bonjoviband400 RadarOnline reports:

Jon Bon Jovi has turned against Richie Sambora, the band’s exiled guitar player, and the result has been low ticket sales with one planned show canceled due to poor advance sales, RadarOnline is reporting.

“Jon has been keeping Richie out of the band,” a source close to the situation told Radar. “And, frankly, he’s been a real jerk to Richie, saying some awful things. Maybe Jon wants to prove the band can be just as good or even better without Richie. But based on what’s happening now that’s not working out well.”

Sambora was said to have left the band for “personal reasons” but he’s ready and fit to resume his role as lead guitar player.

As Sambora remains out of the band – and he wants back in – the Cleveland Browns pro football team just announced they canceled a scheduled Bon Jovi concert schedule for July 14th.

The reason an insider tells Radar is that advance sales were pathetically low, approximately only 3,500 tickets had been sold.

“And other shows have not sold as much as they should have either,” the source said. “I’ve seen special deals on tickets for as low as $16! Jon is keeping Richie out of the band. And when the band’s fans see Bon Jovi they expect to see Richie on guitar.

On a personal level Jon made a comment to Richie that was so insensitive about his family and his daughter that Richie still can’t believe it. It happened after Jon’s daughter had her issue with heroin. Jon told Richie that was something he would have expected from Richie’s family. It’s just nasty.”

For the record: Sambora’s family is doing extremely well. The same cannot, however, be said of the band as it moves along without its high-profile guitarist.


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  • Brad on

    Most of these dates were on sale before RS left. RS left because of money as Jon writes the checks and gets 50% first…the rest divided among the other three, scale salary fror the rest. He had enough. People come to see Jon….the crowds overseas were massive, nobody cared about RS. I doubt Jon said that line.

  • Al on

    My take is that BJ the group is more a business band, than a band of brothers. JBJ comes across to me as wanting to be honourable. They both need to get into a room together and hammer stuff out. They don’t want to be on the outs like GnR and STP. Def Leppard have had hard knocks, yet they manage to keep Soap Opera-less.

  • spike on

    Who gives à shit anyway? Nobody missed Alec Jon Such either.

  • Jimi on

    Hasn’t Bon Jovi always been about Jon first and foremost? Maybe it’s time to for Bon Jovi to get a knockdown, just like many other bands has over the years. Can’t stay on top all the time.

    Besides, who cares really? Bon Jovi was a great band for the first 3-5 albums, and after that .. yawn!!!
    Just my opinion though.

  • Brian on

    I think a good portion of the Bon Jovi audience are females there to see Jon, and do not care who is standing beside him.

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