconsciously, to use this final phase to erect your statue, so-to-speak, to cement his place in rock history the way he sees himself, to claim thatit was he who shaped Kiss (to do so he must officially – while still ridiculously – deny Ace’s and Peter’s contributions and marginalize Gene) , to show everyone you are the best guy in the band (when you are and were not the most talented musician of all members past and present), to shape your legacy one last time. Some need to do that, the only difference is that he is a public person, so it is for all to see. They are old now, people getting old tend to do things like that. my only problem is that it keeps away the fcous from the band and music which in the end is all that is important. Therefore I am looking forward to Ace’s album doing his own thing. I would also appreciate one more Kiss album. Give us music and keep the drama to yourself.

          8. I agree with both if you…Paul is only answering questions but I do wish he would stop answering them…even the RRHOF stuff was said and is true but to keep answering questions about why they didn’t play, etc is absurd…he should just tell anyone asking those things that he has already answered, period…

      3. If Paul would let the music do the talking, well, he hasn’t got much of a voice left to do that 🙂 And so that is precisely how he is making headlines today, by doing other things than music, by keeping the band in the media expanding on other fields like football, restaurants, books, etc. – so it’s two ways: the band will sell more tickets if the brand is being talked about in the media for whatever reason, and the other business ventures might do well just because the band is still alive. This is called marketing. Musical integritity or productiveness, let alone creativity, does no longer enter into this game.

    2. Paul is a pity poor me fella. Basically he is a Whineass drama queen. Call it “Paul-bashers” all you want but this guy loves to hear himself tell the world just how wonderful, honest (lols) etc: he is. Bottom line is he just can’t stop himself from branding/marketing the same old stories that he has told the human race & now possibly the Aliens for decades. If I was Ace & Peter I would send Paul “THANK YOU” cards for keeping both of them in his thoughts/news etc……Joe in The Cuse

      1. Maybe he keeps on branding the old stories because there are no new ones?!? Someone herev has used the metaphor of the last rollercoaster ride, so he will stay on the track and thus keep true to this self-important banter until the ride is finally over and his presence and attention in the media gone. But as long as magazines and Tv stations keep asking him, he will use every opportunity to prove himself and to sell himself. Not let’s get to the music and put some 70s or 80s record on.

  6. Read the book too…everything was his family’s fault or the band members (including Eric Carr) or the producers or the manager’s or his therapist’s or his first wife’s, etc. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because he can’t find happiness in his ivory tower after screwing a playmate … Boo F’n Who!

    1. Exactly…read his book….basically (as usual) NOTHING WAS HIS FAULT. Poor Paul Stanley…boohoo…whaaaaaaaaaa…..Paul stick a pacifier in your mouth….what a friggin whiner. And the book wasn’t all that good…..and DEFINATLY was honest as he said it was. Bill Aucoin must be laughing up in the heavens at Paul…….Joe in The Cuse

        1. Maybe Paul’s alter ego but at least I’m a tool in the shed, sure beats being lower than a pregnant ant outside the shed like yourself…..uhh yeah, that one stung….

    2. One does not need to be an expert in psychology to know that someone who suffered from being an outsider in his youth, someone who was literally born with something that would make him look and feel different, will do everything for all his life to make up for that, and to cover up for the deep scars in their soul. Only difference is, he is out in public, and he keeps making it public, using the publicity he gains to make up for what he did not have earlier in his life. Having said that, it is only logical that he blames everyone else. Interestingly enough, the more his musical status declines (e.g. his voice), the more he tries to present himself as Mr Kiss. It is only human, but still it gets on one’s nerves.

      1. Come to think of it, Paul had a defect, Peter was from a very working class background whose way could onmly lead upwards, Gene was trying to make it in a country that, given the historical background of his people, gave him the opportunity to rise and maybe live his dream, so it seems that Ace, being from a quite middle class background, was the only one who did not have something so urgent to prove, who could wait and see what life had in store, he could focus on being just a guitar player, and that would fit to his behaviour in Kiss as well as today, which is basically: having a good time!, that he is more relaxed thatn everyone else in the original band. Just a thought.

    1. Cousin saw them in Denver……Def Leppard was the highlight of the night. Gene kept forgetting the words….Paul’s voice kept cracking throughout the show & Tommy’s playing was aweful.

          1. Keep the faith Richman, hopefully in the near future, it’ll be 1986 all over again! 🙂

      1. Wait, that’s what your cousin said? I was AT the Denver show and Paul’s voice was the best I’ve heard him sing in the last two years. Gene was perfect and Tommy didn’t miss a note. Not to mention a very good set list (Hide Your Heart, Let Me Go Rock and Roll, Christine Sixteen…”

        1. Unfortunately, his voice has been cracking for quite a number of years now, so if it actually was the best in years, that does not say much compared to the great voice he had back then.

  7. These great stars get older and cant stop talking about how greater they are than the other people in there band. Its kind of funny watching them make fools of themselves. We the people who have made them rich and famous know we like the bands as a whole. When you have half a great band it half sucks! haha Take that paul!

