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Ted-Nugent400 Polarizing musician Ted Nugent says he doesn’t understand why people hate him and that believes that his “”beliefs are so positive and so uplifting that they would work for everybody.”

According to, Nugent, who is a supporter of gun rights and anti President Barack Obama, was critized this past weekend by former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum for his love of hunting, after he found a photo of Nugent with a small game kill.

Nugent, who is a board member of the National Rifle Association and the owner of a large hunting ranch in Jackson, Michigan, tells Metal Assault, “People that hate me, I don’t understand them. I mean, I understand that hate comes from ignorance and a negative life, but you know what I do, I pray for my haters.”

He continues, “What a terrible thing. Why would you hate someone who has done benefits for children’s and military charity? I do this every day. You’ve really got to have a dark, dark heart and sad, dilapidated soul to live to hate like that. So I wish them well and godspeed, and I hope they come out of that terrible dark place they’re living in, because I’m a happy, fulfilled man and do everything for my fellow man. I’ve done more for clean air, soil and water than all my haters combined. I’ve made mistakes in life but I don’t make them twice in a row, I promise you that.

I feel honored and humbled. I don’t have all the answers but I got most of them, and the manifestation of my policies and beliefs are so positive and so uplifting that they would work for everybody.”

Nugent apologized in February for referring to President Barack Obama as a “subhuman mongrel,” calling that word grouping “street-fighter terminology” and saying he wished he used “more understandable language,” such as “violator of his oath to the Constitution.”

Ted Nugent’s new album SHUTUP&JAM! was released on July 8th on Frontiers Records. Nugent has streamed two songs from the album online. One featuring singer Sammy Hagar called She’s Gone and the other, about his love of grilling, called I Love My BBQ.

Nugent began his North American tour on July 3rd in Wichita Falls, Texas where it will wind down on August 16th in Fort Worth, Texas. See tour dates below.

Ted Nugent’s SHUTUP&JAM! tour dates:

17 Council Bluffs, IA Mid-America Center*
18 Merrillville, IN Star Plaza Theatre
19 Detroit, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
21 Huntington, NY The Paramount
22 Montclair, NJ The Wellmont Theater
23 Jim Thorpe, PA Penn’s Peak
24 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
25 Morgantown, WV MountainFest at Mylan Park
26 Oshkosh, WI Leach Amphitheater at Riverside Park
27 Medina, MN Medina Entertainment Center
29 Kansas City, MO Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
30 Englewood, CO Gothic Theatre
31 Salt Lake City, UT The Depot


1 Sheridan, WY Trails End Concert Park
2 Tacoma, WA Emerald Queen Casino
3 Tacoma, WA Emerald Queen Casino
6 Sturgis, SD Full Throttle Saloon
8 Maumee, OH NW Ohio Rib-Off at Lucas County Fairgrounds
9 Oxford, OH Indian Creek Amphitheatre
11 North Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
12 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues
14 Houston, TX House of Blues
15 Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Live
16 Fort Worth, TX Billy Bob’s Texas

*denotes opening for Hank Williams Jr.



    1. Disagree! His career was not over in ’78, and trust me when I say he doesn’t speak for everybody on the “right” side. I have a lot of friends on the right side, and though they love Ted’s music, they don’t agree with him on ALOT of issues, and neither do I. This is coming from someone who isn’t on either “side”, like I said before, I don’t play right or left field, I play center field! I love Uncle Ted’s music, except for this new album, sounds pretty shitty from what I’ve heard so far, but I don’t like everything that comes out of his mouth either, but I’m also not a hateful person. It’s very simple, he has a right to speak his mind, and we have a right not to listen, it’s called freedom of choice. πŸ™‚

      1. Doug, you’re right. Ted Nugent’s career wasn’t over in 1978, but his status as an arena-headliner ended with the 1980-81 Scream Dream tour. Check out his venues played since 1982, when he released the Nugent album. Remember the single Bound & Gagged? Not many people do. Outside of Little Miss Dangerous being a big hit single in 1986-87, Ted hasn’t had a popular rock song on the radio since 1980’s Wango Tango, and outside of his original northern Midwestern-based core audience, he opens for major acts in arenas and outdoor amphitheaters, plays festivals mid-bill, and headlines clubs and theaters. His core audience is solid, but the larger audience that allowed him to be one of the top 5 or 6 most popular rock acts from 1977-1980 left him in the early 80s and never returned.

        As for his politics, I’m a proud partisan liberal, who could give a damn about the politics of the musicians I like and to whom I listen. (For example, Jack Blades is quite conservative, probably even a Libertarian, and yet I’m a big Nightranger/Damn Yankees fan.) However, his rhetoric, not his political beliefs, about Pres. Clinton, Pres. Obama, Secretary Clinton, immigrants, and people who disagree with him on guns is just plain ignorant, disgusting, and objectionable. The vitriol sent his way over his many disgusting comments is well deserved.

