Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July holiday weekend. My FM radio show this weekend celebrates the 4th with an all new all American hard rock and metal special. Might not seem like a big deal as far as a radio special but think about how many bands I play on a regular basis that excludes. So it opens some time for other artists maybe not played as often too. It is on Q104.3 11P ET as usual and all stations that run my show each and every week usual day and time. Full list under Live & On The Air.

Excited to welcome back WAAF/Boston which starts airing the show a week from Friday from 11P-2A. I’ll be in Boston with Don & Jim at The Wilbur 8/2.

Judas Priest are doing a signing this Tuesday to celebrate the release of their new album at The Hard Rock in Times Sq. Starts at 6:30 and you must purchase the new album from FYE at The Hard Rock to get it signed. It will be Rob, Richie and Glenn and only copies of new album will be signed.

SO much great new music out there. Buy it, support it, listen for it on my shows. Stuff I am listening to now includes Slash, Overkill, Mastodon, Fozzy, Priest, Accept, Tesla, Night Ranger and much more. Great time for new music so check it out.

My debut podcast launches 7/10 via Podcast One. Should have a link to subscribe very soon. www.podcastone.com will also post and you can listen there. More details on guests soon. I will also be answering email from you guys on the podcast. Send them to me via Contact Us on this site and put “Podcast Question” in the subject.

Appreciate everyone asking about new episodes of TMS however when we do them is 100% up to VH1. Right now the latest is not until early next year unfortunately. I have no control over this at all and also wish we did more per year. For now enjoy the replays and set your DVR to catch them all. They run constantly from all seasons. Thanks.


Huge thanks to Kelly Keagy, Jack Blades and Brad Gillis for coming by my radio show last night. Night Ranger have always been a killer dual guitar rock band. Been seeing them live almost since day one. Real good people as well if you ever have the chance to meet them. In addition to the interview that aired live last night on SiriusXM with the guys I also recorded an in depth interview with them for my upcoming new podcast. In the hour conversation the band talks about their early days and Brad goes in depth about his time with Ozzy and how he got the gig. The Eddie Trunk Podcast debuts 7/10 with new episodes posting every Thursday via Podcast One. The debut podcast will be an all new conversation with Judas Priest. I’ll be recording it next Monday in NYC. If you have a question you’d like me to ask them email me through this site and I’ll try to include it when I tape. The link to register for the podcast and further details coming soon. It will be free and available worldwide and also on Itunes. The Night Ranger interview will likely be week two. Much more to come.

Also thanks to Blitz from Overkill for dropping in last night. He is always hysterical and I have a ton of history and stories with Overkill who I pretty much grew up with in NJ. No doubt will do a podcast with them soon as well. New Overkill out 7/22, new Night Ranger out now. Was cool to represent both sides of the music world I love in one show last night. If you missed the interviews they are On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Just search my name or Trunk Nation. NR plays BB Kings tomorrow night. Congrats to my winners who entered in the new ET Box Office on this site and won tickets. Hope to see you there if I can get into NYC and break away.

Next appearance/signing: Retroactive, Broadway at The Beach, Myrtle Beach SC 5-7P. Both books for sale at the signing.


As expected when I wrote an article yesterday in this space about certain people that can’t wait to POUNCE, twist, and distort things I found some people that did exactly that. It is a sad world we live in when “media” can constitute anyone with a blog, twitter feed or Facebook. When people filter out 95% positive things and only POUNCE and distort your opinion on one thing you don’t like to further their agendas. I see it every day on so many fronts and all you can do is laugh. The days of intelligent respectful debate are gone online. Even if you try to do that a certain percentage will just find a way to distort and POUNCE and take out of context anything to make them look better or smarter. Stunning some could reach the conclusions I took “shots” at Steel Panther for my preference to have seen a traditional metal band open for Priest, ignoring of course all the positives about the band in the post. In this day and age to some that is “taking shots”. That is sad and pathetic. Imagine if someone REALLY took a shot at someone? They’d need to go on a month apology tour!  But there will always be that element out there that lives to cause shit. I’ve been in this far to long to cave to that bullshit. But thanks to the internet there are so many screaming for attention that just live to knock people down a peg. More proof? Just over the weekend I went to dinner with Chris Jericho (oh, wait, I should have just said “a friend” because then I am a name dropper, another idiotic thing if I ever heard it!). The chef asked for a photo with me and Chris. I drove to the dinner in my convertible on a nice night. My hair was a mess. When the photo was posted to twitter it was nothing but comments about my hair? I mean you couldn’t make it up! After 30 years in the business I have heard it all and grown an awfully thick skin. But it is sad that this is the world we are in now. It isn’t everyone by any means. Don’t get me wrong, the great majority are people that are cool and respectful. But the bottom feeders who essentially make shit up are out there everywhere and just waiting to POUNCE as I knew they would…

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39. Bobby Blitz from Overkill in around 7, Night Ranger in to close the show around 9:15 ET. Join me for music and talk that rocks and maybe some open phones if we have time.

