I was traveling all weekend doing live shows with Don & Jim in VA and DE so this is the first time I have been able to get on a computer. While driving to VA Friday the tragic news came in that AJ Pero had passed away. Needless to say it was a huge shock to all. Twisted Sister and I have a huge history. They first reunited after over a decade apart to play my 9/11 charity show NY Steel back in 2001 and have been going ever since. The times I have seen and interviewed the band are way to countless to mention. They are all good friends and we play a role in each others history. So to say I was shocked and saddened to hear AJ passed would be an understatement. He truly was a great guy and a massively underrated drummer in many ways. On the NY scene AJ was a legend for his playing before he even joined TS. He was a classic New Yorker, fun to hang with, and always had a smile on his face. AJ was also a big Mets fan (as am I) and when Mike Piazza and I became good friends back in the late 90’s, AJ would always get excited when I would bring Mike around to Twisted shows. Mike even co-hosted NY Steel with me and there is a great group photo of all of us in my first book. I never knew the caliber drummer AJ was because I knew him mostly for his work in Twisted Sister. Now don’t get me wrong, he is rock solid in that band, but for ages I heard how he had ability way beyond that which didn’t fit for that style of rock. A couple years ago when Mike Portnoy left Adrenaline Mob and I heard AJ would replace him I at first questioned it. How can he cover Portnoy stuff and new stuff? AJ and the AMob guys were in my radio studio not long ago and we had that exact discussion and laughed about it. Even Portnoy himself told me AJ was a great player and could easily handle the gig. It just takes one listen to the studio album Men Of Honor he did with Amob to see how true this really is. So it was great to now have AJ doing his thing with TS for the handful of dates they play a year, and working more with Adrenaline Mob with a style that showcased all his talents. When I talked to him about it he seemed really happy to be doing all of this in his mid 50’s. AJ died of an apparent heart attack Friday morning while on tour with Adrenaline Mob. The outpouring of love for the guy since has been amazing and very well deserved. My radio show in NYC Friday night was already recorded and I was in Virginia, so I had no time to do anything in that show but will next weekend. My live SiriusXM show tomorrow will feature a live interview with Jay Jay French and maybe some other TS members to discuss AJ. As of now details on his services have not been announced. I am also working to see if we can clear a little time for some of the TS guys to come on That Metal Show this week and remember AJ. That show is already booked but I’m hoping we can find a couple minutes. It also depends on when AJ’s services will be. I was unable to make it to the AMob show in NJ last night because of travel but it was very cool that Mike Portnoy returned to the band so they could play in honor of AJ and Jay Jay and others were able to celebrate him on the live stage. Twisted Sister prided itself on being one of the few bands with all original members. Now one is gone. What they do next will be announced when the time is right. But for now condolences to AJ’s family, friends and fans. I will miss seeing him not only at TS shows, but out and about NY and NJ at various events. A truly great guy gone way too soon. RIP AJ.


To everyone coming out to our live show this weekend in Falls Church Virginia good news, Jim Florentine WILL now be joining us for that show! Jim had some issues with his schedule but is now back on board with us. Sorry for all the confusion. So you will get all 3 stooges (me, Don & Jim) this weekend on stage at The State Theater in VA tomorrow and this Saturday in Willmington DE at The World Cafe at The Queen! We also have some surprise guests lined up to join us at both dates. Both shows start at 8P sharp. Tickets and VIP Meet & Greet tickets are available at each venue right up till showtime. Please note in VA the VIP meet & greet will be after the show, in DE before the show. The venues can give you details but the actual shows start at 8. Hope to see you if you are in these areas. Thanks.


My podcast for the week just went up today and is available free and worldwide now via Itunes or www.podcastone.com My guest is the legend Alice Cooper! Check it out!

Due to a schedule conflict Jim Florentine will not be appearing with us for our live show tomorrow night in Falls Church VA at The State Theater. That show will just be Don and I. But we will still do live Stump and give you some cool extras in that show with the extra time. Apologies for this but it has nothing to do with us and we still plan to come and do the gig and hope you all still join us. However if you’d like a refund on your ticket because Jim is not on this date they will be offered at place of purchase. Otherwise all tickets and VIP tickets will be honored and the show goes on with me and Don! PLEASE NOTE  Jim remains on the date with us in Delaware this Saturday. There is no change to that date.