        1. Well done W.R-Pretty much summarizes the state of Nugent’s nation. Would he run his trap w/ all this divisive far right paranoid drivel if he were still an arena/stadium star like he was in ’75-’81? No to hell no. He is down to core support now (primarily due to 30 yrs of largely substandard product HE continues to put out-oh yea, that’s Hillary & Obama’s fault???) who will come out almost no matter what bizarre, un-hinged, un-american, hill-billy buulshit he crams between songs. He was a cool bad-ass guitar hero lady killer in the ’70’s & most of the ’80’s. That mystique (the greatest asset an entertainer can have; ie Elvis) is now just a pissed off old man who acts like he’d rather go shoot all the people that no longer buy his tickets & records. Entertainers, as a result of being blessed by God w/ gifts most don’t have, can easily fly above the pig slop of divisive politics. When they roll in that slop anyway, they blow it. All that said, he remains a sick-ass player w/ a slammin band. When he hits H-town, I’m likely to go-ofcourse hoping he’ll shut the F up & jam!!

          James Perkins
          Houston, Texas

    2. I saw Ted open for Kiss in 2000 for the Farewell tour in KC. I was so sick of him on the mic and calling Janet Reno dirty names and blasting the Clinton’s. I was Republican at the time and I thought he was way out of line. I think he is a ego maniac. His music sucks. And he just really isn’t a nice caring human being. I still remember waiting in a long long line for beer that took all if 15 min. And I swear to god he was talking his shit the whole time instead of performing. Horrible live show. I kept saying please shut up and play Ted.

      1. Bryan,
        I felt the same way, and I think I saw him on that tour! He just seems to think his beliefs cancels everyone else’s and that their feelings don’t matter. It seems funny to think he would be surprised that people can’t stand him. I don’t hate him, I just think he’s clueless. I would never have a conversation with someone who is incapable of hearing or respecting my point of view. Some people fancy themselves conquerors and don’t give a crap about other viewpoints.

      2. I saw him on that same tour and he went on a tirade about illegal immigrants and Mexicans……in Las Cruces New Mexico of all places, half the crowd was of Mexican descent. It was shameful and just showed the very ignorance he claims to be against. I am mostly a right winger, own guns, conservative etc and Ted Nugent is the last person I would claim as speaking on my behalf.

  1. Those magazines are illegal in Colorado Ted, come tell Governor Hick we need max fire power versus the bad guys. Can’t wait for the Youtubes of Ted & Bocephus thursday night.

    1. Not all metalheads are are gun-loving, bible-thumping rednecks. Some of us are actually intellectuals and proud of it (sorry if that seemed snarky, but it’s the truth). I like a lot of Ted’s music and his opinions on music (he was great on TMS), but his politics are another matter altogether. That said, he has a right to say whatever he wants. You either believe in free speech or you don’t – I do. What’s that old saying? “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I’ll fight for your right to say it.” True enough.

        1. I never said that it did. You should believe in whatever you want, as long as you don’t use those beliefs as an excuse to hurt other people. No offense intended at all. God bless.

          1. Very well stated. I once heard a phrase that said “I don’t care if you worship rocks, just as long as you don’t throw them at me.”

            D πŸ™‚

          2. Nugent went too far with some of his statements,
            but Obama is a β€œviolator of his oath to the Constitution”
            and the highest court in the US has said so 13 times.

      1. So most metalheads are gun-loving bible thumping rednecks? What dumb f-ing statement a-hole. I live in the bay area, love metal and hard rock, and can’t stand right wing OR left wing dickheads with POV that makes each of them think they are superior to the other. And you fit the bill without doubt.

        Lol, you personify the typical “tolerant” liberal. Go watch the South Park “Smug Alert” episode and see yourself in the mirror.

        1. Wow. How exactly did you get THAT out of what I said? My exact words were “NOT all metalheads are gun-loving, bible-thumping rednecks.” I was commenting on what I felt was the generalization of the statement above mine. I don’t think it’s right to generalize metalheads, or any other group, at all. I also said I’d fight for Ted’s right to free speech even if I disagree with him. Are you so politically correct that you think people shouldn’t even be allowed to disagree with each other? I admitted my opening statement was a bit snarky and I’m sorry for that, but I think I expressed the rest of my opinion in a pretty fair and even-tempered way.
          By comparison, what did YOU say? “What dumb f-ing statement a-hole.” Now THAT statement is irony on a grand level. You also assume that just because I disagree with a lot of Ted’s politics that I’m a liberal. I’m neither liberal nor conservative. And for the record, I don’t think I’m superior to you in any way, but I confess your reactionary combativeness makes me wonder.
          (Yeah, I know – that last part was snarky again. Dana, I won’t apologize to someone who calls me names just for expressing my opinions, but I apologize to YOU for mucking up the site with them. I should’ve known better than to comment on a Ted Nugent story. I truly enjoy a lot of his music, but he often seems to bring out the worst in people, myself included I guess. As you once said to me, “I’m only human.” Being human can really suck πŸ™‚ )

          1. Rick,

            I can totally relate to how you feel πŸ˜‰ But, if makes you feel better, I think you express yourself rather well.

