Off to host Ace Frehley night #2 sold out at BB Kings NYC. Looking forward to hearing how the band gelled and the changes to the set since the opening night of the tour. I’ll provide updates as I can.

Had a great talk with David Coverdale. I’ll post it as a podcast soon. We talk Jimmy Page, Blackmore, Jon Lord, Sykes and more. Also did a podcast interview with the great producer Bob Rock. That will be posted in the coming weeks as well. This Thursday all new with Carmine Appice and Joe Lynn Turner together. All podcasts free and available on Itunes or www.podcastone.one

Had a visit from Andy from Black Veil Brides to my radio show last night. Good to meet him and get to know the next generation of hard rockers.

Just confirmed a new Eddie, Don, Jim live show 2/21 at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. I have never been to Pitt before so look forward to this. Early and late show. Tix on sale soon.

If in NJ please join me for the Karl Cochran benefit show tomorrow night at Dingbatz in Clifton. Many special guests! Also I will be in Oaks PA at All Things That Rock 1-4PM this Friday. Both of my books for sale.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Another rough Sunday for my Giants but I think they will be solid once they get healthy next year.

PLEASE NOTE: New venue for my upcoming appearance 12/12 in Austin. It is now at The Original Emo’s. Please see the flyer attached to the link on the home page for details.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNK Nation. David Coverdale calls in live at 8P ET.

Ace Frehley tonight and tomorrow at BBs NYC. I’ll be there tomorrow.

Thanks for all the great response to the Joe Satriani podcast! This Thursday all new with Scott Ian and Chris Jericho. www.podcastone.com or Itunes.

Please join me, Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice, Pat Travers, Steve Brown and more for a charity concert for guitarist Karl Cochran this Wednesday at Dingbatz Clifton NJ. Show starts 9P sharp! Tickets at the door. All money goes to help Karl in his recovery from a stroke.

This Friday I’ll be at the Philly Expo Center for the All Things That Rock Expo. Please note I will only be there 1-4P Friday only. Books available.

RIP Eric Carr who we lost on this day 23 years ago. Eric and I were close friends and I miss him every day. He truly was one of the best and we had too many great times to get into here. Gone but never forgotten!


Don’t miss this week’s all new podcast that went up yesterday. It features an all new podcast exclusive interview with Joe Satriani. Joe covers lot’s of things in our chat. Grab it free and worldwide on Itunes (just search my name) or www.podcastone.com You can also stream it on this site if you hit the banner with my podcast on the home page when it comes up.

One week from today I’ll be in Oaks PA in the Philly area for the All Things That Rock Expo. I’ll be there Friday only starting around 1P. This is a huge vendor event and I will have both of my books available for sale. Hope to see you.

All new radio show on the  FM side debuts tonight 11P-2A on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston with new and classic hard rock and metal.  Full station list under Live & On The Air.

Congrats to my ticket winners for Ace Frehley at BB Kings NYC next Monday & Tuesday. Both shows close to sold out so buy tix in advance if you are going. I’ll be there Tuesday.

This Monday all new live SiriusXM show on channel 39 6-10P ET. David Coverdale will call in live.

Be sure to vote on the poll on the home page for the year end specials!

New TMS 2/21/15


Early results on the year end special poll on the home page at the time I am writing this have Maiden, Rush and VH leading the top 3 for what shows I will do radio specials on in December. Kiss is in 4th just a few votes from VH. Interesting to see and the top 3 bands will get all 3 hours of one of my show for the holiday specials. Voting will close December 1, so whatever are the top 3 get the specials! Be sure to vote for your favorite of the choice there.

Thanks to Nuno Bettencourt, Carmine Appice and Joe Lynn Turner who were my guests last night on my SiriusXM show. As usual you can hear the interviews on the SiriusXM app if you are a subscriber and missed them. Extreme announced a 12 city tour and I will be hosting them in NJ 1/20 at Bergen PAC. Carmine and Joe have a new band together called Rated X. I’ll be seeing both of them Thanksgiving Eve at Dingbatz at the benefit for Karl Cochran.

Please be sure to check the appearances on my home page. Many added and info is always changing. Hope to see you at these gigs if in the area.