  8. Ace and Peter fell into bad habits in the band’s heyday. But it was the ’70’s. Aside from Gene, Paul and that nut Ted Nugent, nearly everyone else in rock bands indulged and were a little naughty. Okay, VERY naughty sometimes. That’s no real excuse, but it is what it is. But Ace and Peter were important reasons Kiss were so great. They brought it live and performed like stars and there were just as many fans, and still are, of Ace and Peter as there are of Gene and Paul and I think that gets under Gene and Paul’s skin. It all boils down to personalities: Two saw eye to eye with each other but not with the other two. It happens. That’s why bands are so tough to be in. I wish this nonsense between the two sides would stop already. It’s causing us to want to pick sides and personally, I don’t want to do that anymore. The four of them are the reason I got into hard rock and metal in the first place. It’s 2014, these guys aren’t getting any younger and neither are the rest of us, for that matter. So they need to stop it already! They aready ruined their Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction because of this crap.

    1. Well said! Anyone who has ever palyed in a band will know that these personality and decision-making issues can really spoil the fun you are supposed to have playing and creating something together. And if the big money comes in (whoch we of course do not know …) things will get worse.

      1. Thanks schocman an tyler! I hate the bickering that has gone one between those guys. Honestly, when I was choosing sides, I was on team Ace and Peter. But my stance now is I want the four of them to bury the hatchet once and for all and acknowledge that they are where they are and who they are to all of us is because of each other. If they never perform together again as Kiss, at this point, doesn’t matter anymore. I want them to acknowledge and respect each other like all of us do. After all, without our support, Kiss would not be here.

  9. 19,000 a night, kickin’ ass. L.A. Forum sold out. Blowin out tickets like the reunion tour. Ace at the next Chillah Convention: “Buy mah CD, $50 per signayshure mack”.

    1. Why is Ace a goat? Bronx people don’t sound that stupid. No one says “mack”, it is usually “Cuz” or “tough guy”. Also no one says PER, more like PUH. I am a Gene and Paul supporter and you force me to defend Ace. Bronx born NYers are amongst the smartest people in the world by far. This guy in my high school actually listened to U2, so he must have been smart. I had a neighbor that once asked a question on PHIL DONAHUEs show. Not enough? I grew up with a guy that lost 2 fingers shoving his hand up a soda machine while trying to steal a COKE. He actually sued and got like $80,000.00. Also, I remember an old-timer that used to threaten kids with a lighter and a stick of dynamite. Oh the good ole days.

      1. Your hatred of all things Paul and Gene is getting frivolous. KISS even with the two imposters blows them shirtless Europeans away. No comparison. KISS is better than LED ZEPPELIN too.

      2. Yes, and 1 dollar from each ticket sold goes to the Wounded Warriors Project. WTF do you do to help veterans in this country? As a veteran myself, I appreciate all Kiss does to help veterans. Maybe you, and all the other assinine Paul and Gene bashers, should stop bad-mouthing Kiss and start praising them for their generosity.

        1. The status of the band and what they do for the veterans is 2 different things…yes maybe more bands/artists should do more for the about $2/tix? Or $5?…bottom line is they do good work with vets but it doesnt absolve them from criticism…IMO

          1. Yes 2 different things…or a sad marketing ploy to sell more tix…if they have to rely on the military, it speaks volumes about the quality of what theyre putting out (or lack of)…BTW, im a rock fan..I have no

        2. Now you’re talking. Finally, a guy with a brain in his head. Nice post ALTER EGO. Thank you for your service and thought out post. If KISS would have ended in 1983, which apparently some of these fellows wish would have happened, we would be here commenting on old guys using tele-promters, devil worshippers, shirtless 50 year olds and Bret Michaels. KISS would have gotten a paragraph in Eddie Trunks heavy metal bible instead of a whole chapter. WHO WANTS TO BE LONELY and I’VE HAD ENOUGH ( INTO THE FIRE) would be someone elses song. If Aces album which comes out next month is a masterpiece then I will shut up and say that KISS would be better off with the originals but since the first FREHLEY’S COMET, Ace hasn’t been giving DESTROYER a run for its money, now has he?

          1. Which Kiss album has given Destroyer a run for it’s money? Certainly not the last two which Kiss has said is their best work many times and oddly playing nothing from it on the current tour..

          2. Eddie…which Kiss album has given Destroyer a run?

            Easy…Creatures of the Night! That album was everything I ever wanted hear out of Kiss. Agressive, great songs, huge drums, great playing, great solo’s, great production. Even today, that album has aged well.

            Destroyer and COTN sit 1A and 1B with me.

            Also…while I personally don’t like either Boom or Monster, both average albums at best…it really wouldn’t matter how great they were, fans don’t wanna hear new stuff. Pretty much that way with every older band still releasing albums. Besides…every bands “last” album is promoted as one of their best until the next one.

          3. Ahhh yes, Trunk, once again, looks for any opportunity to bash the current lineup. Paul and Gene still not returning your calls? Aww poor Eddie “sour grapes” Trunk.

          4. Funny how OPINION when asked that is TRUTHFUL is viewed as bashing. Hysterical. Don’t let truth ever get in the way of what you want to believe and are being sold. Oh and no calls being made so nothing to return. Poor me, I just need to settle for every other rock band in the world that gets it and encourages debate, discussion and does my shows. Damn!