            D πŸ™‚

          2. Rick, “not all metal-heads are gun loving bible thumping rednecks,” is an inflammatory statement, followed by referring to yourself as “an intellectual and proud of it,” and then you go on to attempt a weak qualifier, apologizing for being snarky, which is then immediately canceled with your insisting that you are espousing the truth. What? that some metal heads are bible thumping rednecks? Then you attempt to distance yourself from your own comment via your response, as if the application of the word ‘not’ changes the implicit purpose of your statement, which was to demean, (the true casualty of the radical 60s.. the moderate centrist)……I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw one of Ted’s moose-head trophies, you demonstrate this penchant for rationalizing your mis-behavior.

          3. All this for what Rick said? Wow! And staten island clown, when did you become so eloquent with your statements? Honestly, I am not offended and some of my family ARE “gun loving bible thumping rednecks” (and when I say redneck, I don’t mean racist). In fact, they don’t listen to just metal, they listen to many genres of music. Really now–in light of many of these statements, is Rick’s so bad? Why are you taking this so seriously staten island clown?? Can you provide us with some special insight that most of us missed in his post? Take the plank out of your own eye before you worry about the speck in your brother’s. I thought David’s response was more “inflammatory” than Rick’s. Rationalize David’s first, then worry about Rick’s!!! Holy cow!

          4. Mike B, the reason I dissected Rick’s post is because it is full of “weaselers,” this is a rhetorical tool that people use in language to give themselves an exit out, like “I really didn’t mean that..” That is why I don’t really trust him, and David C, basically took the purpose of Rick’s post and slammed him with it. What I did was to attempt to fill in the blanks, to say, “this is why David slammed Rick’s post.”

          5. Everyone is racist to some extent, that is part of being human, but to put something like that on a website, and then have the person who takes umbrage get the stick? What total B.S…Guess what Rick? those “gun-loving bible thumping rednecks” have feelings just like you do.

          1. @mike b,
            I think you are wrong, rick made a blanket rather asinine statement and he got called out on it. Obviously your bias shows, so you can’t be taken seriously.

          2. @RedRooker,
            I don’t know how you got the idea that I am biased, but your’e welcome to your opinion even though its baseless. David C resorted to name calling and insults, which is crap. I wont even bother debating with you about Rick’s response. Many here have resorted to insults and trashing other’s opinions. Why don’t you correct THEM (caps for emphasis) instead of me. Do me a small favor–read David’s post, then Rick’s. Then feel free to tell me if I can be taken seriously or not. Then maybe we will see if we should take your comment seriously.

          3. I agree with Mike B,

            This has been a bone of contention since we started allowing comments on the site. There is way to make one’s point without resorting to childish name calling and condescending comments plagued with snarky undertones. I feel like a broken record, as this will be my fourth time typing this, it’s easy to insult. It takes a certain finesse to debate like a mature adult getting one’s point across without belittling others.

            Then there are those who are simply trolls. They love to get a “reaction” and create discord on the board. Just ignore them and don’t give them what they want, which is a reaction and attention.

            Dana from πŸ™‚

          4. I thought I’d jump in here, since apparently I’m the the cause of all this hostility. First of all, none of my detractors seemed to notice that my initial statement was a response to an earlier post. I didn’t make a blanket statement, I was commenting on the blanket statement of another poster. Someone expressed a point of view that I didn’t entirely agree with, so I gave my opinion. Poorly worded perhaps, given the reactions of some, but still just my opinion. For that, David C calls me an “a-hole” and Mr. Clown tries to dissect not only my words, but also my motives and my character, apparently concluding that I’m some sort of con artist. He doesn’t “trust” me? Whatever, man.
            To both Dana and Mike B, I’m truly grateful for your supportive words. It means a lot. Thanks, and take care.

          5. You guys kill me, eloquent? what was eloquent about what I said? I never said Rick was a con artist, I said I wouldn’t trust him, his post reveals his true colors…redneck is racist, sorry, it cuts both ways….then he is dumb enough to call himself an intellectual…sorry for the ‘lack of support.’

          6. @staten island clown,
            regarding your 12:37 am post. When I said “eloquent”, I was simply pointing out the fact you don’t always talk that way–you seemed to be using a your distinguished vocabulary (I am not being sarcastic) to tear Rick to pieces–which, I thought was uncool and unnecessary. Granted, the post really upset you, but if you shut someone down, as you seemed to be trying with Rick, you will never know what’s in a person. Wouldn’t you rather know and then ask questions? I think that would be more effective than going on the attack. Personally, I don’t think he meant any harm.
            Regarding your 10:52 post–come on! Some of us disagreed with how you handled this, but this SHOULD be water under the bridge in a day or two. I hope you’ll reconsider, but I wouldn’t blame you for taking a couple days off. I think you read too much into this whole thing and should say “whatever”. People say things they don’t mean all the time. That’s why celeb’s get busted when they Tweet or get caught saying something that thousands of people are ready to blow out of proportion. We all have thoughts and when those thoughts automatically get posted, its too late to go back. However, if you MUST punish (so to speak) then do it in proportion to the crime. Don’t shame someone into never coming back to this site. If I thought Rick said something wrong, I would have said, “that’s not cool, what do you mean by that?”
            That’s all I’m trying to say staten island clown.

