blacksabbath2 Black Sabbath’s reunion studio album 13 has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Album and their song God Is Dead? has been nominated for Best Metal Performance and Best Rock Song.

Other nominees include Anthrax, Dream Theater, Killswitch Engage, Volbeat, Gary Clark Jr, Muse, Kings Of Leon, Neil Young, Nine Inch Nails and Metallica.

Here is a list of some of the nominees:

Best Rock Performance:

Alabama Shakes: Always Alright
David Bowie: The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
Imagine Dragons: Radioactive
Led Zeppelin: Kashmir
Queens Of The Stone Age: My God Is The Sun
Jack White: I’m Shakin’

Best Metal Performance:

Anthrax: TNT
Black Sabbath: God Is Dead?
Dream Theater: The Enemy Inside
Killswitch Engage: In Due Time
Volbeat: Room 24 (featuring King Diamond)

Best Rock Song:

Gary Clark Jr: Ain’t Messin’ ‘Round
Nirvana/Paul McCartney: Cut Me Some Slack
Rolling Stones: Doom And Gloom
Black Sabbath: God is Dead?
Muse: Panic Station

Best Rock Album:

Black Sabbath: 13
David Bowie: The Next Day
Kings Of Leon: Mechanical Bull
Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day
Queens Of The Stone Age: …Like Clockwork
Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Psychedelic Pill

Best Recording Package:

Metallica: Through The Never (Music From The Motion Picture)
David Bowie: The Next Day

Best Engineered Album:

Alice In Chains: The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Queens Of The Stone Age: …Like Clockwork

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  1. maybe the most pathetic batch of rock/metal nominations ever. Just completely stupid.

  2. Just watched SABBATH live DVD GATHERED…….Iommi and Butler are totally on top of their game. Very impressive if not perfect. OZZY s drummer definitely holds his own. The singer sounds spot on here and there, misses a line or 2, curses a lot and deals with bad posture. In other words DIO did a way better job live but OZZY made the better studio album (by far). OZZY is no longer the frontman that he was. Iommi/Butler are the real supertzars here.

  3. 13 will win, the other bands play old wooden sticky floor big bars now.

  4. Ozzy wanders in that gin & tonic waddle but still is the band. Yeah, Dio was amazing, but Ozzy had the ’70-’80 bullets on his belt. Believe me, Ozzy is better than the last album-tour he did with Geez’ & Tone’….they all agree on that. Ozzy told me that last tour was a mess.

  5. Eric christensen says:

    Can’t beat ozzy in concert sounds just like the albums. Your shoes great

  6. Doom and Gloom from the Stones for best rock song? WOW, that’s pretty ridiculous. As a huge Stones fan I think the song is awful. The guitar is not even Richards, its Jaggar and the drums don’t even sound like Charlie

  7. 3 words….Alice In Chains !!!!!

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