          5. Love Destroyer and COTN, but I still say to this day, the very first Kiss album was, and is as good as anything since, just my opinion. 😉

        3. 1 $ of how many per ticket? Does it actually cost them money to donate? No. It is the money of the people buying tickets, not their money. There are about 75 $ left for Kiss to put into their already bulging allets. I am not debasing your service for your country, that is a different matter, but you obviously do not see that Kiss is doing this to get people like you and those who acknowledge your service to buy tickets, thus to sell out venues, dthus to make money, not spend it! So you really think that in their hearts they really do care about the people? Dream on. This is after all a business, a very big one, there is big money involved. Nothing to do with charity, I can tell you, even though it is hard to realize. It is a strategy that – obviously – has succeded.

          1. Totally agree with JB. COTN is my 1B. Obviously didn’t have the commercial success. But that album is still one of their best to this day.

          2. Good grief–when was the last time you went outside? You need a vacation from your computer.

          3. Your cynicism is beyond words. (as is your grammar) I blame your parents and the public school system.

    2. It’s co-head lining tour!!! What planet do you live on? I’m beginning to wonder if your Paul Stanley using the name Lee! P.S Ace has his own signature guitar and he’s the one who created the logo! But you can’t teach a stupid dog smart tricks even after Eddie put you in your place on the New England post. Joe had to steal the teach stupid needed to be re used

    3. Kiss sold the Forum out three nights and Irvine Meadows twice on the reunion tour without the help of another major band…get real! There are good seats available for just about every show on this tour!

  10. Has anyone on here seen Lydia Criss’ book? Recently I just saw some photos from it and wouldn’t you know, there was a photo of Paul with Peter circa the 70’s in Nazi garb! My guess is that not many have bothered checking her book out and it’s this hidden gem out there that not many know about. If they did these photos would’ve been posted all over the place back when Paul’s accusation that Ace and Peter are anti-semites was in the news.

    So what we can deduce from Paul is it’s ok for him to dress like a Nazi, but if Peter does it then it’s wrong and he’s a racist. Gene doesn’t pull his weight in the 80’s like Paul claims Ace and Peter didn’t during the 70’s, but because the ends justify the means with where he is today with Gene and the Kiss brand, it’s all good. The only thing Paul has proven this year is aside from his voice being embarrassingly shot as the country witnessed on American Idol is that his hypocritical evidence just might even surpass his lack of accountability evident from blaming nearly everyone throughout his book for any shortcoming on his part. Paul clearly had an addiction for buying exorbitant, frivolous things in addition to his sex addiction, which was only overshadowed by Gene. Paul even admits to doing some drugs early on in his life, got wasted and passed out during the Hotter Than Hell photo shoot, and even talks to the crowd on the Alive album about who like’s to get high and what they like to drink; yet today he crucifies Ace and Peter for being into those things. Seriously, it makes me wonder if that wig of his has cut off the circulation to his brain to think that no one sees through all this bs.

    1. Agreed Nic. But even Lydia Criss questions the validity on alot of Peter’s claims in his own book. And I have to trust she would be the best source for all things Peter.

  11. …I was there…I remember very clearly the Kiss mystique…what these rock stars don’t get sometimes is that it’s the FANS, that’s right, us sheltered people that have the clearest, most objective viewpoint, we aren’t emotionally tangled up in it…Peter and Ace added so much to Gene and Paul’s material, he is omitting that.

    1. Clear and objective viewpoint? No. Not hardly. Fans often have the most extreme and emotional viewpoint of all. It’s why we’re fans. Clear and objective would mean that we as fans didn’t buy into everything the band was selling in the beginning. That all the members were equal, that somehow, someway these guys weren’t your typical drugged out, alcoholic, ego laden rock stars. That we didn’t buy into the mystique. When in reality, Kiss was really no different than any other dysfunctional band once the makeup came off. Because in reality, that is exactly what they are. Clear and objective? Where is the fun in that.

      1. Your post is based on the assumption that all fans think the same way. It’s the endgame that I’m talking about, I don’t give a shit what goes on backstage, that’s why it’s called backstage. It’s what’s onstage and what’s on the records that matters. So, as a fan, the Kisst hat was, by far, the most potent, was the first one. It was the combination of those four, it doesn’t matter if someone did more than the other.

  12. So…being his fan for 37 years……he is flat out contradicting himself from his previous statements…about producing Animalize, about Ace….No one twisted this guy’s arm and made him do any of the work he has done for Kiss…so what? so he can now sit on his throne some 30 odd years later and say this stuff? It’s like there is a Twin Paul.. and uh…

  13. A little FYI to Paul……..Ace has a new book coming out & it is going to be a lot more heavier than Aces’ first book…….So I’m sure some secrets which have been kept secret will be let out, or I hope so……Joe in The Cuse

    1. Like what Joe…he drank more battery acid than anybody else. That him and Peter slept together even more. Oh no, Paul and Gene wear wigs…shocking. I wonder if he’ll mention Paul and Gene footing the bill for his facelift before the reunion tour. Gee, I wonder what is in Paul’s “secret” bag of goodies….I mean why would normal tranquilizers even interest Ace at this point in his career when the guy ingested half of Bolivia and drank all of Kentucky. Or maybe we’ll hear “again” how he was held back from writing more classics like Torpedo Girl…thank goodness the world has Torpedo Girl. Oh, here’s a new one…my solo album sold the most, I was the only one to have a hit. Those guys suck, they only gave me 2 million for the tour…how do they expect me to blow a half a mill in Atlantic City now. Gee Ace, rinse and repeat. Yes, another great read.