Steven Adler is the guest on my syndicated FM show Eddie Trunk Rocks this weekend premiering 11P ET tomorrow on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston.

ALL NEW TMS this Saturday 9P ET on VH1C with John Bush, Joey Vera, Jamey Jasta, Michael Angelo Batio and Jason Becker.


Episode 5 of the new season of That Metal Show was shot last night. As I said many times this season is no doubt our most diverse and has many first time guests. That theme continues this Saturday with John Bush and Joey Vera of Armored Saint joining us for the first time (both were also in Anthrax) and Jamey Jasta returning to the show. Also via the Metal Modem Jason Becker joins us. As you may know Jason has ALS and had a film made about his life called “Not Dead Yet” that was amazing. Jason now speaks with his eyes and we connect with him through an interpreter. Incredible talent and story and he is still making music against all odds. See the film if you can. Also playing in the show is Michael Angelo Batio, another first time guest and insane shredder on two necks at the same time! Be sure to catch it 9P ET this Saturday on VH1C with a replay at 11P.

My podcast for the week posts tomorrow and features an interview with Alice Cooper. Free worldwide on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Be sure to vote for me at the Podcast Awards via www.podcastawards.com . Thanks!

My recent interview with Dee Snider made some news when the portion of him talking about Kiss was posted on some websites including Ultimate Classic Rock. I recorded an in depth interview with Dee about his recent comments about Doug Aldrich and rock in general, and we also discussed Kiss, Foreigner and much more. Next Thursday I will post the Doug Aldrich interview and the following week the complete Dee interview for my podcast. So you can hear it completely. As you will hear in the full interview I don’t agree with him on some stuff and do on others. Dee reflects the same opinion I do about Kiss dressing Tommy & Eric as Ace and Peter. Here’s the truth, MANY people feel this way, including some members of bands Kiss has actually toured with in recent years. I hear about it constantly off the record. But hardly any will say it in a public setting or to the media. It’s just another byproduct of the super PC world we live in where so few will give an honest opinion on anything because to some you aren’t allowed to have an opinion and it will be distorted and attacked on social media. I have always respected people who speak honestly how they feel if I agree or not. As I have said so many times I love Bill Maher and Bill O’Reilly and watch both of their shows. I do NOT agree with every position they both have, but respect the hell out of their willingness to speak their mind. It’s no coincidence they are both massively successful. So props to Dee for being open about his feelings about Kiss and others. I have weighed in countless times on my position on Kiss so no need to revisit all that again. But it is so refreshing to find others in the public forum who speak openly. Trust me, there are many that feel one way but will never say it openly for fear of public backlash and that just sucks on all levels and makes things really boring I think. I’ll discuss this more in my podcast when I post Dee’s interview, which was a response to his comments on Doug Aldrich and we just started talking about other stuff along the way.

I’ll be in Falls Church VA and Willmington DE this weekend for shows with Don & Jim. Info on the home page!


Great time last night on my radio show with John Bush and Joey Vera of Armored Saint in the studio. Today the guys join us for the taping of episode 5 of the new season of That Metal Show along with Jamey Jasta, Michael Angelo Batio on guitar and via skype Jason Becker. See it air this Saturday 9P ET on VH1C and follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for updates from the set today.

Don’t forget I’m in Falls Church VA at The State Theater this Friday and in Willmington DE this Saturday at World Cafe at The Queen for stage shows with Don & Jim. Both shows start 8P sharp and tickets and meet & greet tickets are available. More on the home page.

This week’s podcast going up Thursday features my interview with Alice Cooper!


Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks for all the awesome response to last nights new TMS. As usual the Top 5 gets a ton of reaction, which of course is a good reason to do it! So many people scream “WHAT ABOUT……”. That of course is the whole reason to do it! The whole point is you can ONLY list 5, and of course we will always forget some and leave some great ones off. The fact I left off “Love To Love” by UFO, which is pretty much my favorite song ever is nuts for me! But I always think of the live version vs the studio version that ends Lights Out. It’s all good fun and debate for sure. This weeks show was a bit of an experiment having three first time guests, all rock fans, and all from different styles of music. And none of them knew each other. So we decided let’s bring them all out together and just have fun. And it worked great! As usual some stuff was cut out due to time (which kills me but that’s TV!) but we had a great hang for sure and most people really loved it. Thanks to Marky Ramone, DMC and Gary Holt. Hope to have them all back again soon.  Also always nice to check in with David Coverdale and have Joel Hoekstra play as well. It was a jam packed show for sure! It repeats all weekend and online at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com with extras.

Next show we shoot is this Tuesday that you will see this Saturday. Guests include John Bush and Joey Vera of Armored Saint (debut appearance), Jamey Jasta and on guitar Michael Angelo Batio. Plus via Skype guitar great Jason Becker. Jason’s story is remarkable and I am excited to have him on for a few minutes.

Thanks to all who came out to my live show Friday night in Battle Creek MI at The Music Factory. Thanks to Jeff Harris, his wife Buffy and his staff for being so cool to work with. Hope to be back soon. Next live shows this weekend with Don & Jim. We will be in Falls Church VA this Friday and Willmington DE this Saturday. Tickets and VIP meet & greet tickets available for both shows. Details on this sites home page. Come hang with us! I will have books and merch available as well at both shows.

I will be live on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation tomorrow 6-10P ET with music & talk that rocks. Guests TBA


My new podcast is now up and available free worldwide with Steven Adler of GnR talking Guns reunion, his addiction battles, and his new song with his band Adler and much more. Grab it free on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com now. And remember to vote for The Eddie Trunk Podcast daily at www.podcastawards.com in Cultural/Arts category. Thanks!

All new TMS this Saturday 9P ET on VH1C with Darrell McDaniels (he is doing metal now), Marky Ramone, Gary Holt, David Coverdale and Joel Hoekstra.

I’m headed to Michigan. If in the Battle Creek area please come see me tomorrow night at The Music Factory. Just packed up a bunch of prizes for live Stump The Trunk and more! Tickets and VIP Meet & Greet tickets available now and at the door. http://musicfactorybc.com/ Signed books and merch available. All of my live appearances listed on this sites home page as they are confirmed.

Have a good weekend, more soon and on Twitter @EddieTrunk


Episode 4 of the new season of That Metal Show is a wrap. The show we shot yesterday featured 3 first time guests all from different backgrounds of music. We are always trying different things when we can at TMS and honestly I had no idea how this one would go but happy to say it was great! Marky Ramone, Gary Holt and Darrell McDaniels all came out together at the same time. None of them really knew each other well but it made for great TV and stories. For those questioning the “metal cred” of Marky Ramone he was in a very early metal band called Dust, not to mention that Motorhead did a song called “Ramones” they love his band so much! We are a rock and metal show and Marky and the Ramones are rock icons plain and simple. As for DMC aside from the groundbreaking pairing with Aerosmith he is also a huge rock fan. And Darrell has two rock projects coming out, one with former Exodus singer Rob Dukes and his band Generation Kill that is all out metal! Watch the show and you will get it before judging. It really was a blast. If all that wasn’t enough we also had David Coverdale join us via Skype and new Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra as our guest player. Man some serious variety in this one! Hope you like it, see it this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic with a replay at 11P.

My new podcast tomorrow is my much talked about recent interview with Steven Adler talking GnR reunion and more. I recorded this interview and premiered it on my radio show and will now offer it on my podcast due to popular demand. There is also added podcast exclusive content as well. Grab it free worldwide starting tomorrow on Itunes or www.podcastone.com And don’t forget to vote daily for my podcast in the annual podcast awards at www.podcastawards.com ! Thanks!

I am in Battle Creek MI this Friday at The Music Factory! Come on out if in the area. All appearances on the home page.