Pleased to announce my show is back on WAAF/Boston. It starts up 7/11 and will be on every Friday night starting 11P. Great to have them back with us on the syndicated show! This weekends Eddie Trunk Rocks will feature all American hard rock and metal for the 4th.

The Eddie Trunk Podcast launches 7/10 via Podcast One. Available free worldwide. More soon.

See you 7/16 at Retroactive in Myrtle Beach SC 5-7P. Both books for sale and a live radio broadcast with my Myrtle Beach affiliate. Should be a blast!


Two big stories this week swirling around the metal scene and they both revolve around Judas Priest. First the item on Bruce Dickinson and his comments on Halford and Metallica (see the story in the news section on this site). I don’t agree with Bruce and his criticism of Halford for using a prompter if indeed he does. Honestly who cares? If it doesn’t impact the show what’s the difference? Most artists that use prompters (and many do), rarely use them. They are there as a safety in case they lose their place in the song. Axl, Steven Tyler and many others use them. But I have stood on stage while both of these guys perform and they run all over the place and rarely look at it unless they forget where they are for a second. Not a huge deal. As for Bruce’s feeling that Maiden is better than Metallica that is simply opinion, and what would you expect him to say about his own band? Of course he will think that! But this all speaks to a bigger issue that is a huge problem I think in today’s world. You see Bruce has always been an outspoken guy. In this super PC hyper sensitive world we are in where everyone is looking to pounce over an opinion or wrong choice of words I like people that speak their mind even if I don’t agree with it. I am a fan of Bill O’Reily and Bill Maher. Don’t agree with all that they both say but damn it is nice these days to have at least some people that aren’t afraid to say what they feel and not give answers from some pre prepped PR rep one sheet! It always amazes me when people hammer me non stop for my opinion on an album or band on Twitter and then when I give it honestly they start the hate campaign because it’s not the answer they wanted. Almost impossible to win these days. But honest opinions when asked are refreshing to me, even if I don’t agree with them. Doesn’t mean you hate the person or band or subject. It is just your opinion and if given in a respectful way everyone should be entitled to that. So as a result when anyone says anything remotely opinionated it gets blown up and becomes news, and I think that sucks. It will continue to discourage open dialogue and debate and make the media world we are in even more boring and predictable.

Along these same lines much debate about the announcement that Steel Panther will be opening act for Priest. Contrary to what many think I have no hate for Panther. I know the guys, nice people, talented, good at what they do. But what they do is parody. That can not be argued. Want proof? The bands albums chart on the comedy charts! It is an act that is a spoof on 80′s hard rock. It is stunning to me how many people don’t see that! They have had amazing success, especially in the UK and Europe. Good for them. They have worked hard to build this from their roots as a cover band playing weekly gigs in LA. But I will admit for me I would have much rather seen Priest take a “traditional” metal band. A new or old band with the same real core commitment and values to metal they have had. Think of how many bands are out there that could use the help? Last tour Priest had BLS and Thin Lizzy. When so many bands are out there looking to package up it feels like a bit of a lost opportunity to give an hour slot to a band that for the most part goofs on a scene that Priest was not really a part of, but had a huge amount of success during. I’m going to see Priest regardless of who is opening, and I wish both bands well on the tour, but I do feel that there were so many bands that would have been a better fit and compliment to the metal Gods. It just feels like a disconnect for me to see icons like Priest taking what is basically the modern day Spinal Tap on tour.  I mean who knows how many tours they have left in them at this stage of the game? The up side? Maybe Halford comes out and jams a Fight song with Russ AKA Satchel during the Panther set!? “Nailed To The Gun” anyone?

More on this plus Blitz from Overkill and members of Night Ranger in studio tomorrow live on SiriusXM 39 6-10P ET. TrunkNation!