      1. I was actually being sarcastic when I said that…….Like you were on the albums…….He could mention when Ace & him made out on several occasions and touched each other but…..YOU NEVER KNOW JB… 😉

          1. Don’t be sorry brother….it’s all fine…They did have killer albums back in the Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick days………Joe in The Cuse

      2. I hope you are being ironic, because otherwise one might come to think that you are repeating the A & P bashing and old stories just as much as people that you keep criticizing for being biased keep bashing P and G for them old stories … on the other hand, it would not surprise me.

  14. Kiss, bringing it on large in ’14. The Crue’s show is a bloated train wreck, Vince looking bloated himself directing the audience vocals…that’s the real mess out there in ’14…..and Alice Cooper kickin’ ass like 1975 again. A lot of people collect Nazi stuff…..Keith Moon wore Nazi uniforms. Ace can collect any Nazi stuff he wants. I’d get my M-80’s in Yonkers. You can’t set off sparklers anymore.

  15. I am a lifelong huge kiss fan of all eras of rhis group UNTIL this current lineup. Say what you will on fourth of july. But its called free speech . Freedom . Unlike any other country in the world were u can speak ur mind . Only in america. With that said I wanna say I was a huge fan and I am not no longer supporting them as a fan . If anything personally I can wait for them to retire. I am so disgusted by what direction paul and I mean paul has taking this band . And to one extent I think in many ways was this all planned out this way . I mean going back to farewell u had doc pushing them saying put tommy in makeup if ace didn’t show up at a show u had them do a farewell and it seems they already had thr rights to makeup after that tour and if thats the case im sure you could easily fill in the blanks. I think paul has really over reached his own peak in quality in terms of decisions about kiss n music in general I mean his own solo albums live to win was to me horrible and his writing material lately suck. So he is in my opinion has lost it musically and he is destroying their legacy. I mean this kinda of crap their doing today is exactly why people dont take them so serious . I wonder why

    1. Sorry, but you obviously do not know anything about the world outside the US, freedom of speech is not an American invention and can be found in many other (Western) countries. Since the Patriot Act the freedom in the US has been substantially endangered and become eroded even though many people just do not want to realize that. – Other than that I agree it is sad to see that instead of having fun on their last ride(s) and showing a positive attitude they seem to use this final phase to once and for all present themselves to the public as half bitter, half sullen superheroes when they cannot sing or move anymore like they used to, which makes them look like a parody of themselves. the more they keep talking about about being better than ever the more it becomes obvious that they are not. I would have liked my favourite band to end on a high note instead of this, but it is what it is.

  16. Whatever Paul marketing attention again wow. Kiss said farwell tour how many years ago. Ill give Metallica credit for calling out bands that did a farewell tour and than comeback. Metallica said when that day comes to hang it up they will.

  17. All of you “fans” get over yourselves. I’ve had a lot of misplaced frustration and even anger with Kiss since the hall of fame fiasco, but i’ve finally realized, its all of their A-hole fans . The worst, most entitled fans on earth. Any reason is out there for your wars and anonymous rants and insults on youtube and here. This article is here for traffic purposes only, and im done with this website. Dont like kiss anymore? Then go lose weight and focus on something else, and btw kiss dont need Def Leppard to sell 8- 10,000 seats, which is fine in this economy. Its the FANS that ruin this experience.

    1. Good post…many on this site are the problem…the funny thing is these idiots think they are agreeing with Eddie Trunk if they bash Paul and Gene…Even Eddie doesn’t hate this band as it is, he just has issues with the makeup and the fact that they don’t acknowledge him…Eddie, the problem is these idiots are a reflection of you, so when Paul or Gene hears some of the despicable posts it seems like you run an anti-KISS website. I mean really it’s the same idiots over and over saying the same tired shit and Yeah I got sucked in again to this conversation…opinions are fine, but the constant outright bashing of Paul Stanley is absurd and has no place…if you don’t like it, don’t go and don’t buy albums…

  18. * apologize for one my grammar and typos ..I was riding in a cab and very unsteady… Also massive clarification in the sentence that speaks of Ace now coming up with stuff he all of a sudden remembers now that Paul’s book is out…I want to clarify I know and believe 100% that Ace is sober now , I might to now come up with stuff that took place when he was is an alcohol and drug induced haze was my intent. I didn’t want for a minute as a Kiss and also an Ace fan take away the importance and the awesome courage it took to get sober. So please if this could be printed under my original pending comment or if not it is my wish to strike both from being printed as to avoid making a point that was phrased wrong admittedly by me the first time. Thanks Eddie and Dana for the wonderful work here. As we always say we don’t have to agree on everything a band does to be fans of same bands. Thank YOU

  19. Can we all move on. There are so many Bands out there making great music (This is not one of them). Lets move on. Hey Eddie you told us over Two years ago that you and the Kiss ship had sailed. So how about never talking about them again. Please

  20. We get it Paul, you don’t like Peter or Ace. But your getting to sound like a bitter old man.Enough with it already..You talk about how “Ace and Peter can’t play anymore and would look like fools in makeup” But how’s your voice been the last few years Paul?????You have NO voice anymore and I have seen you guys 24 times over the last 16 years and I’m as big a fan as any but damn it Paul, its really getting old..STOP WITH THE PETER AND ACE BASHING!!!!!!!!!! Because Paul those who throw rocks shouldn’t live in glass houses..

