Huge thanks to the 700 plus that came out to Starland Ballroom in NJ this past Saturday on an awful weather night to see me, Don & Jim live. Lot’s of fun telling stories and Don & Jim doing stand up. Plus Accept’s Mark Tornillo joined us for a bit and we had some fun audience Q&A. These are fun shows and hope to see you out at upcoming dates in Mexico, Philly, Portland & Seattle. Again these are NOT That Metal Show tapings! But we have fun for sure and appreciate all the great response. I have more solo shows coming up as well and also will be hosting many concerts this Spring and Summer including Hell & Heaven in Mexico City that I was just added to. As always check this site and the appearance grid on the home page for updates, additions and changes.


Thanks to all who watched this weeks new TMS with Alter Bridge, Scorpions, Steve Brown and Matt Nathanson. It repeats all week. Taping this weeks new show tomorrow with Randy and Chris from Lamb Of God. Photos and updates from the set via Twitter @EddieTrunk

Remember signed personalized copies of either of my books available direct from me through this site. Just hit the Books tab or banner for order info.

I’d expect some news on what will happen at the Kiss HOF very soon, maybe even this week.

Great news on AC/DC getting back in action. Their absence maybe makes them bigger than ever. Hope they can make a great new album. Will be a good story to follow how things progress and I will see if I can get Brian back on my shows soon.

Still fighting a cold and it’s a holiday so tonight’s SiriusXM show is not live. Back live next Monday. Enjoy the holiday and more updates soon.

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  • DeweyWebber on

    This past week’s episode was one of my favorites. I think I liked the Matt Nathanson visit the best (I admit it, I had no idea who he was/is) but really liked to hear a current recording artist just express his fondness about hard rock and metal. It cracked me up. I think it helps show to a wider range of fans that there are people from all genres who love the same stuff we do. Kudos for whoever connected the dots and brought him in for a visit.

  • Johnny on

    Great to be able to see/hear the Lamb of God updates on the next show, and about the situation that happened to Randy. That said, Eddie, What’s your take on this Fishbone lawsuit debacle? how is this even happening? I haven’t heard any updates, but it sounds senseless, how could it affect the future of shows?!

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