Hope everyone has a great weekend. Tonight my FM radio show debuts 11PM ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. 3 hours of new and classic hard rock and metal! Both stations stream free as well. See “EddieTrunk Rocks-FM” under Live & On The Air on this site for the list of stations that air my show every weekend with the days and times. Coming in the next two weeks new exclusive interviews on the FM radio show with Geddy Lee and Joe Elliott from backstage at TMS!

Speaking of TMS ALL NEW episode tomorrow night. Our second show of the new season features Charlie, Frank and Scott of Anthrax on set, and Joey checking in via Skype from the studio in LA. Alex Skolnick also joins us and plays guitar. It’s a fun show with some great ball busting with old friends and a legendary metal band. Debuts 9P ET on VH1 Classic. Remember you can see shows online starting Monday as well as outakes at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com if you don’t get VH1C. Please note the channel is available on just about every service in the USA however some require you to buy up a tier to get it.

Be sure to check out my interview with Joe Holmes this week on the Eddie Trunk Podcast. Joe tells great stories about his time with Ozzy and David Lee Roth and much more. FREE on Itunes or www.podcastone.com Love his new band Farmikos as well.

Dee Snider will check in live on my SiriusXM show this Monday 6-10P ET. LIVE on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation)

RIP Leonard Nimoy. Grew up a huge Trek fan, sad day.

Rare weekend home for me with the family. Have a good one all. More soon.



Episode 2 of TMS is in the books. The Anthrax guys have been friends for 30 years, so to say this will be a relaxed hang “interview” would be an understatement! Frank, Charlie and Scott were on set and Joey checked in from LA via Skype where he was doing his vocals for the new album. Alex Skolnick ripped on guitar as usual! You will see it all this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic with a replay at 11P ET. And thanks to all who watched our debut with Geddy Lee! Had some stellar ratings by the channels standards. Good to know the TMS faithful are still out there!

My podcast posting tomorrow is with former Ozzy/DLR guitarist Joe Holmes. Free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Going to see the Aerosmith concert film on the big screen tomorrow here in NJ. Info on this site. It’s playing around the country one night only.

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Off to NYC to tape episode 2 of the new season of That Metal Show. Today all 5 members of Anthrax will be on to talk about their next album and various side projects. Also Alex Skolnick of Testament plays guitar. See it when it debuts this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic. Photos and info from the set via my Twitter @EddieTrunk

This Thursday’s Eddie Trunk Podcast features and interview with former Ozzy, DLR guitarist Joe Holmes, talking about his time in those bands and his killer new band Farmikos.

I have stock of both of my books now available for immediate shipping. If you’d like to order signed personalized copies of either volume hit the Books tab on this site for info. Also be sure to check out my new shirts designs in the Merch store. Thanks!


Tremendous response to our season premiere of That Metal Show last night with Geddy Lee, John Petrucci and Joe Elliott. I just returned from gigs in Pittsburgh and haven’t watched yet but the social media feedback was great! Thanks especially to Geddy Lee. We need huge names like this to help keep this show alive and him coming to do TMS for the second time was huge and a great way to debut! Having support from these major bands and names really helps keep growing the show greatly and I appreciate it. Amazing how many people commented on us wearing collared shirts and not band shirts. Some thought there was now a VH1C dress code which is really funny. The truth is we are in NYC in the Winter and it’s often cold on the set. If it helps at all my shirt had a small Marilyn Manson logo above the pocket, but you couldn’t see it without HD, which VH1C is still not in. And speaking of that a ton of people still pound me about the HD thing. Trust me, it is as frustrating for me as it is for you in 2015 to be talking about this! But I do NOT own the network and have NO control over it. We are shot in HD but until the channel upgrades it can’t be seen that way sadly. Has nothing to do with me and is absurd to be talking about at this stage of the game but out of my hands. At times Palladia will air some shows in HD and you can also see them on the computer close to that way at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com . Also use that link to see the show if you don’t have VH1 Classic. I do not control if you can get it outside the USA either, sorry. We shoot the next episode this Tuesday with all members of Anthrax and Alex Skolnick on guitar. Thanks again for watching.