  21. “Your” Paul Stanley. Nice grammar. Kiss running huge box office. Gene & Paul would laugh at this Wayne’s World stuff. Ace: 35,000 units times $2 per, minus expenses/manager/tour up-front cost: “Anybody want my signature guitars, signed?” Kiss ’14: One show merchandising is more than Ace makes in months. Kiss ’14: kickin ass, top of their game…Singer risin up from the stage with fireworks erupting, 20,000 going wild! Kiss!!!!! Coming to your city loud & proud.

    1. …and you can thank Def Leppard for making all this possible. Last year Motley carried them, this year Def Leppard, and my future guess goes to Gene and Paul trying to hit up Axl to see if GnR would do them the honor.

      1. Thank Leppard? Crüe carried them last year? Holy shit you are one hateful and ignorant person. How nice of Crüe and Leppard to do this for KISS and carry them thru these hard times. Cause you know both those bands were doing so well on their own and selling out all over the world. They would have never had to stoop to a Vegas residency or something……if you wanna hate, that’s your prerogative. But don’t be a dumbass while your doing it.

        1. This version of Kiss can easily sell close to 8000 seats a night without Motley Crüe or Def Leppard…..Eric & Tommy have solidified their place in the band. As much as I support the original 4…..Eric & Tommy are critical for Kiss and I have (finally) excepted them in the band…..of course I really don’t think they need my opinion…….Joe in The Cuse

        2. DR…you clearly just revealed everything you accused me of in your own statement. I’m feeling rather benevolent on this occasion, so tell you what DR, I’m going to give you the fifteen minutes you so desperately crave. I’m going to break down reality for you, so that some day you too may grow up to be a man, learn to articulate your points rather than come across like a reactionary redneck, and maybe you will be inspired to join society as a contributor in the working, taxable segment.

          DR, anyone that’s even an occasional visitor on this site knows that you evidently don’t work since you seem to be better at counting the number of comments on a news post more than having anything meaningful to say. Poor Dana has what, like two hundred comments from you in any given week she has to deal with. If these Kiss posts haven’t led to premature gray hairs, it’s certainly from your plethora of comments sharing your two cents worth. In fact, not only do you prove your unemployment status from living on this site, Eddie and Dana should be charging you rent at this point. You have the gentleman by the name of Richman on here that must feel like he’s being stalked by a teenage girl with the way you pander for his friendship.

          My suggestion is you get a job as a ticket taker for one of these venues where the Kiss cover band will be performing. There you can count everyone that comes through the door; earn a paycheck – I’m sure mom would like a few bucks compensation for her basement every now and again; and you could hear first hand at these shows why they are co-headline gigs. You’ll understand the difference between bands that are progressive and living in 2014 vs. the brand that is living on the legacy of the characters, theatrics, and music that once made it great four decades ago. This isn’t some tour of Peru, they need these co-headline bands that have solid fan bases vs. the very fractured fan base that Kiss has today – just look at these comments on here!

          So DR when you grow up and reach manhood and/or become a contributor in the workforce, hopefully by then you will have at least enough education and common sense to know how to make a comment without unwarranted insults that ironically reflect your own asininity. Do yourself a favor this week, try to cut your comments down from a couple hundred to say one hundred; go out and talk to a girl even if she more than likely will reject you – hey, it’s a start; put in an application for a job, they just might need that ticket taker; try to make a friend in the real world and not just cyberspace – I’m sure Richman is a wonderful guy, but it’s healthy to have real human interaction; and pick up a dictionary and learn some new words, so you don’t open your mouth and reveal who the obvious “dumbass” on here is.

          And last, but not least, you say I was “hateful” simply because you disagreed with a point I was making. This is coming from a guy that has so much avarice toward Bill Ward, one would think the guy owed you money. Anyway, there’s your fifteen. May you one day have a life with the rest of us and be happy. In fact, I hope everyone on here shows this kid some love and gives him a shout out before he kills himself. Peace.

          1. Nic, thanks for your note and for reading my millions of posts. Always great to converse with all the fans out there who enjoy my many thoughts. I appreciate your concerns about my social and employment status. You can rest easy my dear friend as I am gainfully employed and very socially active. The fact that I’m able to peruse Eddie’s site as I do at any give time merely suggests that I have a rather executive position and based on your jealousy of my time, must suggest that I am of higher earning levels than you. But that’s ok Nic, because we need the ditch diggers out there too. I respect anyone with an occupation. Now in defense of myself, your original post claimed that Leppard is carrying KISS on this tour and Crue did such last year. Clearly you have venom towards the Demon and Starchild and it is forcing you to just throw out emotional accusations with no factual merit whatsoever. That makes sense though, cause usually people in your income level with very little education stoop to those levels. Its not you Nic, its the system. Earlier up in the posts, our dear friend Ken referenced a number of acts that are now touring together. You seemed to ignore that and specifically highlight KISS as the lame duck touring machine that needs several other has been bands to ‘carry them’. I’m sorry, but that line of thinking and general statement making just doesn’t work for me. I still think you are one hateful and ignorant person, and your follow up post simply proved my point even further. But hey, now we no why you are so hateful and ignorant. Its the system Nic. If you hate KISS so much, and all the opinions that come with, I friendly suggest you abstain from reading and or posting on them. I’ll try and work with you Nic, but I can only do so much with the supreme level of ignorance you so powerfully control. Take care friend.