Have my first call with VH1 about the new season of TMS this Friday. Taping starts in Feb. Feels good to start the TMS machine rolling again! More info when I have it.

Ran into Brian Johnson of AC/DC last night at SiriusXM. He and Angus (who I saw but didn’t get a chance to speak with) are making the promo rounds through tomorrow in NYC. The scheduling didn’t work for me to get time with them on this run but likely will have some time a little down the line. Both Brian and Angus have been on my radio shows and TMS and I look forward to speaking with them more. Brian is in amazing shape for his age and both seemed in great spirits (Brian was running to have a cigarette before his next interview!). Cool to see the guys and see them looking and sounding so positive when you consider some of the question marks surrounding the band with Malcolm and Phil. They will be on Stern tomorrow. Should be interesting.

I’m getting my every few  years colonoscopy tomorrow. I bring that up because it is so important for us as we get older to not be ashamed of such things and get screened. My Dad had colon cancer and caught it early and is thankfully fine now. Ronnie James Dio did not get screened. If he had we may still have him with us today. It was a huge honor for me to host Dio’s memorial five years ago and I will never forget his doctor telling me it’s so important to get the word out about screening. Also congrats to Peter Criss who is getting an award tonight in NYC for his work creating awareness for male breast cancer. Peter was nice enough to ask me to present the award for him but because I am prepping for my screening tomorrow I couldn’t. Peter is doing great work helping to raise awareness and I’m happy he is getting honored for it.



Hope everyone had a great weekend. Back live tonight 6-10P ET/3-7 Pacific on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation) with music and talk that rocks. Joining me in studio in the 9P hour will be Carmine Appice and Joe Lynn Turner to talk about their new band Rated X. Calling in live at 8P will be Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt. Nuno is one of my favorite players and Extreme announced today a 12 date US tour playing Pornograffiti. We will discuss that and more.

Please check out the poll added to this sites home page. If you have listened to my FM show for a long time you know I end the year with theme shows. This year YOU pick 3 bands among the biggest on my show every week to have an entire 3 hour program dedicated to their music! I’ll keep the poll up until the end of Nov then announce the 3 bands 12/1 and the dates their shows will air. So let your voice and favorite band be heard and cast your vote now!

Just added an appearance in New Bedford MA 12/20 hosting the charity event Rock 4 Xmas. More details soon.

If in NJ area please come to Dingbatz in Clifton Thanksgiving Eve for a charity event for my friend guitarist Karl Cochran. Joe Lynn Turner, Pat Travers, Steve Brown of Trixter (and recently Def Leppard) and many more will be rocking to help Karl. Hope to see you there.

Since I get asked daily (and thanks for caring!) I will end every blog with this: New TMS Feb 2015.


