Thanks to all who came out to Bada Brew in Crest Hill IL this past Saturday and to Michael Angelo Batio and all the bands that played. Had a blast. Thanks to Elton for having me. Next up I’m headed to L.A. Wednesday and will be there through the weekend to host the Dio Cancer Fund events as we remember RJD 5 years after his passing. Honored to do this once again and look forward to some time back in Los Angeles.

As a result of a crazy travel schedule over the next month (see appearances on the home page), tonight is my final live Trunk Nation show on SiriusXM until June 8th (show will air, just recorded). It will be jam packed with guests including call ins from Jay Jay French, Snake Sabo and Gary Cherone. All will be performing at Metal Meltdown in Vegas at The Hard Rock 5/30 that I will be a guest at. Also Slash will drop by the studio and sit in with me! Don’t miss it tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 (Hair Nation) TRUNKNation!

Tremonti at Highline in NYC tonight. Don’t miss this KILLER band if you are in the area. I am going to try and make it if I have time when I get off the air.

Great response to our season finale of TMS. The Stump stuff maybe have been one of the funniest things ever! So much fun doing the show and so bummed we are now wrapped for season 14. Everyone is asking me when we will do more and the answer is always they same, 100% up to VH1. They are telling me in the Fall but I will let you know when they let me know. Thanks for watching, many replays from all seasons over the Summer.

The new Rush tour set is awesome! Jacobs Ladder? Nice! Can’t wait to see them. Interviews with Geddy and Joe Elliott plus your questions answered in my latest podcast up now and free at www.podcastone.com or Itunes.


Sorry for the late update. Insane schedule I’m on for the next 4 weeks (check the appearances on home page for some of it) so trying to get tons done before hitting the road!

All new That Metal Show tomorrow. It’s our season finale with Frankie Banali, Bobby Blitz, Joe Elliott and Billy Sheehan. Season 14 was a total blast! Thank you all for watching and thanks to all our guests. Now we wait for the network to tell us what’s next which is always the case. I’m hearing the Fall but we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted as usual here. 9P ET tomorrow VH1 Classic with a replay at 11.

All new radio show this weekend for my FM program. Guests are Ricky and Damon from BSR. Show debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston and all affiliates over the weekend.

Final live show on SiriusXM due to my travel this Monday for 3 weeks. Tons of guests lined up, will announce Monday afternoon on Twitter and here if I can.

I’ve been added as a special guest to Metal Meltdown in Las Vegas 5/30 at the Hard Rock. This event is being filmed for TV and DVD and will feature performances by Great White, Skid Row, Extreme and headliner Twisted Sister. Should be a blast! Tickets on sale now. Hope you can make it to my favorite city for this special event. See you there. More soon.

I will be in Crest Hill IL tomorrow at Bada Brew with Michael Angelo Batio and many more. Live Q&A, Stump The Trunk and more! Tickets and VIP Meet & Greet tix at the door. VIP meet & greet is at 7:30, I start on stage around 9. Hope to see you!

TONS going on, keep an eye on Twitter for more @EddieTrunk


Jam packed SiriusXM show last night with Billy Sheehan and Jeff Scott Soto in studio, and live call ins from Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons and a surprise call in from Tom Keifer (Tom is in NYC ar BBs tonight). The 4 hours blew by and I thank all the guests and listeners.

Headed to NYC now for the final episode of season 14 of That Metal Show. Always a bittersweet day. It’s so much fun doing the shows, working with the crew, having all the great guests, and then it ends. Clean out your dressing room and break down the set and go into hiatus. This has happened 14 times and it sucks every time since I love doing the show so much. But budget dictates we can only do the show so many times a year and it is what it is. Of course if it was my call we would go every week! It’s been a phenomenal season 14 with more variety and first time guests than we have ever had as TMS continues to grow and evolve. One more new one to shoot today with Blitz from Overkill, Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot, Billy Sheehan and a pre recorded interview with Joe Elliott from Def Leppard that did not air previous. The word I am hearing as of now is more TMS in the Fall, but as usual all those decisions are with VH1. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for watching and enjoy our season finale this Saturday 9P ET on VH1C and the many repeats coming over the Summer.


