tatesqueensryche2013 Geoff Tate’s version of Queenryche has issued a new single called Cold from their forthcoming album Frequency Unknown, due for release on April 23 through Deadline Music/Cleopatra. Listen to it below.

Frequency Unknown track listing:

1. When Lightning Strikes
2. Running Backwards
3. Fallen
4. Life Without You
5. In The Hands Of God
6. Cold
7. The Weight Of The World
8. Slave
9. Dare
10. Everything

Bonus tracks: (2013 versions)

11. Silent Lucidity
12. Empire
13. Jet City Woman
14. I Don t Believe In Love


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  • Jimmy Apple (@jimmyapple5) on

    While I tend to gravitate towards the other incarnation of the band, I actually liked this better than the track they’re streaming. A lot better, actually.

  • Dewey Webber on

    Gonna have to hear more before rendering a total verdict on this but initial observation is the other version of Queensryche released a stronger single.
    The music here is solid and has some punch but …it’s in the same vein of the last Queensryche album and I really didn’t like that one.

  • joseph on

    i personally can listen to this much more than the other version of queensryche which i have heard….i personally think this is a much in tune to queensryche style and sound oppose to the other crap. besides i don’t care for to much change and mostly when theres change it totally delutes everything that was once good about it in the first place..i am a long time fan of queensryche and i have said without chris degarmo this band was over now geoff is out and theres two versions i am not sure where that plan to take it but i don’t think i’ll be behind them and if i did it would be geoff’s version..besides i always thought personally him and chris were the core of the band in the first place when it came to writing and all..

    • Wickedshred on

      Personally, I have to disagree with you joseph. This version of the Geoff led Queensryche continues the lame, stale and boring sound that now dominates a band that once pioneered a unique slice of music in Heavy Metal. Geoff has lost the high range of his voice and this also has greatly impacted the signature Queensryche sound. The Todd LaTorre led Queensryche have already proven with they’re new single a nod back to the classic sound, as well as touches of some new approaches to the music to forge ahead with a strong musical future in my book. I would pay to see this band any day, as Todd can out sing Geoff and the rest of the band really sounds great together. It’s too bad Geoff didn’t take care of his voice properly, or learn to tame his bloated ego.

  • Regan Green on

    I gotta say, I was not expecting that. I am certainly impressed. That’s probably one of Tate’s best songs in a long time. I hope the whole disc is that good. Stoked.

  • ray on


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