Hosted the kickoff of the Ace Frehley Space Invader tour in NJ last night. If you followed on Twitter I did song for song coverage and posted a ton of photos. Also posted a few on my FB. Like most tour kickoffs there were a few technical issues during the show but it wasn’t really a huge deal and Ace had fun with it. He is also working in a new band and I think after a couple shows under their belt things should be very tight. This band really is great! Richie Scarlett back in the fold is a huge addition. I always loved Richie’s playing, performance, voice and attitude on stage and he is a perfect wing man for Ace. Their two Les Paul’s sounded amazing all night and there was some cool dual guitar stuff as well. Scot Coogan also is a great re-addition to the band. He is a killer drummer and has a phenomenal voice which enables Ace to play many Kiss/Paul Stanley vocal era songs that he was a part of like “Love Gun”, “King Of The Nightime World” and others. Hearing Scot belt these out was really pretty awesome, especially when you consider how well he plays at the same time! Ace is only doing Kiss material he played on and was a part of and it sounded great with Scot singing. New bassist Chris Wyse sang lead on Strange Ways and he is a great player and rounds out what is a killer band with all able to sing lead. Because of the technical issues the nearly 2 hour set was trimmed and Deuce and Detroit Rock City were not played, but Ace told me he will toy with the set as he goes. 3 songs from Trouble Walkin were in the set including opener Lost In Limbo and two from the post Kiss debut (Rock Soldiers and Breakout which was dedicated to Eric Carr who co-wrote it). Nothing from Second Sighting or Anomaly. Cold Gin was the set closer. I posted a photo of the set list on my FB. I know there has been an outcry from some fans for deeper obscure Ace / Kiss tunes liked Dark Light, etc. He may very well work some of that up as he goes. But the simple truth is with any band playing deep tracks live it makes about 10% of the crowd happy and loses everyone else, so there must be balance. Trust me, I LOVE deep tracks from bands and I’m burned on the usual hits. But the huge majority are not. One example is when Ace played Too Young To Die, a great track I love from Trouble Walkin. About 80% of the crowd had no clue. It is a balance every band has to deal with. The major amount of people buying tickets just don’t know the deep stuff. So that’s why you get Kiss hits scattered in with the solo hits and deep tracks. Four songs from the new album were in the set, the title track, Toys, Gimme A Feelin and Change, although Change was scrapped due to a tuning issue (like I said, first night mess ups). As I walked with Ace to the stage to intro him he said “oh shit, I forgot to put Rip It Out in”! So no doubt that will be added very soon. The plan is for Ace to do the announced dates, then break for the holidays, then do more US shows and European festivals next year. I hope this band sticks together and enough people come out to support this tour and have it make sense and grow. It really was a fun, raw, loud rock show that was loud and punchy and loaded with a great variety of Ace/Kiss classics. All confirmed dates at www.acefrehley.com I’ll be at the second night at BB Kings in NYC. Win tickets to those shows in ET’s Box Office on this site.


My podcast this week is all new and features an interview with co-founding member of Skid Row Snake Sabo. I go way back with Snake and the Skids since their days as a band on the Jersey club circuit. Good friends for many many years. These days in addition to playing with the band Snake also is an artists manager handling Down, Vintage Trouble and more. Hope you enjoy the conversation about the early days of the Skids and more. As always my podcasts are 100% free and available worldwide. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com You can now also stream the latest podcasts by hitting the podcast banner on this sites home page.

Great to have Goody’s Headache Relief shot back as a sponsor. They have made more Eddie Trunk Rocks bumper stickers. I’ll have them at all my appearances as well as samples of their product going forward. I’ll also send them to any US address. Just send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I’ll drop a couple in the mail:

PO Box 41
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Ace Frehley kicks off his tour tonight in NJ at the State Theater in New Brunswick. Looking forward to seeing Ace and his new band which features the return of Richie Scarlett, Scot Coogan and new member Chris Wise. All four guys sing lead so it should open up some great song possibilities. Also look forward to hearing some stuff from the new album. I’ll also see Ace again locally at BB Kings in NYC Thanksgiving week. Gave away a ton of tickets for tonight and you can still win for the NYC dates. Just visit “ET’s Box Office” on this site to enter.

Rob Halford checks in from the road on my FM radio show this weekend debuting tomorrow night at 11P on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston.

Order now if you’d like to give signed personalized copies of either of my books for gifts. Please hit the “Book” tab under media for order info and be sure to specify VOL 1 or 2 or both with your order! Non signed copies available anywhere you buy books.