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for all the great response to this past weekends TMS. Again everyone freaking aver the ability of John 5. The bit he did playing up by the tuning pegs was something he thinks might have never been done before. Of all the amazing players we have had on John is the guy that gets the most reaction. In the beginning it was because most had not heard of him, now it’s just “holy shit’! Catch him now on his solo tour if you can. I had to miss it in NYC because of a snow storm. I also did an in depth interview with him you can hear in my free podcast on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Thanks also to Dave Lombardo. Dave was a great sport and great to spend some time with him. Clearly Slayer is still a hot button topic he didn’t want to spend a ton of time on, but we did get to get something from him. Dave was also a guest on my recent podcast if you’d like to grab that one and hear more. And it was cool to have the Motorhead guys on a couple minutes from the studio. Lemmy looked in good health which is most important! We tape episode 4 tomorrow and you will see it this Saturday. Variety is the word for this weekend with Darrell McDaniels (who is doing a metal band!), Gary Holt, Marky Ramone, David Coverdale on Skype and Joel Hoekstra on guitar! Should be a jam packed wild one and we will touch on all kinds of stuff no doubt. Remember you can see TMS and extras online at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com Thanks for watching our new season!

Speaking of my podcast it is up for an award in the annual Podcast Awards. Voting is open now and you can vote for me once a day! Just go to www.podcastawards.com , register and vote for mine under “Cultural/Arts”. Thanks!

My next live appearance is this Friday night at The Music Factory in Battle Creek MI. Come and join me for an evening of stories and Stump The Trunk on stage! Info on the home page for all appearances.

Live SiriusXM show today 6-10Pm ET channel 39 TRUNKNation. Join me for music and talk that rocks. Dee Snider expected to be a guest.

Frank Hannon of Tesla is the guest on my latest podcast. All are 100% FREE and on Itunes or www.podcastone.com


Watched a great documentary last night on late film critic Roger Ebert of Siskel & Ebert fame called Life Itself. I was a big fan of that TV show for many years because I loved seeing them debate and discuss films with such unfiltered passion. If I agreed or not I loved watching and appreciated how honest they were. Now that I think about it there is certainly some similar things in the spirit of that show and at times what we do on TMS. But what really struck me about the film was how these guys were so loved by the film industry, the actors, directors, etc, even if they slammed one of their films! Ebert was close with Martin Scorsese and loved most of his films. But he didn’t like Color Of Money and had to give his honest feelings to his TV audience and to his friend. Scorsese didn’t like it but respected it. There was a clip of Ebert on the Tonight Show sitting right next to Chevy Chase and when Carson asked him what he thought of Chevy’s latest film he said “I can’t recommend it”. Chase laughed and made some light jokes back at Roger. But he didn’t storm off the set, didn’t say he would never let him see one of his films in advance, didn’t say he would never interview with him. It was amazing to see Siskel & Ebert grow to be so powerful in their business that they had to be respected and couldn’t be ignored for their honest critiques. And it got me thinking, why can’t most people do that in the music industry? Why do we live in a world today that people constantly ask for your opinion, then go crazy and accuse you of “shit talking” a band or album when you give it? As many of you know I don’t care and never did care about the blow back. I feel it is important to give an honest appraisal in a respectful way always. But it amazes me every day that you say one thing negative (even if it’s true) and people just run to the web, blow it out of proportion, and mount attacks. Why on earth does everything need to be so sanitized and so PC that just giving an OPINION in the music world sends a portion of that artists fan base going crazy after you to the point of totally taking things out of context. Or worse yet that the artists believe what these people embellish and throwing hissy fits about it without even really learning the facts. It’s something I struggle with everyday, and yes there are a couple artists that actually do this sadly, with skin that thin.  Imagine if Ebert and his partner ever caved to that? Something tells me we wouldn’t be seeing documentaries about their career if they did. I also love sports talk radio. Every day I hear hosts slam players, GMs, etc. But these people step up, come on, and give their side of things. You have to respect both sides. I’ve been lucky that most artists get and respect and want an honest opinion and don’t hold it against me if it isn’t positive. We all know the very few that do. But I couldn’t help to see the amazing impact Siskel & Ebert had and how they were able to still serve their audience while still having the support of the artists and industry. There is no logical reason why this can’t also be the case in the music industry, but sadly what I call the “pounce” world of social media we live in today seems to do everything to prevent such free thinking. Hard to imagine what a young journalist coming up today with no following is up against in this super safe PC world.