        1. I wasn’t planning on looking at these posts again, but boy am I glad I did. Clown thinks I’m a RACIST?! Well, at least that explains his over-reaction. He says he’s not coming back to read this, and that’s fine (I don’t need his “trust” or his approval), but given such an ugly accusation, I feel the need to defend myself one more time. For the record, folks, to me (and everyone I know), “redneck” just means uneducated and simple-minded. It’s often associated with southerners, but that’s unfair. Rednecks, like all other kinds of people, are everywhere. In any case, while it’s certainly not the most flattering term, it has nothing to do with racism that I’ve ever heard. If it did, that would mean Jeff Foxworthy’s entire career is based in hatespeech LOL! I never thought I could be so completely misunderstood. Unbelievable.

          1. …Ok, I get it now, how stupid of me, this has all been a satire of the clueless “intellectual” and Rick writes for Mad …how funny…I tell you what…Rick, why don’t you go to one of those Jeff Foxworthy concerts in the deep South, approach one of those “simple minded, uneducated” people (the ones who bust their asses and pay their taxes) and repeat all of your posts verbatim…no, go ahead…while you’re at it, hit up George Lopez and Eddie Mac’s shows and do the same thing, except substitute their applicable term for “redneck,” no, please….I insist.

            Thanks Dana, and Mike you’re a good egg but I thought David C’s post was a bullseye. I really must be going now.

          2. Okay, one last thing, just because I feel I need some closure, and then I’ll drop this and move on (I promise, Dana).
            My last post before this was admittedly hostile in tone, because I don’t appreciate being called racist. After calming down a bit and giving it some more thought, I want to acknowledge that while I wasn’t using the term “redneck” with regard to race or region (and am still stunned that anyone would think that), I recognize I still wasn’t using it in a terribly nice way, either. I was trying to make what I felt was a good point, but obviously it was a bad choice of words considering how much it resulted in some people misunderstanding that point. I know Staten Island Clown doesn’t believe this and will probably dismiss it as more backpedalling, but I was truly unaware of what a hot-button word it apparently is for some people, and for that reason I won’t use it again.
            To Mike B, I have to say you are a class act. You’ve handled this whole dispute with amazing fairness. You serve as an inspiration to all who post on this site. Thanks.
            Well, that’s it. Again, sorry for all the drama, Dana. I hope I’m still welcome here πŸ™‚ .

  2. People do not like him because he says most insensitive horrible things about people at the worst times that’s why! He bashed Hoffman on that metal show on national TV! Hello what dose Ted expect? I never heard ever say anything nice about anyone except himself! He’s a good guy who has written some amazing music just needs to filter his mouth and people will stop hating him.

    1. I agree Brian,

      Ted suffers from a bad case of verbal diarrhea that occasionally needs Immodium. He doesn’t seem think about what he says, how he says it, and the ramifications.

      Unfortunately, he known more for the outrageous things that he says and does than for his music. Whether one appreciates him as musician or not, it’s sad that his career is being overshadowed by all the controversy.

      Dana from πŸ™‚

      1. Dana I think Ted thinks about what he says and enjoys most of the attention unless Secret Service show up at his door…LOL! Teds Music is pretty good IMO but without the attention he gets he most likely would have been forgotten. His personality I think is much like Steven Tyler hyper and prone to nonsense when he gets nervous. They both fall back on silly quotes and gibberish. Obviously quite different views on the world they live in. I agree though with you he is seen as a clown much the way Tyler, Simmons, David Lee Roth are. Again I would guess it is a defense mechanism in part when they are nervous or stressed.

      2. Dana, Ted is an odd dude that’s for sure. Don’t agree with everything he says, but I can tell you two things:

        1) He puts on one of the most bad ass rock and roll shows live that you will ever see
        2) “Stranglehold” is one of the best rock and roll songs in history…you cannot listen to it cranked up and not get goosebumps

        1. Hi David,

          In my opinion, the best thing that ever happened to uncle Ted was Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw and Michael Cartellone. Damn Yankees was a great band, saw them live quite a few times.

          On one of the tours, Bad Company opened (not the Paul Rodgers version. They were touring in support of Holy Water which is a great album nonetheless) and that was a heck of a show. I saw them twice on that tour.

          D πŸ™‚

          1. Absolutely agree…wish they would get together again…Funny how Ted was able to “stay in the background of that band”

      3. Maybe Ted finds it hard to feel sorry for people who’ve destroyed or ended their lives with drugs.
        I know I do, how many actors and musicians are known not for their craft but their drug use or death.

        1. Hey Scott,

          Not sure why your comment came back as a reply to me, since I didn’t make the remark about Ted commenting on people who have died from OD’s.