Thanks to all who came to the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh Saturday night for two killer live shows I did with Don & Jim. My first time in Pitt and it was a blast! Yes I had a Premonti’s Brothers!

Live on SiriusXM tomorrow 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. Much to play and say!

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Just back from FL where it was actually cold for FL, but nowhere near the 0 degrees it is in NJ! Huge thanks as always to the Seminole Hard Rock for having me. Was awesome hosting Alice Cooper and spending some time with Alice and his killer band. Alice is a prime example of a case where age makes no difference at all on the quality of his performance. Few artists have been able to grow older in their career and be as good or better than they have ever been. Performance wise and visually the guy has lost nothing. He’s also one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. I spent some time post show talking with Alice about a bunch of stuff and will also post a podcast interview with him soon. The 95 minute set had all the classic props and was divided into 3 themes with most of the hits and a set of covers. Thanks to all the great fans I met at the post show at the Hard Rock as well.

Speaking of podcasts hope you guys have checked out my brand new one that posted yesterday with Robin Zander. This is exclusive to my podcast and it’s a great conversation about Cheap Trick and much more. Free now on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

I’m at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ tonight with Don & Jim for our live stand up show. Jackyl plays after us. We start around 8, Jackyl should be on by 10. If you purchased the VIP Meet & Greet that is at 6P. Tickets available at the door right up till showtime. Tomorrow we do two shows at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. Please note Jackyl is not with us in Pitt, only tonight in NJ.

Of course tomorrow TMS is back with our first new episode in almost a year! Geddy Lee, Joe Elliott and John Petrucci are the guests. Do not miss the return of TMS 9 and 11PM ET tomorrow night on VH1 Classic!

I’ll be on Ron & Fez with Don & Jim live today at 1P ET on SiriusXM Raw Dog


Could not have had a great kickoff to the new season of TMS that we shot last night in NYC! Geddy Lee for the hour, a surprise appearance from Joe Elliot for a TMS Top 5 of greatest 70’s British rock acts, and John Petrucci shredding for us! I did ask Ged if this is the last tour, future plans and even talked some baseball. We also show a new release of 2112 and find out what his favorite and least favorite Rush albums are! Had a blast! Can’t thanks Geddy enough for returning to the show and being such a great guest. The Rush guys all have a great sense of humor as well and know what it means to be fans and have always been so cool with me. Honored to have their support. Geddy flew to NYC just to do TMS which is so awesome! Also we shot an interview with Joe Elliot that will be seen in a future episode as well. Joe is a huge music fan and also was great with us. And was so cool to have Petrucci on who was a kid in a candy store around Geddy. See it all THIS Saturday night when TMS returns at a new time of 9P ET with a replay at 11P on VH1 Classic. If you don’t get the channel you can see the show and extras a couple days after the premiere at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com . It’s great to be back! Check my twitter (@EddieTrunk), FB and Instagram (eddietrunkofficial) for photos from the set.

Headed to FL now. See you tonight at The Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood for Alice Cooper! After Alice plays I’ll be inside the casino at the Hard Rock Cafe selling & signing books and more.

Friday at Starland in Sayreville NJ with Don, Jim and Jackyl for our stand up show. Tickets still available.

Saturday 2 shows at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh with Don & Jim. A few tickets still remain.

All new podcast exclusive interview with Robin Zander posts this Thursday at www.podcastone.com or Itunes. 100% free as always!


Just home from a long day in NYC. All day rehearsals for That Metal Show with the crew. New set looks cool and we now have Lemmy and Dio on our walls! Tomorrow it’s for real as show 1 tapes with Geddy Lee, John Petrucci on guitar and a special surprise guest for our top 5. The surprise guest will be revealed tomorrow since we tape with a live audience. I’ll tweet it and post photos with him when I get to the set. So all will be revealed soon. Was just asked to keep it a surprise for our live audience until we shoot. It is the singer in a major rock band… So psyched we are finally back! The show we shoot tomorrow premieres this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic!

TONS of requests for audience tickets. I do not control it. www.gothamcasting.com does. Hit them up. Thanks.

