Just back from a great visit to Houston. This was the first time I stayed right in the city and really enjoyed it. I hosted The Winery Dogs show at Warehouse Live on Thursday night. The band has finished touring for their latest album (outside of an appearance on Monsters cruise in Oct) and I had to catch one last show before it ended. Good to see Billy, Richie and Mike and hang with the great fans in Houston. Mike now continues with Twisted Sister, Richie has material ready for another solo album, and Billy has some projects as well and a date with Mr Big to kick off MORC. Looking forward to what’s next for this amazing band.

Hope everyone had a chance to check out my podcast with Joey Kramer. Apologies for what sounds like a typing sound in the audio. Seems to be a glitch somewhere in the audio chain and I am working to fix it. New podcast every Thursday, grab them now free at www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes.

Live SiriusXM show tomorrow night 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. Guests will include Ted Nugent and former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch. Like all the guys in Tesla, Tommy is an old friend and really has barely spoken since his departure from the band. I look forward to catching up with him. Maybe some other guests too.

Thrilled for Steven Adler playing some songs with GnR. He’s done it twice so far and sounded great with them. His smile says it all! Steven has wanted this so bad and I am so happy this is happening for him and Guns fans! Now where’s Izzy…? Looks like I might be catching GnR in Boston 7/20. More soon on that.

I’m headed to Vegas on Tuesday. Really psyched for some live club shows with my TMS partners Don & Jim. Come see us this Thursday in Vegas at Vamp’d, Friday at The Whiskey in LA, Saturday at M15 in Corona CA. All dates on the home page.

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A quick note to wish everyone here in the US a very happy safe 4th of July! As a result of the holiday my SiriusXM show tomorrow will not be live. Back live there 7/11.

Be sure to check out my latest podcast up now with Joe Lynn Turner talking about the Rainbow reunion and more. Free worldwide as always at www.PodcastcastOne.com or Itunes. Just search my name.

4th of July sale now going on in my online merch store. Grab a new Eddie Trunk/TrunkNation shirt at a limited discount now for the Summer.

Last call to enter to win tickets to Slipknot/Manson in NJ or NY. See ET’s Box Office to enter now.

This Friday I am in Houston at Warehouse Live to host The Winery Dogs. I will have both of my books for sale as well.

Nu TMS news but I have several exciting new projects I am working on and can’t wait to share the news when I can! Of course the minute TMS has a new home I’m in! Repeats continue on VH1C.

Watched “The Night Of” on HBO which was great. Hugely disappointed by “Roadies” on HBO.

Enjoy the holiday everyone!

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Had a great visit in my radio studio last night by a bunch of old friends. First in Brian Tichy, Doug Aldrich and John Corabi. I’ve known all these guys forever from their various bands over the years but this time around they were in representing The Dead Daisies who have a new album coming out soon. It was great catching up with all of them and John’s comments about Motley Crue and working with Mick Mars have already made some news. Read about it in the news section on this site.

Also Danny Sage and Jesse Malin of DGeneration dropped by. I was always a huge fan of this band and I’m thrilled they are back in action with a new album and tour. They should have been huge! Mike Portnoy also gave a call to talk TWD and Twisted Sister. I’ll be hosting a Winery Dogs show 7/8 in Houston at Warehouse Live. This Monday is 4th of July so that Trunk Nation will not be live FYI.

All American hard rock and metal for this weekends Eddie Trunk Rocks FM show. Really excited that KMOD in Tulsa will be airing my show this weekend from 8-11PM. If in Tulsa tune in and let the station know you want it on every week! More great new FM stations TBA soon.

Joe Lynn Turner is my guest on the next Eddie Trunk Podcast this Thursday. He talks Rainbow reunion and more. Free at Itunes or www.PodcastOne.com

Tonight on Reel To Real on AXS TV a great doc with Dave Navarro called Mourning Son. Very dark and tragic film. Don’t miss it. Hosted by yours truly 9P ET.

Have some great stuff cooking on new radio and TV projects, news when I can share. Thanks!

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Hope everyone had a great week. Reports from last nights GnR kickoff in Detroit have all been positive. The set list is in the news section. Very similar to what I saw in Vegas for the first night. I am unsure what show I will make on this tour. I am away when they play in NJ, but I am in LA when they play there, so hopefully then if not sooner. Still waiting on the interview I discussed with Axl. Hopefully soon. Will we see Izzy or Adler on this tour for guest appearances? Only time will tell. But I wouldn’t not be surprised if either or both turned up at some point. And for the many asking about the start time of the show it’s worth noting there have been no issues in that area for Axl either with AC/DC or last night. Let’s hope this keeps on this path. It’s great for rock to have these guys doing their thing again and bringing our music into stadiums.

Saw Tom Keifer last night in NJ. I give Tom major credit. When so many artists try and sell you five bands in a year, Tom has worked with and stayed with his solo album for about 3 years now. It’s great to see how committed he is to this album, band and tour. He is really building something and sounds as good as ever. I also give him major props for keeping it real. So many bands today are running recorded tracks to supplement their live sound. With Tom’s past vocal issues it would almost be understandable if he did. But he has an amazing band and backing singers that do it live and real the way rock should be. Great stuff and plenty of Cinderella tunes in the set.

Saw Whitesnake as well this past week with Whitford/St Holmes opening. Both bands turned in strong sets. For those that were unhappy with Coverdale doing Deep Purple this tour is for you. All Whitesnake hits and no Purple at all. Spent lots of time talking with Derek and Brad after the show. They are very committed to Whitford/St Holmes and plan to keep it going around any upcoming stuff with Aerosmith and Ted Nugent. Derek can still sing his ass off! Also cool to see my good friend Brent Fitz of Slash’s band now on drums with them since Troy Lucketta is busy with Tesla.

All new podcast for the week now up with Jamey Jasta. Don’t miss this podcast exclusive interview where Jamey and I discuss music and more. Free on Itunes and www.podcastone.com as usual.

My FM show Eddie Trunk Rocks debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free. Rudy Schenker is the guest. Huge welcome to 98 The Rock in KC who starts airing the show 9P this Sunday!

Live SiriusXM show this Monday 6-10P ET channel 39. In studio guests are The Dead Daisy’s (John Corabi, Doug Aldrich, Brian Tichy) and DGeneration (Danny & Jesse)

Seeing Soul Asylum tonight in NJ at The Wellmont. One of my all time favorite non metal acts. Have a good weekend. More on Twitter @EddieTrunk

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Have some free tickets to see Whitesnake & Whitford/St Holmes this Tuesday at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair NJ. If you’d like a shot at winning some email me: eddie@eddietrunk.com with your first and last name and “Whitesnake NJ” in the subject. If you are selected as a winner you will have two tickets under your name at the box office. Please note you are only a winner and tickets are only left if you are sent a response! If you don’t get a response you did NOT win. Thanks and have a good weekend.

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