dougpinnick King’s X frontman dUg Pinnick has undergone successful surgery for a hernia – after fans paid for the operation. He’s needed medical attention for years but couldn’t afford it due to a lack of medical insurance. But supporters rallied round and raised $26,000 from 599 contributors via a GiveForward crowdfunding drive.

Pinnick says, “Hernia surgery was a success; I’m waiting to be released.”

He previously explained, “I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love people have shown by contributing. I have avoided this for way too long and I know I have to fix this immediately. I wish I could say that all the wonderful years of playing in King’s X were financially rewarded, but it’s not the reality. I’m not complaining – I’m thankful that I get to make music for people who want to hear it. We will never stop working hard, and we’ll continue to make music in good times and bad.”

Pinnick had no option but to keep working through the pain, and along with King’s X, he recently released his sixth solo album, Naked, launched power-trio project Pinnick Gales Pridgen with Eric Gales and Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen; and guested on Dokken offshoot T&N‘s first record.

“It’s a tough business,” he reflects, “but it’s what we were born to do. Our fans have stood by is through it all. I can’t thank you enough for helping me when I needed it the most. Thanks to the people who have never heard of me or King’s X and donated out of love. I hope I can repay you all someday with a huge hug, and continue to make the music that makes you think and groove.”



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  • Mac Haik on

    Hey, I am glad the dude is okay but forgive me for not feeling too sympathetic for this guy. He had a record contract and has toured the world. He has probably made more money that the majority of Americans, why in the world is he needing his fans to pay for his surgery? Dude, you couldn’t have saved a mere thirty-k in the past two to three decades?

    • Roy Vogt on

      Obviously, you have no experience with the realities of the Music Business. A lot of times a record contract is no more than a credit card with a terrible interest rate. If you don’t have a hit, you get further and further in debt. The Goo Goo Dolls were nearly bankrupt and in debt to Metal Blade Records for 10 Million Dollars when “Name” hit. Thanks to cross-collateralization they owed so much they made nothing and Warner Brothers had to buy them out of their deal. Add touring costs, management and agent fees and such and a good band with a cult following like King’s X can pay their members about what a good mechanic makes after years of working. Thank God for MusiCares and Sweet Relief, two charities that help take care of medical expenses for musicians. Most musicians have no health insurance and this sort of stuff happens. Glad to enlighten you, knowledge is power and understanding. Peace.

  • BT on

    That is pretty amazing. Get well soon Dug.

  • Charles on

    I’m glad that Dug’s operation went well,,we lost lost of great talented music artist in recent years.
    I hope you get well soon Dug. Eddie, that was very cool of Dave Mustaine giving you,Don and Jim
    guitars on 6-29-2013 of THAT METAL SHOW. I thought it was really nice of him to do that for you.

  • Andrew from Power Of Music on

    Glad Doug is feeling better. Truly a remarkable story of love and music. I can totally relate to what Doug says as music being a rough business and that its not always financially beneficial. I know from being a promoter for so many years and the fact that I didn’t make didly squat for at least the first three or four years, and even when I finally started to turn a decent profit, I still worked part time and odd jobs in between just to make ends meet. If I didn’t love music and the challenges of promotion and advertising, I know I would never have made it this far. I haven’t had the pleasure of working with Kings X or meeting any of the guys from the band yet. I hear they are all sweet guys, especially Doug, who I am wishing for a speedy recovery.

  • Matt on

    The term “metal” can take on so many meanings. Coming to the aid of those in need (especially those who’ve dedicated their lives to entertaining US) is as metal as it gets.

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