          The truth is, I really don’t have an issue with SOME of things that Ted does or how he thinks, my issue, as Mike so astutely put it, is with the way in which he conveys his thoughts. He seems to be quite insensitive, thoughtless and careless at times. I think he would garner much more respect for himself, and his opinions, if he wasn’t so gruff, demeaning and rude when presenting them or maybe he should just stick to making music.

          Dana from πŸ™‚

          1. I’m not sure how my reply came to you either, but I don’t think Ted meant to be demeaning. I think his point was that drugs are stupid and a waste of time and that can never be said enough.

          1. I have experienced addiction and managed to get past it and I’m eight years clean. I have three friends that are gone because they couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t have gotten addicted to something I never tried but I thought drugs were cool until they took over my life. I wish I’d listened to people like Ted it would’ve saved me a lot of heartache and trouble. I was stupid and had no idea what I was getting into.

      4. I agree with you Dana,
        I don’t have a problem with Ted’s beliefs or values. I have a problem with the insensitive and overbearing way he presents them without regard to others with different values and beliefs. Its as if his perception cancels everyone else’s. He is welcome to speak his mind, which is one of the great things about our country–you know what people are thinking–at least most of the time. What if he kept all this emotion and opinion bottled up inside? That wouldn’t be good either. When people are free to express themselves, they are less likely to yield to the majority for the sake of being accepted. In my opinion, Ted expresses his views in a way that actually promotes a spiral of silence in others.

  3. Ted is Like Gene Simmons and other loud look at me types, so if he can’t see why people dislike him he is delusional or dishonest at best. If he feels strongly about something he tends to tear down the opponent by insult rather than discuss the topic. In some ways he is like a Evangelical minister as long as he has projected evil to focus on Clinton, Nancy pelosi, Oprah or who ever he can grandstand draw attention. I like his music and am not against hunting but he is so over the top and foolish that I find it hard not to think of his nonsense anytime I have seen him in concert or hear his music on the radio or Pandora.

  4. Ted rules! He’s hated because he speaks the absolute truth and it burns liberals up much like holy water on a demon! I’m with Ted and proud to be a straight, conservative, Christian gun owner and everything liberals can’t stand!

    1. Now here’s a keeper…. And I’m sure you still believe that the world is flat and slavery was a GOOD thing. Ahhhh yes…. the product of good parenting.

    2. Sorry. I’m moderate (like most of the country) and don’t like extremist on either side. Ted is an extremist. I’m a straight Christian gun owner who believes Ted is full of crap most of the time. I enjoy his music but despise people that paint stereotypes with a wide brush. It’s not based in reality and quite frankly goes against everything this country is about.

        1. To Cogent, you are the perfect example of a low info, insult hurling liberal! My parents raised me well thank you very much! May God help you.

    3. I think you’re on the wrong site…you confused Eddie Trunk for Rush Limbaugh…not a fan of any FANATIC be it liberal, conservative or anything too much one way…Love Teds music, but even if I agree with some things he says (most I do not) the way he expresses himself is an “I’m better than you” attitude and people like that with a soapbox like he has don’t realize what an ass they sound like…his music has been hurt by his mouth as that is what defines him at this point, not his music

  5. Oh jeez,someone got their feelings hurt again. Remember that dude who tried to live with the bears and be their friend….guess what ? A bear got hungry and ate that dork ! That’s what happens when well meaning,idealistic undereducated people try to be at peace with nature. There is nothing peaceful about the world or nature. It’s survival of the fittest. I agree that Ted don’t know when to shut up sometimes, but hey, he’s free to be who he is. If you don’t like it,throw all your Ted records away and don’t go to see his shows. As for me….I like steak & eggs for breakfast ! Mmmmm Yummy

  6. I have a personal reason to hate (maybe Eddie can relate): back in ’86 when Philo passed, good ole uncle Ted said “good! And I’d piss on his grave stupid drug addict”.

    Real nice…

    1. Yep, sounds like something he would say. He really isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. I’m surprised he hasn’t learned anything yet. Growing older doesn’t make us wiser…

  7. Beware of Obuma’s martial law plans! Gun confiscation is top priority. No coincidence that millions of illegals are crossing (or have crossed) the border and will get amnesty! They will be his henchman. Teds new cd is really good! Is it the album of the year? No. But it does kick ass! Some of my favorites are Fear Itself, She’s Gone, Throttledown, I Still Believe, Never Stop Believing (especially the blues version), I Love My BBQ, Johnny B. Goode Forever & Semper Fi! Well done Ted (no pun intended HA HA HA!)!

  8. It’s hard to buy Ted as a Christian or too conservative. Didn’t he have to become legal guardian of his second wife because she was under 18? I prefer his music but don’t take what he says too seriously. I think he is so bombastic and un self-aware that he annoys people. The (female) chef on Supergroup didn’t like him and he just kept ribbing her. Hopefully Ted reads this site so he can learn the answer as to why many people don’t like him. As if he’s THAT clueless. Stay classy, Uncle Ted!!!