Thanks to the guys in Accept for letting me premiere their video for “Stampede” from the new album Blind Rage on this site. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s right on the home page now. I’ve been listening to the album for a while and it is truly amazing how this band has been reborn with Mark Tornillo and the quality of the 3 albums that have made with him. Production, playing, vocals, songs, just classic Accept! Wolf Hoffman has to be one of metals most underrated guitarists. Hope you guys enjoy it and look forward to your comments. The band will be on my radio shows when schedules match up closer to the album release and the live date in NYC. There are more live dates TBA on the Fall also.

Hear new Accept as well as new Overkill and an interview with Tesla in my radio show this weekend. All outlets listed under live and on the air.

Ticket giveaways to local NYC area shows (and some times outside NYC) are now done on this site. Go to Live & On The Air tab and click ET Box Office for shows available and to register to enter. You will get an email a few days or so before each show if you are picked at random as a winner. Only enter for shows you truly want to attend. You can only win once every 30 days.

Live SiriusXM show this Monday 6-10P ET on Trunk Nation channel 39. Will represent both sides of my music world with Blitz of Overkill and Night Ranger in studio!

The Eddie Trunk Podcast launches 7/10… More soon.


All new radio show this weekend for the syndicated Eddie Trunk Rocks program. This show now airs the same weekend on all radio stations so just check the listing on the Live & On the Air tab to find a station or stream near you. I’m also thrilled to announce the show is returning to Boston on WAAF in a couple weeks. More details soon but you will hear it there now on Friday nights 11P-2A. Great to have Boston back! This weekends show includes new music from Overkill, Accept and an interview with Tesla and much more. As usual on Q104.3 NYC 11P this Friday as well.

There will not be new episodes of TMS before October. All due to network budgets. When I have news will let you know. The gig at Thunder Valley Casino in Sacramento is a concert, NOT a TMS shoot. Thanks.

Live show Monday on SiriusXM 6-10P ET. Blitz from Overkill in studio. More soon.

The Eddie Trunk Podcast is coming 7/10! First guest and more TBA. It will be free and available via Itunes, Podcast One and other platforms as well. Please note the podcast will be all talk and no music. Podcasts are talk formats due to publishing clearance costs. Look forward to doing a wide variety of things with this platform and will answer your email on it as well from time to time.

Signed personalized copies of either of my books available here on this site. Just hit the Books tab and be sure to specify which book you are ordering. Thanks


Just back from an interesting weekend in Waukesha WI and Elgin IL hosting two events that could not have been more different. The event Saturday called Rockesha was a debacle which has now been well documented. I have been doing this more than 30 years and what happened there was a first for me. It is not totally unheard of however so perhaps I have just been lucky. I must once again be 100% clear that I have absolutely nothing to do with any of the events I host. Like a band I am hired by promoters often through agents as a host to be there, make announcements, do meet & greets, etc. Contrary to what some assume I have nothing to do with who plays or how they are run. I had never worked with this promoter in the past and like the bands was hired through an agent to appear there. The bill consisted of Eric Martin, Firehouse, Lita Ford, Quiet Riot and Warrant and started around 4P. The weather was not great but not horrible. Light rain and drizzle mainly. First sign of trouble was when I arrived and just before I was to intro Eric some crew guys asked if I had been paid. Like the bands my deposit was paid. I usually don’t stress about when I get paid my balance as I have never had an issue in the past. Most bands however do not take the stage until their balance is paid and that is standard. Still despite the warnings I went on stage and introed Eric and said hello and Eric played his set. I briefly met the promoter when I first got there named Rob Lyons. He was stressing to say the least about the very light turn out and need for a walk up. Still I never thought what would happen would go down. Any promoter knows they assume complete risk when booking a show. The artists are paid the same guarantee regardless of how many show up. It’s simple math; cost of the show vs what is made in ticket sales. A promoter has a number he needs to sell to break even with the objective to sell more than that and make money. But in the event a show tanks all promoters know they must have the funds to cover the loss. A promoter often doesn’t know how his year will be until he sees how many winners and losers (and break evens) he had. I’ve never had a promoter not have the money on hand and need loans and walk up sales to try and pay balances to artists. And that is exactly what happened Saturday. After Eric finished Firehouse was next up, and they were not going on until their balance was payed. Again, this is standard in the business because never forget, it is called the music BUSINESS. When Rob had no funds and couldn’t come up with them the band left. Then Lita was up. She drove to the venue but same deal. No pay no play, and left. At this point maybe 2 hours went by with nothing happening on the stage and the promoter visibly upset and conflicted on what to do. He could not pay anyone, there was no real walk up ticket sales, and he had no ability to come up with anyone’s money. He sent a rep up on stage and told the crowd the show was cancelled. Quiet Riot and Warrant (outside of Robert Mason who sang with Eric one song) never made it to the gig at all from the hotel since word was out it wasn’t going to happen. For the most part the fans that were there, while upset, didn’t act out too much. A credit to them indeed since they had no idea (and still don’t) if they will get refunded and some traveled great distances. Everyone got screwed here and lost. I took on expense of a plane ticket, rental car and left a family vacation in NJ at the beach to be there.  Everyone took on expense and lost money. Just read a FB post from Rob who gave his story and took all the responsibility, as he stated himself, it begins and ends with the promoter here. I have emailed him and have not yet had a response and truly hope he does the right thing for all impacted. If you follow on Twitter you know I posted what went down as it happened. No need for BS reasons as to why this didn’t happen.  I will keep you all posted if/when I learn more.

