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bonjoviband400 RadarOnline reports:

Jon Bon Jovi has turned against Richie Sambora, the band’s exiled guitar player, and the result has been low ticket sales with one planned show canceled due to poor advance sales, RadarOnline is reporting.

“Jon has been keeping Richie out of the band,” a source close to the situation told Radar. “And, frankly, he’s been a real jerk to Richie, saying some awful things. Maybe Jon wants to prove the band can be just as good or even better without Richie. But based on what’s happening now that’s not working out well.”

Sambora was said to have left the band for “personal reasons” but he’s ready and fit to resume his role as lead guitar player.

As Sambora remains out of the band – and he wants back in – the Cleveland Browns pro football team just announced they canceled a scheduled Bon Jovi concert schedule for July 14th.

The reason an insider tells Radar is that advance sales were pathetically low, approximately only 3,500 tickets had been sold.

“And other shows have not sold as much as they should have either,” the source said. “I’ve seen special deals on tickets for as low as $16! Jon is keeping Richie out of the band. And when the band’s fans see Bon Jovi they expect to see Richie on guitar.

On a personal level Jon made a comment to Richie that was so insensitive about his family and his daughter that Richie still can’t believe it. It happened after Jon’s daughter had her issue with heroin. Jon told Richie that was something he would have expected from Richie’s family. It’s just nasty.”

For the record: Sambora’s family is doing extremely well. The same cannot, however, be said of the band as it moves along without its high-profile guitarist.



  1. Most of these dates were on sale before RS left. RS left because of money as Jon writes the checks and gets 50% first…the rest divided among the other three, scale salary fror the rest. He had enough. People come to see Jon….the crowds overseas were massive, nobody cared about RS. I doubt Jon said that line.

  2. My take is that BJ the group is more a business band, than a band of brothers. JBJ comes across to me as wanting to be honourable. They both need to get into a room together and hammer stuff out. They don’t want to be on the outs like GnR and STP. Def Leppard have had hard knocks, yet they manage to keep Soap Opera-less.

  3. Hasn’t Bon Jovi always been about Jon first and foremost? Maybe it’s time to for Bon Jovi to get a knockdown, just like many other bands has over the years. Can’t stay on top all the time.

    Besides, who cares really? Bon Jovi was a great band for the first 3-5 albums, and after that .. yawn!!!
    Just my opinion though.

  4. Who gives a shit. A glam band that lost their fan base because of crappy music in the last ten years. Hey Eddie Trunk I thought your site was about all things Heavy Metal. How the fuck does Bon Jovi qualify?

    1. Hey John,

      1. I posted this story, not Eddie.
      2. If you don’t give a shit about Bon Jovi, why are you reading this piece and going out of your way to comment? Personally, I don’t bother reading news about bands that I don’t like, nor have any interest in, that is a waste of my time.
      3. Whether you like it or not, think they are “hard rock/heavy metal” or not, Bon Jovi still plays stadiums and continues to sell tickets in 2013. So, a lot of people still care about the band despite how you feel and what you think.
      4. Finally, you name me another band from the early ’80’s that can still do that?

      Have a good one,

      1. Dana,

        You make some valid points and I’m not here to speak for John Alonzo. But I will say the following: This is Eddie’s website, so whatever you post in the news section does reflect on Eddie. Eddie has spoken on his radio show about his dislike of the term “hair metal.” He obviously is a fan of a lot of the bands, since he featured quite a few in his book and on his show. I think Bon Jovi has tried to leave his former image behind, and by morphing into a more serious “artist” he’s managed to maintain and grow a fanbase. I give him a lot of credit for that.

        Two things get people passionate, and you can apply it to sports teams as well: Artists/Bands people love, and artists/bands people hate. Red Sox fans hate the Yankees, but you know darn well they will post opinions on Yankee News articles. That’s just the way it is. You know that. So of course, some Bon Jovi news on a predominantly heavy rock website is going to generate comments.