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Just back from hosting this years M3 Festival in MD. Great weather, great crowd, great bands. It is so cool to see some of these bands get to play a big stage with a huge PA at M3. An event like this is pretty much the only time you get to see these bands at this level of sound and production and it’s so killer. Same deal as the cruise and other events I host. These are working gigs for me so I am in many directions and often don’t see more than a song or two from most acts and sometimes none at all. But everything I did see was really solid. The only band I was able to watch full on from the crowd was Europe because they closed and I had nowhere else to run off to. I LOVE their new album War Of Kings and like on the MOR Cruise they were great! Joey Tempest has been dedicating one of my favorite tracks from the album “Second Day” to me at all the shows which is really cool of him. I don’t know the band all that well but they clearly appreciate I’m one of the few embracing their new music at radio. Tragic more don’t listen objectively instead of just thinking “oh, it’s the Final Countdown band..”. Great stuff! Thanks to all I hung with at M3 and all who formed a massive line to meet me at my signing. Pictures on my Twitter if you followed @EddieTrunk

More great response to this weekends new That Metal Show with Mark Slaughter, Taime Downe, Andy Biersack and Mike Orlando. Another TMS variety pack and most fans loved it. Still can’t believe I forgot the drummer in Giuffria’s name! Haha! One more new one in our current season. We shoot the season finale tomorrow and you will see it this Saturday. Guests include Joe Elliott, Frankie Banali, Bobby Blitz and Billy Sheehan. It has been an awesome 12 episode TMS Season 14 loaded with variety and many first time guests. Sucks it is almost over. I wish we did it all year but not my call. The plan is a break over the Summer then more in the Fall. But as usual all decisions are with the network. When I know specifics I’ll of course let you all know.

Next appearance is this Saturday in Crest Hill IL with Michael Angelo Batio and many more bands. Come out for a night of live Stump The Trunk and more at Bada Brew. Tickets and VIP tix now on sale.

I’ll be live on SiriusXM 39 tonight 6-10P ET for TRUNKNation. Guests include Jeff Scott Soto, Billy Sheehan and Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons.


Episode 11 of 12 new That Metal Show’s was taped last night in NYC. Thanks to guests Andy Biersack from BVB, Mark Slaughter and Taime Downe as well as guest guitarist Mike Orlando. Also last minute I was able to get KK Downing to join us via Skype from the UK! It was great to see and hear from KK. See it all this Saturday 9P ET with a replays at 11P on VH1C. We also had our wrap party for the TV show in NYC after the taping and I hosted Faster Pussycat in NYC at Midtown Live (cool new small room). Running non stop with zero slow downs coming! Tomorrow I head to MD to host M3 this weekend once again. I will do a brief signing at the Chuck Levins Washington Music Center Booth at some point Saturday. If you are going watch my twitter and I will announce when from the stage.

Just had a call with Wendy Dio and her team as we prepare for to celebrate the life of Ronnie on the 5th anniversary of his passing in L.A. The events will take place 5/15, 16 & 17 and are all open to the public and all raise funds for Dio Cancer Fund. Please go to www.diocancerfund.org and join us if you can as we remember RJD!

Don’t forget I’m in Crest Hill IL at Bada Brew May 9th with Michael Angelo Batio. All appearances on the home page.

All new podcast tomorrow with guests Joey Tempest of Europe (LOVE their new album) and Rick & Damon of Black Star Riders (LOVE their new album too!). Free via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Joey Tempest is my guest on my FM syndicated show this weekend “Eddie Trunk Rocks”.

Live this Monday SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET. Guests include Billy Sheehan, Jeff Scott Soto and Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons (great new band!).

Not sure if I will be able to update here again until Sunday or Monday so please follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk or my FB for more info and updates (I hate carrying my computer on the road and I’ll be on the road often!).


Amazing response again to last nights new That Metal Show with Ace Frehley, Mark Farner and Nita Strauss. Ace was hysterical as always and was cool seeing him Rank his Kiss albums. So many people loved Mark Farner as well. Really cool to see how the TMS audience has really embraced all the variety in this season. From new, to classic, to rock, hard rock and metal, we have featured it all and had more first time guests than ever and it’s been great. Two more shows to tape in our current season the next two Tuesday’s. This week it’s first time guests Mark Slaughter and from Black Veil Brides Andy Biersack, and from Faster Pussycat Taime Downe. On guitar for the first time Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob. That airs this Saturday. Then our season finale will feature Joe Elliott (unaired interview from when he joined us for our debut with Geddy Lee), Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot and Bobby Blitz from Overkill. Joining us on bass the return of the master Billy Sheehan! Also a good chance former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing will Skype in on one of these final two shows! Two more weeks of new shows in what’s been a killer season. Thanks for watching. Replays all week on VH1C and see it online at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com

Back live on SiriusXM tomorrow 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. In studio guests will include Faster Pussycat and Mark Slaughter.

I’ll be hosting M3 once again this coming weekend in MD. Tickets are still available. Congrats to all my winners here online in ET’s Box Office. I will be selling and signing books for an hour or so on Saturday. Follow my Twitter or listen for me to announce from the stage when I will be out on the grounds at the Chuck Levins Washington Music Center booth that will host me once again. Exact times TBA but it will be sometime Saturday later in the day likely. Both books will be available for purchase there as well and all merch stands will have my latest line of T Shirts available.