          2. Don’t be too hard on Nic. It took him 4 hours and a Thesaurus to draft that masterpiece of a post. (that smile and feeling of pride as he clicks the Post Comment button) “Look Mom and Dad… I’m somebody now…… I’m not a loser…. my work has been “published”!!!! lol

          3. DR I gave you way too much credit earlier, I had assumed you were some kid maybe 18 or 19, lacking education, and trying to figure his life out. The guy that just needs someone to talk to. Your inability to address anything factual in example or otherwise, has not only revealed your educational level (again), but the absurdity that you’ve indicated, while trying to validate the obvious in your sedentary nature says it all. In fact, you’re probably more like 12 or 13. Then it all clicked, he’s into this cover band thing as he is… well of course, the kid probably hasn’t even hit puberty yet. No wonder he acts like the touch of a woman has escaped him as much as having any degree of common sense or tact at this stage.

            You’re that child that happened by the Monster display in Walmart while trying to slip toys into mom’s cart and says, “I think I’ll try this new band out instead.” I give you credit kid for trying to hang with the big boys on here. It’s ok to like Kiss, but I suggest just learn the history of the band if you’re going to be into them. Though I still think you should spend less time on here and probably more time doing your homework instead.

            Oh… and by the way, if you’re into these classic rock bands, you should also check out Queen. Not only are they good, but you’ll understand that not all classic bands have to co-headline, some can do it just fine on their own too. For that matter there is this band AC/DC you should check out. Again, great band and no problem headlining on their own. Wait before you go, there’s this little band Metallica that… nevermind. I’m sure I’ve kept you past your bedtime, don’t worry kid you’ll eventually get this stuff and figure it out. There’s a whole world out there.

      2. Nic todays version of Kiss could sell (IMO) close to 8000 seats a night without co-headlining. They came to the Turning Stone Casino a few years back & couldn’t sell out the 3500 seats there….but I kinda blame that on the timing of the Godsmack show that was in Syracuse the same night…..Joe in The Cuse

      3. Idiot…there we go, now the real fools are out…motley Crüe carried them? …did Kiss carry Aerosmith when they did a double bill?? Have opinions, but this stuff is pure nonsense and to think any of these bands could fill arenas alone shows you are clueless…almost no one can do that now..and whether you like it or not, Kiss still has a massive following…

  22. Paul has low esteem yet a huge ego – not a good combination.

    Ace and Peter, while self admitted screw-ups, made Gene and Paul very rich during the Reunion Tour.
    Paul should be classy and wish Ace and Peter well if there are those kind of questions directed at him.
    He comes off small and weak in his responses.

  23. Still the most talked about band on this site. No post gets more comments than something with KISS in it. Amazing. They might want to sell extra ad space or charge more in any post even remotely about KISS. Maybe then the fans not able to pay extra to read or watch certain things on this site can then see them.

  24. Ever been to a family reunion when all of the sudden the whole crowd was held captive while the 6 year old niece breaks into the song “Tomorrow” from “Annie?” And then after everyone politely clapped and starting talking about something else, the little diva returns to do her best Ethel Merman imitation by singing “God Bless America” while tap dancing? Awkward! Or who remembers that 23 year old drawing attention to himself at the first 5 year high school reunion by reminding everyone how he caught the winning touch down pass at the big game even though the quarterback threw a bad one, and proceeds to pat himself on the back with the same story at every reunion for the next 35 ears? Most folks will indulge someone for awhile before they start getting embarrassed FOR that person. Paul, we get that you were the constant for KISS during its ups and downs. You done good. Thank you. But by constantly reminding everyone of this by talking badly about the other members, folks are now becoming embarrassed FOR you. Even Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth needed a team to accomplish great things. Paul, stop being that little diva or that self-loving narcissistic moron. Have some dignity man…

  25. I just read this article and do we really need to hear anymore about this. Ace and Peter seem to have moved on. Why cant you Paul? I am just sick of hearing it. At least they are both alive. I think Kiss should take off the makeup and go back to playing smaller venues and then call it a day. Everyone knows that Peter and Ace had there problems. Honestly it sounds like Paul kept the band going especially in the 80s. Give Ace credit for being sober and just stop commenting about it. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT ACE AND PETER DID DRUGS ETC. I DONT WANT TO HEAR ANYMORE ABOUT IT

  26. Bubbles the chimp wore a Kiss jersey. Peter dropped the change in Compton and made that Chinese rant look tame in the remark. Ace’s ex assistant’s book I think.

  27. It seems every time Paul talks everybody is ready to pounce on him. If he was being interviewed and the question was asked he should answer it. It’s the media and reporters who keep asking the same old tired questions! Yes it gets old hearing these same old type of comments but really what he or any of them supposed to do? Start declining interviews, it’s part of what they do. Funny how you never hear anything current, like concert type questions, what’s next for KISS, etc. I would much rather read Paul’s opinion on the recent tour or the future for KISS. It’s mostly the fault of the media I think.

