gunsnroses2013 Guns N’ Roses will return for a second Las Vegas residency, No Trickery! An Evening Of Destruction, at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino from May 21st through June 7th.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, February 21st at 10 a.m. at

Guns N’ Roses’ first Vegas residency, Appetite For Democracy, took place in the fall of 2012.

Watch a video teaser below.



  1. The Crue will be doing theirs in 2 years. Too much money over the ticket sales is included to say no….and “the only place to see us”.

    • Hi Lee, How are you? Hope all is well.
      Slash, Axl, and whoever talked tons of nonsense about Paul Stanley back during the APPETITE sessions. Now that is great album but 25 years later on hard rock’s premier website, Axl gets 1 comment while Paul gets over 100. There is still much to be said regarding the 3 minute anthem. Paul Stanley in a million years wouldn’t make paying customers wait ’till 2 AM to hear their favorite songs. Let’s see: Don Rickles, Wayne Newton and now W. Axl Rose. If I hit three 7s down the middle and I’m stinking drunk maybe I’ll check out ESTRANGED and ROCKET QUEEN. Nobody cares and they shouldn’t.

  2. GnR’s last run in Vegas was amazing!!

  3. Def Leppard has indicated that they will return to the Hark Rock in Vegas later this year for a Pyromania residency. I went to the Viva Hysteria residency last March and was really pleased with the show and production.

  4. Def Leppard has no income except shows…..the record industry is on fumes.

  5. Of course they talked negative about Stanley… He wanted to turn Appetite into a bubblegum pop-rock album. You can put 12 of Kiss’ best songs on one album, and it still wouldn’t be as good as Appetite. And I’m a huge Kiss fan (pre Thayer/Singer).

  6. Appetite was like a wake up call to the old school bands. Look at the garbage Kiss was putting out in the late 80’s.

  7. APPETITE is potentiality the last great rock album. It is on par with MACHINE HEAD, SABOTAGE, and ZEPPLIN 4. No doubt but Axl, the guy from HOOKERS N BLOW and those 6 other guys are irrelevant and boring while KISS still sparks good conversation and debate.

  8. This is NOT GnR!!! This is an Axl Rose solo act. It’s criminal he’s allowed to use the name anymore. If Slash ain’t playing guitar, it’s not GnR. (I just made that up!)

  9. Everybody knows it is Axl with some leathered-up tatted guys nobody knows but the vocalist can sell tickets.

    • I’ve seen this version of GnR three times and to be honest, they are really good. Once they hit the stage around midnight, it’s balls to the walls for three straight hours.

  10. Exactly…no matter what anyone says, Axl still gets people and their opinions fired up.

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