Quick update on some other stuff now that I’m back from the cruise:

My podcast this week is all new and features an interview with Shaun Morgan of Seether. One of the reasons I wanted to do a podcast was to every once in a while do some bands slightly outside of what I am known for. So it’s cool to have Shaun on this week and he has an interesting history and is also staging a charity concert soon. It is free as all Eddie Trunk Podcast’s are via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

My FM Eddie Trunk Rocks radio show this week is a double shot special. Two in a row from all your favorites. Premieres this Friday 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

I’ll be live on SiriusXM this Monday 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation). Guests include in studio Faster Pussycat and Mark Slaughter. Plus we will recap the Monsters Of Rock Cruise and I’ll have new Scorpions and more.

This Saturday an all new That Metal Show with guests Ace Frehley, Mark Farner and on guitar Nita Strauss. 9P ET with a replay at 11P on VH1 Classic. Two more new shows to come after this Saturday in season 14 with guests Taime Downe, Mark Slaughter, Andy Biersack, Mike Orlando, Bobby Blitz, Frankie Banali, Joe Elliott and Billy Sheehan! We will finish jam packed and with a ton of variety as has been the case all season!

I’ll be hosting M3 in Maryland next weekend. All ticket winners on this site via ET’s Box Office have been notified. See you there. More soon.


Back from a great 4 nights on board the Monsters Of Rock Cruise I once again had the honor to host. You can’t imagine the non stop party this thing is! I was averaging going to bed around 6A and waking up around 9A! To say I am fried would be an understatement! Just a TON of music and a TON of my fans and I can’t thank you all enough for the support and kind words. I swear I took a photo with all 3,000 plus on the ship! So cool, thank you thank you! This is a pretty exhausting event for me. There are so many bands and getting around takes time. Sadly I actually don’t get to see many of the bands that play because it is a working event for me and I am pulled in many directions. There are SO many bands of every level on board. Some I don’t see at all, some a few songs, some I do an intro and then have to run to an interview. Of what I did see here are a few comments (all bands played twice):

Europe: Their new album War Of Kings is a favorite. Band sounded unreal. Tempest’s voice spot on and John Norum is a cross between Schenker & Blackmore. Great to see them again and look forward to catching a full show if I can at M3. Interesting to see all the crew on the ship (which was European) come out to watch this band who are much bigger with that fan base. Thanks to Joey for adding “Second Day” from the new album into the set and sending it out to me. New album may be their best.

Black Star Riders: New album another early candidate for album of the year. Band was on fire. Changed the set a bit in their two performances. A few Lizzy classics and mostly stuff from their own albums as they become more of an original band. So good! Europe and BSR are together on tour at some dates, GREAT bill!

Faster Pussycat: THE party on the ship! Just great fun dirty rock n roll. These guys are the real deal and really bring it. I even jumped up with them at 2A at the pool set, did a shot of Jack with Taime and Danny and sang (badly) the chorus of Bathroom Wall! Too much fun! They are on tour for the next month. Was cool to chat with Riki Rachtman for a bit who did a Cathouse themed night with Taime that I never made it to.

The Winery Dogs: Two stellar performances. These are just a couple warm up gigs before the band heads in to do album 2 which is written and recording starts soon. They did one new song that opened the set. Mind blowing as usual. They will also be at M3 and Rocklahoma. Mike Portnoy had a birthday Monday night and I led the crowd in a sing along. Good to have TWD about to start up again and prove this band does have legs.

Richie Kotzen; RK played with his solo trio and like last year blew peoples minds! If you never saw this guy solo you can’t imagine how insane it is. There are great players all over the place but this guy is just next level, and he sings great as well. How brilliant? Well lets just say Nuno Bettencourt sat front row with his jaw on the floor watching Kotzen play. Yes a bad ass like Nuno! He was so blown away that he walked up and grabbed the mic when the set was done and told the crowd they just witnessed true greatness and that if Hendrix was still alive he might be like what he just heard. He also compared him to Jeff Beck, and then said that wasn’t fair because he was his own style too. Then he jokingly proclaimed he hated him for how good he was. This was from NUNO! Could not be prouder of my friend RK and the new converts he makes every day by just doing what he has been doing. The difference is there is just way more attention on it now due to the success of TWD.

Extreme: On fire. Much of the focus on Nuno for good reason, but I have said many times what all of these guys do is incredible and the vocals are all real. People were raving!

Tesla: Sounded great. First set mostly new album, second classics. When I kicked off the cruise they were the first band to play. Huge tour with Def Lep this Summer. They have always been one of the best of the era and still are.