  9. I don’t hate Ted, he just has a problem with talking before thinking. He’s one of those people who is head over heels in love with himself and anyone who’s ever known someone like that knows they can be a pain in the ass from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with self confidence and Ted actually does do tons of charity work and deep down does have a big heart. But sometimes (most of the time) his big heart gets overshadowed by his big mouth. He says he doesn’t understand why people hate him but I don’t understand why HE can’t get it that when he says radical and frequently outrageous things that he’s going to piss a lot of people off. Maybe he’s so self centered that he’s blinded to that fact or maybe he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. I mean, most of the press coverage Ted gets rarely involves his music, which to be honest has not been that good in quite a while. The Phillip Seymour Hoffman crack on TMS was a great example of him talking without thinking first. It’s a shame Phillip died of a drug overdose because it’s a waste of a talented life that could have kept going but the way Ted said it was very insensitive. Maybe he’ll finally get it one day that by spewing all the political, social, outrageous and sometimes hurtful comments he’s made over the years has only lost him the support of a lot of the people who got to him where he is: The old school, longtime fans of his music!

  10. Most people who disparage Ted for hunting animals are not vegetarians. I give Ted credit, he faces the reality of what he’s doing and kills his meal. It’s a phenomena of human nature, we tolerate violence unless it’s put in our face and then we recoil. This is true of torture, abortion…it’s fine as long as it’s tucked away, hidden from our nice, and neat conscience. Liberal Elimination…that is semantically ambiguous, it could easily be read as you being a liberal who is on the elimination mission. But , no, you are just another xenophobe who is anti-American. This Country is based on the principle of competition, I am not worried one bit about anyone taking my job. We have to adapt, it’s not American to be fat and lazy. But Damn Yankees?….oh my, I need another quiet lie down.

  11. I’m down with Uncle Ted!! Nugent for POTUS!! Get this country back on track!! All the haters have my blessing to apply for VISA’s to other locales.

    1. Ahhhh yes. Always love the intellects that say things like “if you don’t like this country, then leave”. Can you imagine if people (like MLK and all the other civil rights activists) throughout history actually took that advice…..this country would be a cesspool of injustice and hate,

      1. Cogent point always made: A lot of your posts are juvenile and appear to be made to muster a response by poking fun at people and not taking things seriously. Basically, you seem to be having a good time being an asshole. But I have to say your comments here are right on the money my friend. And, as I’m sure you’re very aware of, sometimes it’s necessary and our duty as human beings to be assholes to people who more or less ask for it.

    1. LOL! Actually, I would listen to what Matt Sorum has to say just for the fact he is on Use Your Illusion 1 and 2, and because I would rather hear an alternative to Ted Nugent’s point of view–we already know what he believes.

  12. I think a lot of people who post here about Uncle Ted should read his book, Ted, White and Blue. It’s a passionate well written and well thought out book written in Ted style. The chapter on raising children makes sense 100%. He’s got some good ideas even if he doesn’t express them they way you like. I’m Canadian and I agree with most of his viewpoints.

          1. Maybe adding an LOL to some of your comments would cut the sarcasm a bit? Just a thought πŸ™‚

            D πŸ™‚

  13. I love Ted’s music and a lot of his views. What is wrong with hunting? I don’t get it. We eat meat, so some prefer venison, or buffalo. If you can shoot it do it. I’m for gun rights but don’t hunt as of yet. I have many firearms and support the 2nd amendment. And for the people bashing Ted, calling him names he has every right to say and believe in his views as much as you do in yours. If you don’t like his music fine move on. If you don’t agree with him fine again. Move on & live with it.

  14. Well Ted, people “hate” you because of your political views and the insensitive manner you convey them. That’s ok, you have a platform to say and sing what you want, large portions of the right wing crowd eat it up like crazy. Hunting? Well, I don’t know…it’s certainly more humane that what happens in slaughterhouses so people can grill their burgers. Liberals hunt too, Ted. Shocking, I know. Not everyone who disagrees with your moronic political statements is anti-hunting, or a vegan.

    I know the people that love to wallow in those views, constant social media posts about how evil the President is, still fascinated with his birth certificate, constantly regurgitating right wing talking points ad nauseam.

    If you could just be quiet and play the guitar, things would be swell, but I don’t ever see that happening. Once you start rubbing elbows with that greasy political machine, it’s hard to slip out of. Bills to pay, mouths to feed, God Bless America and all that jazz. Where’s my gun?

    1. Hey elliot,
      I was at a Ted Nugent concert when he insulted all the Mexican’s there by saying they are not welcome here (in the U.S.) unless they speak English. That ruined an otherwise excellent show for me. Btw, my date was Mexican. She speaks perfect English, but she was like, “What the f**k”?? I was so embarrassed. Just my perception and opinion–nothing more. I really could have gone without that segment of the show. And yes, it WAS a SEGMENT! (caps for emphasis).

