Hoping you are all hanging in there the best you can. Truly crazy times my friends. Be well, healthy and safe!

Radio shows continue daily 2-4 & 10-Mid ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume and On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Had fun today and will again tomorrow with the Top 5 live albums of all time. Thanks for all the emails. Also tomorrow an all new interview with Lzzy Hale! Lzzy was fun to visit with as always and had some insights on what’s happening now and writing the next album. Friday is all email Free For All. Heads up if you don’t have SiriusXM! It’s now available streaming free to all US and Canada till 5/15. Go to www.siriusxm.com for info.

New podcast tomorrow with Chuck Billy and Tommy Skeoch. FREE www.PodcastOne.com, Apple and Spotify.

AXS TV is airing TrunkFest 7:30A ET. Check it out and DVR!

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The end of another crazy week is upon us. I hope everyone is doing their best and staying safe and sane! I’ve had a great week of SiriusXM TrunkNation shows despite limitations in what I can do. I thank all who listen, send emails with ideas and questions, and offer many kind words! Had a blast doing Top 5 debut albums with the listeners. So many I couldn’t get to and my apologies for that. I’ll do another Top 5 next week that I’ll announce on air Monday and on Twitter soon. I also want to thank Chuck Billy of Testament who joined me on Wed. That interview now On Demand. Chuck is battling Corona and we wish him and his wife well! I will podcast it soon. Monday a rebroadcast of my 2017 interview with all 3 members of Triumph! Listen to TrunkNation daily 2-4 and 10-Mid EST on SiriusXM 106 or the SiriusXM app. Hope to be able to bring you live shows again soon!

Please note if you listen to clips of my show posted by fans on YouTube they are often edited and drastically out of context! The only way to actually hear my full show as it was presented and in context is on SiriusXM or the interviews also posted on my podcast. I see/hear TONS of stuff posted on YouTube recorded from my show edited to be taken out of context to further some agenda from the poster.

New podcast up today with Dennis DeYoung formerly of Styx. FREE on www.PodcastOne.com , Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

Stay healthy all! Follow on Twitter @ EddieTrunk for all updates

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Crazy times everyone! Hope you are all safe and healthy out there. I am continuing to do my daily SiriusXM show best I can with a mix of new content using your email, daily news, some theme shows, and some best of interviews. I can’t do it live at the moment due to the studios being closed, but hope I get back to the usual format soon. Show airs M-F as usual 2-4 and 10-Mid EST on SiriusXM 106 Volume, TrunkNation. My Monday show on 39 Hair Nation remains suspended till further notice.

This Monday I will re air an interview on Volume 106 with legendary producer Bob Ezrin. This was done in Toronto in 2017 and I think it’s a great one to revisit. The Judas Priest Top 20 will now air at a later date.

New podcast now up. Free as usual! Ted Nugent is the guest.

Have the best weekend you can and be well all. Please follow on Twitter for more @EddieTrunk

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As the world is turned upside down by the Coronavirus I wish you all the best of health and to be safe! I will continue to do what I do live daily on SiriusXM 106 Volume and talk rock, and let the doctors and scientists advise on the pandemic. I have a home studio, so TrunkNation continues live daily 2-4P ET on Volume and the SiriusXM app. Tommy Skeoch was my guest today talking about his new band Resist & Bite, which sounds great. Missed it? Catch the nightly replay or On Demand on the app.

Tomorrow on TrunkNation will be the next Trunk Top 20 featuring the top 20 greatest Judas Priest songs this time around. My 20 airs tomorrow 2-4 and 10-Mid ET on 106, then call in your lists live on air Wed & Thurs this week 2-4P ET. This is going to be a fun one! And KK Downing has sent me a list I will read on air of his 20 on Wednesday as well!

New podcast this Thursday with Ted Nugent. Current podcast now up with Bret Michaels and Gary Cherone. As usual FREE Apple Podcasts, www.PodcastOne.com and now free on Spotify!

At the request of SiriusXM my Monday night show on Hair Nation is suspended due to virus concerns. The company wants to limit employees in the building and I can only do that show from their studio. So the daily show on Volume airs live as usual, Hair Nation show back sometime down the line when things clear. But off for sure through March. Again, this is the Monday night only show on 39. No impact to the daily show on Volume, my podcast, or my FM/syndicated show.

Be safe all!

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Needless to say it’s been absolutely crazy around the world with the Corona Virus and the massive impact it’s having on the business of live events and touring for bands. Most artists make their living from touring these days, so rough times ahead for many. I’d be lying if I told you how this is all going to go. Over reacting, under reacting, who really knows? Take as many common sense precautions as you can and I truly hope you and your families stay safe and healthy. I also have a very active schedule on the road hosting events and working monthly from LA. That also is all suspended for now. I will continue to do my daily live rock talk show on SiriusXM 106 2-4P EST (replay 10-Mid) and try and provide an escape from all the doom and gloom, but it is obviously impacting rock so it is a talking point there as well. My weekly FM show will continue to be new every week as well and this weekend I welcome a new affiliate in Duluth MN, Sasquatch comes on board 9P Sunday’s! Be safe and stay sane everyone, better times ahead!

New podcast now up with Gary Cherone and Bret Michaels. FREE www.Podcastone.com, Apple Podcasts and now Spotify!

My AXS TV show TrunkFest is re airing most mornings 7:30A EST. Be sure to DVR as I know it’s early, especially Pacific time where it’s a 4:30A airing.

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Bummed to hear about the end of WAAF/Boston. Sucks to see these legendary rock stations go off air. I was proud to have them as an affiliate for my FM show for many years and send my best to all the staff impacted. Pleased to announce a new station coming on board this weekend. Welcome Sasquatch 92.1 Duluth MN. They start airing Eddie Trunk Rocks Sunday nights 9-Mid this weekend. My FM radio show’s history dates back to 1983, and although I do a daily rock talk show on SiriusXM, it is important to me and I appreciate all of my affiliates greatly.

Been a few months since I’ve done a Trunk Top 20 on my SiriusXM Volume show. So next Tuesday the next one will be the 20 greatest Judas Priest songs! My 20 will air one week from today, then 2 days to take your lists live on air. Remember the lists must be sequenced with 1 being the greatest ever. Listen live 3/17 for my 20 and then get ready to call on your lists. And yes “Hellion/Electric Eye” is okay as one song.

New podcast this Thursday with Bret Michaels and Gary Cherone. Free www.PodcastOne.com , Apple Podcasts and now Spotify.

Dennis DeYoung joins me this Thursday for my daily show on SiriusXM Volume 106.

Be sure to enter now to win tickets to Rocklahoma on this site!

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