Night Ranger: Only saw their acoustic set. Sounded good as always and did some Damn Yankees too. Kerri Kelly replaces Joel Hoekstra.

Y&T: STILL amazing. Dave has to be among the worlds most underrated players and singers and is still amazing. He said this may be the best lineup the band has ever had too. They will be doing a doc on their history I will be a part of. More soon.

Lita Ford: Barely made the cruise due to issues with her paperwork and passport but it all worked out and she rocked as usual.

Frank Hannon Band: Another very underrated player and his solo band was heavier than I thought they would be. Frank always getting better as a singer also.

Queensryche: Sounded strong and wrapping up a new album. I hosted their Q&A as well.

Krokus: Hosted their Q&A but barely saw them play sadly. Hopefully at M3. Marc and Chris are very excited to be back in the US and hopefully restart a following here. However some fans upset the band would not play MTV hits from albums like The Blitz. Chris explained he feels that’s the bands glam period and was never really what they were about. But there was some grumbling about the lack of Midnight Maniac, etc. Otherwise people I spoke with said they sounded good.

Tyketto: An example of a band that never had huge success in their day but through events like this cruise are gaining fans late in their history, and many new ones. These guys are old friends and it was good to see them.

Tom Keifer: In fine voice once again and the band sounded punchier than it ever has. Tom is fully committed to his new band and latest album. Something rare to see in an era where everyone is always pushing 5 things at the same time.

Mike Tramp: Another old friend that plays solo acoustic these days with some backing tracks for drums, etc. Mike has found his niche doing this vs trying to front a big loud rock band and seems happy mixing White Lion with other stuff.

Again if I didn’t mention them it’s just that I didn’t see them. Truly every band sounded great and it was a blast! Was also fun hanging and having my TMS partner Don Jamieson on board for the first time. He and Craig Gass were among the comics that did stand up. And good to see my SiriusXM buds Luc Carl and Keith Roth, Nikki from The Bone in SF, DJ Will and all my other friends and co-hosts. Next cruise will be the Def Leppard Cruise I will host Jan 21-25, then MOR East and West! Honored to host these great events and I want to thank Larry Morand and the entire On The Blue Cruises staff for being such pros and for making me a part of them. Most of all thanks to the MANY bands and fans I met and who are so amazingly supportive. Tons of photos coming to my Twitter and FB and maybe I’ll make a page to post them here as well from my friend and photographer Ron Akiyama. M3 next week, details to come on that but I will be back hosting. All confirmed events on the home page.


Greetings from Tampa! Great night here last night with Y&T and Kip Winger who opened with an acoustic set at Largo Cultural Center. Y&T were amazing as usual. What Dave still can do after 40 years as a singer and player is truly mind blowing! Kip kept the crowd entertained and warmed up everyone solo acoustic. Good seeing all the guys and had a great hang with Kip after when we went to dinner and swapped some hysterical stories. He is a guy that needs to write a book! Thanks to Largo for having me and all who came to my signing. Sold out of both books! As always you can order signed books direct from me shipped anywhere in the USA, just hit the Books tab under Media on the site. I fly to Ft Lauderdale tonight then to Miami tomorrow to host Monsters Of Rock Cruise. If going I’ll see you on board! I can confirm I am also hosting the Def Leppard Cruise and Monsters West Coast next year! So if you were shut out of this one try and make those. It is a blast! This will be my final post until I’m back on land likely. More when I get back in range next Wednesday/Thursday. Be sure to check out my new podcast with Skid Row up now, my FM radio shows this weekend on all affiliates, and of course That Metal Show tomorrow 9P ET on VH1 Classic. It is EPIC with Michael Schenker, Kirk Hammett (the jam everyone is talking about!) and Damon Johnson. More when I return!


Unreal moments yesterday at the taping of two new That Metal Show’s. Kirk Hammett jammed with his hero Michael Schenker and in show two Ace Frehley and Mark Farner teamed up for a fun hang. Sorry to be brief but running to catch a flight. if you follow on Twitter, Instagram or FB you saw photos. The Schenker/Hammett show airs this Saturday. Ace/Farner 4/25. Thanks to guitarists Nita Strauss and Damon Johnson for playing in the shows.

I am not sure if/when I will be able to update here over the next week. I’m headed to the Florida. Hosting Y&T tomorrow in Largo (signing and selling my books pre show in the lobby), then on the MOR Cruise to host once again. On a cruise there is no connection so I will be disconnected from 4/18-22. But I will update and post to social media outlets when I can. Radio shows are all new just recorded this weekend and this Monday. Twitter is best for update when I can connect for the next week @EddieTrunk

TONS of stuff going on, please watch the home page of this site for more info as it comes in appearances.