TMS returns 2/21/15


Just got a copy of the recently released special edition of Kiss Love Gun. So many of the many reissues that I get are pretty pointless. Many times the remastering is not even done well and the artist is not even involved. Not the case with this one. This truly is a great reissue and worth the purchase. Everyone knows by now I am still a huge fan of CDs and they are very much by far still my favorite format. When CDs are produced like this it’s another reason why I love them so much. This deluxe edition of Love Gun has great packaging, photos, liner notes by Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, a great booklet and even a magnetic love gun (the original album had a cardboard one which broke after a few snaps!). The remastered original album sounds crisp and punchy without the over compression and volume that plagues some of these remasters these days. The bonus disc has some cool gems including a demo for a Simmons song call “I Know Who You Are” which hardcore fans will recognize as the song it became on his solo album the next year “Living In Sin”. There is also a real interesting recording of a young Paul Stanley explaining how a song goes that he just wrote called “Love Gun” which is a learning demo. I also found the 1977 Montreal radio interview with Simmons interesting when he talks about the band not taking any major turns in their music or being so pompous to make a concept record. Fascinating when you consider the next album had a disco song and The Elder would come shortly after! Love Gun was the bands sixth studio album and for the most part the final ever studio record from the original band (Anton Fig would play on Dynasty and Unmasked despite Peter being pictured). It holds a special place for many because it was when Kiss was on top of the world, firing on all cylinders, featured the vocal debut of Ace Frehley, and featured a tour and stage show unlike anything anyone had seen. It was Kiss at their peak. I saw Kiss for the first time in December of 1977 and it was a game changer for me and so many. This special edition really took me back to ’77 again, being that kid in my bedroom with Kiss posters all over the wall and dropping the needle on the start of “I Stole Your Love”. It encompasses all that was so great about being a kid and being lost in the music and mystique of Kiss while staring at the album jacket. Tommy Thayer worked on this reissue and regardless of how you feel about his current role in Kiss he was a fan first and foremost and he certainly has always done a great job when it comes to capturing the history the right way. I hope the rest of the bands catalog eventually gets this treatment on CD.


Happy Veterans day and sincere thanks to all our veterans and all branches of our military for your service. True heroes! I hosted a fund raiser last night in NYC put together by an organization called Wall Street Rocks. My second year doing it and it was very well done and successful. They have raised over $350,000 so far for our nations heroes, and that doesn’t count last night. The event was at The Highline Ballroom in NYC (one of my favorite NYC venues) and featured many musical guests who turned in great performances. This was not a metal event but was a rock event and it was sold out with fans loving the music and the positive cause. I’ll post some photos on Facebook today. Great seeing Warren Haynes who played brilliantly. Something you may not know, I know Warren because he actually released a solo album in the early 90’s on Megaforce! Happy for all his success. Great guy and player. Also spent some time with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Obviously a legend and the first time I spent some real time with him. He said ZZ were considered very heavy when they first started and would love to come on TMS. Hopefully we can make that happen. Cool meeting John Popper, Will Lee and catching up with my old friend Anton Fig who was the drummer for the night. Honored to have been a part of this and thanks to Wall Street Rocks for having me. Most of all thank you to our veterans on this day! For more info on Wall Street Rocks visit www.wallstreetrocks.org


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Not so great for me as a Giants fan but I knew in Seattle was a tall order.

Tonight’s SiriusXM show is pre recorded as I am hosting a benefit show tonight in NYC at Highline Ballroom for the military.

Great new Whitesnake DVD has been released of the band live in 1984. This show has been widely bootlegged but cool to have it in it’s best quality. What makes this so cool is it features a great lineup of the band with Neil Murray, the late Cozy Powell and John Sykes. Live footage with Sykes is so rare from Whitesnake since John was gone after the ’87 album was recorded. Still cool to see “Crying In the Rain” on here since it was originally on an earlier Whitesnake album. The audio mix isn’t always great with the guitar a bit low in the mix in the beginning but it is still cool to see this incredible lineup rocking 30 years ago. It’s available now as a two disc set. So many ask me what John is doing now. He completed a new album but I am not sure what his plans to release it are yet. Will keep you posted when I do. He is one of my favorite players and would be great to have new music from him. But check out this gem from the past in the meantime.

I’ll be at the Ace Frehley show this Thursday in NJ as he kicks off his Space Invader tour at The State Theater. Congrats to the many ticket winners that won by entering on this site through “ET’s Box Office” tab.

I’ll be hosting Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel 12/5 at Mexicali in Teaneck NJ. Be sure to enter to win for that one on the site also.

Just announced I’ll be spending NYE this year in San Jose at Rock Bar hosting Y&T. Should be a blast!

All new Eddie Trunk Podcast this Thursday with Snake Sabo of Skid Row. Thanks to all for the kind words on the Adrian Vandenberg podcast. All are avaialble free and worldwide at Itunes and www.podcastone.com You can also hear them on this site. Just hit the banner on the home page!

Thanks to Goody’s headache relief shot for coming back on as a sponsor. Really quality product! If you’d like the “Eddie Trunk Rocks/Goody’s” sticker just send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

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