Sorry for lack of updates, super busy as things start up. Please be sure to follow on Twitter, IG and FB fan page for daily updates and info.

On the radio front a new special with Lzzy Hale and Amy Lee debuts tomorrow 2P ET on SiriusXM Volume 106. It will also air tomorrow 10P ET, Sat & Sun 8P ET along with the recent Mike Levine (Triumph) interview. As usual everything is on the SiriusXM app. TrunkNation guests next week: Wolfgang VH Monday, Taylor Momsen Tues, Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) Wed, Caleb Johnson Thrs. All shows live 2-4P ET and replay 10-Mid ET on 106 or SiriusXM app.

New podcast now up with Marty Friedman and KK Downing. Free on all podcast platforms.

My schedule on the road is about to get busy! Check all appearances on the home page. And remember my speaking show 6/18 from McKinney TX is also being offered as a live stream. Grab an in person or streaming ticket now!

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  • William Martin on

    Love to see you at the Judas priest festival in Orlando Florida. The wildman,Bill Martin

  • William Martin on

    You Rock Eddie and I miss that Metal Show The wildman,Bill Martin from Florida

  • Charles Clinchot on

    I just listened to your show on the app, the one with the King Diamond interview. Them, I heard the bad news about Vintage Vinyl closing.

    Being from NJ, that information ripped me to my core, just like a little kid being told Disney World is closing forever.

    I have only visited its original location once, back in the day, and then I discovered the Fords store, when I started working in Central Jersey. The store was on my way home from work and I was amazed at the vast amount of Hard Rock/Metal Cds they carried, I spent a lot of money in that store over the years

    Just finished work at 8:45 that night, and arrived an hour before closing. They still had a decent amount of people in the store. I got a few Scorpions Cds I needed, and some used ones too…30% off all music. They will be closing on July 31st and they will be sorely missed.

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