        Regarding 1980s bands filling stadiums. You are right. None of them can! That’s an indictment on the lack of traction or staying power nearly all of these bands currently have. Top selling “classic rock bands” nowadays are mostly 70s bands, not MTV bands for the most part, apart from the U2s and Madonna. But “hairbands” can’t sell much these days. Nobody really cares about Great White, Tesla, Poison, Motley Crue etc… Eddie seems to, but I don’t see many of these bands – or any of them, packing stadiums unless there are about 10 of them playing. Rush, Aerosmith and a handful of other 1970s bands still do good boxoffice, but even many of them are struggling.

        Keep up the good work on the site!

        1. Hi John,

          Thank you very much for your very intelligent and mature response to my post, I really appreciate it!

          In my humble opinion, no one understands being passionate about something more than I (and maybe Eddie-LOL). However, I don’t think it is necessary for one to have to be nasty or snarky to get your point across.

          Also, you are correct, it seems that the only bands that can still fill stadiums seats and sell out shows (AC/DC, Iron Maiden, etc.) were born out of the ’70s. It’s a shame because the 80’s did produce some really great music and bands, for example, Blue Murder 🙂


    2. If anyone hasn’t given The Circle album a listen, it really is there best work in years. Bounce was no slouch either. I realise their stuff in the last 13 years has been more miss than hit, but give those two an honest shake, remembering it’s not ,1986 anymore, and I think you’ll be at least a little impressed.

  5. I would rather see them with Phil X at this point. I think Richie deserves a break if he wants one. I think they should all take a break, come back with Richie and Alex on bass, and do a farewell tour to sew up a great career, and go out on a high note.

  6. I think its time for Bon Jovi to take another hitaus – like they did after 1995. Their last couple of albums have been diverting away from the true essence of wha the band’s sound is….and instead of being a band – they are more of a corporation..that puts out subpar albums.

    Jon realizes that he cannot make it as a solo artist — just look at his Destination Anywhere album; it flopped! He cannot go out as Jon Bon Jovi…..he needs he moniker name to survive in album and concert sales. And I think he is beginning to realize that things are beginning to dry up slowly.

  7. That might be it. Or, alternately, maybe people just aren’t willing to pay that kind of money to watch an over-the-hill boy band play douchey songs.

  8. Can’t stand BJ, but gotta admit Richie can shred – you just don’t hear it on Jon’s music very often. Richie’s solo stuff is much heavier and bluesier…and better. He should try and go on his own and see if he can make it work that way. I’d go see Richie playing in a club before I’d go see Bon Jovi in a stadium. Although there would be more MILF’s in the stadium.

  9. I agree with John Alonzo. Who gives a shit. They don’t want to be associated with heavy metal acts. Watch the video poopin dead or alive. Or she gives poop a bad name. Wait. I’m making a mistake. They definitely aren’t in the same league as our favorite metal acts. I can’t even believe they have been this successful over the years. Livin on a poopstain has sure carried them a long way. I can’t believe I even typed this much crap on my iPad because it takes forever.

  10. I agree with John and Todd. Nobody cares. Bon Jovi has toured a lot over the past few years and the fans who paid for their overpriced tickets back then have apparently had enough. It’s called oversaturation. If I was related to Bon Jovi or had to play in his band I’d be drinking and taking drugs every night as well. Re: Ritchie – Nobody cares about Ritchie other than a few hard-core fans. Howard Stern had him on and his new release tanked anyways. Is he a good player? Yes he is. But there are lots of good players around.

    Eddie complained about his show being moved to XM 39 Hair Nation – looks like that’s where it belongs. Bon Jovi’s first single “Runaway” was lame hair metal before there was such a thing. I remember when he played clubs on his first national tour. I’m proud that I never went to see him then.