    1. You are forgetting that the questions asked and aired are pre-selected, that is to say the interviews are scripted or at least the questions are approved of in advance – now have a guess who will be the one to approve?? Do you really think G or P will go on air and have the interviewer ask uncomfortable question that are not in line with their business and band policy? Now if the interviewer would insist, the interview will not be aired or printed, end of matter. the same, of course, is true for other bands, actors, politicians. So if we hear Paul talking about his book and telling the same old stries all over again, he is doing it deliberately.

  28. I’m pretty sure people are tired of this conversation anyway. I wish paul would not answer any more questions about ace & peter from now on! Seriously the hall of fame fiasco was enough! Let’s just focus on the kiss tour and aces new album. Because honestly I don’t really give a f#ck anymore! Just let it go damn! They need to make up before one of them croaks and then they will regret treating each other like sh!t! So seriously guys please stop!

  29. This continues to cross my mind whenever I see (as always & often) Gene & Paul continue & relentlessly bash Ace & Peter. That one day God forbid that Ace or Peter pass away to the Heaven above that either Gene or Paul are going to sit back & first start feeling some sort of guilt and then start asking was it really worth to go to those extremes for all those decades……..Gene for sure will because aside from his ego, the man has a lot of heart….Paul, not quite so sure. Regardless the four of them are up there in age, and if the Good Lord can forgive than Gene & Paul sure can also because at the end of the day, $$’s aside, they are ONLY human beings and NOT GOD!!….Joe in The Cuse

  30. One crucial point a lot of people are overlooking: Paul is being ASKED about Ace and Peter. He is not picking up the phone to journalists and bashing Ace and Peter, non-stop. To those who advise Paul to move on, I would say that Paul HAS moved on…with two other guys in the Spaceman and Catman makeup that he and Gene purchased from willing sellers, Ace and Peter, and are now doing whatever they want with those characters as their current and rightful owners. It’s not Paul’s fault that two former members (and many of their fans) are left with a truckload of regret over bad business decisions.

    1. Agreed. However Ace claims he did not sell his make up like Peter did, but rather licensed it to Gene and Paul. ‘If’ that is true, it was a shrewd move by Ace.

    2. Does anybody ever think, what “if” Ace & Peter never “willingly” sold their rights to their costumes & characters, What Eric & Tommy would be doing right now? Paul & Gene too for that matter. Not only did Ace & Peter save all their asses, but they’re the ones who have kept the “BRAND” going, while not even being in the band! Paul, Gene, Eric & Tommy should all be thanking Ace & Peter, instead of relentlessly bashing them. Who, what would Eric & tommy be if not for Ace & Peter’s “willing” decision to “sell out”, It’s like I said before, If Ace & Peter knew then, what they know now, no way they would make the same decision.

      1. doug, I think you’re giving Ace and Peter way too much credit for ‘willingly’ selling out. They wanted out and they wanted money. Paul and Gene paid them at a time when money wasn’t freely flowing into the KISS machine anymore. They paid them at a very inconvenient time. Ace licensed his make up where Peter sold it apparently. Lets not forget Gene and Paul kept this band alive throughout the 80’s and half the 90’s. Then they guaranteed Ace and Peter reunion money and A+P didn’t take any risks (not that it was too risky a venture). I think they would’ve made the same decision based on chemical dependencies and, lets be honest, not being as savvy as Paul and Gene. I get everyone’s hatred for Gene and Paul, or at the very least the favoritism towards and Ace and Peter. But I simply don’t believe its as black and white as two guys in the band versus the other two guys in the band. IMO the band started as the four of them and all four were very important to KISS having any legs and staying power. But I also believe Paul and Gene always have driven the bus and made the decisions (good and bad). Peter was a fucking dick on the Dynasty tour and didn’t give a shit about the fans when he started fucking around during performances. He’s always been a whiner and should consider himself lucky he was apart of something as large as KISS. Ace I give more credit and levity to as an artist and a performer. He had demons that impacted him and his relationship with Gene and Paul. But he usually takes the high road where the other guys can’t to save their lives.

        1. DR, I agree, but I often wonder when Ace & Peter “sold out” or whatever happened, if Paul & Gene were completely honest with them, or did they take advantage of their situations at that time. Not only now in 2014, but according to Paul, eventually Kiss will go on forever with 4 completely different people in the makeup. Now, as hard as that is to believe, especially that Gene is ok with that, back when Ace & Peter made that “choice”, were they informed about that as well? I don’t know, whatever the case may be, as crazy as it may sound, I would have just preferred if they used their creativity and come up with different personas for Tommy & Eric, they did it before for Eric Carr (RIP) and Vinnie Vincent. And if Ace & Peter really desperately needed money at that time, I’m sure they would have come up with something, and some way to survive, after all, I’m sure Peter still has a few lives left, and maybe Ace could have borrowed one! 😉

          1. They will own the Kiss experience in Vegas with four guys not named Ace, Peter, Paul or Gene…that would be ok, but if they do albums and tour I won’t be on board for that…

        2. I have thought about that and it is simple…There would be no more makeup because Gene and Paul would not be able to use it but they were unmasked longer than they were masked so Kiss was still going on while Ace and Peter were just going…

      2. lol hilarious point of view. Delusional at best. Yes, everyone should thank Ace and Peter. If Paul and Gene didn’t baby Peter, he would have quit after the 1st album. and how many times after that?