      1. hey mike b,

        my apologies. I was making a feeble attempt at humor by reversing the words in the headline. maybe I should think before I post. I can empathize with you and your date. I’ve experienced these “segments” a couple of times. that being said, when ted sticks to music, I really enjoy it. I haven’t seen st. holmes with ted since 1997 and am looking forward to the jersey show on Tuesday. thanks again.

  15. I love Ted and I agree 100% with his beliefs and policies. I don’t agree with him apologizing for his absolutely spot on description of that pig Obama. I love metal music, I love the camaraderie, and brotherhood it creates. But the Democratic view is that they hate anyone who disagrees with them. And they are some of the most intolerant people in this country. When did America lose it’s balls? It all started on that on day of infamy, November 2008. Wake up people it’s time to cut with the liberal horses shit and get back to being the greatest country and government this world has ever seen. Ted shoes say some pretty outrageous things, but it’s always about America and why we’ve neutered ourselves. Rock on metal heads, love you all but half our country is asleep and sadly misguided, and unfortunately we are watching our country follow the way of the Romans. And we all know how that ended, right…….? Up the irons \m/

    1. ‘the Democratic view is that they hate anyone who disagrees with them’. Are you suggesting Conservatives aren’t the same? Do you watch Fox News at all?

    2. The world has changed dramatically since those days of yore. My goodness, this model that Ted keeps espousing is based on a post WWII outline. Immigration is the new paradigm and it is not even the real problem with this country, that is another political tool, a red herring, if you will. The real problem is the new pull economy in which the costs of manufacturing are based on what the item is sold for on the retail end. This dramatically drives down wages, and forces companies to move their operations overseas. The corporations are acting in collusion, forcing smaller companies to join them, the big co.s have all the leverage: Wal-Mart essentially forced a Fortune 500 company, Rubbermaid, to go out of business because of this. A byproduct of this is the horrific working conditions of overseas workers: Foxconn, one of China’s largest employers treats their workers so appallingly bad, they house them 15-20 in a tiny room, it is so bad they have even put up suicide nets on the compound. That is why your ipads, computers, etc…are so cheap. We are all connected here.
      ….Ted was the best thing about Damn Yankees, those songs: it isn’t clever if you sound like you are trying to be clever. Take a song like Guiffria’s “Close to your Heart,” that chorus just sneaks up on you, and sticks like super glue, with Tommy and Jack, I can practically see them waving their hands, yelling “OK, here comes the chorus, are you ready?” and, none of them stuck in my head….:)

      1. Fine, while your head is jammed up your ass, this is really happening, funny how the media doesn’t report these severe abuses in China, fueled by our rampant consumerism, but you can laugh and say, “ha, I really told that clown, didn’t I?”

  16. This is an easy one. Whenever you characterize anyone who disagrees with you as stupid, people are going to hate you. It’s really not that complicated. You’re welcome to your opinions, but don’t act like anyone who disagrees with you is less intelligent. By the way, Ted had the parents of an under aged girl sign custody over to him so he could “date” her. I wonder if he would allow that to be done with one of his daughters? (And he can’t even blame drugs or alcohol, just plain old deviant behavior from self righteous uncle Ted). Having said that, I’ve always loved the song “Stranglehold”.

  17. Hate? NO! I’m confounded by his actions and comments. I was raised to never degrade another person especially just because they don’t agree with you. Talking about killing someone because you don’t agree with his political views is insane! That said I’ve been a fan of “Uncle Teds” since I was a kid and first heard “cat scratch fever”! He just need to learn some tolerance!!

  18. I totally agree with Ted’s politics…. he is a big mouth though.
    I can’t wait for obama to get out of office ,the sense of entitlement he has perpetuated in this country is a disgrace.

  19. Seen Uncle Teds show a couple years back insanely great. I say his band was great with awesome musicans backing him up. Teds been known to be outspoken and talking like crazy how is that anything new. He speaks bad of the current administration so of course the followers will Ted cause they don’t opposing views. That seems to be the country we live in now.

  20. If you really wanted to curb immigration, the best way would be to set up some mobile homes, and have plenty of food lining our borders….they would come, we would feed them,, put them up for a day or two, give them food and supplies to take home, and then just send them back…We have plenty of money to do this…line our borders with picnic tables and feed them, but this just makes too much sense.

  21. As much as I hate liberals, ted is just a neocon nutjob. He should really focus on his music instead of being a jerk constantly. His message isn’t bad it’s the way he delivers it and the words he uses to describe his positions. I agree with ted on a lot of his positions, but his delivery is god awful!

    1. When people start a post with, “as much as I hate liberals,” you know there’s an “N” word just waiting to roll off their tongues at any moment.

      1. Wow! Didn’t expect less from a low life race baiting liberal. I actually don’t mind moderate liberals but radicals like you that go around calling people racist for not liking liberals, are the scum of the earth. Nice job stoking racial division!

  22. Eh….I remember when Ted was about the music. It is boring listening to Ted opine about his political beliefs. It is boring listening to Eddie Vedder talk about his during a show. Shut yer yaps and let the actual politicians sort things out.

