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GreatWhiteTerryilous400 Trunk Nation central will showcase the world premiere of Great White’s latest music video, Complicated, on Tuesday, March 25th, the five-piece announced.

Complicated, the latest single from Elation (Frontiers) is overflowing with rockin’ guitar riffs, tight percussion, tickling keys, fresh vocal swagger and an infectious chorus. The boogie-blues track is signature Great White through and through, soon to become a fan favorite.

The accompanying music video is a far cry from classic Great White videos from back in the day. The band enlisted help from Mark Teague of Dream Haven Studios to create a multi-media narrative: a first for the band.

“We really had a good time making the video and we hope the fans dig it. They will feel the positive energy coming from the song and video,” the band said. “Working with Eddie Trunk is a great fit for us, too, Trunk Nation fans have embraced Great White for years, and we’ve gotten to know Eddie more on tours such as the Monsters of Rock Cruise.”

Working alongside a green screen and even utilizing acting prowess, Great White captures an emotional triumph. Watch the video for Complicated below.


  1. Agree…terrible video and song is pretty lame..Unfortunately this band is another victim of needing to keep the original singer to at least keep some type of audience….Original band put out some great songs…

  2. The real Great White lies with Jack Russell. This sounds like the Black Crowes trying to be pop rock, with a singer that looks like he came from the 80’s band The Romantics. At least Queensryche sounds like Queensryche without Geoff Tate. The only thing I dig with this band is Mark Kendell. But really, GW hasn’t put anything new worthwhile to buy since the 90’s.

    1. Romantics? That’s funny! I agree with 100% of your statement Bret! I think If they would of stuck together though(original members), they could have become the likes of a Motley Crue and left a bigger foot print in this rock n roll world!!! I mean hell Great White are GRAMMY WINNERS!!!! Go FIGURE?
      TMS # 1 FAN!!!!!!

  3. Always been a fan of Great White. I own all of their official releases and been to countless shows, but this isn’t Great White. I own this release and it’s good, but they should’ve called it something else. Jack Russell is their defining sound. It just doesn’t work with some bands. Taking away what makes fans recognize a band loses more fans than it will ever gain.

  4. unfortunately I cannot bring myself to listen to Great White in any form since the station fire. No disrespect to them or Eddie Trunk, just too much pain involved with those memories. That little club in Rhode Island was one of the best supporters of both the national metal and local metal scene. For us, here, the pain is too strong to be reminded of that band and its music. I’m not sure people outside of the area understand that.

    1. Ur right, I cant understand….but only becuz I wasnt there…if I was im sure I would feel the way u do…I seen great white years ago…second on the bill with warrant and ratt headlining…city to city tour I believe…they were at their highest and playing arenas and didnt have pyro…..why would they use it in a club? Club shows r meant to be intimate setting not about stageshow….IMO, they missed the point and cost a lot of lives….maybe im being a bit harsh I dont know….

      1. Thankfully I wasn’t at the Station the night of the fire, but I easily could have been. If it was on a weekend I probably would have, and likely wouldn’t still be here today. I went to a lot of shows there. I know people who were there, who lost friends and loved ones that night, and others still are suffering the effects of burns and injuries. I don’t know what they were thinking having pyro in a club, never in my life have I seen any other band do such a thing in a venue like that – pure stupidity and it killed over 100 people. Shortly afterward I had to travel across the country for work, and people were actually telling jokes about the “hot” Rhode Island nightlife. I was, and still am, disgusted that others would find humor in such a tragedy. I was never a Great White fan, but I did like several of their songs. Now, I can’t bring myself to listen to them. That event was literally too close to home for me, and I feel like I would be disrespecting those that died and their families if I did listen to Great White. I don’t hold it against anyone else, but I just can’t bring myself to support them – or Jack Russell – in any way. I know they would never have imagined such a thing would happen, and it certainly wasn’t intentional, but in the aftermath this band in all its incarnations is dead to me.

        1. I was listening to WHJY the overnight(early Friday 2/21/03) and still remember the DJ’s saying “we’re trying to reach Mike(Dr Metal)” it was jarring radio. Countless families devastated by this event.

          3AM…”could be 5 dead”…by 5AM, it was closer to 100. It’s an unrivaled disaster in American rock.

          Every time I see or hear Great White, that’s my immediate recall. They have a right to make a living…but personally, I’d wish they’d change their name.

    1. Rick,

      Why not click on the story and find out? 😉 Also, if it was Jack Russell’s version, the headline would have read “Jack Russell’s Great White.”

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

  5. Um, seriously? This is a strange video for a decent to good song. PLUS, they are releasing a 2nd video to an album that was released almost 2 years ago???????
    Doesn’t make any sense IMO.

  6. Not one of the best songs on a great cd, yet the cd is worth checking out. The band is way better with the new singer as well, seen them both since the split and no comparison. Hope they continue to make great music and tour.

  7. I had been to the Station and I echo the earlier sentiments; such an awful moment in rock history . I like(d) their music but I can only think of the tragedy first when I hear about Great White. Without Jack Russell I would not be overly interested anyways…

  8. Life long Great White fan here! And said with all due respect to any and all members and fans, I would rather hear the new singer sing this new stuff than destroy the classic sound and songs of Great White. The new singer is a talented singer with good vocal range.
    However, most fans of Great White show up at shows hear the classic songs and walk away saying who was that guy and where is Jack Russell?
    Best of luck to this version of Great White because most of your fan base doesn’t know Jack is not singing for them anymore! And as far as this life long fan is concerned, this version of Great White is one Jack OFF!!!!

  9. This is totally unrecognizable as the Great White their fans have come to love… I hate to see this big of a change in their sound let alone the cheesy video (which concerns me not) ~its about the music- and in my opinion, its just too weird for me…I personally CANNOT WAIT for Jacks version to come out with their new stuff!! He has an amazing band and very talented (and not to bad to look at either) lol…. They are currently IN THE STUDIO and are gonna BLOW us ALL AWAY!!! YAY!!

  10. I think this new version of GW is great and the new material on Elation is fantastic. I have no problem with bands getting a new singer and continuing on. I’m not one of those people who will not support a band just because they changed singers. If the music is good the music is good regardless who is singing and the name of the band. Especially these days with rock/hard rock music here in the U.S. declining for the most part, I’ll take a Terry Ilous fronted GW then most of these newer bands.
    From what I’ve read regarding the Station Fire in RI, that wasn’t GW, that was Jack Russell’s solo band. Great White had split up in 2001 two years before. Because Jack’s solo band failed to attract any crowds he invited Mark Kendall to play guitar in his solo band which then became Jack Russell’s GW.

  11. Love the Band! Love the video! Hope for more new albums and videos! This band is really thriving again! The energy of their live shows is awesome as well!

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