  31. There’s no right or wrong here only opinions. We the rock fans can ether fight to the death over subjects like this were know one wins looking to only get attention just like Paul is doing right now. The price of personal opinions is a high bounty that only the hang man benefits from so instead of shadow boxing with our words we should be judging the music. Kiss the name is a brand and Paul is just branding our minds with his book by getting the public to disagree which for some reason none of us are seeing the bigger issue because we are to busy throwing insults which allows Paul to laugh all the way to the bank

          1. I condone honesty which is what Peter and Ace gave in their books for better or worse. You enjoy the half truths and revisionist history you are shoveled daily? And you REALLY want to talk about who did what to who when it comes to Gene?!? Amazing…

  32. Man, when Eddie posts anything regarding KISS, it blows up! Paul should recognize that being a true leader is about letting others (i.e. team, organization, company….band) shine.

  33. If Ace had anything Kiss after his Chapter 7 please let me know. I think Kiss 20,000 deep at the L.A. Forum to Ace at the Canyon supper club off the 101 is not a destroyer, nor is 35,000 units and done 3 weeks in. Monster did 10,000 in NYC the first day.

    1. Kiss sold 56000 and Ace did 17000 there first week get your facts straight Lee! your making up number that don’t exist! I actually look it up and got the real numbers.

  34. Ace to date sold 500.000 copy’s of Anomaly. Sonic boom 116.000 and Ace was on the billboard top 30. It’s all on the internet not my numbers just do what I did and look it up for your self. The billboards and the Kiss Wikipedia site and rolling stone all say this so ace is far from chapter anything except for his book that has many chapters.

      1. Look it up your self! Odiously you have know ability to type in how many copy’s to date has Anomaly sold if you did you wouldn’t be treating Ed and I like crap. It kills me that know one bothers to get there facts straight! Ed could post a billboard in the sky with real facts and people still would tell him he’s wrong and I feel sorry for him. Like I said look the facts up instead of knocking people who bother to take the time to look up the facts but you won’t I’m sure

  35. In the beginning Kiss was such a primordial disclosure, this was a polemic engagement with the world, they were very confrontational, and they didn’t level down…..American Idol, a lot of disco and “hair metal,” that is a leveling down, or dumbing down, if you will. Kiss was an existential awakening, they actually awoke you out of your dogmatic slumber and got you to move…to act on what you thought were just frivolous notions. They became homogenized in the 80s, but they still had deep album tracks: “I’ve Had Enough” is a great example of a song that is not trying to compose you, but to get you to break out of the social programming. That song used lyrics to make its point, but in the beginning Kiss didn’t need deep lyrics, their message was fully disclosed in their performance art, and, in fact, any attempt to put that message into lyrics on top of that performance would’ve diluted the message and weakened its impact to the point of impotency. This is a huge contribution to humanity. Don’t take this lightly for one second.This stuff about charity work, is so irrelevant to the discussion at hand, and, as I attempted to make clear, it is even unnecessary.
    Having said that, I really don’t care what they do anymore, they have given me more than enough, I do disagree with the Kiss Party Line very much, but that’s not my problem, I am done caring what the hell they say, but, it is really funny. I am thinking of Gene’s Peter Criss impersonation in his audio book, it is so funny, these guys, you have to take what they say about each other and then figure they are all about half way right. That’s what I do anyway.

    A great philosopher once said, “great thinking leads to great erring.” All the guys in Kiss fall under that, Ace, I think, the most.

  36. Funny, this sight posts this, but not a thing about the tour so far ? The Dude up above stating what he considers facts about Seattle. well he LIED.

    1. Yep, the tour is doing really well so far. But even Trunk won’t even admit that, because that would be something positive about the current lineup. If Def Leppard was “carrying” Kiss on this tour, the DL fans would bail after that show and many seats would be empty during the Kiss show…… that’s not the case.

      1. Doing well? Okay so you need the truth? They are giving tickets away! Groupon, two for one, etc. It’s called papering the house! I hear about it in every city. Wake up! If you can’t help but demand I give you my take on Kiss then deal with reality instead of what they sell you. I’m sure it’s okay in some markets but it is struggling in others with TWO established bands co-headlining. Get it? My info is based on facts and promoters, what is yours based on? Oh and those last two amazing Kiss records they told you were the best with the best lineup? Odd NO songs from either in their set. Enjoy your Kool Aid, delicious this time of year..

        1. lol I knew that was coming. Paul and Gene still not returning your calls huh, Eddie? You need to get over the sour grapes and grow up. You sound like a bitter child. If that is the case, and I can get 2 tickets for the price of one – fucking fantastic! The footage I’ve seen on youtube shows huge crowds and the stage show is fantastic. For the love of God stop living in 1977! And here comes the delete button…. go ahead, so no one sees anyone disagreeing with you on this board.

          1. Really dude? Never deleted one post. I live in the past huh? But Kiss doesn’t when THEY can’t move on past 1977 with their set list and having others impersonating what past members CREATED IN 1973? Enjoy the Kool Aid. Can’t wait to see your spin on the no original members all tribute band tour coming very soon… And thanks for spending your time and posting on MY site. Believe what you are sold today, always. You are a good soldier for sure. Don’t dare question ever anything, perfect.

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