mickmarshat400 Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars was a guest on Eddie’s Eddie Trunk Live (Trunk Nation) radio show on March 3rd. Listen to the interview below.

Motley Crue recently announced their farewell tour with dates starting in July and wrapping up in November.


  1. What did he say about continued one-off shows, another Hard Rock residency? In other words, the Motley Crue still around gigging for years. You know they can’t refuse big festivals and solid Vegas money….this is 75% of their income.

  2. GREAT interview Eddie…Mick is one of my true Idols.

  3. Frank W says:

    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed listening to this and hearing Mick’s stories. Hope I can go to the show in Denver.

  4. This was a great interview Eddie! It was good to hear Mick speak considering he’s always been the background while the other three take up the drama spotlight. I have a vhs tape called “Decade of Decadence” and there are some good interviews of Mick on there. He’s always seemed like a cool, laid-back dude. He also sounds like one tough dude! Said he is in pain all the time but still rocks it on stage for the fans! I also like what he said about “skip the shit”, its all about the music. I wish more musicians would follow this and quit with the reality shows/porno tapes/and other drama. I wish him well with his condition and look forward to seeing him in October.

  5. Great interview,I wanna buy Mick a beer some time! Thanks,Eddie from an old DHA fan living in Phoenix the last 20 years. You have a home here.

  6. Frank W says:

    I’m glad I got to see motley crue on the greatest hits tour which took place right when Tommy got out of jail many years ago….maybe around 2000. It was a smaller venue and the music and energy of the crowd was killer. After seeing the price of tickets to see them and alice cooper i don’t really think it’s worth it for nose bleed seats at a huge venue where I’d be watching the jumbo-tron the whole time.

  7. i don’t understand these artists can’t remember names of songs?
    82 tracks on guitar he recorded on the Motley record with Corabi and he can’t remember the name .

  8. Cameron says:

    I sure hope they play some DEEP cuts like “Sunthin for Nothin,” “Dancing on Glass,” “Face Down in the Dirt.” Hearing the same songs gets lame and I truly hope Vince puts the same effort into the classics as he does the new and rare songs…

  9. Ed it would be nice if you let Mick speak once in a while…instead of answering questions for him

    • Really? I let him speak for two hours and it every person loved it but you apparently. When you get your own show you can do interviews how you want. Never enough for some people I guess.

      • Ed, Make no mistake i love to hear a Mick Mars interview and this is great. It’s so rare to have him talk about stuff but he was about to delve into some interesting Shout At The Devil stuff which would be great to hear but you kept cutting him off and then changed subject. He obviously takes a little longer to collect his thoughts…

  10. Mark Temple says:

    Great interview Ed! He is one the the most underrated guitar players in all of rock! Can’t wait to see That Metal Show this weekend!! Thanks for bringin’ him into the light!

  11. Thank you Eddie for this interview. I have been a DIE HARD Motley fan since I was a kid! When I say DIE HARD I mean it!! Thank you!

  12. You’re the man Eddie! (no matter what Jim says) :)

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