    1. Let’s be honest here. Whiel I wish that Ted would think about how to state his ideas before he actually lets them fly out of his mouth, and that he’d be more selective about the ideas he actually shares, most entertainers are not of Ted’s political persuasion. So anything he says that disagrees with the liberal perspective results in some pretty nasty backlash. When Eddie Vedder, Green Day, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, etc. espouse their political views in front of an audience or camera, usually this results in accolades from the media. Let’s not pretend that those views are always presented in a kind manner. Many times they are personal attacks on individuals on the right; not just debating thier view on issues. While I don’t necessarily agree with their views on many things, this is America and they have the right to express them. So should Ted without the name calling. I do hopef he reads some of these postings to pick up on the comments providing CONSTRUCTIVE criticism on how to better communicate his viewpoints and at more appropriate times. But mostly I wish he would “Shut Up and Jam.” New album is pretty good. Sounds like he’s having fun again. Wish St. Holmes had a few more vocals as Ted’s is better suited for only certain song types. While the lyrics are not overtly political either, I think he could’ve included more about appreciating the fairer sex, the weekend, etc., as in his glory days. And whille it’s missing the 3 minute guitar solos (in spite of “jam” in the title), he still knows his way around the fretboard. Would like some more good old fashioned riffage like Hey Baby, Stormtroopin’, Cat Scratch Fever, Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, and Weekend Warriors. Still a good summertime cruising CD!

    1. No No NO NO he hasn’t become a protector of the U.S. Constitution. What Ted has done is select certain amendments to espouse knowledge of. He like many others believes the ‘right to bear arms’ should be relevant even today with semi automatic weaponry at the ready – when in reality the right to bear arms was designed at a time when it took 5 mins to load a musket. I don’t give a shit what the nutjob wants to talk about. If he wants to make a gigantic ass of himself that’s his right. What I’m more concerned with, is that Ted has actually put out some pretty good music over the last 15 years (present new release excluded). And all the music has been predominantly overshadowed by his rants and threats. If he wants to be known more for his political views than his music, that is his right. But what Ted has to realize is that he won’t have it both ways. We need a left side, and a right side, and a middle. Without all that, this country would’ve have gone to hell one way or another years ago. I just wish the ‘political-ness’ of government would get out of the way of doing what we pay them to do. Politics today is not about helping Americans. Its about getting elected or re-elected. I have rarely agreed with Ted Nugent and he has lost me as a fan because of that. But he has his right to say what we wants, and we have the right to think or react how we all want. But please stop making him into some American hero or protector of the flag. That argument is so childish and uninformed, I’ll feel dirty even weighing into it.

  23. Here is the biggest issue with all of us both from the right or left is that not in all of these comments does anybody ever say, “you make a good point I think I may change my views based on the information you just provided”. This is especially true in politics as nobody compromises anymore, nobody wants to give an inch on their views. This country has never been more polarized. Politicians don’t compromise so nothing gets done, there has to be more compromise from us and the politicians. Ted’s a prime example and there others from the left as well.
    Seen Ted live for many years don’t agree with his mouth but his music is legendary especially that Live Gonzo album. Pure energy!

  24. You people are forgetting the spirit of the wild cd. To me that was his last very good cd! When he came to Connecticut about 15 years ago, i believe it was the Oakdale. He played a very short concert and called us Connecticunt! Ha Ha! I laugh now but you hurt my feelings Ted. haha

  25. I have respect for Ted Nugent as a guitar player, but as a singer and songwriter he is fucking terrible. And he’s just a fucking dumbass redneck idiot. His views on politics and everything are just some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Especially his views on gun rights. Now, I must specify. I am not anti-guns, but I’m not pro-guns either. But his views make no fucking sense whatsoever. He also just pisses me off because of how goddamn obnoxious he is.

  26. Those who hate Ted Nugent for his beliefs are the same people who voted for Obama and want his brand of Socialism in the USA! Who do you think is the better of the two? Ted Nugent is a All American Rock and Roll Superstar, writes great songs and has millions of fans all over and Obama is man who disgraced his Oath as President by letting out Terrorist from Gitmo, allowed an American Military Deserter to come home to hugs and kisses, covers up the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, creates Obamacare, ignores the US Veterans who are being abused & left to die in Veterans Hospitals, allows Russian President, Putin do what he wants to the Ukraine! Yeah Ted Nugent is Evil! Sad times we live in.

    1. You may want to research some of your claims before you post. The more educated you are in political areas, the more credible you will seem. Work on it. And I’m pretty sure this message board is not The Fox News message board, so you may want to search that out. Run along now.

  27. Ted you are a jerkoff republican that’s why we hate you. If it was all about music then you would be a 7 on a scale of 1-10 but add in your pathetic politics you barely hit a 5 and are not even relevant.thanks for the memories back in the 70s when I saw you 20 times and you were good. My opinion is that you should retire and keep your messed up opinions to yourself, which by the way you are way to full of-yourself

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