  11. HAHAHA!!! That’s what ya get Jon! Dumbass. He should just can Tico and keyboardist and get all session musicians since it’s all about him, always has been, and always will be! Since Alec John Such left they’ve had the same bassist but refuse to consider him a member of the band. How shitty is that? I think Richie will see this is a blessing in disguise. He’s made enough money to live like a king so he can just sit back and watch Jon dig his own grave. Like many, I enjoy their earlier music but tuned out a long time ago. Jon’s always struck me as a douchebag and this just shows it.

  12. I think theres a few aspects of dwindling ticket sales: (although Europe seems to be selling well)
    1. What About Now and The Circle are not very good and that is starting to catch up to the band.
    2. Ticket prices are too high.
    3. Over saturation of the market place.
    4. Sambora not there.
    5. Stagnant set list for die hard fan base.
    I’ve seen Bon Jovi many times and have always thought they have put on a great live show, but the ticket prices have gotten out of control, many fans look at it as greed, I know myself and many other friends that are fans think the same…..also, the set list is stagnant… deep tracks. I also have a theory on why there is no reliable information on Sambora’s departure…..I think the band wants the fans to believe that he may come back at any time so keep Buying Those Tickets just in case…..just a thought. FYI: When Sambora dropped out of the tour, there were many people that I know that did not want to go for that reason and also the ticket price associated with essentially a JBJ solo show. I am a fan and always will be, but the band has to give fans a good reason to keep buying their product and the last 2 albums are, in my opinion the weakest in their catalog…..get a different producer and take a chance in the studio for f**ks sake….Because We Can is elevator music. Sambora’s solo album is good, took a listen or two to get used to it.

  13. Bon Jovi is totally over rated any way. They had two good albums, that’s it. He refuses to play that many songs from Slippery and New Jersey. And he keeps playing new songs that suck and no one cares about. Plus, he turns all his songs into country songs now and he just doesn’t rock anymore. He should take a hint from Def Leppard, they play the hits, that’s what people come to hear.

  14. I use to love this band but the last song they wrote that sounded anything like the great stuff from the 80’s was ” Its My Life ”
    Most everything since New Jersey sounds like complete filler imo .

    And Live , Jon sounds like he is singing thru his nose or has a cold .
    He sounds nothing like when I use to see them.

  15. Another thing . About the ticket prices.
    The bands seem to think that its ok to have high prices and when questioned they make comments like ” We have lower priced seats too ”
    Well, if you want to sit in the nose bleeds.
    All seats were about the same price when I use to go to arena shows .
    Now thankfully for me, most of the bands i go to from back then are playing clubs and theaters.

    If I have to sit in the nose bleeds because the industrys too greedy i’ll wait for a dvd.

  16. Back in the Fall to L.A. & Vegas….it is all about the money, sorta like a Roger Waters lugging out the Wall bricks fer a second leg in the same areas. They’ll sell out the Staples Center without RS…he’s not needed. AJS sleepwalked on bass on his final tour…he was shown the door. RS saw his latest solo album numbers and crapped in his pants. He can go play off the Ventura Freeway where Tom Kiefer & Dave Davies played..leave Jon hitting the deck to 40,000 in Europe country after country.

  17. Hello, on April 23, 2013 I attended my 21st bon jovi concert. Jon puts on a good show but it was dull with out Richie! The rest of the band where squared off in the back and I had great seats but could hardly see anyone but Jon. Im a die hard fan who has met the band bon jovi 5 times. I however, will not return or go see them again without Richie. Jon and Richie together bring the charisma to the stage. Richie made a statement that he is returning to the tour in earlyseptember. I will go see them in vegas if its true .

  18. I’m a long time Bon Jovi fan and I can tell you this myself and 10 of my friends had tix to see bon jovi in Columbus Oh and when I read Richie wasn’t gonna be there we all sold our tix on ebay for 1/3 what we paid. say what ya want about em not being a heavy metal band idc but they’ve always influenced me and especially Richie he’s a great under rated player has a great voice and is as much of their success as jbj. I’ll see em if he returns and not untill..btw I loved Samboras latest solo album much better then anything the band has done in years.

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