Thanks to my guests Doug Aldrich, Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson on my SiriusXM show tonight, The new Black Star Riders is great! Both Black Star Riders and Doug’s new band Revolution Saints have their latest albums out a week from tomorrow. Rev Saints very much like Journey. Check them both out.

All new podcast  EXCLUSIVE interview posts this Thursday with Robin Zander! Free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Don’t forget this Wednesday I am in Hollywood FL at the Hard Rock hosting Alice Cooper. Meet me at The Hard Rock Cafe in the casino after the show.

This Friday live with Don & Jim and Jackyl at Starland in NJ and Saturday with Don & Jim for 2 shows at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh.

Lot’s going on! Follow on Twitter for more and up to the second news and photos @EddieTrunk . My ONLY twitter account.



Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Things go pretty nuts for me work wise starting Monday. That’s my first day visiting the new TMS set in NYC and going over a bunch of stuff in prep for the first shoot this coming Tuesday with Geddy Lee, John Petrucci and a surprise guest! Then Wednesday I fly to FL to host Alice Cooper Wed night at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. Then home Thursday, then a live show in NJ at Starland with Don, Jim and Jackyl Friday. Then fly to Pittsburgh Saturday for a 2 live shows Saturday night at The Rex with Don & Jim. Then do it all over again the next week! Not complaining, blessed to have this life doing what I love, but things are going to be really nuts for a while! Keep up on Twitter, FB, here when I have time. And please check the home page appearances for all my upcoming stuff on the road. Hope to see you all soon one way or the other. Oh yeah, and in the middle of all that I will do a live SiriusXM show this Monday too 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation for Presidents Day. Doug Aldrich among the guests. I’m tired already but livin the dream, have a good one!


Always a huge thrill to welcome a new station to my syndication network. I truly appreciate all the stations I have that give me 3 hours of their weekly schedule to bring my radio show to the audience. We are always looking to add new believers who will give their audience 3 hours of new and classic hard rock and metal. All they have to do is say they want the show. Pleased to welcome a new station on board that will start this Saturday. 98.9 The Bear in Ft Wayne Indiana is our newest affiliate. Thanks to Gasman and his crew for putting me on. This station also streams live so you can tap in from anywhere and hear the show as well. All of the places and ways to hear my FM show every week can be found here:


Welcome 98.9 The Bear and if you want your local rock station to carry my show let them know about it! Thanks to all the stations and listeners for their support. Everything I have done in my career traces back to this radio show that I started over 32 years ago and it is still very much a major passion of mine to do it every week!


Lot’s of reaction about The Grammy’s who I have consistently hammered about their utter consistent cluelessness when it comes to rock and metal. The nominations seem random at best and the winners can be even more head scratching. Because they have destroyed any real level of credibility when an artist that is actually deserving wins it does nothing for their career and has no real impact. It is sad that another mainstream music institution is so lost when it comes to rock and metal and has been for over 20 years. And there are no signs of anything changing with the laughable decision to give Tenacious D a Grammy for best Metal performance last night for a Dio cover. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Dio as you know and love the album this song came from and the cause it was put out for. But is a metal comedy act really the best metal performance over nominees like Motorhead (who once won one for a Metallica cover!), Mastodon, Slipknot (a #1 album!) and Anthrax (again nominated for a cover!). I mean you just couldn’t make it up! I have nothing against Tenacious D but even they have to be thinking “what the fuck?”. Outside of that AC/DC were great and it looks like Chris Slade has the gig on drums. That was about all there was to discuss rock wise from the show. Oh and it was very cool to see Nuno Bettencourt playing with Paul McCartney! Nuno is having some year reuniting Extreme, still working with Rhianna, recently touring with Steven Tyler, etc. Incredible stuff for a great talent and congrats to him.

Live on SiriusXM channel 39 tonight 6-10P ET. Scott Ian, Pearl and Jim Wilson from Mother Superior in studio and Alice Cooper calls in. See you tonight for TRUNKNation!

Next Eddie, Jim, Don live shows 1/20 at Starland NJ, and 1/21 Rex theater Pittsburgh. TONS of new shows for me added, please see the home page and come on out if you can.

TMS back 2/21 9P ET ALL NEW