Last night could not have been more different. The bill was Bret Michaels, Dee Snider and Tom Keifer. Nice setting in Elgin IL, pro set up backstage and on stage, great promoter and staff. Don’t mean to give so much less ink to this but it went the way a concert should go so no drama to report. Thanks to Ron Onesti and his staff for having me. Was good to see Dee and his solo band for the first time who even did some Widowmaker and covers as well. Tom sounded great and Bret closed with a fun set and had Dee and Tom join him for R&R All Night as a closer. Bret is the hardest working guy out there now and does some great things behind the scenes. He and his band were headed to Nebraska to help with tornado relief. Thanks to all the fans I met at both events this weekend. Sorry Rockesha was a disaster. Let’s hope he makes things right for everyone in the near future.


Caught Yngwie Malmsteen this past Tuesday in NJ as the Guitar Gods tour rolled into Bergen PAC. Yngwie still brings it big time both as a player and performer. Band was great as well. Did an hour and forty minute set with all the “hits” as well as some cool jams. He also did a couple bluesy tunes which I really really liked. Yngwie is one of the all time shred kings no doubt, but I really love when he slows down a bit and gets a little more melodic. Just stunning after 30 years to still see this guy do what he does so well. I unfortunately missed Gary Hoey and Bumblefoot but did see them join the end jam on Deep Purple “Burn”. If you are into guitar playing amazing players no doubt! I posted photos on my twitter and Instagram.

Headed to WI and IL this weekend. Hosting Rockesha in Waukesha WI this Saturday and also a show in Elgin IL this Sunday. Details and links on my site. I am not sure what my availability will be yet for meet and greets at each event so please follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk if going and I will send updates as I get them in the day. I will be traveling with both of my books as well if you’d like to purchase one. See you this weekend if attending these shows.

My first ever podcast launches next month! “The Eddie Trunk Podcast” will be available via Podcast One and free on all the usual platforms worldwide. First one to post 7/10 and details on each weeks TBA. Excited to add this component to my outlets and look forward to doing some different stuff from time to time with the podcast as well. More details soon.

Both of my books still available directly from me and signed and personalized. Just hit the Books tab or banner on this site for order info.

Have a nice weekend all. I’m going back to unpacking boxes from my move. Ever tell you how much moving sucks….?


Hope all the fellow Dads out there had a nice Father’s Day weekend. Off to NYC for a live radio show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation). Jeff, Frank and Brian from Tesla will join me live in studio. They should be in during the first hour. Plus your calls, requests and many giveaways. Join me for live music and talk that rocks!


If anyone has ever moved you know how insane it can be. Well that was the last week of my life! Now that I have relocated (still in NJ) the unpacking begins which will likely take years at the rate I’m going. Anyway been slammed with that and other stuff but just a quick check in and update before I get back to opening boxes. Thanks to all who listened to the Q104.3 show last night. Was a good diversion from my moving week and got in lots of great new music from Rival Sons, Tesla, Ace Frehley, Slash, Crobot, and tons more. I’ll update my playlists when I get a chance.I will be live on SiriusXM 39 this Monday 6-10P ET. Tesla will be live in the studio with me. Call in and talk with the guys live. They should be by in the first hour.

If in the NY/NJ area many cool shows next few days. Tesla at Irving Wed, Guitar Gods at Starland tonight and Bergen PAC Tues, Black Star Riders at BBs Tuesday. By the way, Uli is off Guitar Gods and was not replaced. So now a 3 band bill. Not sure what I can make based on what I am dealing with at home. I will be in Waukesha WI and Elgin IL next weekend. All details on my appearances on the home page.

Happy Fathers Day to all the fellow Dads out there. Much more soon.